Best Toilet Paper Holders

With the scarcity of water everywhere, toilet papers have become a new staple for Indian households. The best toilet paper holder not only prevents the cluttering of paper rolls but also adds beauty to your bathroom decor. In this article, you’ll find the efficient, multipurpose and plush toilet paper holders you can invest right away.

1. Luvina Toilet Paper Holder Shelf

Award: Contemporary look.

Tagline: The opening on one end of the holder allows you to store and dispense any toilet paper roll size

Luvina offers a 2-in-1 toilet paper holder with a thoughtful design to protect your items from falling off the shelf. To ensure durability, the holder contains waterproof and rust proof iron material. The black colour of the holder matches your kitchen, dining room, bathroom or office decor. You get an adhesive layer with hooks to mount the toilet paper holder to the wall. This feature ensures easy installation without any drilling. The premium quality holder can withstand 11 pounds with ease. With the size of 18.5 x 14.5 x 10.5 centimetres, the holder fits any small unused space of your bathroom.

2. STEELERA HANDRAIL Toilet Roll Holder

Award: Best in Quality.

Tagline: The large shelf above the holder can withstand even small books or your bluetooth speaker.

Steelera brings you the 304-grade stainless steel toilet roll holder with a smooth chrome finish offering an attractive look. The product is anti-corrosive and lasts long. Having curved edges, you don’t end up having scratches while moving around. The shelf comes in the size 15 x 8 x 7 centimetres to carry larger mobiles like iPhone X. With the nickel finishing, the holder is thick enough to hold big rolls. You get all the necessary hardware along with the holder to wall-mount it. You can install the holder in 4 easy steps.

3. HOKIPO Self Adhesive Toilet Paper Holder

Award: Easy installation.

Tagline: The self-adhesive mounting makes the installation process super quick and the sticks for long. 

Hokipo offers you a toilet paper holder with an acrylic cover to prevent water or dust from falling on the toilet paper. The body of the holder contains plastic making the product lightweight and corrosion-free. You can even install the product in your kitchen and use it as a napkin holder. The adhesiveness of the mounting plate is durable and lets it stick on any dry surface with ease. As the holder requires no drilling to install, this is the best product if you stay in a rent house. With the size 17.6 x 11.2 x 9.2 centimeters, this toilet paper holder fits any corner of your bathroom. 

4. ADTALA Toilet Paper Holder

Award: Multipurpose.

Tagline: The thoughtful shelf design with a bend in the middle protects your items from falling.

Adtala has come up with a high-quality toilet paper holder containing high-grade waterproof iron material. This material doesn’t let the water stay after bathing, so there’s no worry of corrosion. The shelf has a solid construction to store up to 5 kgs load. You can use it in your kitchen, bathroom or anywhere you like as the size is compact. You get a back panel with the holder containing an adhesive to mount the toilet holder to the wall. The inward curve of the holder doesn’t let the paper roll to fall. 

Things to consider before buying a toilet paper holder:

1. Quality

Look for a toilet paper holder that is sturdy enough to never tip when you pull some paper from the roll. For convenience, choose a stand with some extra space to add another roll when you’re running out of space to store your rolls. 

2. Features

Most of the toilet holders these days have a shelf above the holder. You can use this shelf to store your toiletries like shampoo or body wash. Make sure you get a holder with this feature.

3. Easy installation

Toilet paper holders sometimes come with an adhesive panel for installation. You need to peel the adhesive layer and stick the panel to the wall. It has hooks for which you attach the holder. This is an easier installation process than drilling the wall and fixing the screws to mount the holder.