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Best Toilet Brushes

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To maintain your bathroom spick and span, you need to invest in the best quality toilet cleaner and a perfect toilet brush. The brushes these days are highly efficient and make the cleaning process super quick. Moreover, they come in great designs to suit modern toilet interiors. Take a look at these unique toilet brushes that help you clean the mess without consuming much of your time. 

1. Scotch-Brite Premium Toilet Plastic Brush

Tagline: A durable toilet brush with a container that blends well with modern toilet interiors.

Scotch-Brite toilet brush comes with a storage box to keep your toilet hygienic. The nylon bristles of the brush stay fit to ensure even the corners are dirt-free. This toilet brush has a rubber grip for better hold. The curved handles ensure it reaches under the rim. The product is suitable for both Indian and western toilets.

2. Ikea Toilet Brush / Holder

Tagline: A good quality toilet brush and holder that adds a hint of luxury when kept in a bathroom.

Ikea toilet brush and holders are lightweight as they contain plastic. The product does its job very well even when you use it daily. The black colour matches almost every bathroom interior. A smaller handle allows cleaning Indian-style toilet with ease. The bristles of the brush are sturdy to facilitate deep cleaning. 

3. Kleeno by Cello Angular Toilet Brush with Storage

Tagline: An ergonomic toilet brush that has an angular design to make the bristles reach all the corners.

The brush from Kleeno has a unique mart design that makes it an efficient cleaner. The sturdy plastic bristles do not break easily and enable deep cleaning. The toilet brush and the storage occupy less space in your bathroom. They come in two colour options, white and blue, grey and red. The best thing about this product is that it cleans in much fewer strokes.

4. Spotzero By Milton Toilet Brush

Tagline: A lightweight brush that comes with a long handle ensures comfortable scrubbing.

The toilet brush from Spotzero is made of plastic and has a long handle to facilitate easy cleaning. It has a hanging provision which is ideal for Indian toilets. The aqua green colour of the brush is unique and blends with any tile colour. The soft bristles of the brush bend whenever necessary to ensure you comfortably clean the corners of your bathroom. 

Things to consider before buying a toilet brush:

1. Design

Consider choosing a toilet brush that comes with a container. You can keep this type of toilet brushes right next to your toilet as this container completely closes the bristles. Make sure the brush holder has ventilation to dry the brush’s bristles.

2. Handle

The handle of your toilet brush gives the necessary support during the cleaning process. To clean a western toilet, you need a long handle. It is always better if the handle is slightly bent as it ensures better scrubbing. 

3. Bristles

The design of the bristles also matters. The toilet brush you choose needs to have side bristles to clean the corners. It is always good to pick the brushes with plastic bristles as they are hard and durable. 

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