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Tissue boxes are a must to maintain hygiene and cleanliness. In fact, for the dinner table also it has become a mandatory part. Starting from wooden tissue boxes to fabricated boxes, we can see a large variety. In this article also we have tried to introduce some of those amazing tissue boxes that will add extra charm to your setup.

1. Amazon Brand – Presto! 2 Ply Facial Tissue Box – 200 Pulls

Tagline: Amazing facial tissues that are super soft and hygienic.

Presto presents high-quality facial tissues. These are perfect for gentle skin. The tissues are super soft and hygienic too. These are perfect for your bathroom, design table, living room, and offices too. In the box, there will be 200 sheets.

2. Origami So Soft 2 Ply Face Tissue Box – 200 Pulls

Tagline: Imported face tissues that are highly absorbent.

These tissues are so soft that they are perfect for regular use. They are extremely soft. These tissues are highly absorbent. For gentle skin, you should try these tissues. They are disposable. In a box, you will get around 200 sheets. These are 13 x 8.5 x 5 Centimeters. To maintain hygiene, you should have this in your collection.

3. Ecoleatherette Handcrafted Tissue Paper

Tagline: Handmade tissue boxes that are made with premium quality material.

This tissue box is just awesome. Anyone will love to have this classic tissue box in their handbags. The box is made of Ecoleatherette. These boxes are perfect for the living room, bedroom, design table, and office too. These are highly durable. The ethnic look of this handcrafted box is so perfect that you can even gift it to someone.

4. KLEENEX® Facial Tissue Cube 60042-2 ply Face Tissue

Tagline: Premium quality facial tissues that are perfect for multi-purposes.

These premium quality tissues are extremely soft. These are highly absorbent. These are perfect for multi-purposes. These are undoubtedly durable. The tissues have great thickness. This tissue box can be kept anywhere in your house. These are 46 x 62 x 46 Centimeters.

Things to consider before buying tissue boxes:

Before buying tissue boxes one should check a few factors like the quality or the number of sheets the box contains. So, for better ideas we have highlighted a few factors here:

  • Material: It is important to check the material to understand if the tissues contain any toxic or harsh chemicals because then they will not be very ideal for our skin.
  • Softness: Whenever we talk about tissues, softness is the primary factor that we should consider. Because if they are not soft enough then it will not be very comfortable for our skin

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