Best Teaching Clocks

Teaching clock helps your kid to learn time reading. It helps to check whether your kid is telling the right time or wrong time. It is such an amazing toy that looks appealing and your kids love to spend time with it. At the same time, it teaches lots of stuff such as social skills or fine motor skills. It also develops your kid’s problem-solving capacity. Here we have listed out few awesome teaching clocks for your kids: 

1. Wishkey 7 in 1,wooden calendar clock

Tagline: Made of high-quality wooden material that ensures awesome durability.

This educational clock is amazing to teach your kids time, date, week, months, and years. These bright, vibrant colors draw your kid’s attention. It helps to teach your baby colors and shapes. It is colored with non-toxic waterproof paint; hence it will not only last longer but is also safe for your kid. It ensures the creativity, reasoning, and fine motor skills of your kid. It is a perfect gift item for any occasion. It is ideal as a preschool learning toy. It helps to improve hand and eye coordination. It also teaches your kids basic physics. 

2. Toyshine wooden shape sorting blocks teaching clock

Tagline: These multifunctional wooden blocks enhance the creativity of your kid.

These bright and vibrant wooden blocks come with 12 pieces. It develops the imagination level of your kid. It helps to teach your kids a sense of time, week, month, and weather. This wooden clock ensures better color and shape identifying skills. This can be a perfect gift for any occasion. 

3. webby wooden early educational teaching clock

Tagline: A toy made with great proficiency to develop social skills.

This wooden teaching clock teaches the sense of time to your kid. It also helps to teach different shapes. This portable toy is perfect to carry during travel. It ensures the fine motor skills of your kid. And also it helps to develop social skills. This is a perfect gift item as it not only looks attractive but teaches lots of things. 

4. Orapple by R for Rabbit Toys Smart Learning Clock Toys

Tagline: Comes with 12 different shapes this clock toy helps in geometric learning.

Orapple clock toys are made based on the Montessori techniques. It is safe for your kid. It helps to teach the learning time reading process. This toy ensures hand and eye coordination. It also develops cognitive skills. This colorful clock toy looks so attractive that your kids will love to play with it. It helps in identifying colors too. 

Things to consider before buying a teaching clock: 

  • Multipurpose: When we say multipurpose we mean that a teaching clock will not only teach the sense of time and date but will develop other social skills of our kid. They should teach different shapes, colors, and fine motor skills. 
  • Material: You want a wooden or plastic teaching clock that completely depends upon your personal choice. But wooden toys are always highly recommended. Because they not only provide a fine attractive look but also take care of the safety as they are eco-friendly material. Wooden teaching clocks ensure better durability too. Whereas plastic toys may contain toxic elements that can be harmful to your kid.