Best Table Tennis Racquets

Different table tennis bats fit different playing styles of players. We have compiled the best table tennis racquets to help you make the right purchase. Let’s move on to the best brands of table tennis bats.

1. Tibhar Carbon Shot Table Tennis Blade

Award: Best comfortable grip

Tagline: Its ergonomic design makes it easy to hold and play the match.

Tibhar’s tennis blade helps you hit a perfect shot with its smooth curved paddle. The paddle has a short and comfortable to hold handle. It ensures a comfortable grip for both right-handed or left-handed players of all styles. On the material front, it is made from premium quality material to make it durable.

2. GKI Tennis Racquet

Award: Best power shots

Tagline: Just shake your hand and give a powerful shot. 

It is one of the best table tennis blades that offers good control over your shots. With its ergonomic grip, you can hit rocket speed shots. You can play for hours with this lightweight tennis bat comfortably without feeling any hand fatigue. The material lasts for a long with no breaks and splits. Further, it comes with a water-proof cover, where you can store the bat. 

3. Stag 3 Star Table Tennis Racquet

Award: Best for spin players

Tagline: A perfect combination of speed, spin, and comfortable shot in one tennis blade!

Whether you hit the ball near the table or far from the table, this table tennis bat ensures very balanced shots. This style of table tennis bat is perfectly suitable for beginners to medium level players. It allows you to have control over speed and spin in every shot. Further, it comes in an oval shape with a flared handle.

4. Palio Expert 2.0 Table Tennis Racquet

Award: Best control over shots

Tagline: A sturdy, flexible, and lightweight table tennis bat for beginners and experts. 

This one of the best wood-made tennis racquets. Its sturdiness supports both beginners and professionals. With its patented soft palio cj8000 rubbers help you a good amount of spin while controlling the shot speed. Further, you will also get a bag with a zipper. So, once you finish the game you can store and carry with ease.

Things to consider before buying a table tennis racquets


Not all blades match your speed. Based on experience, you need a blade with a hard inner and bouncy outer surface. Such blades offer you great control on shots. So, before buying, check for the amount of speed and power that the bat supports.


How do you hold the table tennis bat? Are you a right handed-or left-handed user? Players will have different playing styles like shake hand styles and pen-hold styles. Based on these factors, you should select one that offers a comfortable grip on both hands.

On the other hand, shake style handles are further categorized into three types – flared, straight, and anatomic style handles. A flared type handle has a wide end that gives you a great grip. The straight handle has no ups and downs and is completely straight. On anatomic handles front, they are wider in the mid-part that offers you a better grip. So, based on your preference, choose one. 

Racquets rubbers

Rubbers help you hit a professional shot. High-quality tennis bat rubbers with proper thickness ensure perfect spin and speed of shots. So, choose a bat with rubbers on dual-sides to hit the ball as you per your convenience.