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Best Table Runners

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To create a better dining experience, using a table runner for your dining table is the best choice. A table runner can also hide any flaws and mishaps of your dining table. It comes in varied colours, designs and materials that make your home look stylish. Take a look at these spectacular table runners you can get for your home.

1. The Home Talk Cotton & Polyester Striped Table Runner

Tagline: A stylish 13-inch table runner that is hand-woven and can suit a modern dining room.

Made of cotton, the Home Talk table runner has colourful polyester stripes that suit any dining table. You can place this handmade table runner on a 4-seater or 6-seater dining table or the centre table. The bright colours of this table runner enhance the beauty of your living or dining room. The stains on this table runner can be cleaned with ease using a detergent solution.

2. Raghuraj Lifestyle Lapis Home Docor Table Runner

Tagline: A lightweight, stylish table runner that transforms the look of your living room with its vivid colours.

Raghuraj’s table runner has a fabric cotton sheeting which enhances the quality of the product. The 180 centimetre-high table runner goes well with any four and six-seater dining table. The elegant design and multiple colours blend to suit any home decor. To wash this table runner, you must only use cold water. 

3. Osian Krafts Table Runner

Tagline: A rectangular table runner having intricate zari designs beautifies the aura of your living room.

Osian krafts’ table runner goes best with a four-seater dining table or with the centre table. The high-quality polyester material improves the durability of the table runner. It comes in multiple bright colour options so you can get the one that matches your interiors. With its intricate borders and zari design, this table runner is perfect for the festive season.

4. GLEAM Dining Table Mats

Tagline: A 100% cotton table runner with a set of six placemats is everything you need for your dining table. 

GLEAM table runner and mats protect your dining table from watermarks, stains and heat spills. High-quality cotton adds comfort and makes the cleaning process easy. The table mats are flexible, foldable and easy to store. There are five colour options from which you can pick the one you like. As this table runner is of pure cotton so it is durable.

Things to consider before buying a table runner:

1. Measurement

Measure the length of your table before getting a table runner. Then, select one which is at least 22 inches longer than your table. The width of your table runner must be one-third of your table size. 

2. Fabric

Table runners come in varied materials with each giving a different look to your table. Cotton has a classic style and requires less maintenance. Linen gives a rustic look and is a good option if you’re inviting guests for dinner. It is even safe for machine washing. 

3. Colour

Table runners come in different colours and styles. A white table runner is the best if you have a wooden dining table. When choosing colours, go for the one that matches your existing furniture. A checkered table runner in black and white can be the best one for daily use. 

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