Best Swing Chair for Indoors and Outdoors

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If you are looking to revamp your home or backyard, a stylish swing chair is worth the investment. It has a cocoon-shape ensuring maximum comfort while reading a book or sipping your tea. 

The modern swing chairs in the market have standalone designs, allowing you to place them anywhere you like. They contain high-quality cotton material to ensure maximum comfort. 

In this article, we got you some of the contemporary and durable swing chairs that are lightweight, easy to store and carry. Take a look.

1. Curio Centre Cotton Swing Chair

Award: Best in Quality

Tagline: Can withstand up to 100 kgs

It is a handmade swing chair with 100% pure cotton material and is a perfect addition to your bedroom or living room. You can easily hang it from a tree or ceiling.

Curio Centre offers a lightweight and portable swing chair with a size of 80 x 60 x 120 centimetres, making it suit any corner of a room. It weighs 2 kgs and is easy to set up anywhere you like. The chair has a unique design with hanging fringe tassels to enhance the look of your room. The pivot style of the swing chair allows you to rotate 360-degrees. It helps you drift smoothly to make sure you relax. The chair can accommodate up to 100 kgs without any hassle. 


Award: Waterproof

Tagline: Single seater swing with cushion

It is a sturdy swing chair with a capacity to hold 150 kgs. The rattan material makes it resistant to rain.

This high-quality single-seater swing chair comes in a size of 104 x 104 x 213 centimetres for placing it in your backyard or living room. You also get a stand along with the swing chair, making it easy to place anywhere. It contains high-quality rattan material to hold up to 150 kgs with ease. The product weighs 30 kgs and is sturdy enough to last for years. As it is waterproof, you can leave it in your backyard and also clean it with ease.

3. Kkriya Home Decor Swing Chair

Award: Best for Height Adjustment

Tagline: Has poly fibre filling on the seat for comfort

The chair comes with a chain to adjust its height according to your requirement. The poly fibre filling and high backrest add extra comfort.

Kkriya Home Decor offers a washable swing chair containing bamboo material to prevent rusting. You get a chain to adjust the chair height as per requirement. The chain helps you set up the swing chair to your ceiling or a tree in your garden. The chair features a poly fibre filling on the seat and has a high backrest for premium support and extra comfort. It can carry up to 100 kgs with ease. You also get a cushion along with the chair to enhance its look.

4. Smart Beans Swing Chair

Award: Best in Comfort

Tagline: Contains cotton and polyester for extra comfort

It is a unique swing chair with high-quality cotton and polyester seat that provides good back and head support to sit for long hours.

Smart Beans has come up with a premium handmade swing with a carrying capacity of 150 kgs. You also get a headrest and a cushion for maximum comfort all day long. The high-quality cotton ropes offer durability to the chair. There is a plank to help you hang this chair to the ceiling. The chair has specially-made seating with cotton and polyester to ensure comfort and longevity.

5. Cite Swing Chair(White and Blue)

Award: Also Consider

Tagline: Has a powder-coated iron frame for durability

The swing chair has a powder-coated iron frame helping it hold up to 110 to 130 kgs with ease. The bronze finishing makes it resistant to heat and rain.

Cite offers a contemporary all-weather-resistant swing chair with a powder-coated frame to add toughness. It has a heavy-duty bronze finish to avoid corrosion and thereby enhancing durability. The swing comes with a steel stand, headrest, and a cushion to help you set it up in no time and to enjoy maximum comfort. The cushion is machine-washable and fade-resistant. The woven texture, gentle curves give the swing chair a modern look.

Things to consider before buying a swing chair:


If you are willing to buy a swing chair for both indoors and outdoors, go for the one with waterproof materials to prevent rusting. Go for the swings with an additional bronze coating to ensure durability.


The swing chair you consider must be easy to install anywhere you want to. Modern swings are coming with built-in stands allowing you to place them in any corner of your room or backyard. 


An ideal swing chair must have the capacity to hold up to 150 kgs. If you want to go for a lightweight and portable swing, make sure it can at least hold 110kgs. 

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