The 6 Best Sunscreen Lotions In India Reviews and Buying Guide

It is said that the most important part of a daily skincare routine is sunscreen. Men or women, regardless of the weather, should apply sunscreen daily. Most people get confused when they are asked to decide on a sunscreen.

It’s because sunscreen comes with lots of technical terms, SPF, PA+, UVA, UVB, etc. However, the basics are pretty simple.

The SPF stands for Sun Protecting Factor. It protects from sunburn, tanning, pigmentation. And PA+ protects from wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots, and other signs of aging. While choosing a sunscreen, look for the following factors:

  • Check the SPF: Experts suggest that a minimum SPF of 30 must be present in your sunscreen to effectively save you from the harmful UVB rays or ultraviolet type B rays. SPF 30 will give protection for 2-3 hours, while SPF 50 gives protection for 5-6 hours or even more. Any more than SPF 50 is not necessary. It would be best if you reapplied because no product will stay on your skin for that long.
  • PA+:PA+ protects from UVA rays that are responsible for the premature signs of aging on your face. Not all sunscreen has PA+, so that might not be the best choice to wear under a scorching sun. PA+ blocks 95% sun rays, PA++ blocks 97% sun rays and PA+++ blocks 99% sun rays.

These are the basic two important factors that will help you choose an ideal sunscreen based on your use. But there are a few more factors related to sunscreen that you would like to know. For that, we have a comprehensive Buying Guide at the end of this guide.

After research and help from the common public, we have listed 6 best sunscreens in India. Do have a look.

6 Best Sunscreen Lotions In India

Sunscreen LotionsSPFVolumeBuy Now
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Lotus Herbals Sunblock40100gCHECK ON AMAZON
Biotique Sunscreen Lotion30+120mlCHECK ON AMAZON
Lacto Calamine Sunscreen5050gCHECK ON AMAZON
Lakmé Sun Expert Lotion5050mlCHECK ON AMAZON
Mamaearth'sUltra Sunscreen Lotion5080mlCHECK ON AMAZON

6 Best Sunscreen Lotions In India Reviews

1. Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock SPF 50+ Sunscreen


Neutrogena is a dermatologist recommended brand which makes premium skincare products. This Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock has 50+ SPF, which is waterproof and sweatproof. It is also non-comedogenic and oil-free and hence are unlikely to cause pores and controls the sebum production.

It comes with SPF 50+, which gives protection from UVB or ultraviolet type B sun rays, which cause skin damage like sunburn, tanning, redness, etc. SPF 50+ is good enough to stay on your skin for 5-6 hours. It also has PA++, which is sufficient to protect from wrinkles, dark spots, and other signs of premature aging caused by UBA or ultraviolet type A sun rays.

Helioplex technology provides superior protection against the sun rays. It has a lightweight formula and gives a non-greasy and matte finish on the face. It is suitable for all skin types and ideal for both men and women.

It is whitish in color that blends pretty well without leaving any white residue. It doesn’t irritate or tingle the skin, a common issue with many sunscreens available out there.

It is dermatologically tested and does cause any major allergies.

For best results, reapply after every 2 hours.


  • SPF 50+ and PA ++
  • Non-comedogenic.
  • Protects against both UVA and UVB rays.
  • Ideal for all skin types.


  • Contains parabens.
  • The face might look dull.

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2. Lotus Herbals Safe Sun 3-In-1 Matte Look Daily Sunblock


Lotus Herbals is known to produce products that are natural and safe for your skin. This 3-in-1 sunscreen lotion fuses broad-spectrum UVA, and UVB sun rays protection with skin lightening components to give an overall non-greasy, matte finish look on the face.

This sunscreen contains SPF 40 along with PA ++ with natural extracts, which is enough protection from 2-3 hours in the sun. The SPF 40 formula of sunscreen protects against sunburn, skin tanning, and redness caused by the UVB sun rays. PA++ protects from dark spots and pigmentation. It is effective in preventing the signs of premature aging.

Additionally, the birch extracts help to reduce the excess oil and refines the skin pores.

The hops extracts have astringent properties and work amazingly for dry and sensitive skin. The mallow extracts have anti-inflammatory properties that help to soothe your skin and reduce irritation.

This product is suitable for all skin types. The lightweight formula helps to leave an even glow on your face. This cream provides a matte finish, non-greasy look. For the best results, you must apply 20 minutes before going out.


  • Lightweight.
  • Broad-spectrum formula.
  • Astringent properties.
  • Anti-inflammatory properties.


  • It can cause rashes if you are allergic to a certain component.

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3. Biotique Bio Morning Nectar Sunscreen Lotion


If you are looking for an inexpensive alternative as an effective sunscreen, you should give this a try.

Biotique brings to you the natural and herbal lotion which protects you from the harmful UVA and UVB rays of the sun. Biotique is known to make use of the holistic legacy of ayurvedic science and manufacture effective products that feel gentle on the skin.

The SPF 30 protects against UVB rays of the skin. It’s good enough for 2 hours out in the sun. This lotion has proved to be nourishing and brightening as it has enhanced with honey, seaweed, and wheatgerm. It helps to visibly brighten the skin and helps you get a noticeable fairer complexion.

The product is completely natural and free of any added fragrance or preservatives. It is organic and pure. It is also dermatologically tested for the safety of the customers. It is a vegan product, and no animals were harmed during the production of the product.

Keep in mind that the sunscreen doesn’t have PA++ so, it’s not the ideal choice for hot summers. Avoid this if you already have wrinkles and dark spots. It is advised to apply the lotion after cleansing the face. You can use it alone or can use it under makeup. The product is suitable for all skin types.


  • No parabens.
  • SPF 30
  • Controls oil.
  • Softens and brightens the skin
  • Affordable


  • Not ideal for summers

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4. Lacto Calamine Sunshield Matte Look Sunscreen SPF50

Lacto Calamine

Indians consider products from Lacto Calamine as a solution for all the skin related problems. This sunscreen with SPF 50 and PA+++ is suitable for acne-prone and oily skin.

It is the most affordable sunscreen with SPF 50+ and PA+++ sun protection. It protects 98% of the harmful UV rays, and it’s good to go for 6 hours of full-proof protection.

The PA+++ gives protection from the premature signs of aging like wrinkles and dark spots that are caused by the UVA rays of the sun. SPF50+ protects from sunburn and tanning, which is caused by the UVB rays of the sun.

This sunscreen is made non-oily and non-sticky to control excess oil production. It is very light and super absorbent. These qualities make it ideal to be applied under your regular makeup. Also, makes it one of the best sunscreen lotions ideal for oily to combination skin.

The product is dermatologically tested to be paraben-free. It is water-based, which makes it gentle on the skin. The Kaolin clay absorbs the excess oil and keeps you sweat-free. The lemon extracts work well for the dark spots and reduce tanning.


  • Suitable for acne-prone skin.
  • Gives a matte look.
  • Reduces tanning.
  • Reduces premature aging.


  • It contains alcohol; hence it’s Is not suitable for dry and sensitive skin.

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5. Lakmé Sun Expert SPF 50 PA+++ Lotion

Lakmé Sun Expert

Lakme is a trusted brand among all Indians for a long time. This product is perfectly suitable for the hot and humid weather in India, as it comes with a sweatproof formula. It is enhanced with SPF 50 and PA+++ formula.

This sunscreen is proved to protect against 97% of the harmful rays of the sun as it is made powerful with SPF 50 and PA+++along with broad-spectrum technology. This is the perfect solution for a long summer day.

You can wear it alone or under your makeup. It is non-sticky and doesn’t feel heavy on the skin. It is free of parabens and composed of all-natural components. It’s good to protect for at least 6 hours.

It is non-sticky and blends effortlessly without leaving any which patch. However, a few people with extremely oily skin had acne issues. If you don’t fall into that category, you can safely opt for the Lakme sunscreen with protection from broad-spectrum sun rays.


  • SPF 50 and PA+++
  • Protects against 97% harmful rays of the sun
  • Helps achieve a matte finish look.
  • Broad-spectrum technology.


  • Might cause acne to people with excessively oily skin

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6. Mamaearth’sUltra Light Natural Sunscreen Lotion SPF 50 


Mamaearth is known for its natural products with real extracts for a superior effect on the skin. It is enhanced with SPF 50 and PA+++ for best sun protection against the harmful UVA and the UVB rays of the sun. The best part of this sunscreen is that you don’t have to apply it every two hours. It lasts as long as 6 hours.

It has natural components like Cananga Oil, which is ideal for the Indian weather conditions as it protects against the harsh heat of the sun. It is also enhanced with carrot seed oil, which works effectively as a moisturizer and penetrates deep in the skin.

It does not leave any residue too. The orange oil possesses anti-inflammatory properties, which makes it ideal for all skin types. Along with these, it also increases the ability of the skin to absorb it quickly and make it give a non-greasy look on the face. The presence of turmeric makes it anti-bacterial and hence ideal for summers in India.

It is 100% natural and free of any added fragrances or parabens. It is a dermatologically tested hypoallergenic product. It is perfect to use under makeup too.


  • SPF 50 and PA+++
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Enhanced with oils.
  • Penetrates deep in the skin.


  • Not suitable for acne-prone skin.

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Things To Remember While Choosing The Ideal Sunscreen

There are various sunscreen lotions available in the market as one sunscreen might not be suitable for everyone. Different people have different sunscreen needs. Therefore, different sunscreens are made with different properties. There are several factors based on which you can choose your sunscreen.

1. SPF and PA+

Both the UVA and the UVB rays are harmful to the skin as it might cause skin cancer. The UVA rays can cause premature aging, and you might experience wrinkles on your face at an early age. On the other hand, UVB rays can lead to sunburns

SPF or Sun Protecting Factors protects your skin from UVB rays, and PA+ protects from UVA rays.

Several pieces of research conducted by renowned dermatologists have concluded that you must use a sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 30. This effectively saves you from 97% of the harmful UVB rays of the sun.

PA+ blocks 95% sun rays, PA++ blocks 97% sun rays and PA+++ blocks 99% sun rays.

If you have fair skin and are prone to sunburn, you must go for higher SPF. However, higher SPF doesn’t need to give you better protection against the sun’s rays. According to specialists, there is no evidence that products with more than 50 SPF can block almost 100% of the sun rays from reaching your skin.

2. Choose according to your skin type

Several sunscreens are manufactured to be compatible with only oily, sensitive, or dry skin. Numerous studies and researches have suggested that people with dry skin should look for moisturizing ingredients. They should also avoid sunscreen gels or sprays containing alcohol.

It is advised that people with oily skin should use gel-based or lightweight lotions. Again, people with sensitive skin should use products that are fragrance-free and hypoallergenic. They should also avoid sunscreen with added preservatives and alcohol

3. Broad Spectrum

A quick read on all the components on the pack will ensure that you get the best quality and maximum coverage from a sunscreen.

You should go for a sunscreen with a “broad spectrum” label if you want to have maximum protection from both UVA and UVB rays of the sun. Ingredients like titanium dioxide and zinc oxide present in the sunscreen reflect the sun’s rays from your skin.

4. Reapply as much as possible

You need to apply sunscreen as much as possible. You need to reapply the sunscreen as its effect is over after every two or three hours. Experts suggest that you at least need to apply one ounce of the sunscreen every two or three hours so that the effect does not wear out.

Therefore, you should stock as much sunscreen as possible before the previous bottle is over. If you spend most of your time outdoors, it is better to invest in larger supply.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Who needs to use sunscreen?

Everyone should use sunscreen to protect their skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays and potential chances of skin cancer. Irrespective of their age, gender, or race, any person can develop skin cancer, and sunscreen can help prevent it.

2.What sunscreen should I buy?

You should consider some factors before buying a sunscreen. Firstly, you should look for broad-spectrum protection, meaning it will protect from both UVA and UVB rays of the sun. Secondly, the sunscreen should SPF of 30 or higher. And lastly, it should water-resistant and sweatproof.

3.When should I apply the sunscreen?

You should apply the sunscreen 20 minutes before stepping outside every day. Even on cloudy days, around 80% of the sun’s harmful rays can penetrate your skin. The aspects like sand, snow, and water increases the need to apply a sunscreen.

4.How much sunscreen should I use?

You should apply sunscreen to all parts of your body, which is not covered by any piece of clothing. You need to reapply the sunscreen ideally after every 2 hours.

5.What is the difference between the UVA and the UVB rays?

The UVA rays are responsible for causing premature signs of aging and increases the chances of skin cancer. The UVB rays are responsible for sunburns and tanning. Both the rays are equally harmful for your skin.


There are millions of options to choose from when you want to purchase sunscreen. However, if you are asking for our opinion, we would suggest you go for Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock, which is a dermatologically tested product.

It contains SPF 50 and PA++, which saves your skin from the harmful UVA and UVB rays of the sun. It is suitable for all skin types and helps you achieve a non-greasy matte look.

We hope that this article was helpful to you.

If you have any queries about the products or additions to the list, mention in the comments section below.