The 7 Best Storage Baskets In India Reviews and Buying Guide

Keeping your surrounding neat and tidy is essential for a peaceful living space. But more often than not, we happen to own more things than your basic storage can allow, and discarding them is not an option. This is when you should start looking for organization baskets.

These baskets are sturdy and help you keep your rooms clean and clutter-free. Storage baskets are versatile, which is why you should consider the areas of your house where you are hoping to place them.

  • Living room: if you have a large living room filled with knick-knacks and no space to store everyday items, look for a basket that matches your decor. Find something durable that can switch positions without people noticing. Go for neutral shades that match the overall setting of your living room.
  • Kitchen: kitchen storage can mean a lot of things. You could use baskets to store utensils and smaller appliances, or you can store vegetables. It is totally up to you. But make sure you get materials like plastic or any other rust-free material since the atmosphere of a kitchen is humid and may damage rust-prone materials. Find breathable boxes for food storage to avoid spoilage.
  • Kid’s room: kids tend to leave toys on the floor, and a stray lego can be painful if gone unnoticed. Find boxes that match the vibe of your child’s room, which enables you to use these boxes as interesting decor pieces as well. Keeping organizing baskets help teach your kids about the importance of keeping their rooms neat and tidy.

To help you through the process of selecting the perfect basket for your use, we have compiled a Buying Guide. Do give it a read.

7 Best Storage Baskets In India

Storage BasketsMaterialColorBuy Now
Bel Casa Royal BasketsplasticbrownCHECK ON AMAZON
Kuber Industries Storage Basket plasticMultiple colorsCHECK ON AMAZON
Amazon Brand - Storage Basket SetplasticbeigeCHECK ON AMAZON
Nayasa Gloria Plastic BasketplasticbeigeCHECK ON AMAZON
Cutting Edge Turkish BasketsplasticblackCHECK ON AMAZON
Cello StyleKnit Multi Storage BasketplasticbrownCHECK ON AMAZON
Diswa Storage Basket plasticpinkCHECK ON AMAZON

7 Best Storage Baskets In India Reviews

1. Bel Casa Royal Baskets for Storage Set of 4 Pieces 

Bel Casa ROYAL Baskets (1)

Bel Casa is one of the best luxury brands concerned with high-grade household items. All its items are manufactured using food-grade material from BPA free virgin plastic.

New addition, specially made royal baskets of rattan style, this netted rattan style offers the royal baskets a premium look. The royal baskets of this rattan style bring lavish looks to your office, living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom.

The classic yet modern design of Rattan makes sure these Royal Baskets are very convenient to clean. Water flows effortlessly from the netted Rattan design. The basket consists of a netted rattan design that allows the air to move through the room, leading to less dust being stored, making the royal basket easy to clean.

These are great for make-up kit organization. These Royal Baskets can be used anywhere, such as the office, lounge room, bath, kitchen. Your papers, stationery, magazine, kitchen tool, small electric tool, sanitary ware, printer paper are sorted by Royal baskets.

Product specifications:

  • Colour: brown
  • Primary material: plastic
  • Item shape: rectangular


  • Food grade material
  • BPA free virgin plastic
  • Easy to clean


  • Size is smaller than expected
  • May be a little expensive

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2. Kuber Industries Plastic Multipurpose Solitaire Storage Basket 

Kuber Industries storage boxes

This multi-purpose storage basket from Kuber industries is made from plastic, which makes it more durable, attractive, and very long-lasting.

Comes in a package of 3 similar sized baskets but with different colors. These are quite useful and multi-functional and can be used anywhere, such as the office, dining room, kitchen, bedrooms, and study room. All the 3 baskets have individual closing lids that are very convenient.

These can be used to store books, files, fruits, clothing, baby care things, vegetables, etc. This product is simple to wash, and water can flow easily from the design of the net. This basket consists of a net design that allows air to move through all the space.

Product specifications:

  • Colour: multiple colors
  • Primary material: plastic
  • Item shape: rectangular


  • Good quality
  • Can store a lot of things
  • Has a lid


  • Size of the container does not fit the description, which might be misleading

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3. Amazon Brand – Solimo 4 Piece Storage Basket Set

Amazon Brand Set

With its collection of storage baskets, Solimo offers you a convenient solution to keep both your office and residential space tidy. These baskets are durable but lightweight and simple to hold, developed from high-quality virgin PP plastic.

They have also been tested extensively and can carry loads of up to 10 kg in large baskets, up to 7 kg in medium baskets, and up to 5 kg in small ones.

Not only does the woven pattern on the baskets give a luxury look, but it also makes it easy to clean. Be it piling your bedroom sheets; the Solimo Storage Basket Collection is an apt accessory for de-cluttering your room to organize office supplies for storing makeup, kitchenware, and hygiene products.

The flat surface of the baskets makes it possible to position them on any surface. These beige baskets, available in a package of 1 large, 1 medium, and 2 small pieces, give enough space to neatly pile up your everyday essentials.

Product specifications:

  • Colour: Beige
  • Primary material: plastic
  • Item shape: rectangular


  • Easy to clean
  • Color gives a premium look


  • Smaller than mentioned dimensions
  • Cannot be used to store clothes as claimed

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4. Nayasa Gloria 2 Piece Plastic Basket

Nayasa Gloria 2 Piece Plastic Basket

The leading household plastic manufacturer in India is Nayasa. They produce a variety of products that range from back to school to home, organizing to insulated kitchen pieces. Their collection includes nearly a thousand items. They are an ISO accredited company and are certified by SEDEX as well.

Their creative and appealing goods and excellent quality are known to us. They have a very good division of customer service, which is always prepared to assist you with your questions. The only material they use is food grade BPA free. All the plastic is recyclable and can also be reused so that it does not become an environmental burden.

Keep your room tidy, organized, and sorted with Nayasa’s selection of items. Bathroom organizers, shelves, trays, portable wardrobes, and more are part of the list of items. These accessories are made of durable materials and designed to make your life simple.

Product specifications:

  • Colour: Beige
  • Primary material: plastic
  • Item shape: rectangular


  • Consists of a lid
  • Good quality
  • Colour looks premium


  • Lid is not tight enough
  • Some customers claimed that the size disappointed them

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5. Cutting Edge Turkish Baskets Large 

Cutting EDGE Turkish Baskets

This basket range is made from heavy gauge and highly durable material, ensuring longevity, keeping your stuff secure, and high-quality construction. The thoughtful functionality, in contrast, brings these containers to yet another new level.

This basket is indeed a fantastic organizer because it can be used in different ways. It could be used as a fabric organizer, cosmetic organizer, stationary retention—best for arranging your stuff at home or in the workplace.

With these baskets, which are the perfect organizer for your wardrobe, kitchen, cosmetics, stationery, you make your home look perfect.

Bring home EDGE Cutting Containers that keep your stuff organized and easy to maintain. These baskets have a strong grip to hold the baskets easily and are easy to bring from one location to another.

Product specifications:

  • Colour: Black
  • Primary material: plastic
  • Item shape: rectangular


  • Great quality product
  • Can fit lots of things


  • Product photograph has lids, but the product is not delivered with it

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6. Cello StyleKnit Multi Storage Basket

CELLO StyleKnit Multi Storage Basket

CELLO StyleKnit Multi Storage Basket is stylish and available in attractive colors.

The special part about these is that it comes with Easy Air ventilation. And a very handy separate opening lid to keep the objects inside the storage dust free and spill-proof. This helps in keeping the materials protected.

The knit design basket can be used in a structured way for keeping an array of things like kitchen goods, bathing essentials, books, magazines, toys, office files, etc. The product is sturdy and guarantees longevity. If you want a product that will last you for many years, undoubtedly go for Cello Styleknit multi-storage basket.

Produced with high-quality PP plastic, it is crafted with an excellent style that adds a touch of elegance to your home. This can also be used as a tray for presenting gifts during festivals.

Product specifications:

  • Colour: Brown
  • Primary material: plastic
  • Item shape: rectangular


  • Product fits the description
  • Sturdy and durable


  • Expensive
  • Smaller than expected

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7. Diswa 3Pcs Set Storage Basket 

Diswa 3Pcs Set Storage Box

To organize your house, apartment, and perhaps other living spaces, plastic baskets are a simple solution. You can easily use it to arrange shelves and spaces, add to your home décor, or store personal products for daily use.

These pink storage containers are durable and robust, with accessible storage and management. All the baskets have a woven breathable design for better airflow. The bins are convenient to stack and lightweight.

These can be ideal storage for infant toys, sheets, bottles, bath toys, crayons, burp cloths—a permanent and worry-free way to arrange and decorate the rooms of your nursery or children.

You can also use it as a separate desk organizer or simply as a wardrobe organizer as well. For living rooms, it can help you in de-cluttering. You can keep stray magazines or books. This can be convenient for kitchen goods and bathroom essentials too.

Product specifications:

  • Colour: Pink
  • Primary material: plastic
  • Item shape: rectangular


  • Beautiful design
  • Attractive colors
  • Value for money


  • Overall quality could have been better

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Buying Guide For Storage boxes and Baskets India

For many reasons, baskets can be an impressive addition to your home. Their primary function is to be used as a storage container, but by beautifying a dark space and bringing the living area to life, decorative baskets can add so much more.

For you to choose from, there is a wide range of materials and designs. To explore these characteristics and help you decide on the ideal decorative baskets, read our guide.

1. For the living room

There are so many items in your bedroom and living room that can trigger chaos, such as magazines, sheets, DVDs, and all those cables you hate to stare at. With some trendy baskets, sorting every one of these items promises to cheer you as well as your space up. There is also an array of materials to fit every bedroom and lounge room décor, depending on the interior of your house.

  • Traditional or contemporary: In traditional and contemporary styled houses, cloth and felt baskets would look best. Using a basket of cotton beside the sofa for the magazines and keep them handy whenever you want to browse over them.
  • Wicker and rope style: For the wicker and rope living area, a boho-chic or cabin interior would suit them. You could keep wood beside the fireplace in a wicker basket, whilst the rope basket during the winter months would be perfect for storing extra blankets.Ornamental knit & crochet baskets are minimalistic and therefore will fit Scandinavian styled rooms.
  • Metal and modern area: Metal is commonly associated with the home’s modern theme, but then you can find rustic woven metal baskets that can match your antique decor.You will find stylish baskets with stitched on labels for an additional bit of appeal and versatility, which would also help you navigate things easier.

2. For the kitchen

The kitchen seemed to be the only room in which you never had enough storage. If you have enormous counters, having many baskets perched around will not be as effective in arranging your inventory.

  • Wired metal baskets: Your best option is that when you’re struggling with space to find a pair of stackable baskets.Wired metal baskets will almost usually be novelty baskets for the kitchen because they are simplest to maintain if used often. Look out for rustic metal baskets in a combination of two colors for retro kitchens, which might be a combination of black and grey.
  • Modern decor: Single-colored baskets can profit most from modern and industrial décor. It depends on the color scheme, modern colors may be anywhere from white to black, but industrial decor should stick to dark grey and black. With a metal wire basket built as a shelf on the wall, you could also incorporate storage space.
  • When you are looking for a particular basket to become more of a decoration, a heart-shaped seagrass basket for bread storage, for instance, would be a great option.

3. For the bathroom

A bathroom could become chaotic at times with so many tubes, containers, and cleaning products. A dark-colored or compact bathroom can brighten up by them.

  • Size: Small baskets are perfect for your cleaning products or other small hygiene products under the sink, but since they can endure the humidity from the pipes, you will need to remember to use metal or plastic baskets. In a cupboard, you can attach larger baskets to place your sheets and towels.
  • Style of bathroom: The materials should match the current theme, based on the interior of your bathroom. In Zen modeled bathrooms, seagrass and rope baskets work beautifully.Scandinavian, as well as other minimalist models, call for either black or white mesh, including wired metal baskets.Elegant baskets of cotton and felt, which are plain in nature, look most appealing in conventional bathrooms.

4. For the kid’s room

Keep the room neat and clean with a few decorative baskets for your little one. This is your chance to be innovative and find new designs to integrate the ideas of your child.

  • Shapes you might like: Animal-shaped baskets – foxes, dinosaurs, teddies, etc. – are some of the fun styles you might come across.
  • Consider the size of toys your kid owns: Search for sets already arranged as well as those with lids to avoid toys from spilling.Based on the size of the toys, you can consider storage baskets with 7 to 10 inches dimensions to contain small objects such as Lego. Choose one with larger dimensions with attached handles if you’d like to store bigger toys like plush toys so that you can move it around faster.
  • Consider maintenance too: because some children like to be dirty. Make sure you select machine-washable materials, like woven cotton.Other products in a nursery with decorative baskets that you can quickly arrange are your baby wipes and ointments. This is not a smart option to use rope or woven baskets for such items, since they are harder to clean. Rather to keep the nursery sanitary, use materials that can be washed by hand or by machine.
  • Keeping the surrounding areas clean: In addition, by keeping your books, cards, and teddies in decorative bins, you can keep your child’s shelves clean. To ensure your child knows where each item is or choose wired metal baskets to show their belongings, you can choose cloth ones with labels on.Choosing bright-colored baskets for a children’s bedroom is always a smart idea as it helps them grow their imagination. However, you need to have a neutral color to match it with while decorating with bright colors, too.


Since storage baskets are multi-purpose, and you can see one in almost every household, the options for purchase are many. This is why sticking to your storage needs is both wise and efficient. There are various sizes and materials available when it comes to storage organizers. Still, on extensive research, we found that Bel Casa Royal Baskets for Storage Set is the best one available in the market today.

The product has a unique rattan style that gives the baskets a premium look. They are ideal for storage in homes, offices along with bathrooms, bedrooms, and living rooms. People generally buy these containers to ensure a clean and tidy living space. Thus the ease of cleaning the containers itself might be an important factor to consider. The baskets are available in different sizes, making sure that you can put them to different uses.

Let us know what you thought about the product reviews in this article, and also, please share any other valuable feedback in the comments below.