Top 10 Best Step Ladder for Home in India Reviews & Buying Guide 2021

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Balancing on chairs and stools is not a safe option when you have to access areas beyond your reach. Ladder is the safest option for reaching significant height to even farthest places like ceilings, roofs and others.

But storage is the main reason why most of the people prefer ladders. Now-a-days, manufacturers have come up with foldable and portable ladders which don’t take much storage space and can easily fit into any cabinet.

Though it is a simple equipment, it is very important to be wise while purchasing a ladder. Type of ladder, weight holding capacity, height, durability and several factors should be kept in mind while analyzing a ladder.

If you don’t have any idea regarding these factors, you can read them in our “Ladder Buying Guide“. We tried to put all the information required for purchasing a ladder in one place. It helps you pick the right choice as per your requirements.

However, if you haven’t got much time for reading and analyzing, you can pick up any product listed in our article. We have shortlisted the best ladders in India after careful analysis and research.

Best Aluminium Ladders in India

Best Ladders Height in feetWeight in KgBuy Now
Bathla Ultra-Stable Foldable Aluminium Ladder5.75.9Check On Amazon
PAffy Milano High Tensile Folding Ladder 5.18.6Check On Amazon
Parasnath Black Heavy Folding Ladder3.14Check On Amazon
CiplaPlast GEC Folding Ladder5.213Check On Amazon
Plutomax Foldabe Aluminium Ladder 57.5Check On Amazon
Truphe Folding Step Ladders4.58Check On Amazon
FLIPZON Premium Ladder4.57Check On Amazon
Plantex folding Step Ladder---10Check On Amazon
Kisha Classic Ladder5.252.74Check On Amazon
Youngman Aluminum Multipurpose Ladder10.53.2Check On Amazon

Best Ladders Reviews In India 2021

1. Bathla Ultra-Stable 4-Step Foldable Aluminium Ladder

Bathla Ultra-Stable 4-Step Foldable Aluminium Ladder

The first product on our list is from a brand Bathla which is quite famous for ladders. This product is a foldable aluminum ladder with a height of 173cm (5.7 ft.) It is the best ladder in India for its amazing functionality and has advanced features like rust proof, high-grade aluminum.

Bathla ladder comes with 4 steps that feature anti-skid PVC shoes unlike others, which prevents the ladder from skidding when someone climbs on it. The steps are made using non-skid rubber-like others, thus making it hassle-free, to use. It also has knee guard like other ladders, that offers extra protection to the knees when we climb on it.

If you want a ladder that is easy to carry when you travel, then this is for you since it is extremely lightweight and portable. It has a smart platform, unlike others, to enable good grip and balance while using it. It is the only ladder that comes with perfect edge guard to avoid any kinds of accidents that may happen with normal ladders.

Equipped with extra ribs that ensures firm grip along with foothold, and also better traction under any circumstances, unlike others. It also has an anti-skid shoe that ensures safe usage on wet and smooth surfaces.

As the ladder is sturdy and durable, we can use it every day without any hassle. It is a lightweight ladder that makes it easy to use and can be carried with ease when we use it indoors or outdoors.

5-years warranty is provided from the manufacturer. The only problem we noticed with this ladder is that it makes a lot of noise when using like most of the ladders in the list.

Overall we are extremely satisfied with the performance of the ladder, it is the best ladder available in India which has amazing functionality and features like it has rustproof, high-grade aluminum, smart platform, anti-skid PVC shoes, sure hinge technology.

Things We Liked:

  • Has rust proof body
  • High-grade aluminum
  • Smart platform
  • Anti-skid PVC shoes
  • Sure hinge technology
  • Slip-proof steps with edge guards
  • All weather resistant
  • Foldable and portable

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • Makes noise

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2. PAffy Milano 5-MF High Tensile Folding Ladder 

PAffy Premium Heavy Folding Ladder with Wide Steps - Milano 5 Steps

The next product in our list comes from a brand paffy, that is well known for its quality products. It is a foldable ladder that saves a lot of space when you fold it. It comes with 5 steps like other ladders.

If you have problems with the ladders that are made using aluminum, you can consider this one, since it is manufactured using strong mild steel ladder. It comes with wide steps, for better grip.

Paffy ladder is equipped with knee guard like other ladders in the list, which provides extra safety and it is ideal for the people who want a ladder that doesn’t fall when you are on top of it since it prevents the ladder from falling with advanced knee guard.

It features safety clutch lock like others, which helps to keep the platform in the desired position and also provides better security and safety. It is also enabled with anti-skid shoe feature which provides extra grip and prevents the ladder from sliding, and also ideal for safe usage on wet, smooth surfaces.

Unlike others, this ladder has power coated steel pipes and has steps made using polypropylene copolymer, and comes with rubber boats, it is equipped with foam clad handles

This ladder is one of the best ladders in India for its high-end functionality and has some advanced features like safety clutch lock, anti-skid shoe. It weighs around 8.6 kgs and has a weight holding capacity of 120-150 kgs like most ladders in the list. It comes with a warranty of 7 years unlike other ladders in the list.

Main concern we noticed with this ladder is that is not sturdy enough when a person of over 75 kgs is using it. This product is available at a cheaper price when compared with others, it comes with top features like safety clutch lock, anti-skid shoe, knee guard, strong platform.

Things We Liked:

  • Safety clutch lock
  • Anti-skid shoe
  • Knee guard
  • Strong platform
  • 7-years warranty
  • Compact foldable design
  • Suitable for serving any purpose
  • Corrosion resistance

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • Not sturdy

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3. Parasnath Black Heavy Folding Ladder

Parasnath Black Heavy Folding Ladder With Wide Steps Milano 4 Steps 4.1 Ft Ladder

The brand Parasnath is known for its quality ladders in India. It comes with a stronger platform like some ladders in the list, that offers extra durability, performance, and safety, it can also sustain heavier weights under high usage.

Just like some other products in the list, it comes with 4 step that are made using high strength metal. It features a corrosion resistant design which provides better protection and support. It is a foldable ladder like others on the list, which saves a lot of space. It is a made in India product.

Parasnath ladder is equipped with knee guard which provides extra safety and it is ideal for the people who want a ladder that doesn’t fall when you are on top of the ladder since it prevents the ladder from falling with advanced knee guard.

It features safety clutch lock like others, which helps to keep the platform in the desired position and also provides better security and safety. It is also enabled with an anti-skid shoe, a feature which provides extra grip and prevents the ladder from sliding, and is ideal for safe usage on wet, smooth surfaces.

Another amazing feature that makes this product worthy enough is lifetime warranty on manufacturing defects. The only con we noticed with this product is that it is a bit heavy to carry around.

Things We Liked:

  • Light weight enough for DIY
  • High quality power coated steel
  • Heavy duty enough for commercial use as well
  • Compact folding design
  • Rubber mats to prevent slipping
  • Anti-skid design
  • Knee guard
  • Safety clutch lock
  • Lower heavy lag support
  • Well-serrated steps
  • Lifetime guarantee

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • The delivery service is a bit slow.

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4. CiplaPlast GEC L4M Milano Folding Ladder

Ciplaplast GEC-L4M 4 Step Milano Folding Ladder


The Milano Folding Ladder for Cipla is one of the best affordable ladders in the Indian market. It is made up of powder coated steel like other ladders in the list. It is a heavy duty ladder which provides long durability with a capacity of 150 kgs.

Due to its corrosion resistance, the structure is durable. Wide base is provided for firm grip and is comfortable to climb. It features safety clutch lock like others, which helps to keep the platform in the desired position and also provides better security and safety. It is also enabled with anti-skid shoe feature which provides extra grip and prevents the ladder from sliding and is ideal safe usage on wet, smooth surfaces.

For its high-end functionality and some advanced features like safety clutch lock and anti-skid shoe, It is considered to be one of the best ladders in India.

It is a foldable ladder that saves a lot of space when you fold it. It comes with 5 steps like other ladders. Having problems with the ladders that are made using aluminum, you can consider this one, since it is manufactured using Powder Coated Steel.

Since it comes with broader steps that easily accommodate your feet. We need to be careful before buying this product, as we will get warranty only if we purchase the ladder from the seller on Amazon named Regis home essentials.

Equipped with knee guard like other ladders in the list, which provides extra safety and it is ideal for the people who want ladder that doesn’t fall when you are on top of it since it prevents the ladder from falling with advanced knee guard feature.

This product comes with a stronger platform like some ladders in the list, that offers extra durability, performance, and safety, it can also sustain heavier weights under high usage. It comes with a warranty of seven years like a paffy ladder. The only problem with this ladder is that it is not sturdy enough when compared with the others.

Things We Liked:

  • Good quality
  • Comfortable to stand and climb without any worries
  • Anti-skid shoes for grip
  • Corrosion resistant
  • 7-years warranty
  • Cushioned top arch
  • Made from durable materials

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • Steps are a bit slippery. You have to clean them before using to avoid any potential risks.

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5. Plutomax Foldabe Aluminium Ladder 

PlutoMax 4 Step Foldable Aluminium Ladder


If you are looking for a durable and sturdy ladder than can be used every day, then PlutoMax is the right choice. This ladder is ideal for household, warehouse, shop, godown, offices and others.

PlutoMax comes with wide base design which ensures firm, comfortable and safe climb. As this ladder comes with anti-skid PVC shoes, you can happily climb it without worrying about falling off. The knee guard provides additional support for climbing.

As it is light in weight, you can move the ladder from one place to another without any issues or hurting your arms. The compact and foldable design makes it easy to store. It is perfect for using both indoor and outdoor.

This ladder is made up of high quality aluminum and last for a very long time which makes worth every penny you spend on it. It can hold up to 150Kg of weight. Manufacturer is providing 5-years warranty on this product.

Things We Liked:

  • Ideal for both indoor and outdoor
  • Made from high grade aluminum
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Light in weight
  • Compact, foldable and portable
  • Anti-skid shoes
  • Wide steps for comfort and stability
  • Ready to use, doesn’t require assembly
  • 5-years warranty

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • Not recommend for electrical works.

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6. Truphe Folding Step Ladders

Truphe Folding Step Ladders

Next product on our list is from Truphe – a brand well known for providing high quality ladders. The product mentioned here has 5 steps that can handle 120 – 150Kgs of weight.

It has a plastic top with anti-skid features that provides better grip and protection, and also it prevents the ladder from skidding when someone climbs on it. It has high strength and extra durability, which helps to last for a long time. It is ideal to use in-house and in office.

This ladder is available for online purchase only and is not available to purchase offline. It also comes with an anti-skid feature, like other ladders for additional safety.

The only problem we had had with this ladder is that steps are not wide enough to accommodate our feet. Overall we are happy with the performance of the product, it has good features like anti-skid features, high durability, and strength. It comes with 7-years warranty like some ladders in the list.

Things We Liked:

  • Sturdy body and good grip
  • Pretty easy to store and use
  • Useful for home and office purposes
  • Very convenient to more from one place to another
  • Corrosion free
  • Anti-skid ladder
  • Heavy duty
  • Lasts very long

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • Cover is not provided with this product

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7. Flipzon Premium Foldable 4-Step Ladder

Flipzon Premium Foldable Ladder

This next best ladder comes from Flipzon, one of the best Indian retailing companies. It is a foldable alloy steel cum rubber ladder that is 140 cm (4.5 feet) high. 

If you need a strong ladder to use in wholesale shops, households, offices, warehouses, and godowns, you can use this sturdy ladder equipped with safety features. It is strong enough with a weight-holding capacity of 120kg – 150 kg as it is made of high-grade heavy-duty steel. 

Flipzon ladder is not only sturdy, but ensures better safety and balance when climbing. Despite bearing huge weights, this Flipzon ladder ensures better safety by its clutch lock and knee guard. 

The ladder has smooth multi-position operating hinges with automatic safety locks. Its rubber paddings have stabilizer bars to provide safety during operation. Moreover, there is a long cushioned top arch that acts as a knee guard. It gives support and high-level safety. 

This Flipzon black-colored ladder has four non-slippery steps with a plastic top. It has an anti-skid design for better grip and protection. They are also wider – 20cm*37cm. So, you have enough space to rest your foot. 

We find that it is sturdy, heavy-duty, foldable, safe, and non-skid. So, it successfully gets your things done anywhere!

Things We Liked:

  • Sturdy because of the heavy-duty metal
  • Easy access to heights
  • The platform is wide and strong to rest the feet and climb
  • Anti-skid and non-slippery steps
  • Foldable design to save space
  • Knee guard to prevent falling
  • It can bear heavyweights, and so, it is better for commercial and warehouse applications.
  • People can stand safely on the final step. 
  • As it is strong, it is more durable. 
  • Value for money

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • No warranty

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8. Plantex High-Grade Steel 6-Step Ladder

Plantex step ladder

Plantex is a famous Indian brand for home and kitchen supplies. Its high-grade steel foldable 6-step ladder ranks the next best on our list. It is known for its strength due to the use of high-grade steel pipe. It even has a 6-way processed powder coating that makes it anti-corrosive. 

Like many other ladders available here, it is also preferable because it is strong, safe, foldable, and easy to access. 

Unlike aluminum ladders, this Plantex steel ladder has a secure and stable structure. It neither faces dents nor changes its shape. So, you can use it for a longer time without structural issues. 

This one is unique to other ladder brands in its construction. Ordinary steel ladders have 31mm round section pipe with lesser strength and narrow gauge. But, this premium ladder has a steel pipe with 38.1 mm diameter and 0.6 mm thickness. Hence, it is strong and has a wide gauge. 

Because of extra-thick steel construction, it can support a weight of more than 150 kgs. Though it bears such heavyweights, it is safe and supportive. The legs of the ladder have a thick rubber tread at the ends to provide better footing. So, it stands right without tilting. Also, the rubber bases prevent scratches on the floor when you move the ladder. 

Even when climbing, you will feel safe with a convenient grip. The six steps have a solid metal frame covered with rubber. They are anti-slip, and you can comfortably get over the hard-to-reach places in the house, office, or garage. You can easily reach up to 5’4” height at the ceiling. 

It is compact in size, foldable, light-weight, portable, and reliable. It gives a better hand-grip to carry anywhere. 

The manufacturer is providing a five years warranty. Hence, we recommend not to miss a chance to buy this. 

Things We Liked:

  • It is sturdy because of high-grade premium steel and its construction design.
  • It is non-corrosive due to a 6-way powdered coating. So, it is durable. 
  • Does not change its shape even after years. 
  • Can bear weights of more than 150kg. So, you can use it for commercial purposes. 
  • The steps are anti-skid and non-slip. 
  • Space between the rungs is 23cm, and so you won’t feel discomfort when climbing. 
  • Stable and secure. 
  • Light-weight to carry wherever you need. Even ladies can move it around in the house. 
  • The steps are wider to rest your feet safely and prevent falling. 
  • It is a space saver – you can fold it better and keep it under the bed or in a cupboard. 
  • Because of its folding and portable design, it is convenient for storage and transportation. 
  • You can even do electric works with it. 
  • Looks good in blue and black color. 
  • Five years warranty


  • Nothing as of now. 

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9. Kisha Classic Compact Aluminum Ladder

Kisha step ladder

Here is the most-common lightweight ladder – the Kisha Classic Compact Aluminum Ladder. This silver-colored 5-step ladder uses Aluminum that is ISO certified. It serves routine domestic uses in households and small spaces. This one is to get an easy-access for hard-to-reach areas as it allows you to reach a height up to 160 cm or 5’25”.

We find that the Aluminum used is high-grade, so it makes the ladder strong. It has an Aluminum socket too to give extra-strength. The shoes of the ladder, made of non-slippery PVC material, give enough support to the ladder. So, it does not move or tilt; and prevents you from falling. 

Also, there is a better grip for safe-climbing. The platforms have sufficient width that you can sit or stand on them. No worries when climbing – the steps are anti-skid. 

Even ladies can feel it comfortable to climb and reach the higher surfaces. There is a special saree-guard for the ladder. So, they can be cautious and safe enough. They can also move it wherever they want in the house as it is lightweight with only 570gms. 

The ladder is foldable and allows space-saving. It is a better option as the manufacturer provides a five-year warranty period from the date of purchase. 

Things We Liked:

  • ISO-Certified Aluminum usage makes it strong.  
  • The silver finishing looks nice. 
  • Easy to use and fold. 
  • Simple design, lesser weight, and folding make it portable. 
  • It is a better ladder for ladies too. It ensures comfort and safety by a safety-guard.  
  • Anti-skid and non-slippery platforms prevent falling. 
  • The customer service is good. 
  • It is suitable for domestic purposes. 

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • People complained of its sharp edges that may pose injuries. 
  • It is not suitable to use when handling electric works.
  • It may be supposed to bend or dents easily. 

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10. Youngman Aluminum Multipurpose Ladder

Youngman Capacity Ladder


Last but not least product from our list is Youngman Multipurpose Ladder. Just like the name suggests, it can be used in 4 different ways and moreover it can also be configured as a handy workbench.

This ladder is perfect for DIY’s, household, warehouse, commercial and industrial purposes. As it can be easily folded, this multipurpose ladder can be easily stored both in offices and homes.

It is coupled with top and glide wheels which allows easy movement. Locking hinges and tabs are provided to ensure safe assembling. Anti-skid rubber feet ensure stability on any surface. This ladder can hold up to 150Kg of weight.

Things We Liked:

  • High quality aluminum
  • Anti-skid rubber feet
  • Can be used in 4 different types
  • Light in quality
  • Durable and stable
  • Lasts very long
  • Suitable for handling all kinds of tasks
  • Can hold up to 150Kgs
  • Locking hinges

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • Cannot climb up with barefoot
  • Footstep is a bit small.

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Things to Consider While Purchasing a Ladder

Though ladders seem to be simple equipment, a wrong choice can compromise your safety. While purchasing any equipment, you have to consider certain factors. The same implies to ladders as well. In this buying guide for ladders, we have mentioned all the information you require for analyzing a product.

1. Type of Ladder

The most important thing to consider before purchasing is – which type of ladder is suitable for your needs. Understanding different types of ladders and their functionalities allows you to make an informed decision. Since their invention, ladders have been adapted to new requirements. Now there are multiple types of ladders available in the market. Based on their functionalities and tasks it can handle, they are divided into different categories. We have explained them clearly below…

a) Step Ladders:

Step ladders are the most commonly used ones. Unlike some other type of ladders, these type are self-supportable, which means they don’t need any wall or support to lean. So, this feature enables them to be used in the middle of the room, underneath a tree or any other location where there is no available of support for extension ladders. Furthermore, step ladders are divided into two type – front step ladder and twin step ladder.

Front step ladder has rung on one side and the other side is specially designed only for support. The other side is not suitable for climbing. The other type – twin step ladder is the most famous than front step. It has rungs on either side, so you can climb up from any side. And moreover you and your friend can climb it simultaneously.

b) Extension Ladders:

These ladders are also known as straight ladders. They are helpful in reaching high places. But lean against wall, tree or any other for support. Usually, extension ladders contain two parts – base and fly. The base has to be placed firmly on the ground, while fly is a movable piece which extends above the bed, allowing the extension of the ladder to reach even more high places. In most of the cases, sliding is done by using hooks or ropes. Extension ladders are capable of reaching higher places than other types.

c) Platform Ladders

This type of ladder contains a front step and a platform as its top step. In order to provide safety, a top rail guard is provided around two feet higher than the platform. These ladders provide high comfort for any amount of time as it will not hurt your feet or shins while standing on it. They are perfect for handling projects that require to use your two hands. As you can rotate around and work in any direction, you can work safely and quickly.

d) Step Stools

Step stools are excellent for regularly household needs like reaching top shelves in the pantry, reaching higher cabinets in the kitchen, or reaching overhead cabinets in the laundry. They also help you grab clothes or items that have been stored in the higher storage cabinets. As most of these ladders have the option of folding them down to flat, you can happily store them below your beds or any other place.

e) Multi-Purpose Ladders:

As the name suggests, this type of ladder can accomplish two more tasks. Most of the people love this ladder because of its ability to change into so many positions to cater variety of tasks in the house or workspace. These ladders can open into a step ladder position for climbing and completely self-supportable as well. They can also be opened into an extended position if you have to reach higher locations – however you must have some support to lean it against just like the normal one. Its ability to make scaffolding for planks or platforms While not in use, the ladder can be completely closed and stored easily without any hassle.

f) Telescoping Ladders:

This type of ladder is only capable of sliding in or out in size. This is usually achieved by overlapping sections. These ladders have the capability of fully extending and shrinking into compact and portable ladder.

g) Folding Ladders:

As the name suggests, these ladders have the ability of folding up into compact for easy storage. They usually have smaller inside tasks and large steps rather than skinny rugs. They are excellent for home, small business and motor homes. When folded, these ladders can easily fit into any small storage space like under the bed or in a closet. They are light in weight and easy to set up which make them safe and convenient to use at home.

2. Material

Normally, most of ladders are built of aluminum, fiberglass or wood. Each of these materials have their own advantages and disadvantages. We have mentioned a clear description of each product below…

  • Aluminum

For its strength, durability and versatility, aluminum has been an excellent material when it comes to ladders. It can handle a lot of weight and stay intact. And moreover as it is light in weight which is a large aspect as you have to haul back and forth the ladders for work. Finally, this material is much affordable as well.

However, there is one major drawback to aluminum ladders. As it is metal, aluminum is not a good electricity conductor. If you are going to use it for electrical equipment repair or near electricity, then it is not worth the risk. There are other choices that provide a safe replacement for aluminum ladders in these cases.

  • Wood

This is the most common and famous choice among all types of ladders. Its advantages are much similar to the aluminum ladders. It’s probably the most affordable option and easily available in any home improvement or hardware store. As it is good conductor of electricity, it is much safer option anywhere for better reach.

The main disadvantage is – they are heavy. Compared to aluminum ladders, they are twice the weight. If wood ladders are kept in unsuitable areas, then they can deteriorate which affect their longevity. And moreover, you have to take care of the information where you shouldn’t use it.

  • Fiberglass

Fiberglass offers compromise to the disadvantages of the other type of ladders. It’s very strong so this material can handle even rough handling. Just like aluminum, it doesn’t conduct electricity. It’s quite durable, so it will last for a very long time. When compared to others, it is a bit expensive but its advantages out weight the price.

This material has one standout feature – it is perfect for outdoor work, especially in ambient temperatures. Other materials lie aluminum are not suitable for using in the middle of winder and hot summer days as it is metal. However, this ladder will start get unwieldy after 25 feet.

  • Steel

These type of ladders are not suitable for do-it-yourself persons. They are typically used in a warehouse. They have got several benefits. Being resilient, steel ladders can handle even heavy loads – which is the reason they are a practical option. Thought they are strong enough, steel ladders are quite heavy. In order to avoid rusting and corrosion, you have to consider proper storage instructions and environment.

  • Plastic

Plastic ladders are the most cheaper alternatives for some simple situations. They are made up of polyester resin with glass-fiber reinforcement.

3. Height

The height of the ladder should be measured from the first step to the last step from the floor. The height of the ladder ranges from 2 feet to 22 feet. It is better to go for the ladders with more height than required, for allowing better functionality and to ensure you are properly covered.

4. Weight capacity

It is one of the most important factors to consider before buying the ladders, the capacity ranges from 70 kgs to 150 kgs. It plays an important role in its functioning. The weight of user and equipment we use on the ladder should be considered. Some ladders come with tool baskets on the top, for placing different types of equipment.

5. Usage

Well, the usage requirements can be different from person to person. Some may use it once in a very long time while some may require it regularly. If you going to use it for once or twice in a year for painting or other purpose, then it is better to rent than purchase. If you are going to use it for couple of times in a month, then purchase any one according to your requirements.

6. Storage

Storage of a ladder is not limited to discovering some space in your garage or storage area. You should also avoid wear, mutilation and corrosion risk that can damage the ladder. If you are looking for convenient solutions, then articulated and foldable versions are the best. However, it also depends on your requirements – you cannot put away the benefits an extension ladder or step ladder would provide. So, think carefully and act wisely.

7. Durability/Sturdy

Not everyone is brave enough to climb a ladder without any tensions or fear of falling. Climbing a ladder is often a risky job. That is why safety and sturdiness of a ladder means a lot. For checking this, take a look at the weight it can handle. If it wobbles when you climb the ladder, then it may not be safe enough. Now-a-days, many ladders present in the market are providing additional safety features like grip, and others. Make sure to check all the safety feature before making the purchase.

8. Portability

If you have to transport the ladder regularly from one place to another, portability is an important factor. Foldable ladders can be compact enough to transport easily without any hassle. However, if it doesn’t match your requirements, then go for another type of ladder. However, remember to their portability levels. If it is too heavy, then it becomes a bit difficult to carry it around.

9. Budget and Warranty

Each of us may have different budgets. There are several models in the market that range from cheap, reasonable to costly. If you have a budget constraint, then first filter out the models within your range and analyze according to the above factors. Make sure safety and durability is also ensured. And finally, check whether the manufacturer is providing any warranty. A good product always comes with good warranty period, it ensures quality and durability.

What Fittings and Features Does the Best Step Ladder Have?

  • The step ladder contains a work shelf where you can keep all your tools and materials comfortably. However, you should also consider purchasing ladders, platforms, trays, buckets and paint cups that are designed for step ladder models.
  • Step ladders have notches and holes which help you hang certain tools and accessories.
  • Some models have flattening system which enables you to tune the ladder according to requirements of irregular surfaces. Some models even come with in-built bubble level which helps you verify the adjustments. If the ladders are not equipped with in-built system, then you have to purchase levelers.
  • Some ladder models also have comprise feet with serrated edges which enables the ladder to fix into the ground for more firmness.
  • Step ladders contain stabilizer which gets fixed to the upper end of extension – this outspreads the ladder support outward. Based on its size, it spans through the window.
  • The end covers present on the extension ladder’s top prevent the ladder from damaging the wall that supports it.
  • Telescoping ladders come with carrying cases which offer security and stress-transport. You can carry them comfortably and conveniently.

Safety Features to Consider While Using Ladders

According to OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), there are some important safety measures to consider while using ladders. Below, we have mentioned them clearly. So, read them carefully and understand for safety.

  • Before using the ladder, you have to inspect it for any damages, cracks, or rungs. If damaged, then label it as not to be used and place it away from service.
  • Avoid using metal ladders near electrical equipment or wires.
  • Every ladder has a weight limit. They are not designed for handling weight of two or more people. So, never exceed the weight mentioned by the manufacturer.
  • It is always recommended to climb facing the ladder.
  • Always maintain at least 3-point contact while on the ladder. Your two feet and one or two hands should be in contact with the climber.
  • Instead of carrying tools in your hands while climbing, it is recommended to carry them using tool belts.
  • Keep your center of the body between the rails. Avoid over reaching as it can create imbalance.
  • Complete as much as your prep work on the ground before climbing.
  • If you are using ladder for gaining access to any working platform, then make sure it extends at least 1 meter above the working platform.
  • Ensure the ladders are set up at an angle of 4 vertical (up) and 1 horizontal (out).
  • Use only step ladders with lockable spreader bars that are connected to the rear and front stiles.
  • Always set the ladders on firm ground level. Sole plates should be kept on soft ground.
  • Avoid using top three rungs of single pole or extension ladder.
  • If you are using dual purpose step ladders, then ensure they are securely latched by a locking bar.
  • Always position the ladder very close to the work. Never reach out or move the ladder while on it.
  • Secure or restrain any ladder from both the ends (top and bottom) to prevent it from slipping.
  • Ensure you are wearing appropriate safety gear.
  • Any repairs to a ladder should be made according to the instructions mentioned by the manufacturer. Or else get it done by a professional.
  • If you have to carry any heavy equipment, then use a rope and bucket to pull them up. Don’t carry them along with you while climbing.
  • Avoid using ladders in high winds.
  • Don’t use ladder over ice or snow or if the ladders are misty.

What Safety Measures Should Be Taken While Transporting Ladders?

Ladders have to be carefully transported. If not, they can get damaged which can possibly put you in danger. Here are some general tips to follow…

  • If you are using a vehicle for placing the ladders, then fasten the ladder so that it overhangs the rack as little as possible.
  • If you are transporting the ladder in a truck with no rack, then you can center the ladder in the bed and their feet have to be against the cab and the top end has to be resting against gate. In order to prevent any damage, we recommend using padding.
  • Secure the ladder tightly. Once it is secured, test it at several points and make sure it doesn’t move. If there are any loose ends, secure it properly.
  • After placing the ladder, if it is going past the rear or front of the vehicle then you have to mark the overhanging end.

How to Clean and Maintain Aluminum Ladders?

Cleaning aluminum ladders is a bit daunting task as its surface oxidizes unevenly. And moreover heavily crusted areas are more resistant to cleaning lighter areas. If proper instructions are not properly followed then you can end up with uneven, streaked and patchy finish. Below are few instructions to follow…

  • First you will need a pair of gloves, cleaning towels, eye protection, cleaner or restorer (from any brand), aluminum polish (from any brand), a large scrub and water.
  • Starting at the bottom, spray the cleaner solution on the ladder. Make sure to start at bottom and spread evenly to avoid any drip marks.
  • Using the scrub, gently rub all the surface, concentrating more on the oxidized areas.
  • Rinse the cleaned surface clearly using water. Make sure to rinse all areas. Don’t leave the cleaning solution to dry on the surface.
  • Let the ladder dry completely.
  • Now take the polishing solution, add some of it on the cleaning towel and gently rub on the aluminum surface in circular motions. This will bring back the lost shine to the ladder.
  • Let the polishing solution dry completely. Take a cleaning towel and wipe the surface.

Some Frequently Asked Questions?

1) What to avoid while using a step ladder?

Here are some of the things you should avoid while using a ladder…
* Never overreach more. Move only one step at a time
* Avoid shifting or walking while standing on a ladder
* Avoid standing, climbing or sitting on the pail shelf
* Step ladders are meant for one-person usage, so you avoid overloading it
* Avoid using stepladder as a brace or support
* Never climb a step ladder that is leaning against wall. For this purpose, use a straight ladder instead
* It is not recommended to use step ladders on slippery or wet floors
* Do not place step ladders on boxes, barrels, or scaffolds for gaining additional weight
* Avoid placing step ladders on soft grounds where one leg may sink further into ground than other
* Never climb the back of the step ladder
* Avoid using the ladders on doorways, driveways or any other such location where a vehicle can hit it.

2) When is a ladder considered as not suitable equipment?

You should use ladders only in situations where it can be placed on a level and stable surface. Ladders are considered unsuitable equipment if they are being used to add extra height, being placed on unstable surfaces and other such situations.

3) How to check the ladder if it is in good condition?

Before using the ladder, it is important check whether it is in proper condition or not. Below are few details to keep in mind while checking the condition…
* Make sure the stiles are not bent or damaged. If so, it can collapse or buckle when you climb on it.
* Missing, damaged or worn steps can slip the ladder. Make sure the feet of the ladder are in contact with the ground.
* If the locking mechanisms are bent or damaged, then the ladder can collapse. Make sure the locking bars are engaged.

Few Words Before Wrapping Up….

With time passing, ladders have evolved so much that they have become a common household equipment now-a-days. Be it for changing tube lights, cleaning fans, reaching high cabinets or painting the walls, you can complete numerous tasks safely and comfortably with ladders.

But as there are several choices to analyze, you can get confusing while purchasing a ladder. If so, then read our “buying guide” to make an informed decision.

As per our choice, we recommend is Bathla Aluminum Foldable Ladder because of its amazing functionality, features and reliable brand name. It has rustproof, high-grade aluminum, Abs platform, anti-skid PVC shoes, sure hinge technology. Which performs really well in our real-world usage and is able to live up to expectations of its brand. We definitely recommend this ladder for the ones who are looking for a ladder with advanced features at a reasonable price.

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