The 3 Best Solar Water Heater In India Reviews and Buying Guide

Solar water heater is one of the best, affordable and renewable resources used widely for heating water in the home. Generally, the usage of solar heaters will reduce the annual energy costs when compared with electric water heaters or geysers.

One has to use solar water heater to have hot water usage for various household purposes like washing, cleaning and bathing. All you need is to simply install it on the terrace where sunlight appears during day time and collected in an insulated water tank for further usage.

Solar water heaters are becoming quite popular in these days in India. To select a best solar water heater that meets your requirement you should considers these 2 key factors mentioned below.

  • Type – There are active and passive types of solar water heaters. Passive water heaters are simpler than active systems. Active solar heaters use two or more pumps that circulate water and works better against overheating/freezing. Passive solar heaters are low budget options that relies on heat induced convection for transfer of fluids and won’t have overheating protection.
  • Size & Capacity – If you have an enough space on the terrace/roof, then simply opt for installing a big size heater. Storage capacity of tank will be determined by the number of members in a family. A small family with 2 – 4 members requires 100 LPD storage tank whereas 500 LPD is required for a large family.

To learn more about other factors that you should consider before buying a solar water heater, we suggest you to go through the Buying Guide. Also, we have shortlisted some best solar water heaters available in India. Let’s have a look.

Solar-powered water heaters will heat up the water without worrying about electricity bills. They are cost-effective and eco-friendly. We have gathered some best-selling solar water heater in India, which help you to pick your best one, as per your requirement.

3 Best Solar Water Heater In India

Solar Water HeatersWater Tank CapacityWarrantyBuy Now
Generic Thermica Solar Water Heater100 liters per day3 yearsCHECK ON AMAZON
Suntek Energy Solar Water Heater<100 liters2 yearsCHECK ON AMAZON
A+ 100lpd Solar Water Heater100 LPD3 yearsCHECK ON AMAZON

3 Best Solar Water Heater In India Reviews

1. Generic Thermica Solar Water Heater


This Thermica solar water heater provides long term solution to get sufficient hot water for your household activities like bathing, washing clothes and using in kitchen. They come at an affordable price with low maintenance. It effectively utilizes sunlight to heat up the water during day and the water is stored inside insulated turbo tank to use it whenever required.

It is a 100 units of solar energy in which 80 – 90 units are converted into useful energy. It is made of finest stainless steel sheet, which offers continuous source of hot water. It has ETC solar collector that operates at a range of temperatures from medium – high (up to 200°C).

Its inner tank is galvanized steel with enamel coating, outer tank PP coated galvanized steel and its sides are blue colored with enamel glossy. The package includes solar collector, insulated hot water storage SS tank (100 liters per day), & tube.

The manufacturer offers 3 years’ warranty on the product. For any product related queries, you can call their customer service at +91-9845038958 or mail them The manufacturer is currently delivering this solar water heater only in Bangalore and Tumkur.

Key Features:

  • 100 liters per day (LPD) of tank capacity
  • Evacuated tube collector (ETC) solar heating system.
  • Great for domestic and small commercial purposes.
  • Water gets heated up to 70°C, which is perfect for household activities.
  • The tank’s enamel powder coating will prevent water abrasion and has weather resistant.
  • Thermica offers a three years’ warranty on this product.
  • Galvanized steel is the main component of heater.
  • The white & blue outer body looks attractive

What we liked:

  • Quick heating of water
  • Perfect option for mid-sized Indian households.
  • It won’t take up much space for installation.
  • Affordable and Value for money.
  • Powder coating resists damages and stainless steel makes it durable.
  • It has an attractive design and look.

What we didn’t like:

  • Delivers only in Bangalore and Tumkur (Karnataka).

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2. Suntek Energy Solar Water Heater


The Suntek Energy solar water heater comes next in our list. These systems work on solar technology and have battery backups to function even during night. It offers an affordable and efficient way to enjoy hot water through this solar water heater at all times.

It comes with a capacity of 100 liters per day, which is quite enough for your daily warm water requirements. This heater has a large stainless steel inner tank with superior quality PUF insulation. Also, this will let you save a huge amount on electricity bills. It is eco-friendly that prevent emission of 1.5 ton of carbon dioxide per year.

It is made with superior quality metal that enhance its durability. It has a stainless steel inner tank to ensure hard water without causing scaling with time, whereas the outer tank is well coated to make it rustproof. The manufacturer offers 2 years’ warranty on this product and one can contact their customer service @ +91-9030032222 or mail them

Key Features:

  • Made with high quality stainless steel material to ensure durability.
  • Durable leakage free tank with hard water tolerance.
  • Comes with a capacity of 100 liters per day.
  • High quality PUF provide adequate insulation.
  • A perfect option for domestic and commercial purposes.
  • Evacuated tube collector is the heater’s mechanism.
  • The water can get heated to a maximum of 80°C
  • There are 10 tubes to receive the sunlight.
  • The tank’s epoxy coating prevents water abrasion.
  • Triple layer with 1.6 mm inner tank thickness
  • Easy to install and easy to maintain.
  • It gets a 2-year warranty, provided by the suntek energy.

What we liked:

  • Easy to install and easy to maintain.
  • Durable and effective solar water heater.
  • Inner tank will not scale due to hard water.
  • Material is rustproof and stand can hold for a long time.
  • A backup electricity connection (2kw) can be installed.
  • ETC model will heat up water efficiently even in low temperature.
  • Perfect for residential usage and saves 1500 units of annual electricity

What we didn’t like:

  • Only for a small household purposes (for 2 – 3 members).

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3. A+ 100lpd Solar Water Heater


This A+ solar water heater has high-efficiency solar cells, which will heat up the water quickly. It has multi-crystalline solar cells that trap solar energy to use in heating. This let you enjoy hot water throughout the day, especially useful in winters.

It is durable and remain well-maintained even in harsh weather conditions. It uses toughened glass in pipes, which remain assured about quality. One has to take timely care to make it last longer. The manufacturer offers 3 years’ warranty on its manufacturing defects.

Key Features:

  • It is high efficient multi-crystalline solar cells.
  • Comes with 100 liters of tank capacity
  • Made with 304 grade stainless steel inner and outer tank.
  • Get assurance of photo-voltaic cells.
  • Has 20 high quality pipes will help to heat up the water.
  • Higher impact resistance by using scratch resistant toughened solar glass.
  • A+ offers 3-year warranty on this product.

What we liked:

  • Great for small household usage.
  • Multi-crystalline solar cells work effectively
  • Water gets heated up quickly.
  • Pipes are tough and unbreakable & body is scratch-resistant.
  • Electricity back-up is available to use at low temperatures.
  • Rust-free material for longer time.

What we didn’t like:

  • Not available all over India but can purchase from Amazon.

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How To Select The Best Solar Water Heater?

The usage of solar water heater is increasing rapidly in India due to various reasons like safe & ideal for home, uses solar energy rather than electricity, less running cost & safe for environment. These solar heaters have functional storage capacity, which is perfect for domestic or commercial purposes. You need to purchase the best solar water heater to enjoy all its advantages.

With considerable number of these appliances available in market, selecting the perfect one would be a bit challenging. So, here we are providing some guidance to make the right choice.

Types of Solar Water Heaters

Before purchasing the solar water heaters for your home needs, you have to decide its type of installation. They are categorized into two types – Active systems and Passive systems.

  • Active Systems:An active system works with a principle of pushing/circulating water with the help of pumps. They are better against overheating and a few models have anti-freeze in their system. Controllers in an integral part will protect the system against freezing or overheating.This system is categorized into direct circulation systems and indirect circulation systems. The direct circulation works well for temperature not below zero and also has automatic controllers to sense the sunlight. Whereas the indirect system works well even the temperature below zero and they are durable & expensive as well.
  • Passive Systems: In a passive system, the warm water rises and cool water sinks to circulate hot water throughout the system. These are affordable, as they won’t have any overheating protection / pump to drive water down the pipes.This is categorized into integral collector storage systems & thermosiphon systems. The integral system is ideal for household with significant water needs, where temperature won’t fall below zero. Whereas the thermosiphon system is ideal for household with strong hot water needs, even for temperature falls below zero.

What To Choose While Buying a Solar Water Heater

Generally, the solar water heaters are used to heat up the water by absorbing solar energy and heat directly through its panels. They reduce power consumption without harming the environment. So, to grab the best one, you should know what to consider and how to choose among various brands. Here we are providing a detailed buying tips to purchase the perfect solar water heater.

1. Purpose

One should determine its purpose before purchase like for domestic or commercial purpose. This will let you know right type of heater and required amount of water to heat up for your family needs. It’s always advised to pick the larger models rather than a small one.

2. Functionality

In general, the solar water heaters work only when the weather is warm, which makes you enjoy hot water only on sunny days. However, if you want to enjoy consistent performance from device, then you have to set a solar water heater with dual function. This will heat up the water, even if it is not sunny outside.

3. Solar Collectors

The collector based system is a part of direct active solar water heaters. The solar collector heater will collect the heat to warm up the water. There are two types of solar collectors – Flat Plate Collectors (FPC) & Evacuated Tube Collectors (ETC).

  • FPC – It is made up of copper or aluminum metals. They have insulated box and a toughened glass to cover it. When once the vertical pipes are heated, the water will be stored in tank, which is ready to use. Even though, it is quite bulky in size and expensive but comes with various features like durability, robustness, last longer, and easy to maintain. It is ideal for using in tropical climates.
  • ETC – It is made up of glass and proper handling is essential for its installation, operation and service. This system will insulate by creating vacuum and removing the air in between 2 coaxial tubes. Then the water in glass tube will get heated with sunlight. The hot water stores in the tank and it is ready to use. It has high heat retention capacity, which makes it suitable for both temperate and tropical regions.

Verdict – FPC is metallic, long lasting yet expensive than ETC solar system. FPC will perform even in zero temperature with anti-freeze solution. If you’re looking for a cost effective option, then simply choose ETC solar water systems. ETC works in high-temperature, as it catches maximum sunlight and works well in hard water.

4. Geographic Location

One has to consider this aspect before its purchase, why because the solar water heaters will work only when they receive direct sunlight. In case, if you’re living in the area close to equator (sunny area) then passive systems really works well but if living in a location where it lacks sunlight (hilly area) then use active solar water heater to satisfy the home’s hot water needs.

Also, to prevent the potential freezing risk for your system of those who are living in cold areas, they have to select a drainback tank system or antifreeze. It will monitor the temperature automatically and thereby reduce the risk of pipe bursting in collector. Also, locate an exact area to install the solar heater to grab proper sunlight.

5. Size & Capacity

If you have enough space on your terrace or roof, then simply opt for installing a big size. Depending on the size of your family, you have to consider the storage capacity. For instance, to cater the hot water for small family with 2 – 4 people, then choose a passive system with storage tank of 60 – 80 gallon (below 100 liters). For a large family, choose an active system with a large tank of 100 + gallon (more than 100 liters).

6. Type of Tank

Its advised to choose a thick insulated tank to store the heated water while using the solar water heaters. Also, check the tank with good capacity that retain heat for 24 – 36 hours. A few companies will keep an additional layer to increase the duration of heat retention. One has to check the material used for making tank and its preferred to select a stainless steel, which lasts longer without damaging.

7. Budget

Solar domestic water heater is much more affordable when compared to photovoltaic arrays. They cost from a few hundreds to thousands, depending on their efficiency, performance and built-quality. Before its purchase, you have to get exact estimates and check all the models to make sure that you won’t have any hidden costs for installation.

8. Construction

It is essential to do some research on the materials used in solar water heater. The system made with a powder coating or epoxy coating will help to prevent weather erosion. Also, a sturdy metal frame / stand will let it stay in place for a longer time.

9. Brand

There are so many models available in the market but we recommend you to go for the product from the well-known best brand that has certification standards rather than lesser known brand. Although, it is an expensive deal to purchase and install a branded solar heater but it can be used for a longer run.

A few well-known brands are Racold solar water heater, Tata Power solar geyser, Supreme solar water heater, Havells solar water heaters, V-guard solar water heaters, EMMVEE solar water heater.

10. Warranty & Reviews

In general, the solar water heaters will come with a warranty of minimum 5 years. The warranty provided by the manufacturer will enhance the confidence in the quality in their product. As these are expensive, one has to know the warranty details, policies, and service provided by the manufacturer.

It’s essential to read reviews about solar water heater before buying them. There are various online websites which let you know about the reviews and ratings of a particular product. Here we done thorough market research and gathered the above mentioned products, which has given best reviews.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Solar Water Heaters

Here are the pros and cons of solar water heaters, which you have to know before its purchase.


  • Uses solar energy to heat up the water and reduces the power consumption and electricity bill (cost effective).
  • One-time investment that lasts longer for 20 years without any trouble.
  • Renewable source of energy and environmental friendly (no carbon emission).
  • Reliable and efficient source of water heating due to insulated interiors.
  • Works on less maintenance with minor repair works.


  • Requires sufficient roof space to install this heater.
  • Won’t work effectively in rainy, cloudy and foggy days.
  • Expensive and difficulty in installation when compared with other water heating sources.

How It works

Solar water heater is a system that uses energy from sunlight for heating the water. One has to install this solar panels either on an open space or terrace, where it receives proper sunlight and energy easily from the sun. Here the sunlight (solar thermal energy turns to heat energy) will heat up the water and store it within an insulated tank. There is no need for electricity and thereby won’t come with any on/off switch.

They work on a bright sunny day and require a storage tank and circulating pump. But to get heated water even on cloudy or rainy day, hybrid water heaters are available, which works on electricity even if there is no enough sunlight available.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.How to Install the Solar Water Heater?

Due to its difficulty of working on rooftop, the solar water heaters are generally installed by professionals. So, here are the tips for building a solar water heating system.
Include a freeze protection valve to keep the system from freezing solid and cracking. They sense and pour out the water from system to circulate warm water. It is essential to have for passive systems.
Install bypass, shut-off and drain spigot on the solar system to detach solar hot water collector without disconnecting water to existing hot water tank. Useful when system won’t have freeze prevention valve.
If you’re living in a sunny climate, then it’s must to install scald guards to solar water heaters to prevent scalding danger to home occupants.
Use PEX piping instead of copper and insulate PEX with right R-value of insulation based on the location to protect the heater from freezing.

2.Do solar water heaters work in cloudy weather / at night time?

Most models of solar water heater are designed to hold the heat inside for a longer time to keep the water hot. In case, if there is a little sunlight / during night time, the heat dissipates eventually and it won’t retain hotness. In winter or monsoons, they won’t stop working due to inadequate sunlight. They provide warm water (not hot water). In some special high-end models, they come with an electric heating option to retain heat.

3.Which one is better – Solar water heater or electric geysers?

Solar water heaters are gaining its popularity in India in these days. But still most people think electric geysers are best option due to its easy installation and ready to use it anytime. Here is a table which differentiate in few parameters and let you choose the best among these two options.

ParameterSolar Water HeaterElectric Geyser
Heat-up TimeTakes longer time, depends on sunlightHeat up quickly at any time
Storage & SizeRequires large space to install yet has bigger storage.Small and easily installed in bathroom
Maintenance & DurabilityHave longer lifespan (20 – 30 years) and
low maintenance is required.
Requires much more maintenance and has
less lifespan when compared with solar water heaters.
Effect of hard waterWon’t get damaged even when using hard waterMay gets damaged while using in areas with hard water
Eco-FriendlySafe and environmental friendly deviceRuns on electricity, not much eco-friendly.


With the perfect buying guide, and some best solar water heaters in India, you can definitely make the best decision as per your requirement and budget. Also, it’s time to purchase the eco-friendly portable solar water heater not only to save on your electricity bill but also to save the earth.

Although, the above mentioned products are best and popular but our experts suggest Generic Thermica Solar Water Heater as our prior and effective product for overall usage. The reason is it comes with 100 liters tank capacity with ETC solar collector system. It has enamel powder coating to prevent water abrasion and has weather resistant. Ideal for domestic and small commercial purposes and comes at affordable price.

Let me know which one you liked most? Still having any queries regarding its purchase? Then feel free to share it with us in the below comment section. We will reply you as early as possible.