Best Solar Garden Lights

Solar lights are the perfect way to illuminate your gardens, lawns, or yards without worrying about electricity bills. Solar garden lights are inexpensive, easy to install, and eco-friendly as well. As there are several options to choose from, it can be a daunting task to opt for the appropriate one. To reduce your confusion, we have listed out here the best four solar lights. 

1. Voroly Solar Garden Light

Tagline: Amazing torch lights that are a safe alternative to the real flames. 

Voroly solar garden light torches are completely eco-friendly and long-lasting. As they take solar energy, they don’t need any battery power to illuminate or charge up. Just install them in a place with 3-4 hours of direct sunlight exposure and then they will brighten up your surroundings in the evening and night. And the best feature is that these lights are resistant to all weather conditions.

2. Hardoll Solar Decorative Lights

Tagline: Waterproof solar light for decoration.

The best feature of Hardoll solar lights is that they are powered by solar panels and a highly efficient rechargeable battery. Once it is charged fully, it will give bright illumination for almost 10-12 hours. These solar lights are perfect for decoration purposes. These lights are made of solid and leading IP65 weatherproof technology. They are easy to install and are completely eco-friendly.

3. Preyank 10X Solar Light

Tagline: Decorative solar lights that automatically illuminate at dusk.

Preyank solar lights dont require any wiring for installation. They are used for decorative purposes and are mainly used for outdoor areas. These ultra-bright lights are easy to install. They are primarily made of plastic and are absolutely eco-friendly. These are made for ambient lighting only.

4. Hardoll Solar Lights

Tagline: Solar decorative lights for outdoor purposes.

Hardoll solar light doesn’t need electricity and runs completely on solar light. The best feature of this light is that it is waterproof. These lights are completely eco-friendly. It is not affected by any harsh weather and is resistant to all weather. But never keep these lights under the shade as they require proper sunlight. They are perfect for your outdoor areas especially the garden or entrance or terrace.

Things to remember before buying a solar garden light:

Before buying a solar light it is very important to remember a few things such as power storage or temperature. 

  • Autonomy: The primary benefit of using solar lights is that they generally charge themselves during the day in the direct sunlight and then that energy is used to power light in the dark and can run for hours. So before buying a solar light, it is necessary to check if the light has that auto on/off the system, otherwise, you will find it difficult to operate.
  • Power storage: Power storage should be checked before buying. If the light has low storage, then it will not illuminate for a longer duration. Lights with good power storage can illuminate for the whole night or at least 5 to 6 hours. 
  • Temperature: In rapid climate change, poorly protected batteries and solar lights can get affected. Hence if you want your light to last long then go for a better quality solar light that has weather resistance.