Best Solar AC in India Reviews & Buying Guide

Solar air conditioners have immense power to provide energy to your house or business. They have a very simple operating mechanism, are easy to maintain, and are a lifesaver for the areas with electricity shortages. In addition to that, they reduce the electricity bill and produces very few greenhouse gas emissions compared to conventional ACs.

If you are planning for an upgrade or looking for a new solar Ac in the market, there are some essential things you need to keep in mind before making your final decision. Let have a quick bird’s eye view on two of them and move on to our top two options.

  • Cooling Capacity – It determines how much capacity will be enough for your room. The cooling capacity of a Solar AC is measured in ton and will be mentioned in the box or description of the model.
    Calculating the AC cooling capacity is quite easy and requires basic mathematic. Just square root the area of your room and divide it by 10 and you will get the required cooling capacity.
  • System Type – There are three types of solar power systems in the Indian market, on-grid, off-grid, and hybrid. We will discuss each type of system in detail later in the article.
    The best solar air conditioner is a hybrid solar power system as it is a combination of an on-grid and off-grid system. The AC uses a utility grid to power up the system and stores power in the batteries for potential power outages.
  • Warranty – If you want to enjoy all the benefits of Solar AC, don’t forget to check the warranty of the product. You should get at least 10 years of warranty on the product or the unit.

There are some other important factors that you need to consider to make your investment worth it, and for that, we suggest you check out our buying guide section mentioned later in this article. That said, let us now see the top two solar air conditioners available in the Indian market.

Best Solar AC in India 

Best Solar AcCooling CapacityTypeWarrantyDimensionsBuy Now
Solar Smart City Exalta AC 1.5 TonHybrid Split AC1 Year92 x 28 x 33 (cm)CHECK ON AMAZON
SINFIN Heat & Cool Solar AC1.5 TonHybrid Split AC10 Y – compressor, 5 Y – Unit45 x 36 x 38 (cm)CHECK ON AMAZON

Top Solar AC in India 

1. Solar Smart City Exalta AC 

Solar Smart City Exalta AC 

This model from Solar Smart City is a split AC with a 1.5-ton cooling capacity. It comes with variable tonnage technology that allows faster cooling and lowers energy consumption, ultimately reducing your electricity bill.

This solar ac comes with a 100% copper condenser that offers reliability and easy maintenance. Along with that, the condenser is coated with an anti-corrosive golden fin giving it superior strength in all weather conditions.

The air coming out from the system is pollen and dust-free as the advanced anti-dust technology installed in the AC filters the air and cleans up to 80%. Thanks to the Auto-swing mode, you will get cool air in every corner of your room even in the high temperature.

Notable Features: 

  • AC Type: Hybrid
  • Style: Inverter Technology
  • Condenser: 100% Copper
  • Warranty: 1 Year on Product
  • Dimensions: 92 x 28 x 33 (cm)
  • Color: White
  • Extra: Auto-Swing mode


  • Inverter technology means no voltage fluctuation.
  • It consumes less energy and is easy to maintain.
  • It is suitable for small rooms (180sq.ft and below)
  • Advance Anti-Dust filters clean 80% air.
  • Auto-swing mode for efficient cooling.


  • Initial investment or installation cost may be higher.

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2. SINFIN Heat & Cool Solar AC

SINFIN Heat & Cool Solar AC

This solar air conditioner from SINFIN is the perfect option if you want an AC that could run on alternate energy sources. It comes with PCU compatibility, which means the DC (direct current) will get converted into alternate current (AC) reducing the total current and saving you a lot of energy.

In this system, the power from the utility grid is not required in much quantity hence you could easily save up to 80% electricity bill. The Air conditioner comes with a 1.5-ton cooling capacity and can automatically adjust according to the room temperature.

The condenser in this AC is 100% copper offering superior strength, plus, it is easy to repair in comparison to the alloy condenser and helps to cool down the temperature much faster resulting in higher comfort and a lower bill.

Notable Features:

  • AC Type: Hybrid
  • Style: PCU Compatible
  • Condenser: 100% Copper
  • Warranty: 1 Year on Compressor, 5 Year on Unit
  • Dimensions: 45 x 36 x 38 (cm)
  • Color: White
  • Extra: Hot & cold split AC


  • PCU compatibility makes it very efficient.
  • The copper condenser is cost-efficient and offers great functionality.
  • Reduction in utility grid power will save up to 80% of energy.
  • The hot and cold feature makes it suitable for both winters and summers.
  • The components used in this AC are easy to maintain.


  • It may require a lot of space for installation.

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Buying Guide for Solar AC

People are becoming more energy conscious day by day and opting for better and efficient equipment like solar air conditioners. You enjoy a lot of benefits from a solar AC, like reduction in electricity bill, off-grid capabilities, fewer blackouts, reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, etc.

When buying a solar air conditioner, you must focus on the following five factors to enjoy all the benefits and make the best out of your hard-earned money.

1. Learn the dimensions of your room: 

This factor is important because only after learning about your room’s dimensions you would be able to find the most suitable and efficient solar ac for your use.

In India, the standard size of rooms should fall between 120 sq. ft. to 240 sq. ft. Once you have noted down the measurements of your room where you will be installing your AC, you are ready to go for the next factor.

2. Cooling Capacity:

Once you have learned the measurements of your room, the next thing to consider is the cooling capacity of the Solar AC. The cooling capacity determines how much power and energy will be suitable for your room. Here is the formula that will come in handy:

AC Cooling Capacity = square root of your room’s floor size / 10

For example, if your room’s floor size is 230 sq. ft. then:

AC capacity = Square root of 230 is 15.1 Now divide it by 10, and you will get 1.5 as a result.

Hence, you will need 1.5 ton AC for your 230 square feet room.

3. Off-Grid, On-Grid, Hybrid System

In an On-Grid Solar power system, the AC is connected to your local utility grid and does not require any batteries for backup.

When the energy is overproduced, it is sent back to the utility grid, and the consumer gets compensated for extra power. This is the reason why the solar power system is economical. In addition, it is easy to maintain as there are no batteries included in this system.

In an Off-Grid Solar power system, the solar energy is harnessed and stored in the batteries to run the air conditioner. This system allows users to generate power independently.

The off-grid system is suitable in places where the electricity is not stable, or power outage is common. As there is an infinite source of energy to run the machine, this system immensely reduces your electric bills.

A hybrid Solar power system is a combination of both on-grid and off-grid. This means in a Hybrid system, your solar AC will be able to produce the power in the same way as on-grid, but will also have inverters and batteries to store the power for backup. Overall, this system is the most economical and efficient in terms of generating power and providing backup in blackouts.

4. Extra Features:

Another important factor when buying a Solar AC is looking for additional features the brand provides in their model as it will make you efficient, will offer more comfort, and will save your resources. Some of the most common additional features in a solar air conditioner are:

  • Auto-Swing mode
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Turbo cooling
  • Cooling and heating
  • Sleep mode
  • Auto clean
  • Anti-bacterial filter
  • Anti-dust

5. Warranty:

Solar air conditioners have multiple components that may run into technical errors. Brands provide years of warranty against manufacturing defects or if the machine fails to operate as promised. You should get at least 8 to 10 years of warranty on Solar AC units or components. Don’t go for a model if it has less than 5 years of warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does a Solar AC work?

The PV panels or solar panels collect the solar energy and then converts it into electricity and run the machine with direct current.
Some solar air conditioners come with inverter technology that requires AC (alternate current) to function. The (direct current) DC is converted into AC by the inverter, which then allows the air conditioner to operate.

2. Why some Solar ACs integrate batteries? 

Solar ACs that work off-grid will have batteries to run the air conditioner when the sun goes down or if the PV stops harnessing the sun’s energy. Batteries come in great help in case of power outages or blackouts.

3. Is 1.5 ton capable enough for a 150 sq. ft. room? 

This cooling capacity is more than enough for your room. Here is the basic information that will come in handy:
Room’s Size and AC capacity
120 to 150 sq. ft. – 1 Ton
160 to 190 sq. ft. – 1.5 Ton
200 to 250 sq. ft. – 2 Ton

4. What do solar panels generate, AC or DC?

Solar panels collect the sun’s energy and generate DC; your system could be directly linked to the solar panels to run the air conditioner. The solar inverter is essential equipment used to convert DC into AC to operate the air conditioner.

5. Who makes the best Solar AC in India? 

In India, many manufacturers produce solar air conditioners, but, according to our research, we came up with two brands – Solar Smart City and SINFIN. These brands provide the best value and service to their customers and have unmatchable products.


Solar air conditioners are becoming popular in areas that experience unstable electricity, frequent blackouts, and poor utility grid services. Thanks to its simple installation and easy maintenance, people are becoming self-sustaining and producing their own power.

In India, Solar Smart City and SINFIN, there are two brands that manufacturers incredible models with top-notch features to simplify the lives of their customers. We have discussed their products above along with some tips on how you can make the best out of your money.

If you have any questions in mind, check out our FAQs section just after the Buying Guide. Happy shopping!