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The 7 Best Smart Speaker In India 2021: Which One Should You Buy?

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Amazon is more than just an online retail store. The company also makes a plethora of devices and some of them have “Alexa” the personal virtual assistant to respond to your voice commands.

These devices include world known Echo speakers, Speakers with display, Echo Input, Echo Sub, Amazon’s very new Fire TV Sticks and Remotes, Amazon Kindle, Fire Tablets, and so on. With an Alexa integrated Amazon device, you can also control other Alexa compatible smart devices such as lights, bulbs, plugs, remote, geyser along with playing music, videos, watching news, and cricket scores.

If not convinced yet the “Alexa” controlled devices can now book a cab from Ola/Uber, order food online from Zomato, listen to music from Saavn, Gaana, and watch your favorite show on Netflix and so much more just by asking “Alexa” to do so.

Now the question is which device does what and how to pick your device?

In this article, we are going to discuss about three main types that are the most popular and the best selling devices of Amazon. These devices include the Echo speakers with two additional types Echo Input and Echo Sub, Fire TV Sticks and the Alexa Voice Controlled Remote and lastly the Kindle Device. Let’s have a quick look to what exactly are they,

  • Echo Speaker- voice-controlled by Alexa this device includes music playback, podcast streaming, setting alarm, answering questions, making phone calls and texts and can also act as a home automation hub.
  • Echo Input- brings Alexa to your ordinary speaker
  • Echo Sub- adds powerful bass to the existing speakers.
  • Amazon Fire Stick- digital HD media streamer through Wi-Fi, it connects to the TVs HDMI port and streams videos from Amazon Prime Videos, YouTube, Netflix, Zee5, Hotstar, etc.
  • Kindle Devices- a series of e-readers developed by Amazon. This device allows you to browse and download e-books, newspapers, and any kind of digital texts online.

The Echo Speaker, Fire TV Sticks and Kindle Devices has more variations that differs in size, functions, some of them are the newest editions while some of them are in the market for over 2 years now, knowing which one to go for can be more confusing especially for a first-time buyer.

So, we have put together a comprehensive “Buying Guide” explaining all the essential factors along with their negative and positive sides to help you choose the ideal Amazon Device without wasting your time on aimless wandering.

13 Best Smart Speaker in India

Best Smart SpeakerCompatible WithWarrantyBuy Now
Echo DotFire OS, Android, iOS devices and Web browser1 yearCheck On Amazon
Amazon EchoAndroid, iOS devices and Desktop browser1 yearCheck On Amazon
Echo PlusFire OS, Android, and iOS devices1 yearCheck On Amazon
Speaker with a Screen
Echo ShowAndroid, iOS devices and Desktop browser1 yearCheck On Amazon
Echo SpotN.A1 yearCheck On Amazon
Additional Devices for Echo
Echo InputFire OS, Android, iOS devices and Web browser1 yearCheck On Amazon
Echo SubFire OS, Android, and iOS devices1 yearCheck On Amazon

Top 13 Smart Speaker Reviews in India

If you want a speaker

1. Echo Dot

Echo Dot

Echo Dot is the baby version of the Echo so anything that can be done with the Echo can be done with Echo dot too; the area where it falls is the quality of the speakers which are inferior compared to the Echo. The tiny speakers work well for voice commands and news updates but may not perform well while listening to music.

However, if you own a good quality speaker you can connect the Dot to it through a 3.5mm jack or via Bluetooth.

What can you do with Echo Dot?

  • Play music, book an Ola get weather reports, listen to news reports, weather forecasts, set alarms
  • Stream music from Amazon prime music, Tunein and Saavn
  • Call your friends using Alexa app or using other Echo devices
  • Control Alexa compatible smart devices from Philips, Syska and TP-link.
  • Shop on Amazon and know your order status

Who should pick Echo Dot?

Those who want to experience Alexa at lowest price can choose the Echo Dot over the Echo.

If you already own a good quality Bluetooth speaker or music system it’s better to opt for Dot as it is much cheaper than the regular Echo. If you live in a big house you can choose to buy multiple Dots and place them into different rooms as they are cheap and can be placed anywhere from the coffee table to the kitchen top.

Buy Now From Amazon

2. Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo - Smart speaker with Alexa

Don’t think it as the best in terms of specifications and features but definitely a standard Echo Speaker in its price range. Unlike the Dot Echo, Echo has high quality speakers which can play music loud and clear. If has full support to Alexa voice commands, so ask “Alexa” from anywhere in your room for weather and news updates, match scores or ask random questions.

Moreover, the Echo supports some other third party products like Ola, Zomato, Saavn, Syska and Philips. Amazon’s free calling and massaging is also supported by Echo.

What can you do with Echo?

  • Play music, order food from Zomato, book an Ola, get news reports, listen to weather forecasts, and set alarms.
  • 360 degree omnidirectional speakers for great quality crisp highs and low bass.
  • Stream music from Amazon prime music, Tunein and Saavn.
  • 7 microphones with noise cancellation listen to you from any direction even when you are in a noisy environment.
  • Call or message anyone using Alexa App or other Echo devices
  • Voice control Alexa compatible lights, plugs, remotes from brands like Philips, Syska and TP-link.

Who Should Pick Echo?

Amazon Echo will probably be the best choice for those who want a powerful “Alexa” enabled speaker. If you don’t feel the need of an extra screen or a camera to show live streaming and happy with a solid sound system that doesn’t cost a bomb then Echo should be your go to option. It may be twice the price of Dot but worth it if you a regular listener to music and podcasts.

Buy Now From Amazon

3. Echo Plus

All-new Echo Plus

The all new Echo plus is very much identical to the 1st generation Echo but comes with a higher price tag, which is the reason behind its built-in smart home hub. Where Echo needs a third party to communicate with the smart home devices, Echo Plus can command Zigbee smart devices without it, making home automation easier and hassle free!

Along with these that sound quality has been doubled up with its 3 inch woofers that sound crisper and louder than the regular Echo.

What can you do with Echo Plus?

  • Experience best Echo sound quality with Dolby speakers and 3-inch woofers for crisp vocals and powerful bass.
  • Stream music from Amazon prime music, Tunein and Saavn.
  • Play music, order food from Zomato, book an Ola, get news reports, listen to weather forecasts, set alarms.
  • Call or message anyone using Alexa App or other Echo devices
  • 7 microphones with noise cancellation listen to you from any direction even when you are in a noisy environment.
  • In-build smart home hub controls set lights and blubs from Philips Hue without a third party. Also, control other Zigbee compatible light, plug, remote from brands like Syska, TP-Link, Oakter and many others.

Who Should Pick Echo Plus?

Buy Echo Plus if you dream of home automation with smart devices and want “Alexa” to take the charge in controlling the central hub otherwise feel free to choose other inexpensive models over Echo Plus.

Buy Now From Amazon

If You want a Speaker with a Screen

4. Echo Show

Echo Show

If you like Echo plus and you miss the need of a screen then Echo Show is exactly what you are looking for. 2018’s Echo Show in response to the earlier version which didn’t perform so well now has revamped itself with a 10-inch touchscreen and 5MP camera that is pin sharp and active as ever.  

Now you can connect over video/audio calls to other Echo Show and Echo Spots and even smartphones using the Alexa App. Dual speakers with Dolby processors gives excellent stereo sound with perfectly balanced lows and highs, just ask Alexa to play how-to videos on YouTube, your favorite movies and songs.

It also possesses an in-built Zigbee hub just like the echo plus which can directly hook up to Zigbee compatible devices.

What can you do with Echo Show?

  • Dolby processors for premium audio and a huge 10’1” HD screen for immersive display of videos.
  • Watch your favorite show or music videos From Amazon Prime or Hungama music
  • Listen to high quality music from Saavn, Gaana and Tunein
  • An in-built hub for a full smart home set up. Voice control bulbs, plug and remotes from brands like Philips Hue, Syska, Tip-Link etc.
  • Make video calls to friend and family using Echo Show or Echo spot and keep eye on your wireless security cameras.
  • Watch news from your favorite news channels NDTV, Times Now etc and watch sports scores.
  • Set reminders and shop online.

Who Should Pick Echo Show?

Echo Show is for you if want a screen on the top. It can perform all the tasks same as Echo or Echo plus which is further enhanced by the screen. If you have home security camera or want convenient video calling and like to get information in visual way it will be the perfect Echo device that you can have.

However, it is a big bulky and preferably left in the central location in your home rather than on a kitchen top or a coffee table. On the negative side it lacks the aux port so you can’t connect it to your exiting speaker and offers a few of the applications that you get in an iPad or a Tablet.

Buy Now From Amazon

5. Echo Spot

Echo Spot

Amazon’s Echo Spot is pretty much like the baby version of the Echo Show. With inch tiny 2.5 touch screen it shows text-based notifications and can be used for everything like the Show, however, watching videos may not be very likable in the mini screen.

It also features a small camera which allows you to make video call, check on feeds from the security camera, watching media content etc. Basically, it’s a good bedside companion.

What can you do with Echo Spot?

  • Set alarms, dim bedroom lights, turn on the geyser using Alexa voice control.
  • Personalize the theme, choose photos from Facebook, use different clock faces.
  • Connect it to home security cameras, book an Uber, watch sports scores, watch news, make video or audio calls, view text messages and many more.
  • Stream music from Amazon Prime Music, Saavn, Hungama, Tunein and the Gaana app.

Who should pick Echo Spot?

If you want to experience the touchscreen on Alexa but can’t afford the Echo Show then it is a good choice. Also, a good choice if you have security cameras to check feeds regularly. Keeping in mind the cute device costs more than the regular Echo but fall behind it when you compare their speakers, which is a big disadvantage for the music lovers.

Buy Now From Amazon

Additional Devices for Echo

6. Echo Input

Echo Input

Echo Input is doesn’t have a speaker instead it adds Alexa to your existing audio set-up. Using it is no issues just plug it in with the 3.5-mm jack or Via Bluetooth and Alexa will pick your orders with through the microphones, just like any other Echo smart devices.

The device is extremely low profile with 3 m in diameter and goes behind the scene while using with the home stereo. The little device can play music from Gaana, Saavn, Amazon Prime Music, Hungama music and Radio City Gold on your connected audio player. You can also set timer ask for weather updates and sports results.

What can you do with Input?

  • Bring Alexa to your non-smart speaker, connect it through 3.5 mm audio port or Bluetooth
  • Stream music from Amazon Prime Music, Saavn, Radio City Gold, Tunein and Gaana App on your ordinary speaker.

Who Should Pick Echo Input?

It is a boon for those who already own a high-end speaker and doesn’t want to invent on another when there is already a way to make the speakers smart by using Echo input. And if you are someone who simply don’t like the sound quality of the Echo series but wish to experience Alexa then Echo Input is what you should look for right now.

Buy Now From Amazon

7. Echo Sub

Echo Sub

The Echo Sub is a smart subwoofers that pairs with Echo (2nd gen) and Echo Plus and boosts the bass capabilities. The size of the sub is almost twice of the regular Echo and the sound gets doubled up with the dynamic device with a more powerful bass. On its won it doesn’t do much, you have to pair it with other Echo speakers and not all Echo devices are supported that being said it can’t be paired with Echo dot, Show or spot and also not to be connected with your TV either.

What can you do with Sub?

  • Pair the Sub with your existing Echo Plus or Echo device to get an improved sound quality.
  • Enjoy dynamic down-firing, 100 Watt bass sound with the 6-inch big sized woofers that fill the room.

Who should pick Echo Sub?

The Echo show will be a great addition to those who already own an Echo Speaker (Echo 2nd generation and Echo Plus) and want to bring the bass. It makes the bass deeper and more powerful.

Who should pick the Echo Sub Combo Pack?

If all you want is a good music system along with Alexa smart control then you can go and check the Echo Sub Combo with 2 Echo 2ng Gen or Echo Sub Combo with 2 Echo Plus. For music that Echoes through the room there can’t be any other better options than these two. Along with great music you will also get all fasciitis provided by the Echo and Echo Plus. Moreover, you will also pay less when you choose the combo packs.

Buy Now From Amazon

Best Smart Speakers Buying Guide

Buying an Amazon device can be a very challenging job because there are already hundreds of models available and none of the devices are cheap, on the top of that Amazon brings and upgrades each of their devices every year. It doesn’t matter if you are a tech savvy or totally out of the field, a first time buyer or you have an experience with Alexa following a buying guide will always help you narrow down your choices and making the right decision.

Below down we are providing you with a comprehensive buying guide of the Amazon devices that are most popular and have been on the list of Amazon’s top-selling products, these include the most popular Echo Devices, Amazon Fire TV Sticks, and Amazon Kindle.

Amazon Echo Devices

Amazon’s Echo Devices is a whole family of smart speakers developed by Amazon itself. The Echo series has been revamped so much since 2015 that is has become a daunting task to keep a track on how many of them are there in the market.

Recently the brand has remodeled the Echo series by incorporating screens and cameras to it, naming Echo Show, Echo Spot and has introduced some smaller and less expensive versions to add to your convenience like the Echo Dot.

So, if you are thinking of getting a Smart Speaker to remember there are more options that perform different actions and gives Alexa different capabilities.

DeviceEchoEcho DotEcho PlusEcho ShowEcho SpotEcho InputEcho Sub
Alexa IntegrityYesYesYesYesYesYesYes. When paired to an Echo 2nd gen or Echo Plus
Speaker0.6” Tweeter, 2.5” Woofer0.6”0.8” Tweeter, 3” WooferDual speakers 2” with bass radiator1.4”No speakerDown firing, 6” woofer delivers 100W deep bass sound
ScreenNo ScreenNo ScreenNo Screen10.1”2.5”No screenNo screen
CameraNo cameraNo cameraNo camera5 MPSmall front facing cameraNo cameraNo camera
Smart Home ControlYesYesYes. Also has built-in smart hubYes. Also has built-in smart hubYesYesYes. When paired
Alexa Free CallingYesYesYesYes. Both video and audio callingYesNoYes. When paired
3.5mm audio portYesYesYesNoYesYesNo
Primary UseClassic Alexa SpeakerTiny Alexa Speaker , connects to Bluetooth SpeakersAlexa speaker for home automation with in-built smart home hubAlexa speaker with a big screen. (Video calls and visual information)Alexa speaker with mini screen (Video chats and visual information)Turns any speaker into an Alexa controlled speakerImprove sound quality of existing Echo speakers

Frequently Asked Questions?

1. What are the difference in Alexa and Echo?

Ans: Echo is the smart speaker with Alexa working as its brain when it performs all the tasks that you ask for. Alexa is the virtual assistant without which the Echo speaker is just like any other ordinary device, Alexa makes it smart.

2. How does the Echo device respond?

Ans: Like any other Alexa compatible device the Echo device also responds to certain wake words which are “Alexa”, “Echo”, “Amazon”, and “computer”. They sense the wake words by analyzing their acoustic patterns which matches with the wake words.

3. Can I turn off the camera on the Echo device?

Ans: Yes you can turn the camera off by pressing the camera off button present on the device. After you push the button a red light is illuminated that denotes the power supply to the camera is disconnected.  Some Echo Devices have an in-built camera shutter that covers the camera when you turn the camera off. Now the device will only perform the tasks that don’t require the camera like video calling or playing any video.

4. When the Echo Device with a screen turns it on?

Ans: Echo Devices that has a screen turns it on when you use the wake words or when they detect any motion before of the camera or when you touch the screen or press the buttons.

5. Is it possible to turn off the microphone of an Echo device?

Ans: Yes, Echo devices have a microphone off button. When you press the off button the power supply to the microphones are discontinued and a red light gets illuminated. When you turn the microphones off the device can’t stream any audio, video or doesn’t answer to the wake word either.

6. Can you browse the internet on Kindle?

Ans: Yes. There is an in-built browser present on the Kindle device. For instance if you are using Kindle Paperwhite you get access to free 3G browsing however it is limited and you can only browse Amazon websites are Wikipedia in the free 3G mode. For browsing other webpage you must have a Wi-Fi connection.

7. How the tablet and a kindle differ from each other?

Ans: A table and a Kindle may look alike and have some common features like both supports Wi-Fi and download ebooks and read, they differ widely differ from each other. A Kindle is specifically designed for reading, it has glare free screen and reads almost like a paper and the battery lasts for weeks on the other hand it cannot play music, videos. It doesn’t have a camera and you cannot use for chatting.


Now that you have arrived at the end of the page, we believe you have found the Amazon device that you were looking for.

If you ask for our recommendation we would suggest the All-new Echo Plus (2nd Gen) as the best Echo device for listening to music and the Echo dot as the best budget Echo device.

Are you using any of the over mentioned devices? What are your experiences with them? Do you have any questions left? Share with us in the comment section below.

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