7 Best Skate Scooters in India : 2021 Reviews & Buying Guide

Skate scooters are a great way to encourage your kids to spend some quality time outdoors.

Apart from being a fun activity, they also offer multiple benefits to your child like physical exercise, maintaining balance, motor skills, increased eye-hand coordination, strengthens leg and hip muscles.

To make sure you are purchasing safe, durable and best skate scooter for your kid, we recommend considering below factors…

  • Type (Electric or Kick)

Kick Scooters – These scooters have to be propelled manually by the kid. As he uses his leg to move it, their legs get enough strengthening exercise. They are light in weight, cost effect and easy to transport. However, balancing these scooters may take some time for kids.

Electric Scooters The contain electric motor and rechargeable batteries which move the scooters. So, baby doesn’t have to balance or move the scooter on their own. They are more stable and can handle more weight. However, they are a bit expensive.

  • Age Group

Make sure the skate scooter you choose is appropriate for your kid’s age. If you purchase scooter that is meant for a different age, then it may turn out long or short – which can be uncomfortable to ride. Having adjustable handles help your growing kids to use the scooter for more years. Check the specifications of the product to know whether it is suitable for baby’s age or not.

Apart from these two, you should also check for adjustable handles, safety, deck size, wheels and several other factors. We have mentioned them clearly in our “BUYING GUIDE“.

After researching for several hours, we have also provided a list of Best Skate Scooters in India.

Best Skate Scooters/ Cycles in India

NameMini ageNo.of wheelsMax carrying WtPrice
Little Olive Scooter3 years2---CHECK ON AMAZON
R for Rabbit Road Runner Skate Scooter 3 years
Smart Saver Wheel Foldable Skate Scooter10 years4---CHECK ON AMAZON
Zest 4 Toyz Skate Scooter 3 years3100 kgsCHECK ON AMAZON
NHR Foldable Skate Scooter 10 years238 kgsCHECK ON AMAZON
Fun Ride Skate Scooter3 years2---CHECK ON AMAZON
Baybee Skate Scooter 3 years3100 kgsCHECK ON AMAZON

Top 7 Skate Scooter Reviews in India

1. Little Olive Munchkin Scooter for Kids

Little Olive Munchkin Scooter for Kids

Little olive munchkin scooter is a delightful mini-vehicle for your kids. It is best suited for children with the age group of 4 to 12 years.

This scooter complies with EN71, IS, and BIS certifications which proves that the product is very safe to use. It is made completely free of Phthalates Esters and other harmful chemicals.

The scooter is designed to last long and to grow along with your child. The handle can be adjusted to three different heights so that you can set the height comfortably to your child.

The handle pipe is made of the best quality aluminum which gives high sturdiness. The handle is also equipped with a non-stick grip ensuring good stability.

Your kids can have a joyful ride in the safest way possible. The tightness of the handle can be adjusted with a turnable grip.

The scooter is a very good space saver. It can easily be folded or unfolded, carried, and stored away anywhere you like.

Warranty– n/a


  • Easy & compact fold
  • Extra-wide wheels
  • PU LED wheels
  • Wide & Avante Garde wheels
  • Wide breaks
  • Quality certifications


  • Internal parts quality need to better

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2. Rabbit Road Runner Skate Scooter 

R for Rabbit Road Runner Skate Scooter R for Rabbit deals with robust quality kids’ requirement items such as potty training seat, baby cradles, and skate scooters. 

If you want a product that can be used by your kid even when he grows up then this is the best product as it comes with 3 different adjustable heights. 

  • 25 inchs suitable for 3-4 years old kids. 
  • 28 inchs suitable for 4-6 years old kids. 
  • 30 inchs suitable for 6-8 years old kids. 
  • 33 inchs suitable for 8-14 years old kids.

 Its robust design allows young kids to start riding even when they don’t know how to ride it. PU wheels are made for giving a smooth ride and easy turn so that your kid can learn and experience the best ride. 

It has 2 wheels in the front and a single wheel at the back for maximum safety. Your kids can drive safely during the night and dark because it is equipped with LED glow wheels to see clearly. 

It comes with a weight holding capacity of 75kgs which can fit children of 3-14 years of age-group. It also has a wide footboard so that your child can keep his/her foot feasibly. 

Handlebars are made up of rubber so that your child can experience cool grip. The scooter has an anti-slippery surface as well and extra-long brakes for more safety. 

It is very sturdy and durable because of its aluminum body. Also, it is very portable because you can fold it and carry it anywhere you want. 

Warranty–  1 year


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Maximum weight hold capacity- 75kgs
  • Sturdy design
  • Durable-Handlebars
  • Wide footboard
  • Non-skid
  • for kids of 3-14 years
  • Three-adjustable heights


  • Not much ideal for kids of 12 years 

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3. Smart Saver Heavy Duty Kick Music Scooter

Smart Saver Heavy Duty Kick Music Scooter

This heavy-duty scooter by Smart Saver is designed to give your child a joyful ride that is also completely safe.

Its incredible learn-to-steer technology with extraordinary lightweight design offers great control and maintains balance very well.

The wheels are decorated with PU LED lights that bring joy and delight to your little ones  while riding. The scooter can be stopped very easily because of the large aluminum strengthening rear-wheel foot brake.

It is pretty easy to fold or unfold this scooter. They can be stored away effortlessly when not in use and they are ready to ride on as soon as you take them out of the package.

This stylish scooter is practical, highly stable, and fun to ride. It is an ideal gift you can give to children from the age of 2 years to 10 years.

Warranty- n/a


  • Adjustable height
  • 4 smooth LED wheels
  • Portable & smart design
  • Learn-to-steer technology
  • large aluminum reinforced rear-wheel foot brake


  • Steering can be a little hard for kids

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4. Zest 4 Toyz Skate Scooter

Zest 4 Toyz Skate Scooter You can get it by the name itself-Zest 4 Toyz that it deals in different styles of toys. 

What we liked about this scooter is Lean-To-Steer technology. The kid will not have to turn for steering the wheel rather lean on the scooter for a smooth ride. 

Well, this product from Zest 4 Toyz is perfect for a kid who is 3 years or above because it comes with two wheels at the rear and one with the front. 

You can fold and lock it for your long travel or shifting requirements. It also comes with a carry bag so you can carry it around wherever you go. Meanwhile, carrying it won’t put a strain on your muscles because it doesn’t even weigh 3kgs. 

Your kids can smoothly ride onto it even if the roads are like terrains of the mountain because it comes with sturdy body built of steel. 

Powerful breaks ensure that your kid doesn’t fall off while he is trying to ride around the garden, city or anywhere. 

The footboard is also very wide for your kids to feasibly keep his foot. It can carry 50kgs of weight which means a kid of 4-5 years can even use it. 

You get three adjustable heights so that your kid can use after growing also (PS- this will be a one-time investment which can stay for 4-5 years mostly) 



  • Lightweight and portable
  • Maximum weight hold capacity- 50kgs
  • Sturdy design
  • Durable Handlebars
  • Wide footboard
  • Non-skid
  • Ideal for kids of 3 years and above
  • Three-adjustable heights


  • Makes rattling noise 

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5. NHR Foldable Skate Scooter

NHR Foldable Skate Scooter What we most liked about this scooter is the bottle holder and bell. This skate scooter is suitable for a kid who is 10 years old and above. It is made up of a welded steel frame which is ideal for providing durability in the market. 

The kid can easily press the brake using his foot during an emergency as well. The scooter has a wide deck or footboard where a child of 14 years also can keep his long foot. 

Also, the surface is anti-skid which ensures that the kid doesn’t fall. The height can be easily adjusted to three-level and your kid can use it when he grows up. 

The wheels are two and ideal for racing even (just make sure that your kid is being trained properly). It can carry up to 38kgs of weight.

Warranty n/a


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Maximum weight hold capacity- 38kgs
  • Sturdy design
  • Durable Handlebars
  • Wide footboard
  • Non-skid
  • Ideal for kids of 10 years and above
  • Two-adjustable heights
  • Bottle holder and bell


  • Not ideal for kids below 10

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6. Fun Ride XBLADE 2 Wheel Kick Kids Scooter

fun ride kick scooter

This kids scooter is designed to become a best friend to your little ones. It is best suited for kids, both boys and girls, from the age of 3. Its height can be adjusted complying with your kid’s height and it also has a rear suspension brake which gives good stability while making a stop.

It is made of non-toxic virgin plastic and it can withstand heavy rides for a very long period. Kids can hop on and off easily and they can transfer their weight from one leg to another as the sturdy non-slip deck is adjusted very low-to-the-ground.

It comes with two heavy wheels & a heavy-duty bearing that give great balance to the rider even on uneven tracks. The handlebar is extra thick that gives good comfort without wearing out for a long period.

The deck is wide to make the riding more fun. The footplate is ideal for safe footing as it is highly skid resistant.

The scooter comes with unique designs that make your kids fall in love with it. It can be easily folded or unfolded and if not in use, can be stored easily as it does not require much space.

Warranty- n/a


  • Adjustable & sturdy
  • Wide deck
  • Ease in riding
  • High durability


  • Does not have a warranty

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7. Baybee Skate Scooter

Baybee Skate Scooter Baybee deals with various baby requirement products such as chalkboard and others. 

A kid of 3 years can use it without any hustle or bustle because it comes with three adjustable heights of 28, 30 and 33 in.

A kid who is 3 years old and 14 years- both can easily ride on it due to its robust quality PU wheels and adjustable heights. 

It comes with two wheels at the front and one at the back for easy gliding and riding. Your child can easily use the pedal brake to stop the scooter at any point in time. 

It comes with extending handlebars also so your child who is growing can have a strong grip and wide area to hold on while he is driving with a higher height. 

Your kid can easily steer it during the time uneven roads and turning. You can easily assemble and disassemble it which means- you can carry it for a picnic or long travel vacations also. 

It can hold approx 80kgs of weight. 

Warranty n/a 


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Sturdy design
  • Durable Handlebars
  • Wide footboard
  • Non-skid
  • Ideal for kids of 3 years and above
  • Three-adjustable heights


  • No warranty 

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How to Choose Skate Scooter?

Kids love playing with a skate scooter. Using it regularly helps a kid in boosting their flexibility and proper balancing. So, it is very important to make sure you are purchasing safe and durable skate scooter for your kid. While choosing a skate scooter, you have to consider few factors. We have discussed these factors below.

1. Type

Skate scooters come in two different versions – electric and kick.

  • Kick scooters – In this type, the scooter moves when the wheels are propelled by your kid’s feet pushing the ground. So, it provides fun exercising to your kid. They are light in weight, easy to transport and affordable.
  • Electric scooters – As the name implies, they have rechargeable batteries and electric motor. So, your kid doesn’t have to apply any force to move the scooter. They are more stable and capable of holding more weight. However, they are heavy, expensive and need extra maintenance.

2. Age Group

Scooters are available for all age groups. It is very important to choose the scooter according to your age. If kid uses scooter meant for teenagers, then there are high chances of getting hurt because of grip problems. So, check the specifications of the product to know whether the scooter comes under your kid’s age group.

3. Deck Size

Deck is the main part of a skate scooter as your kid places his/her feet on it. if the footboard is smaller in size, he or she might experience discomfort during riding. Deck sizes are available in two versions – large and small. Though the difference between these two sizes is just an inch, this extra space can be beneficial in providing adequate foot space. Smaller size is suitable for small feet and large size provides enough space for bigger feet.

4. Wheel

When it comes to wheels, first let’s discuss about their size. Some scooters have equal sized wheels placed on opposite sides. While some have large wheel at the front and small wheel at the back. Actually, there are scooter wheels come in 7 different sizes ranging from 100 to 230mm. large wheels provide more stability and shock. They absorb more shock and add a more weight to the scooter. Smaller wheels are light in weight to carry and easier to increase speed. However, they don’t absorb any shock. So, you may feel the vibrations of root in the feet and handlebars.

Another important thing to consider is number of wheels. Some have 2 wheels while others come with 3 wheels. 2-wheel skate scooters are suitable for kids above 5-years age as they can balance them. They can handle more weight and move with higher speed. 3-wheel scooters are suitable for toddlers and younger kids. 2 of these wheels are placed at the front and single wheel is present at the back. If your kid is beginner, then 3 wheels are beneficial, as they provide more balance. However, they cannot move as fast as 2-wheel skate scooters.

5. Weight Capacity

You can find the cycle’s weight between 2-10 kg. Choose the one which your kid can easily maneuver because heavy scooters might end up in providing strains to the body of your kids.

6. Steering

Using steering, kid controls the movement of the scooter. Most of the skate scooters come with T-shaped steering. However, some of them have lean mechanism – where kid has to use their body weight to balance the scooter. Mostly beginners start with T system and graduate to lean system. Some scooters also provide both steering systems.

7. Folding Mechanism

Some skate scooters come with folding mechanism which make them portable, easy to store and easy to transport. Folding mechanisms are available in two types – three action or single action. In three-action folding mechanism, three steps are included – releasing clamp, moving pin and securing clamp. In single action folding mechanism, only pin has to be moved to fold. Clamp steps are not present in single mechanism.

Some people prefer single mechanism for being convenient and some prefer three-mechanism as it is reliable option. So, you can choose any method based on your preference.

8. Suspension

It is like a spring mechanism, usually attached to front or back of the scooter. Most of the product have suspension on front stem. Its main responsibility is to absorb shock and reduce vibration on your feet. Having suspension option provides better and comfortable ride. However, it adds significant weight to overall weight of the scooter. If the roads near your home are rough, then suspension is important factor.

9. Brakes

They help the kid stop the cycle immediately even on an uneven or slippery surface as compared to normal brakes.

Kick scooters usually have brakes at the back wheel. Kids have to push down their back foot to stop the skate scooter. This is the most common and popular scooter design. Some advanced scooters come with brake lever at the handles just like a bicycle. The lever is usually connected to back wheel for safe topping.

Both these brake types do the trick perfectly. However, some people prefer brakes at back and some prefer at the handles. So you can choose based on your preference.

10. Adjustable Handle Bars

As kids keeping grows, in few months to year, they may outgrow the fixed handle bars. So, it is better to go for a scooter with adjustable handlebar. So, you can adjust the handle according to the required height. Also, make sure it has comfortable grip so that your kid can use it conveniently.

11. Weight and Height of the Scooter

Scooters are available in 3 sizes – large, medium and small. Based on your kid’s height, you can choose the model. When it comes to weight, it determines how easily you can move or operate the skate scooter. Light weight scooter is easy to move for a kid and also maneuver.

12. Random Factors

  • Racks – Certain scooters come with a rack on the front to keep helmets, snacks or other stuff. It is always recommended that a kid should play with these wearing a helmet to prevent any injuries.
  • Security System – Some skate cycles come with a security system that can be easily traced by the police if it is stolen. Well, it is always recommended to choose the one with a security system as it can give the trust of not losing it even after it is stolen.
  • Straps – This is not a compulsory feature. You can usually move the skate scooter using the handle. However, for longer travels, you can use the straps to wear them over shoulders.
  • Kickstands – This option is not available in all scooters. It helps the kid park the skate scooter just like a bike.
  • Tyres – Make sure they can handle the tough road conditions of Indian streets.

13. Anti-Lock brakes

Anti-lock brake system comes with a speed sensor which determines when the wheel would lock up. If your kid is a beginner, then this is the feature you should surely look into. These brakes can help the kid stop the cycle immediately even on an uneven or slippery surface as compared to normal brakes. While this can be preferred by any age group or level (beginner or pro) kid.

14. Assembling

Some scooters come assembled while others don’t. So, before making the purchase make sure you can handle the assembling. It is also helpful to get an assembling kit along with the product.

15. Durability

It is one of the important factors to consider before purchasing the skate scooter. Durability represents that only sturdy materials are used, handles have excellent grip and your investment in worthy enough.

16. Warranty

Warranty is a factor which you should always consider as it can give you more trust in the product. But when it comes to skating scooters, not a lot of brands offer warranty due to their pricing or other factors. Usually, you can get a warranty for 1-3 years. Even if the product turns out faulty or not up to the mark, you can always get a replacement or money back.

17. Budget and Price

There are various kinds of skate scooters which come at different prices and you can find the best one from 3000-6000 INR. For beginners and even for basics, there are many that come even under 2000 or 1500 rupees too. Also, you can use it for as long as you want so, choose the one which complements your child.

Safety measures 

Though it looks all colorful and fun to play, it becomes very important for you to concentrate on the safety measures. According to various reports, around 50% of child accidents happened during the time when they were riding cycle or scooters manually. 

So, we would always recommend you to keep safety on the top. Below are the guidelines: 

  • Toddlers who are 3 or 4 years old should always be given a scooter of 3-4 wheels so that it can maintain their balance. The scooters should have adjustable handlebars so that the toddler can easily adjust according to his needs.
  • When you realize that your kid has started learning how to balance and ride the scooter on as low as 2 wheels, then you can probably shift to one. But, choosing for 2 wheels’ scooter should be done when your kid is at least 5-6 years old.
  • Go for a motorized scooter when your kid reaches the age of 9-10 as he will become quite smart to handle.

Well, everything requires proper monitoring until and unless your kid doesn’t become confident about his riding skills. 

Safety Gear is the Key

Never let your child go without a helmet, elbow and wrist pads because this can ensure their maximum safety (PS- we know it is hard to convince your children to wear one and you can then buy some fancy helmets like that of a minion). 

Helmets are not only required by adults when they drive but also required to be worn by children or kids when they play. 

Check the product thoroughly

Check every minute detail of the product to ensure safety. Make sure that you don’t miss out on any point like the handles, sturdy design and adjustable heights, wheels and a lot more. Because these are the points that can help you choose better without compromising on safety and quality. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1) My kid has been playing with skate scooter for a month. Can he be good at skating also or grab skating skills through this? 

No, because both of them are entirely different. A skate scooter has handles to support your kid. But, your kid can learn to have a grip through a skate scooter. 

2) How many years can I use a skate scooter for my kid? 

Well, it depends on the usage as well. But according to various manufacturers, you can use a skate scooter for as long as 5-7 years even. Because the scooters come with adjustable heights and sturdy design, you can use it for a longer span of time. 

3) Can I wash my kid’s skate scooter? 

Yes, you can but it would be better if you don’t use much of the detergents on it because that might hinder the quality and color of the scooter. 


A skate scooter is ergonomically designed to solve a lot of problems of today’s mother while they struggle to provide enough exposure to outdoor games. Choosing the best skate scooter can’t be an easy task and that is why we recommend Little Olive Skate Scooter  because it is ideal for kids of 5 years and more, can take much load, the kid can try various riding techniques using it and last but not least, it is built of sturdy material. 

Also, we would also like you to buy Baybee Wheel Folding Skate Scooter if your child is younger than 5 years even because this can suit any kid below the age of 14 years, it comes with three adjustable heights and a very sturdy design. 

Meanwhile, you can write to us about any suggestions and queries in the comment section below and we would ensure replying within 5 working days. Till then, we wish you a very safe and happy shopping:)