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Best Shot Glasses

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Shot glasses are perfect for enjoying whiskey, vodka, and espressos or desserts too. They are also the best option to gift on various occasions, from birthday parties to marriage anniversaries and many more. Herein, we have shortlisted the star rated shot glasses to help you in making the right purchase. Let’s start. 

1. Cello Carino Shot Glass Set

Award: Best Set

Tagline:A set of 6 shot glasses that looks stylish in design and extremely durable in use.

Cello’s shot glass set contains 6 glasses and each with 60ml capacity. The glasses are made from high-quality glass material that ensures durability. The entire body is designed smoothly without any sharp edges. Thus, you can hold it with more comfort. Further, the bottom has a double thickness wall with no pores that keep contents hot/cool for a longer time. It is freezer-safe, so the glass can withstand extremely low temperatures.

2. Pure Source India Glass Shot Glass

Award: Best Durable

Tagline: A pack of 12 premium quality glasses that are resistant to both extreme hot & cold.

Whether it is for your favorite drinks or to have a cup of coffee, this elegant glass gives you satisfaction in every sip. The set comes with 12 pieces of highly transparent glasses. Each can hold 30ml of liquid. A silky-soft body lets you feel comfortable while holding it in hand. Besides, the thick base of glass sits flat on surfaces. 

3. Ek Do Dhai Killer Tray with Shot Glass Set

Award: Best Affordable

Tagline: An easy to hold shot glass set with a tray makes you serve easy. 

This shot glass set from EK DO DHAI has gained a star rating with its superior quality material and glossy finishing. You will get a pack of 6 shot glasses and a tray for easy serving. The glasses have unique color stickers on the front that add some beauty to their look. The set is dishwasher safe, making it easy to clean and wash. 

4. Amazon Brand – Solimo Ariya Shot Glass Set

Award: Most Comfortable

Tagline: Enhances your kitchen interior decor with its shining and transparent body

Solimo’s shot glass set adds elegance to your kitchen rack or home bar cabinet. Made from non-toxic material, the glasses are safe and will not release any harmful chemicals on use. Also, this glassware shot glass set does not split even if you pour the hot liquid. Thus, the set ensures the convenience of use for years. Its slim neck and softly rounded top offer you great comfort. Each glass comes with 30 ml of capacity.

5. King International Shot Glass 

Award: Best Design

Tagline: A skull-faced shot glass set gives a thrilling experience on use.

This creatively skull-shaped shot glass set from King International is a brilliant choice to buy. The external appearance with skull design and sturdy flat base are its highlights. It is the best option to experience a thrilling whiskey or vodka sip. Each glass has 60ml of storage capacity. With just 2.25 inches in height and 1.3 inches in base diameter, each glass is handy to hold.   

Things to consider before buying a shot glass set

1. Extra thick walls 

If you like to enjoy chilled vodka or whiskey, or cocktail, choose a shot glass with double toughened glass walls. They keep liquid cool and satisfy your tongue.

2. Narrow rounded top

A shot glass with a smooth rounded top lets your noise feel the fresh-smell of your favorite drink. So, a glass with at least 2 inches wide mouth is the best option to buy.   

3. Glass Size 

Shot glasses are available in custom sizes ranging from 30ml to 60ml. But, the most preferable shot glasses are 35ml-45ml capacity. So, based on your interest, make the right purchase. 

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