Best Setup Box

Today it is tough to get a home without a set-top box. Whether watching a movie or series or cartoon or sports you can watch it all. In fact in India, it is now mandatory to keep a setup box. If you are planning to buy a setup box at your house then we are to help you with our collections:

1. TATA SKY HD Connection with the 1-month basic package and free installation

Tagline: Comes with 1080i resolution this setup box will ensure amazing picture quality.

Tata Sky, a joint venture between Tata Sons and the 21st-century box is a popular brand. This setup box allows 3D video quality.  The best feature is you can customize your pack in this set-up box. The device type is high definition compression. It provides a crisp, clear image as well as terrific audio quality. At an affordable price, you will get this free installable setup box. 

2. Videocon d2h HD Digital Set Top Box with 1 Month Super Gold HD Free

Tagline: This super quality setup box is featured with India’s first radio frequency remote. 

This Videocon digital setup box is of 20.3 x 109.2 x 61 cm. You will get a free subscription to super gold for 1 month with this box. With the amazing remote controlling facility, you can pause life and can watch it later in your free hours. It ensures amazing picture quality. It comes at an affordable price. The audio and video quality you get to enjoy are superb.

3. DishTV HD (1080 i) Set-Top Box

Tagline: Designed with a high quality remote this set-top box ensures a better range of functionality.

DishTV HD set-top box comes with a one-month free subscription to the super family HD pack. It has an HDMI cable for better connectivity. The package includes high quality remote, HD STB, adapter, antenna, an HDMI Cable/AV lead, an HD signal receiver, and a cable measuring 10 meters. 

4. Cat vision Advanced 2 in 1 Set Top Box

Tagline: Featured with high definition this set-top box provides movies, sports, new channels free.

Cat vision 2 in 1 set-top box is undoubtedly a super performing device. With the help of this, you can record your favorite shows and can watch the recording later. It comes with a tube-cast app that is even available on android mobiles also so that you watch your YouTube series or movies from TV. It supports USB PVR and USB Wi-Fi. This box also has an easy to use the menu. 

5. Free Air DTH Setup Box with Remote and Lead

Tagline: A set-top box that has high-quality electronic components that are easy to install.

Free Air dth setup box comes with a remote and 3RC lead. It provides awesome durability. This fury dth box ensures all free channels receive. It comes at an affordable price. 

Things to consider before buying a setup box:

  • Package: These setup boxes come with vivid ranges of packages. But most people ignore that. Before buying make a list of the channels that you will be needing for sure and then check the total package and then compare. Some set-top boxes come with different packages which ensure 5-6 basic channels.
  • Set-top box type: Set-top boxes to come in three broad types, those are SD, HD, and Ultra HD. If you have LCD/LED go for HD. For tube TVs, the SD setup box works best. If you have a tv with 4k picture quality then Ultra HD is the only option. 
  • Long term offers: Mostly while buying set-top boxes you will get long term offers and packages which are beneficial. Such as Tatasky provides a one year package at around 2100 Rs. Similarly, DishTV offers a 7 monthly package. So just make sure that you choose the most beneficial offer.