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In this covid-19 pandemic, along with masks and hand gloves, safety face shields are also essential for protecting ourselves from harmful viruses. They offer added protection when you step out. The protective face shield also saves you from pollution and dust. Covering from forehead to chin, it reduces the exposure to life-threatening covid virus or air pollution. Herein, we have listed the five best safety face shield models to help you make the right purchase. Let us have a look at them.    

1. Buildskill Safety Face Shield

Award: Best in Comfort

Tagline: A pack of five durable and reusable safety face shields for teens & adults.

The Buildskill B05FS01 face shield with approximately 9 inches width ensures complete protection to the face. It features a transparent and non-tearable polycarbonate sheet in front. So, while preventing contact with dust and contaminated air, it offers clear visibility. It also has a stretchable elastic band that makes the usage simple. Further, it comes with a soft sponge near the forehead that ensures a comfortable feeling on wearing. Moreover, maintenance is also simple. You can wipe it with alcohol-based sanitizer to clean the shield.

2. Steelbird SB-38 Face Shield

Award: Best in Design

Tagline: A washable face shield that efficiently blocks splashes of dust or saliva.

Steelbird’s face shield comes in a standard size. It blocks direct contact of viruses to your eyes and mouth and protects you from viral infections. It comes with a sturdy and scratch-proof shield that completely covers your face. Its adjustable elastic headband fits around the head and stays stable for long. Further, it has soft padding on top that ensures maximum comfort on use. 

3. Mediweave Reusable Kids Face Shield Safety Mas

Award: Best with Adjustable Strap

Tagline: A safety face shield with adjustable elastic strap and unbreakable face shield.

Mediweave is offering a set of five face shields for kids below 8-12 years. With 400 micron thickness, the face shield ensures sturdiness and longevity. Each face shield has a durable and high-quality frame and width adjustable elastic strap. So, you can adjust the belt based on the head size. 

4. AllExtreme ORFSN01 350 Micron Disposable Face Shield

Award: Best Single Use Face Shield

Tagline: A disposable face protective shield with an anti-splash guard. 

This face shield stood among the best with its flexible head harness. The super-stretchy soft elastic band with foam padding keeps you cozy throughout the day. Its thin transparent shield prevents sudden splashes. Further, it is lightweight, making it perfect for carrying and portable use at workplaces. You will get a set of five pieces in a single pack.

5. ORILEY ORFSN01 350 Micron Disposable Face Shield

Award: Best Pack

Tagline: A pack of 10 anti-fog coated face shields ensures clear visibility and kickoffs droplets or dust. 

It is another best disposable or reusable face shield that prevents droplets from reaching your eyes, nose, or mouth. Like other products in this genre, each face shield has a transparent shield, adjustable elastic headband, and sponge on the forehead part. It is suitable for most head sizes since it features a stretchable head strap. The set comes with ten safety face shields, making it the best pack at an attractive price range.

Things to consider before buying safety face shields


Face shields made of scratch-proof and unbreakable materials such as plastic or thermoplastic polymers last longer. Along with quality, make sure of its transparency for ensuring crystal clear visibility.


It is one of the most significant aspects before you buy a face shield. A face shield with foam padding and an adjustable elastic strap is the best choice to buy. Usage of such face shields is simple and also offers utmost comfort on wearing.

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