10 Best Budget Running Shoes in India: 2021 Reviews

best shoes in India

Running is the most simple,efficient and recommended way to stay fit & healthy. In fact,a recent study claims that just 5 minutes of running per day can increase your overall life expectancy.

But you have to understand that you cannot directly run barefoot or with any shoes that you might find on your shoe rack. Unless your feet are as strong as Bahubali. Then please go for it.

Investing in a good pair of shoes is as important as running itself. If you pick up the habit of running with a bad or ill fit pair of shoes, you would end up injuring your feet and yourself. A bad pair of shoes can lead to injuries such as tendinitis, leg sprain or other knee and leg related problems.

A great pair of running shoes offer great comfort and flexibility to the runner. They even enhance the ability of a runner to perform better.

Not only that, but having a good and correct fit of shoes would actually motivate you to continue the habit of running. They naturally judge you to wear them and go for a quick run.

There is, however, a common misconception that all running shoes are the same.

They are NOT.

They are different for different people based on Gender, Pronation type, Usage and Comfort type.

Before you go out  to the mall to buy a pair of running shoes, you have to ask yourself the following questions.

  • What is the build material of this shoe?
  • Is it custom built for running?
  • Is this build type the perfect fit for my leg?
  • Will I be getting the best price for the same shoe elsewhere?

Don’t worry if you are not able to answer them. This article is specifically written to help you answer those questions. Thus you would be able to determine the best running shoes out of the available.

We did our research and tried out a great bunch of shoes to pick the top 5 shoes for men and another top 5 shoes for women in 2019.

Along with the reasons for why these shoes are the best, we even have a comprehensive buying guide which will help you pick your own running shoes straight out of a mall.

Before we list down the reasons why these shoes are the best pick, let us list them all down first.

Best Running Shoes in India

Best Shoes For MenMaterial TypeClosure TypeSole TypeBuy Now
Adidas Hellion Running ShoesMesh and SyntheticLaceLightstrike IMEVA MidsoleCheck the Price
New Balance Arishi Sport Running ShoesMeshLace NB 1.0Check the Price
Sparx Men's Mesh Lifestyle ShoesMeshStrapPhylonCheck the Price
Lee Cooper Men's Running ShoesMeshLaceRubberCheck the Price
Reebok Men's Lite Pro Running ShoesMeshSlip -onThick CushionCheck the Price
Best Shoes For WoMen
Reebok Women's Xtreme Running ShoesMesh and PULaceRubber and EVACheck the Price
Sparx Women's Mesh Running ShoesMeshLaceRubberCheck the Price
Power Women's Vize Running ShoesCanvas and MeshLaceRubberCheck the Price
Puma Unisex Running ShoesSynthetic Canvas and MeshLaceSoft CushionCheck the Price
Red Tape Women's Running ShoesMesh and PULaceEvaCheck the Price

Top 5 Running shoes for MEN in India

1. Adidas Hellion Running Shoes

Adidas Mens Running Shoes

Adidas is no doubt a well known brand for sportswear and its running shoes are perfect for any beginners who wish to start their sprinting hobby.

Adidas Hellion Running Shoes are a neutral fit and come in 3 different colour variants.The shoes have a common lace type closing.

The top of the shoe is made up of mesh and synthetic material. Mesh material present in the toe area offers great perforation hence passage of air is possible making the shoes are breathable. This possibility of passage of air makes it comfortable for runners to wear it for fast running, jogging and even casual walking.

Soles of these shoes are made up of a material called Lightstrike IMEVA Midsole. These kind of soles are lightweight in nature and offer brilliant cushioning in the long term.

The only problem with the shoes is their size. We observed that the correct ordered size may be a little smaller than expected. Hence always order a size greater than your requirement or try out a similar size with your local retailer and thus get the perfect fit.

If you plan on being a regular runner, care must be taken to deodorize the shoes regularly by  keeping them in open. This helps them to retain their flexibility and original shape.

A good news is that the shoes come with a 90 day warranty period for any manufacturing defects. Hence you could return them if you tried them out and found any defects with them.


  • Great Material which implies long lasting shoes.
  • The Toe Perforations enable good ventilation to the shoes.
  • Lightweight Soles; ideal for long distance running.
  • 90 days warranty for any manufacturing defects or size fit issues.


  • The fit of the shoe is not exact to the mentioned size. Ideally, order one size bigger to accommodate this Con.

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2. New Balance Men’s Fresh Foam Arishi Sport Running Shoes

new balance Mens Fresh Foam Arishi Sport Running Shoes

These stylish and super comfortable kicks come with a mesh top material which offer great breathing comfort to your feet much like the Adidas Hellion Shoes mentioned above.

The Arishi Sport Running shoes are super light in nature and hence are great for casual and long term running. They have a typical lace based closure.

These shoes are made with no sew applique i.e, the shoes are made by layering of the materials one over the other using strong glue.

Foam cushioning material inside the shoes actually fulfils the need for extra comfort. All New Balance shoes come with a response insert called NB Response for extra comfort. Shoes have an NB 1.0 response insert which claims to additional comfort under the feet.

These shoes are designed not just solely for running and workouts, but also for casual wear and for work too.

Make sure that you keep the shoes in proper ventilation after usage which helps them to deodorize and keeps the comfortable shape intact.

Arishi Sport Running Shoes come with a manufacturer warranty of 30 days for any defects with the product which you can directly claim with the manufacturer.


  • Foam cushioning for greater comfort.
  • Comfortable design and fit which helps the shoes stay do not fall off while running fast.
  • Light Weight and hence ideal for long distance running.


  • May have slight fit issues due to extra cushioning layers.
  • Fewer colour options available to choose from.

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3. Sparx Men’s Mesh Lifestyle Shoes

Sparx Mens Mesh Lifestyle Shoes

Sparx is the 3rd most trusted footwear brand in India and their Mesh Lifestyle shoes are one of the best quality of running shoes for men.

These running sneakers come in 3 different colours to choose from and are custom made just for running.It is manufactured with mesh material inside and out. Thus they offer great room for your feet to breathe while you go for a cheerful run.

These shoes are not lace type. They are strapped. If you are the lazy kind(Like me), then this makes it easier for you to just strap on and run off.

Soles of the shoes are of man made phylon material. This implies that the sole is sturdy and incredibly lightweight at the same time. Lightweight soles are always good for longer running sprints as they do not weigh you down in the while running.

We found the material to be smooth and easy on the skin and making it a great fit for not just for running but also for work and casual everyday wear.


  • Great Build Material which is easy on the skin during long term usage.
  • Phylon soles for sturdy and strong shoes.
  • Strap closure ideal for people who are always in a hurry and also for the elderly.


  • Tight Grip; made for longer durations in running may not feel comfortable to all.
  • Design: It’s not that stylish if you are looking for a style statement as well

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4. Lee Cooper Men’s Running Shoes

Lee Cooper Mens Running Shoes

Lee Cooper is an undoubted king of style. If you are looking to make a great style statement along with quality shoes for running, these are an absolute go to.

Speaking of the style statement, these shoes come in two colour variants (Black and Navy Blue) and a really great design.

Like most shoes mentioned in this list, these shoes too come with a lace type closing and are made up of mesh material. As it is with mesh, it offers great breathability to your feet and toes while running.

Soles of these sneakers are crafted with rubber. Rubber soled shoes are ideal for longer runs and grip required for such runs.

There is not much to say about the cons for this shoe except for the default sizing issues. Be sure to check with your local retailer if you wish to buy offline. Online, order one size higher than your foot size to get a perfect fit.

A 90 day manufacturing defects warranty is available for these shoes. This makes it easier for replacement in case of product damage or there are any issues with the size too.

Overall, they make great for everyday casual wear and also perfect from medium to heavy workout and running episodes.


  • Great Style ideal for both running and for casual wear.
  • Comfortable soles make it easier for a good grip of the feet while running.
  • 90 day warranty for any manufacturer defects and size fit issues.


  • Sizing may be a bit small for certain type of feet. If you have abnormally small feet, try ordering a size higher than your usual number.

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5. Reebok Men’s Tread Walk Lite Pro Running Shoes

Reebok Mens Tread Walk Lite Pro Running Shoes

There exists no list of shoes that is complete without a pair of Reebok shoes. If there exists a list as such, I say it is incomplete.

The Reebok Walk Lite Pro are perfect for a beginner runner as they are simple, sleek, comfortable and ergonomic to wear.

These shoes are a slip on model which means that there is no lace or strap to this shoe to fix on. Wear it like a sock and off you go for your run.

Walk Lite Pro come with a great build and has a thick sole which adds great cushioning to the feet. If you’re someone with a history of orthopedic pain, this offers great comfort to soothe/cushion all sorts of ankle and feet pain.

These sneakers are incredibly light in weight and are comfortable for sprinters, brisk and casual walkers. Highly recommended for senior citizens.

Furthermore, they come with a 90 day manufacturer warranty which makes it a safe bet  because you can return it in case of any damage.


  • Slip on Style make it comfortable to wear and remove
  • Cushioning and Thick soles ideal to keep the feet relaxed while running.
  • Durability of these shoes is higher much like any other rebook product.


  • No Cons Experienced as such.
  • While that was a comprehensive list for all the shoes that fit the male feet, Let us now list out and understand why the following are..

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Top 5 Best Running Shoes for WOMEN in India

6. Reebok Women’s Cool Traction Xtreme Running Shoes

Reebok Womens Cool Traction Xtreme Running Shoes

Reebok has always been a trusted brand within the sports world. The stylish Reebok Traction Xtreme Running shoes are crafted specially for the runner in you.

These shoes are of lace type and are a perfect fit not just for running but also for gym workouts and casual wear as well.

The top part of the shoes is made up of mesh while it is surrounded with PU (polyurethane) leather. Thus the shoes are both comfortable and stylish.

Running shoes have to be non heeled and flat bottomed. This helps the runners keep their pace and do not feel weighed down. These shoes are non heeled and are flat bottomed.

Bottom soles of the shoe are entirely made up of rubber which is responsible for the great durability of the shoes while the mid sole is made up of eva, to enhance the cushioning of the shoe. Hence the shoes are both durable and comfortably cushioned.

Traction Xtreme Running Shoes come with a 90 day manufacturer warranty period. Hence it is perfectly safe to buy them and try them. In case of any manufacturing defect during the use or any case of size issues, you could always return them for a replacement.


  • Comfortable bottom and mid soles make it comfortable and fit worthy at the same time.
  • Great for women with sensitive foot skin
  • 90 day warranty period for all manufacturer and size related issues.


  • Minor Sizing issue. You may have to order one size higher in some cases to find the perfect fit.

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7. Sparx Women’s Mesh Running Shoes

Sparx Womens Mesh Running Shoes

If you are looking for shoes that are not solely for running but for other heavy workouts too, we would recommend you to buy Sparx Women’s Mesh Running Shoes.

The Sparx Women’s Edition of Running shoes are of lace type. They are flat bottomed and do not have any heels attached to them. This offers a lot of freedom for movement with these shoes.

Additionally, the soft and flat heeled bottom provide an easier grip on the ground. The body of the shoes is made up of mesh offering great room for air inside the shoes.

While we liked the fitting and design of the shoes, we find that these shoes are ideal for walking and gym workouts more than running.

The inner soles of the shoes are a tough and a bit hard. This may make long term running a bit of a task. Unlike Reebok, which has softer soles.

There is no denying in the incredible build quality of the shoes. You could use them for a long long time.

1) Strong Build quality. Ideally, these shoes last long.

2) Comfortable Fit for every type of feet.

1) Hard inner sole may offer good grip but may cause a little sweat issue.

2) Minor Sizing issues for certain type of feet.

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8. Power Women’s Vize Running Shoes

Power Women's Vize Running Shoes

Vize Running Shoes by Power are flat heeled canvas shoes. The canvas material blends perfectly with the mesh giving us a durable and breezy pair of shoes for any running.

The shoes are with laces on the top like majority of the products mentioned above. Ergonomically designed for a comfort, they come in two colours, blue and pink.

Admirably, these shoes do not have any heels and are flat. Hence you will not feel a drag while running or wearing. The soles of the shoe are made up of rubber and thus keep your feet firm onto the ground.

There is a great freedom of movement for these shoes and they are incredibly light in weight making it ideal even for heavy outdoor running.

Furthermore the shoes are durable in nature and can last for long. If there exists any damage to the product while usage, there exists a manufacturer warranty of about 90 days. This makes it a hassle free purchase.


  • These shoes are incredibly durable and are long lasting.
  • 90 Day manufacturer warranty for any manufacturing defects


  • None found so far.

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9. Puma Unisex Running Shoes

Puma Unisex Running Shoes

Puma needs no introduction when it comes to sports gear. The Unisex Running Shoes from Puma come with a signature sports canvas style design.

The shoes are made up of synthetic canvas and mesh material. Mesh material is majorly present on top and it makes it easier for the upper part of the feet and the toes to breathe while running.

The bottom of the shoes have a certain shock absorber feature which cushions the impact of hard roads/paths you choose for your run.

Light in weight, these shoes have soft cushion soles within. The shoes as a whole are designed to fit and hold the feet perfectly. This eliminates the possibility of the shoe falling off when you’re running too fast.

While that is a super helpful feature, a few of you might find it a bit irksome and tight. If you are the kind of person who can get annoyed with tight fit, then it is suggested that you go for one size big.

Fortunately, these shoes too come with a 90 day manufacturer warranty. If you find any defect with or if you wish to get your shoes replaced (The size fit issue), you can easily opt for it.


  • Durable build material for longer lasting shoes.
  • Soft Soles for great comfort to the lower part of the feet.
  • 90 Day manufacturing Warranty for any defects and sizing issues.


  • Tight Fit for certain people with wide feet size.

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10. Red Tape Women’s Running Shoes

Red Tape Womens Running Shoes

The Red Tape Women’s Running Shoes are carefully crafted for breezy running. If you are a woman who needs a great pair of shoes ideal for running, style and hardcore workouts, these are the best pick.

The body of the shoes is made up of mesh material. It is sewed together with PU into a sturdy and durable piece. Thus it offers great breathability to your feet along with being incredibly durable.

The best part about the shoes would probably be the soles. The EVA rubber soles are soft and make the shoes stable and neutral cushion type.

Apart from running, these shoes fit into the trendy profile and are great wear for a casual outing or for a brunch date too.


  • Shoes last longer even after usage in hardcore workouts.
  • 90 day warranty for any manufacturing defects.
  • Comfortable Soles make your feet not feel any high pressure.


  • Material issue with some shipments

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That was it. The comprehensive list of all the best shoes for running in India. Adidas Hellion running shoes made the top of the list for men. We liked it because of its economic pricing but also for the quality of the shoe, its perforations which allows ventilation.

For women, we liked the Reebok Women’s Cool Traction Xtreme Running Shoes. It has all the great build quality and comfortable soles along with the material being ideal of all types of sensitive skin.

While those were our pick, we would love to know your thoughts and pick too. If you have any questions related to picking the best shoe for running or for anything else, do drop in a comment. Our experts will for sure help you out.