Top 9 Best Rucksacks in India 2021 Reviews and Buying Guide

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Rucksack is absolutely an essential companion for trekkers, travelers and campers. Some modern rucksacks are specially designed to be tougher, lighter and carry all the items comfortably, compared to older versions.

A wrong choice will not provide enough space and features required for your adventure trip.

So, while making the purchase make sure your choice matches your requirements. For that, we recommend to consider the below factors…

Size – Typically, size of rucksacks ranges from 5 liters to 85 liters. Suitable size usually depends on your requirements, how long you travel, type of activity and how many things you want to carry. Below are few generic considerations…

ActivityTravel DaysSize
Running or cyclingLess than a day5 to 15 liters
Day WalkingOne day15 to 40 liters
ClimbingOne day30 to 50 liters
Multi Day walking or hiking2 to 3 days40 to 60 liters
Travelling5+ days60+ liters

Fit – Wrong rucksack fitting can lead to damage and pain in your back, hips, neck and shoulders. Right rucksack will distribute 80% of weight on hips and 20% on your shoulders. For that, the hip belt should sit perfectly on hips and the padding should be centered perfectly without being pulled off.

Waterproof – It is important to check if the rucksack is waterproof or not. Even if the rucksacks is made of waterproof materials, the area surrounding seams is not fully waterproof. That is the reason, may rucksacks come with additional waterproof covers.

Handles, number of compartments and wand pockets are some other factors to check before purchasing a rucksack. For more information, we recommend reading our BUYING GUIDE.

In this article, we have also mentioned Top 9 Best Rucksacks in India which are carefully picked after several hours of testing, analysis and research.

Best Rucksacks in India 

Best RucksacksHeightWeightCapacityMaterialWarrantyBuy Now
Mufubu Rucksack65330 g55 LPolyester1 yearCheck On Amazon
Wildcraft Rucksack57.7454 g50 LNylon5 YearsCheck On Amazon
Hyper Adam Rucksack 76.2NA65 LPolyester6 monthsCheck On Amazon
POLE STAR Rucksack56580 g44 LPolyester1 yearCheck On Amazon
Aristocrat Rucksack60NA45 LFabric1 yearCheck On Amazon
Impulse Rucksack72.5990 g65 LFabric & Polyester1 year Check On Amazon
Trawoc Rucksack75449 g55 LSynthetic
(inner material: Nylon)
1 YearCheck On Amazon
Fur Jaden Rucksack65700 g55 LPolyester1 YearCheck On Amazon
Tripole Colonel Rucksack872.50 Kg95 LPolyester 1 YearCheck On Amazon

9 Best Rucksacks Reviews in India 2021

1. Mufubu 55 Litre Rucksack

Mufubu rucksack bagsThis bag by Mufubu is our No. 1 pick of the lot because of its more than sufficient space of 55 L, superb color combination, water-resistance, and several compartments that comes at a pocket-friendly price.

This rucksack will last through years of sustained use and will suit both men and women. It has ergonomic shoulder straps with a width of 7 cm to ease the process of carrying the load. The backside honeycomb padding ensures ventilation for your skin throughout the time you carry this bag.

It has a separate compartment dedicated to your shoes. Also, there are rubber studs at the bottom of this bag that works as a guard for the lower surface and prevents it from getting rugged.

The Rucksack is made of polyester Notable Features

  • It has a closing cap and a separate shoe compartment
  • The weight of this bag is only 330 gm
  • It has a dimension of 32 x 24 x 65 cm
  • Adjustable shoulder and hip straps
  • There are mesh pockets on either side for holding bottles


In case you are looking for the bag that will last for years and will fit within your budget, this is perhaps the one. This unisex blue/black rucksack is one of the best owing to its design, spaciousness, and features.


  • Many Compartments
  • Budget-friendly
  • Ergonomic strap design
  • Water-resistant
  • Spacious
  • Lightweight


  • No compartments on the inside of the bag

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2. Wildcraft 45 Litre Rucksack

Wildcraft 45 Litre RucksackHikers, bikers, and travelers are no alien to the name ‘Wildcraft.’ This brand makes some of the best looking and most durable products to meet the requirements of people who are smitten by the beauty of nature and want to explore it. This rucksack in orange and grey is one of the most popular choices among online buyers.

Its pocket-friendly price, no-nonsense design, comfortable carrying handles and capacity of 45 liters has earned it the 2nd rank on our list of the best rucksacks in India 2021.

Wildcraft gives a warranty of 5 years on this bag. The product dimension is 57.7 x 35.8 x 6.2 cm an is super light to carry around.

Notable Features

  • This rucksack is made of nylon
  • Water-resistant feature guards your belongings against rain
  • Adjustable shoulder and hip straps
  • Mesh pockets on either side
  • It is a top load rucksack with drawstring closure
  • The capacity of this rucksack is 45 L


This mid-size rucksack from wildcraft is a fantastic choice if you are going for a hiking or a short trip. However, if you are planning for a long trip, you can settle for another rucksack of 60L form Wildcraft.


  • Brand Value
  • Cost-effective
  • Nylon material
  • Lightweight
  • 5 years warranty


  • Fewer compartments

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3. Hyper Adam 65 Litre Rucksack

Hyper Adam RucksackThis colorful rucksack with several adjusters is, by all means, your perfect travel partner.  The capacity of this backpack is 65 liters, which ensures enough room for all your essentials. The separate (and detachable) shoe compartment and a few extra pockets for storage on and inside the hood offer easy accessibility to your belongings while you are camping, hiking or touring.

The bag has an eye-catching sea green color that is well-contrasted by the red straps. The design of the backpack ensures even division of load, and the back-padding offers comfort while carrying it.

This rucksack has no rain-cover, yet the material in itself is water-resistant. Also, there are height adjusters on this bag, that lets you lessen the size of the backpack. Just pull the adjusters, and you have a backpack of the size you like.

Main Features

  • Made of polyester material
  • Large backpack with a capacity of 65 L
  • Several internal and external compartments
  • Height adjusters
  • Very reasonably priced
  • Product dimension is 30.5 x 17.8 x 76.2 cm
  • Zip closure
  • Top load rucksack


This large-sized backpack of striking color combination can be used by anyone. Its height adjusters make it a unique addition on our list of the best rucksacks in India 2021.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Numerous compartments
  • Cushioned back and shoulder straps
  • Water-resistant
  • Height adjusters
  • Detachable shoe compartment


  • No metal brace for holding up the frame
  • The brand is not a reputed one

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4. POLE STAR  44 Litre Rucksack

Up next on the 4th position of this list is a backpack from POLE STAR, which is the best budget buy according to us. This 44 L black rucksack with little hints of blue here and there might not be the most attractive one out there, but it sure does have all the necessary features that make it one of the best.

The mid-sized rucksack is made of premium quality polyester and comes with a rain cover to shield your belongings when there is a downpour.

There is a radium strap right on the front section of the bag, which might help others track you in the dark. This glowing patch can indeed act as a life saver by helping others to spot him or her in the dark.

Main Features

  • This 44 L medium-sized backpack is made of Polyester
  • It is a top-loader rucksack
  • This rucksack has one main compartment and four additional compartments
  • Comfortable shoulder straps with adjusters
  • A rain cover comes along with this rucksack
  • Mesh side pockets for bottles or umbrella
  • The weight of this rucksack is 580 gm
  • It has a dimension of 56 x 28 x 28 cm


It is an absolute best-buy if you are on a tight budget. The built is decent, and the rain cover works fine. You will be surprised to see the longevity and sturdiness of this backpack that comes at such a nominal price.


  • Very pocket-friendly
  • Made of good quality material
  • Ample additional compartments
  • Rain protector
  • Wide shoulder straps
  • Radium patch


  • The hip band is not entirely padded
  • Its look is not the best
  • This rucksack does not have a ventilated back padding
  • Rolling the rain cover back into the compartment can be time-consuming

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5. Aristocrat 45 Litre Rucksack

Aristocrat 45 Litre RucksackHued in jet black, this Aristocrat backpack is outstanding if you want to go camping just for a few days or are off on a short trip. This mid-sized bag is the 5th best rucksack according to us and can accommodate all your essentials while giving you enough comfort as you carry it.

This backpack has a capacity of 45 L and looks somewhat like the regular backpacks. Owing to its structure and design, it is perhaps the best option for bikers.

This bag is perfect for all those who like to keep things in their places. It has dedicated compartments for all your essentials, including a section that can hold a laptop measuring up to 17 inches.

Main Features

  • This 45 L rucksack is made of polyester.
  • It has a ‘three-compartment’ structure that can fit in shoes, laptop, and clothes.
  • There are other utility compartments and mesh pockets on either side for better utility.
  • Comfortable and cushioned back and shoulder straps
  • Double hip straps for extra protection
  • It is made of fabric


You will get the worth of every penny you spend by the sheer performance, utility, and durability of this bag. If you like to stay prim and proper, this bag is the one for you. It provides you easy accessibility to things as you know where they are kept.


  • Stylish Look
  • Quality build
  • Comfortable back and shoulder straps
  • Dual hip straps
  • Separate compartment for laptop


  • The design of this bag does not allow to accommodate a lot of cloths
  • Water resistance of this rucksack is not good

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6. Impulse 65 Litre Rucksack

Impulse 65 Litre RucksackThis rucksack by IMPULSE exudes a fantastic blend of style and performance. Its blue, grey, and orange body is a stunner, which, coupled with the quality build of this backpack makes it a must-have for every trekker. The material of this bag is polyester, a durable material that will stand the test of time.

The ‘S’ shaped straps and the back of this rucksack is ergonomically designed and have ventilated back panel so that you can carry the luggage with ease. This 65 L ”inverse U” shaped bag is large and suitable for both men and women.

There are buckled inner compartments and mobile case to keep all your belongings safe and secure. This bag also comes with a complimentary rain cover that can shield it against mild to medium downpour.

Main Features

  • This large rucksack has a capacity of 65 L
  • The inner material is polyester, while the outer layer is fabric
  • Adjustable ‘S’ shaped straps and hip belts result in equal distribution of weight.
  • Side straps are there for compression
  • The main compartment has a drawstring closure
  • The weight of this backpack is 990 gm
  • Its dimensions are 40 x 27.5 x 72.5 cm
  • Mesh pockets on either side of the bag
  • This backpack has a metal frame for back support


The looks and features of this rucksack are pretty good. However, we have placed it No.6 on our list because the complimentary rain cover will not shield against heavy rain. Also, it is a tad bit higher on the price scale. But if you want a large backpack that can keep things organized, by all means, you can go for this one.


  • Comfortable to carry
  • Padded and ventilated back, shoulder and hip straps
  • Metal frame to hold the shape
  • one-year warranty
  • Large size
  • Several compartments


  • A little pricy as compared to other products with similar features.
  • The rain cover isn’t very effective.
  • The front zip is vertical and can hinder the ease of accessibility

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7. Trawoc 55 Litre Rucksack

TRAWOC ruskbagThe words ”sleek, effective and comfortable” define this blue and grey 55 L backpack from NOVICZ. It has one main compartment and multiple other pockets on the sides and front, so that you can access your belongings any time you want.

It is yet another budget-friendly option which comes with a one year warranty. Although it is one of the best backpacks out there, we have placed it no.7 on this list of the best rucksacks 2021 because it does not come from a reputed brand.

The outer layer of this bag is synthetic while the inner material is nylon, which gives a decent water resistance. One of the main things about a backpack is its looks, and so to cater to the need of all, NOVICZ has made this rucksack available in 4 other colors- Red, Black, Sky-blue, and English-Blue.

Main Features

  • There are a number of compartments of several sizes to keep things well organized
  • Well-ventilated padding on the back and the shoulder straps ensure air circulation
  • This 55 L rucksack has a dimension of 25 x 33 x70 cm
  • The item weight is 449 gm
  • Mesh pockets for carrying bottles or other essentials
  • It comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty.


The size of this budget-friendly bag is neither too large nor too small, which makes it perfect for most travelers. If you do not have trouble trusting a brand that has not yet made a reputation in the market, you can undoubtedly settle for it.


  • One year warranty
  • Color options
  • water resistant
  • pocket-friendly price
  • Various compartments
  • Lightweight


  • Shoulder straps are not well-cushioned
  • The quality of the outer material is sub-par
  • Does not gave metal brace to support the frame

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8. Fur Jaden 55-Litre Rucksack

Fur Jaden Rucksuck

Next on our list is Fur Jaden’s 55 liters rucksack. Ideally designed for a true traveler, this rucksack can be used by both men and women, as well as college and school students.

The rucksack has a good capacity of 55 liters. It has a single huge compartment that can hold all your clothes and essentials comfortably. For carrying small accessories like water bottles, it has multiple small pockets.

Besides, you also get a dedicated pocket for keeping your shoes.

The rucksack has an ergonomic design to ensure that you do not feel burdened with the weight. It distributes the weight evenly through the shoulder and waist straps.

The standout feature of the rucksack is its external clips. Fitted on both sides, they allow you to carry extra items like camera stands and climbing equipment without filling the capacity.

Fur Jaden has backed this rucksack with a 1-year warranty against defects.

Main Features

  • It has a capacity of 55 liters.
  • It has one big compartment with many small pockets.
  • It’s dimension is 35 cms x 25 cms x 65 cms and weighs 700 grams.
  • It has external clips to carry extra items.
  • It has a water-resistant feature.
  • It is made from polyester material.


Fur Jaden’s rucksack is a well-rounded rucksack that has all bases covered. With a good capacity of 55 liters, it is neither too big nor too small. Besides, with the external clips, you can carry more items without occupying the compartment space.


  • Ergonomic design distributes weight evenly.
  • Resistant against water and harsh weather conditions
  • Carry more with external clips
  • Stylish and comes in attractive colors
  • Affordable
  • 1-year warranty


  • Only one compartment
  • Lacks metal bars
  • No detachable compartments

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9. Tripole Colonel 95 Litre Rucksack

Tripole Colonel 95 Litre RucksackTripole is yet another Indian brand that is making its name prominent. It manufactures superb quality bag that lasts for years. This bag by Tripole in army green is loaded with features. It ranks 10th on this list of the best rucksacks in India 2021 because of its looks, which is in monochrome and the above-average price range.

The rucksack has a massive capacity of 95 L and is suitable for people whose life is constantly on the wheels, or persons who take really long trips. It comes with another (detachable) backpack, that is specially designed for small tips. This bag has well-padded and ventilated back and shoulder straps for ease of use.

The bottom of this rucksack is doubly layered for durability. There are 8 utility straps, that can hold in items like sleeping bags, mat or other camping equipment.

Main Features

  • This rucksack is made of polyester.
  • The product dimension is 87x 35 x 25 cm.
  • There is an integrated rain cover that makes it waterproof.
  • Along with a good quality shoulder and hip straps, it comes with a chest strap as well for extra support.
  • This backpack weight 2.50 Kg
  • There is a warranty of 1 year valid from the date of purchase.


This bag is huge, to say the least. If you want a really big size bag that can accommodate all your belongings (literally), this is the one to go for. It costs on the upper side, but then again, its quality is superb and is loaded with various features, which makes it one of the best.


  • Large size
  • Chest strap
  • Quality build
  • Eight utility straps
  • Several Compartments
  • Detachable day pack
  • Internal frame system made of fiber


  • Costly
  • Weighs a little more
  • Day backpack is too small

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Things to Consider Before Buying

You can’t just see a rucksack and shed your money on it without considering its suitability for yourself. Here are some of the factors that you must consider before buying a backpack.

1. Capacity: Does Size Matter?


This is the primary and the most crucial factor while buying any luggage.  If you are a person who likes going camping or on weekend trips, then a small rucksack below 50 L will be a good match for you. However, if you plan to spend a week away from your home, you might want to settle for a larger one, which is at least 55 L to 70 L. Rucksacks larger than 70 L are useful only if you love really long trips or keep traveling from one country to another.

2. The Fit: Ladies Fit Vs. Standard Fit

When it comes to fitting, rucksacks are generally of two types.

  • Ladies Fit: The length of this type of backpacks is shorter and these are more rounded in shape than the standard ones. It is to adjust to the height of the ladies, which tends to be shorter than that of the average men. Males who are of short height can as well settle for this type of rucksack.
  • Standard Fit: This is the regular fit that we see in general. These are perfect for men of average height or tall women.

3.Water Proofing: Difference between Waterproof and Water Resistant


Almost all backpacks that you get will shield your belongings from water to some extent. Read the product information carefully before making the final purchase. However, it is essential to see whether a bag is waterproof or just resistant to it.

  • ”Waterproof” means that no amount of water shall enter the bag no matter how heavy the downpour is (although it might not work if you immerse the bag into the water).
  • ”Water-resistant” on the other hand, means that the bag will guard your belongings against getting wet only to a certain extent and does not guarantee complete waterproofing.

4. Cushioning Decides the Level of Comfort


Do you remember sitting on the hard benches in school? Not your favorite school memory, right? Well, your back, and shoulder goes through a similar experience again if you do not buy a rucksack that has a good amount of padding. Cushioning is very important, as it is a definitive decider of the comfort level you will be having while carrying the backpack.

A well-structured and well-ventilated honeycomb padding is perhaps the best choice as it is suitable for all weathers. It will support your back and make it easy for you to carry the luggage. Apart from the cushioning, it is also the hip and chest straps that renders comfort to a trekker by distributing the weight of the bag evenly to various parts of the body.

5. Compartments: The More the Merrier


No one like to fish for things in a bag that is crammed with all the belongings in a single compartment. And this is perhaps the reason why one should search for a rucksack with more sections. The more the compartments and pockets, the better organized you will be.

Do not settle for bags that have at least 3 additional compartments apart from the main one. An inner pocket is also essential to keep all the valuables.  Also, if your bag comes with a laptop sleeve or a separate case for mobile, it is an added bonus that you simply should not miss!

6. Warranty Saves You from Incurring Additional Expenditure

Some people might not think a warranty to be critical while buying things like bags, shoes, etc. But what if the stitches of the backpack start coming off after a few uses?  It is for this reason that you should and must check the warranty period of a bag.

Generally, two short trips with your rucksack will tell you enough about its quality. And hence, a warranty of at least 1 year is desired, which is sufficient time to go on a few trips or treks.

7. Budget: Don’t Spend More than You Intend to

While buying a backpack, set a separate budget and stick to that. Even if you have a low budget, you can find a pretty decent rucksack, all you have to do is search a bit.

8. Other Features: Small Things Matter the Most

  • Chest Strap- Chest straps help to stabilize load or to prevent the rucksack from falling off the shoulders, especially while climbing mountains.
  • Frame holders– The purpose of frame holders is to maintain the structure of the bag. These can either be of metal or internal fibers. The holders are good for your back as well as these keep it straight. If you plan to carry a laptop within your rucksack, you should definitely look for frame holders.
  • Ergonomically designed Straps– The weight of the rucksack falls mostly on the shoulder straps. Hence it should be ergonomically designed to enhance the level of comfort. Also, do not forget to look for adjusters on each and every strap so that you can adjust it to your height and your liking.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should I buy a Rucksack when I already have a trolley bag for carrying luggage?

Trolley bags are great; they can be wheeled around and practically requires no effort in being pulled. But you cannot possibly ride a trolley up the stairs or expect to pull it effortlessly in the mountainous regions. Rucksacks are versatile and a stylish way to carry your luggage, which will not betray you, irrespective of the weather or topography of a place.

2. What capacity rucksack should I buy for a week’s trek?

You should buy a rucksack that is not lesser than 50 L in capacity.

3. What is the ideal size of a rucksack for planning a weekend out?

For a weekend, a rucksack of 40 L to 45 L should be sufficient. But in case you want to carry a few additional changes or a few of your belongings, you should settle for a rucksack of 50 L or above.

4. Can I wash a rucksack in the washing machine?

Washing rucksacks in the machine is not a good idea, especially if they come with metal frames. Additionally, it can also damage the waterproofing property of the fabric.
We suggest washing a rucksack the old-school way, which is by hand, bucket and soapy water. You can as well use wet cleaning wipes to rub off any mild dirt that might have accumulated on the surface.

5. I have a short height, but I want a rucksack of large capacity. What Should I do?

You can buy the ‘ladies fit’ rucksack bags. The fit has less to do with ladies and more to do with height. This type of rucksacks is ideal for short height people, irrespective of the gender. These bags have a round shape and a broader structure that can accommodate more than what its height in the standard-fit could have.


Rucksack is indeed an essential thing if you are a hiker, trekker or mountain climber. And so, it is imperative that you pick a bag that comes with all the necessary features. In our opinion, the best overall buy is Mufubu 55 L rucksack owing to its quality, performance and comfort. However, if you are on a tight budget,  the POLE STAR rucksack is a decent option as well. In case you want a really large backpack and budget isn’t a barring factor for you, the Tripole 95L is perhaps the best option.

If you are using any of these bags, do let us know your experience with it. Or if you know a rucksack of outstanding quality that should be on this list of the best rucksacks in India 2021, inform us by commenting in the section below.

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