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Best Roti Tawa

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Roti Tawa is one of the most essentials in an Indian kitchen. Because there is literally no one who doesn’t love a soft, hot, ballooned up roti for their lunch or dinner. But without a good roti tawa you can never achieve that. There are many variations available for the roti tawas in the market but not all are going to work perfectly. Herein, we have tried to introduce some of the most popular roti tawas to make your work easier and smoother.

1. Prestige Omega Deluxe Granite Omni Tawa

Award: Dishwasher Safe

Tagline: A non-stick granite finish roti tawa that is durable.

This non-stick roti tawa is primarily made of aluminum. It has an induction base that provides uniform heat distribution. And if you are looking for a tawa that you can place both over gas and induction, then this is perfect for you. The stay-cool handle is easy to hold. This is dishwasher safe. And also it is a metal spoon friendly.

2. Pigeon Special Non-Stick Aluminium Flat Tawa

Award: PFOA free

Tagline: Aluminum roti tawa that has 3 layers of the non-stick coating.

This non-stick tawa is perfect for any beginner. You can cook in this tawa without the worries of creating any mess. The sturdy design of this tawa will give you a better cooking experience. This tawa is easy to clean and easy to maintain. And undoubtedly this is amazing for healthy cooking too as it doesn’t require much oil. 

3. Prestige Induction Base Roti Tawa

Award: Thick Base

Tagline: Hard-anodised non-stick roti tawa that is induction compatible.

This hard anodized non-stick tawa can be used for multipurpose. It is both induction and gas oven compatible. It has a wider thick base that will help in uniform heating and will provide a better cooking experience. It has stay-cool handles that are easy to hold and the handle is quite sturdy.

4. Hawkins Futura Hard Anodised Tawa

Award: Durable

Tagline: Non-stick roti tawa that has a thick bottom.

This roti tawa is perfect for even a beginner. It is easy to clean and easy to use. The size of this tawa is 26 cm. The thick bottom provides better cooking as it prevents food from getting burnt. It is durable as it is made from a robust material. It is perfect for daily use because of its sturdy design. It has a scratch-resistant surface for which it will last long in a good condition.

Things to consider before buying roti tawa: 

  • Size: It is one of the most important things to consider. Generally, the size of these roti tawas varies between 8-16 inches. If you’re fond of cooking a variety of Indian cuisine apart from roti and Chapati then you should go for a larger one.
  • Handle: It is important to check if the handle is heat proof or made with a stay-cool mechanism. Otherwise, you may get your fingers burnt. And the handles should also have a smooth and comfortable grip.
  • Material: It is necessary to check the material to undertake the sturdiness of the tawa. Tawas is mostly made of aluminum or stainless steel. And aluminum obviously provides better performance.


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