Best Reusable Cleaning Cloths

Reusable cleaning cloths primarily contain microfibre which is best at lifting dirt and bacteria. Unlike the paper towels, they are environment-friendly and durable. You can use them in wet and dry conditions. So, to clean any part of your house you must readily invest in a microfibre cleaning cloth. Here are some of the best picks from our side. Take a look.

1.  Scotch-Brite Microfiber Cloth/Wipe 4 pcs

Award: Long lasting.

Tagline: Scratch-free cleaning wipes with a perfect mix of polyester and polyamide makes cleaning a piece of cake. 

Scotch Brite offers a set of four multicolour cleaning cloths that contain a mixture of polyester and nylon for optimal performance. Through the microfibre construction, these cloths can impressively trap dirt, bacteria and germs. With the scratch-free and lint-free features, you can also use them for cleaning delicate glass materials. Coming in 40 X 40 centimetres, these cleaning wipes are perfect for holding and sufficient for cleaning large surfaces. They retain their original quality even after 100 washes. 

2. SOFTSPUN Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

Award: Best-design.

Tagline: The premium quality dense cleaning cloths give a polishing look to all your surfaces. 

Softspun cleaning cloths contain 80% polyester and 20% polyamide to make them highly absorbent, soft and steak-free. You can use these to clean your car, home surfaces, spectacles, windows, mirrors and even smartphone. With the ability to absorb water and oil well, these reusable cloths give a polishing look to all the cleaning surfaces. They are machine-washable and take less time to expel all the dirt. Coming in a decent size of 36 x 36 centimetres, you can even use them as face towels. The round corners of the wipes have careful stitching to make them durable. 

3. Gala Microfiber Cleaning Cloth 

Award: Durable.

Tagline: Set of 4 handy cleaning cloths that can efficiently clean without you having to exert much force.

Gala offers a set of four cleaning cloths in vibrant colours that can bring back the shine on the surfaces without the help of any cleaning product. The magnetic action of the microfibre cloths attracts dirt and bacteria efficiently without needing much pressure. As they have the super soft texture, cleaning your electronic screens and glass surfaces is much easier. They are machine-washable and it’s easy to wring out the water from them. These 30 x 30 centimetres wipes are handy and plush to look. 

4. Sobby Microfibre Cleaning Cloth

Award: Attractive look. 

Tagline: Holding up to 8 times its weight in water, these cloths are ideal for wet washing.

Sobby has come up with a pack of 4 ultrasoft cleaning cloths consisting of premium quality microfibre. They gently lift, trap and hold the dirt till you wash them. You can use them for home, office, garage, restaurants, gadgets, screens and glass surfaces. With the help of fine fibre bristles, the cleaning process becomes an easy task. They have high absorption and degreasing capacity to make your surfaces look shiny after cleaning. Coming in an ideal size of 40 x 40 centimetres, cleaning your tiles becomes a dream. 

5. Bathla Spic & Span Cleaning Cloth

Award: Highly-absorbent.

Tagline: With the ultrafine microfiber filaments, cleaning oil and grease marks is easy and effective.

Bathla cleaning cloths have a porous structure to ensure 8 to 10 times more absorption capacity. Containing high-quality microfibre, they can remove 98% bacteria and 93% viruses on any surface. They are gentle on glass surfaces, in particular, TV and mobile screens. You can easily wipe out any tough stains using these cleaning cloths without the need of a cleaning spray. They come in an ideal size of 40 x 40 centimetres and can effectively clean kitchen counters leaving a sparkling look.

Things to consider before buying cleaning cloths:

1. Material

Cleaning cloths come in all different materials including cotton. But, it is always good to choose microfibre cleaning cloths as they are environment-friendly and durable. They can attract dirt and germs better than any other material.

2. Size

Depending on the surfaces and the purpose, you need to carefully pick the right size of cleaning cloth. Some of them are only a handful size and not suitable for cleaning cars and other large surfaces. If you intend to use it for multiple purposes, go for an ideal size of 40 x 40 centimetres.

3. Absorbency

The cleaning cloth you choose must be able to wipe out both dry and wet stains. Go for the one that has high absorbency to sink in all the oil, grease or water from the surfaces. With this feature, you don’t have to put in the extra effort to clean oily surfaces.