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Best Remote Stand For Home

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A remote stand is a must to organise all the remote strewn across our homes. Be it TV remotes, AC remotes or others, having a holder at home means no more misplacing of these remotes.

You can find remote stands in durable and sturdy materials such as wood, plastic, acrylic, metal and more. Some even function as make-up stands or desk organizers. They are compact, save a lot of space and keep your remotes organized.

To choose the right remote stand for your home, you can go through this list of the best remote stands available.

1. Orchid engineers Remote Holder

Award: Best Overall

Headline: Rust resistant

The holder has a rustproof body. It is strong and does not easily rust.

The Orchid Engineer remote holder has a good design and sturdy build. It is attractive and has space to hold four remotes comfortably. The holder has a strong base that does not skid easily and is compact. Its power coating process of painting gives it a sleek and durable finish.

2. Nutcase Designer Wooden Remote Stand

Award: Best Pick

Headline: Compact design

The box-shaped remote stand occupies less space and creates no mess. It is compact and portable.

The Nutcase remote holder has a beautiful craft and sturdy construction. It can hold four remotes. It is durable, and you can store it away neatly. The proprietary technique ensures the colors last longer.

3. D&V ENGINEERING – Creative in innovation Metal Remote Holder

Award: Editor’s choice

Headline: Premium quality metal

This holder consists of high-quality metal that has a great balance.

The D&V ENGINEERING – Creative in innovation metal remote holder comes in a slim modern design that takes up very little space on the table. Its matte black powder-coated iron construction gives it a proper balance. The dimensions of the holder are 10 x 22 x 18 cms and can hold four remotes.

4. DONDA Remote Control Holder

Award: Best Material

Headline: Can hold six remotes

This remote holder has a large capacity and design. It can easily hold six remotes of TV or AC. 

DONDA remote holder has a unique design. You can adjust the six grids depending on the size of your remote. It can hold your remotes and also headsets easily. The acrylic and metal construction is durable and eco-friendly. With a thickness of 5 mm, the holder has a broad and firm build.

5. Bluewud Roland Remote Holder

Award: Best Features

Headline: Multipurpose holder

You can not only store your remote, but this holder can also serve as a stationery box and desk organizer. 

Bluewud Roland remote holder is a product of high-grade pre-lam MDF wood with a natural wood finish. It has dimensions of 13.5 X 7.5 X 7 cms. This contemporary holder does not need any additional assembling and is ready to use. It is sturdy and does not break easily.

Things to consider before buying a remote stand for home:

Capacity: If you have many remotes at home, then consider buying a stand with more capacity. The general capacity is 4-6 remotes per stand.

Material: Remote stands come in various materials such as plastic, metal, wood and more. Choose a stand with quality material that lasts long and does not break easily.

Durability: you want a stand that can comfortably hold all the remotes and stays stored for some time. A quality stand with good material is the best choice.

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