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Best Raincoats

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Raincoats are the best way to face the rain and keep it dry even when pouring outside. In addition, they make it easier for us to run errands or finish our outdoor tasks. 

The raincoats come in materials such as polyester and PVC. These materials are waterproof and wear-resistant. In addition, raincoats provide complete coverage from head to toe and are available with hoods and side pockets.

Some come with storage bags to store your essentials from getting drenched. Also, here are the best raincoats available for a rainy day!

1. FabSeasons Reversible Waterproof Raincoat

Award: Waterproof

Headline: Lightweight and relaxed fit

This raincoat has a light build making it easier to wear and carry in a backpack. It is comfortable and blends with the shape of your body.

FabSeasons raincoat is effective in keeping you dry in heavy rains. It is made from tough polyester that makes it durable and waterproof. The raincoat has good stitching and is fully stitched at all joints to prevent water from entering. It also has a high collar with an adjustable hood and buttons on the front. There is also a reflector on the back to prevent accidents. It is usable on both sides. 

2. THE CLOWNFISH Rain Coat for Men

Award: Adjustable Elastic

Headline: Highly functional raincoat

The rain has a hood to keep your hair dry, a side pocket with a flap for closing, and a small inner pocket to store your necessities such as your phone, wallet, and more.

THE CLOWNFISH raincoat is made of PVC material that is water-resistant. You can secure yourself in the rain by the snap buttons provided on the sleeves. The set comes with a coat and pants for total protection. It is comfortable to wear and is light to carry. There is also a storage bag that comes along with this big enough for your books or laptops. The snap buttons along with zippers help you keep dry at all times. 

3. Swastik Women’s Waterproof Purple Raincoat

Award: Hooded Neck

Headline: Long sleeve for complete cover

This coat comes with a long sleeve that covers until your knees to shield you and your clothes from getting wet.

Swastik women’s raincoat consists of PVC material that is waterproof and durable. It has two pockets on both sides and a belt in the middle for buckling. The comfortable fit suits women of various body types as it comes in different sizes. Its purple colour gives good visibility in the dark. There is a hidden zip at the neck to fold the hood in when not needed.

4. Solimo Water Resistant Polyester Long Rain Coat

Award: Quality Stitching

Headline: Sturdy zipper with velcro covering

Wrap yourself up with the raincoat and strap it in with the tough zipper available. There is also a column of velcro to make it waterproof completely.

Solimo raincoat comes with a long sleeve and is suitable for everyone. It is made using polyester fabric with 200 GSM for smooth texture and good thickness. This thick coat has high durability and stitching that prevents any leakage. The accompanying bag with this coat is useful for storing your essentials. This long coat also has two side pockets for keeping your phone and a stretchable elastic at the wrists. Its reflectors in the front and back are useful in low lighting or at night to prevent accidents.

5. Visions India Women’s Rain Coat

Award: Attractive Colour

Headline: Buttoned Sleeve

This long coat comes with buttons on the front that are closely packed and prevent water from entering.

Visions India raincoat is designed for women. It is vibrant and attractive. The raincoat is loose fitting with a long sleeve that comes upto the knees. It has a high raised collar and a hood for protecting your hair. With high visibility, you can see things even at night. 

Things to consider before purchasing a raincoat:


It is essential to choose a waterproof material as we need to keep ourselves dry. The coats come in PVC or polyester fabrics that offer good resistance against water. However, some low-quality fabric might leak water, so choose wisely.


Raincoats are available in different models. Some have a long sleeve, and others provide a sleeve along with a pair of pants. You can purchase according to your preference.


It is also important the raincoat has side pockets, a zipper for easy closing and a hood for keeping the head from getting wet. The pockets are essential to store your phones or wallets. You can also protect your wrists from getting wet.

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