The 5 Best Portable Bar Sets In India Reviews and Buying Guide

Have you ever thought of carrying your bar along with you?

Your favorite drinks and complete make-up tools for your trips, business tours, and in cars as well. We all somewhere might have thought that it would be the best thing if we can carry the bar set wherever we go and enjoy our personal touch in drinks. So here is something for you serving your purpose- The Portable Bar Sets. You can enjoy your drinks wherever you want to and with whomsoever, you want to be it in your car or at a campaign.

There are two necessary factors to look at

  • Number of glasses: Because, you never know how many people are coming along with your friends and you require minimum three glasses with you
  • Compact Set: There must be no chances of spilling off the drink because it will make your pack look clumsy.

For reference, you can read the product description of each product, and still, you are confused about which bar set to pick up then, we have a Buying Guide for you that will solve your doubts.

5 Best Portable Bar Sets In India

Bar SetsDimension (cm)Weight (kg)No Of GlassesMaterialBuy Now
Telconi Bar Set 36 x 24 x 143.853WoodCHECK ON AMAZON
Abrazo Bar Set39.5 x 39.4 x 212.956FauxCHECK ON AMAZON
Black Butterfly Bar Accessories 37 x 27.2 x 25.23.183WoodenCHECK ON AMAZON
Lavanaya Silver Bar Set25 x 20 x 10-LeatherCHECK ON AMAZON
Bar Box Bar Set50 x 37 x 255.323LeatherCHECK ON AMAZON

5 Best Portable Bar Sets In India Reviews

1. Telconi 3 Glasses Brown Bar Set


Are you a party lover? Then, the first product on our list is Telconi’s 3 Glasses Brown Bar set. The company assures good products at an affordable price.

Let us look at what the Bar set contains. The package includes the premium bottle opener and a handy portable leather set. It also has 3 glasses to serve and 1 tong to take that chilled ice cube from the tray. Also, you can measure the peg using the peg measure,

You can gift It to anyone who loves doing parties.

Product Information

  • Product Dimension: 36 x 24 x 14 cm
  • Item Weight: 3.85 kg
  • Package includes: 1 Hip Flask, 1 Tong, 3 Glass, 1 Opener, 1 Peg Measure
  • Material: Wood
  • Color: Brown


  • Excellent for taking it an outdoor, car or party tour
  • Free from looking for a dustbin to put the plastic glasses
  • There is no chance of spilling beer
  • The wooden finish makes it long-lasting


  • The quality of the glasses need improvement

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2. Abrazo Faux Leather Portable Bar Set 


The second product on our list is the Abrazo Faux Leather Bar Set. Abrazo Faux is a company that offers bar set for years. The Bar set has 6 glass compartment that is better in number as compared to the Telconi glasses.

The bar set is made of Polyurethane material of organic units and these are thermosetting polymers that will not melt when the heat is applied. The six glass will get your more friends to circle with you.

Also, the faux weather compact helps you to take it anywhere and there is less chance that the beer will spill off.

Product Information

  • Product Dimension: 39.5 x 39.4 x 21 cm
  • Item Weight: 2.9 kgs
  • Included in package: Peg measurer, bottle opener, ice tong cutter, 6 glasses, cocktail shaker hip flask 30 ml and 60 ml
  • Set of glass: 6
  • Material: Faux
  • Color: Brown


  • There are 6 glasses for serving
  • Best for taking on picnics
  • A hip flask of two types for better serving
  • Beer bottle opener
  • Items are handcrafted in the studio
  • Glasses are of good quality


  • The color of the bag can be improved

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3. Black Butterfly Bar Accessories 

Black Butterfly

If you are looking for a bar set at an affordable price then, this Black Butterfly Bar accessories set is the right choice for you. This product has become Amazon’s choice and given satisfactory performance to the customers.

This bar set is ideal for traveling. You can take this stylish set with you or you can gift it to your loved ones.

The package comes with all the essential accessories required for a party. The package includes Hip Flask for shaking the beer, A tong to serve the ice cubes, 3 Serving glasses, and a peg measure to evenly distribute the drinks.

Product Information

  • Product Dimension: 37 x 27.2 x 25.2 cm
  • Item Weight: 3.18 kgs
  • Material: Wooden
  • Finish Type: Matte
  • The package includes 1 Hip flask. 1 Tong, 3 Glasses, and 1 Peg measurer
  • Color: Black


  • The product is best for gifting
  • The packaging is good


  • The leather gets torn easily

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4. Lavanaya Silver Exclusive Leatherette Travel Bar Set

Lavanaya Silver

The next product on our list is the Lavanya Silver Exclusive Bar Set for those who love leatherette set at an affordable price then, this product is the right choice for you.

Let us see what are other components to look for.

The Bar set is made of Steel which is compact and will give longevity to the set. The metallic color gives a vibrant and classy look to the bar set.

If you are planning to gift it to someone then, you must go for it.

With this package, you get other accessories as well such as the opener of the drinks bottle and ice cubes crushers.

Product Information

  • Product Dimension: 25 x 20 x 10 cm
  • Package Includes toolset


  • Gives a classy look
  • Elegant leather cover


  • Needs improvement in glass quality

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5. Bar Box Portable Leather Bar Set

Bar Box

The final product on our list comes from the brand Bar Box which is quite expensive in the ranges of the bar set. Also, it comes with additional accessories that are loved by party lovers.

The Vintage Box becomes a small home for the Alcohol set. The box includes 1 cocktail shaker for even drink, 1 ice bucket for serving, 3 glasses, 6 stainless steel coasters, 1 bottle opener, 1 bottle pourer, 1 tong, and 1 peg measurer.

It has high-quality leatherette material that is fully lined with a Velveteen interior. You can hold the set using the straps whenever traveling. All your bar and glass tools are packed compactly. Therefore, you do not have to worry about its breakage.

Compared to other products on our list, this one is expensive.

Product Information

  • Product Dimension: 50 x 37 x 25 cm
  • Item Weight: 5.32 kgs
  • Package Includes: Leather suitcase, cocktail shaker, ice bucket, tong, 3 whiskey glasses, 6 coasters, bottle opener, double-sided jigger
  • Material: Leather


  • Perfect mini bar of premium quality
  • Portable accessories
  • Stylish and convenient to carry anywhere
  • Fewer chances of the breaking of glasses


  • Packaging needs improvement

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Buying Guide For Portable Bar Sets

To all the party lovers, we are presenting the article on:

What things we should look at before buying a bar set?

Is there any categorization of these bar sets?

What tools are available in these bar sets?

These questions generally strike in everyone’s mind thinking of buying a bar set. So, let’s look up for the answers to these questions and find the worthy one for you.

Portable Bar Sets

Before knowing about the features let us know what exactly these portable bar sets are and what purpose do, they serve?

A Portable bar set is a set of tools or equipment required for making a perfect glass of drink quickly. It is most suitable for the party-ready person. We can easily carry it anywhere we want. It generally includes peg measurer, cocktail shaker, shot glasses, and bar blades. Though you don’t need to be getting only these tools. Depending upon your need and choice tools may vary.

Hence, we can consider portable bar sets as personal bars which can be carried anywhere, we want.

Types Of Bar Sets

The types of bar sets are based on your needs. Let us know what are various types of bar sets available:

1. Travel Bar Set

Are you a traveler and just love to enjoy your solitude with a drink in your hand?

So, here’s something for you that is nothing less than magic. The travel bar set constitutes all the required tools you may need for your favorite peg. This bar set is compatible and can be easily carried anywhere.

2. Infusion Bar Set

Do you like infused drinks and miss them in places where you cannot have them?

So, here’s the solution- this infusion bar set has all the required tools for making infused drinks. No need to rush to the bar every time for the one you can have all by yourself.

3. Bar Set for Beginners

Are you a beginner and still learning to make drinks for yourself?

This bar set is suitable for you. This bar set includes tools required for the beginners which can be handled easily and need not be guided for the same.

4. Overall Bar Set

These bar sets are the complete package for all sorts of drinks and all sorts of people. If you love to party and hardcore drink lover this one is suitable for you. It includes all types of tools for almost every type of drink.

Things We Should Keep In Mind Before Buying a Bar Set

Let us look at the features we should look into before buying any particular bar set-

1. Purpose

We know there are different types of drinks available and everyone has a different taste and under that, we need different tools for serving our purpose. Therefore, we should always keep in mind what type of drink we are going to buy a bar set and then what is exactly required and then make a suitable choice.

2. Quality

Will you spend your money on a product that cannot serve your purpose for a longer period?

We always look up for things that should be durable and compensating for investment. That is why just check the quality of the bar sets before making any particular choice.

3. Right Size

Size compatibility matters the most as you have to carry it along with you be it on any tour, picnic, or traveling. So, it should always be adjustable by you. So always choose the right size.

4. Affordability

Spending money is the hardest task for most of us. So, look up to your budget first and then categorize the types of sets available to you in your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Can whiskey bar set serve other drinks as well?

No, whiskey bar sets can be used for the only whiskey.

2.Is there any bar set available that can serve different types of drinks?

Yes, there are many bars sets available that serve the purpose of all-in-one drinks. They constitute different tools and can be used for making various types of drinks.


You must have got the insight into what to look for when you are buying the portable bar sets. Also, we have provided a detailed analysis of each product. In this article, we had selected five articles for you. But, as per our research, we found Telconi 3 Glasses Brown Bar Set best from the rest because it has three glasses serving, and high-quality storage. You can buy other products as well because they are satisfactory as well.

We hope, this article helped you to make a choice for you.