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The Best Portable Air Conditioner To Buy in India 2021 Reviews: Ultimate Guide

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Air conditioners really help to reduce the indoor temperature and thereby keeps you to stay cool and cozy in the hot summers. The portable air conditioners are eco-friendly, economical and comes with low maintenance than normal air conditioners. Although, most people think this portable AC as an alternative to air cooler but it cools the room faster (efficient performance) than coolers.

These are portable, flexible and can be moved from one room to another. Thinking of buying this portable AC to enjoy your summer in a cool room then you have to keep these 3 main factors in your mind before purchasing.

Room Size and BTU’s Needed – Consider the size of the room which the portable AC cools. The BTU is used to measure how powerfully the AC cools and how much area is covered for its cooling. Simply, for large sized rooms, high (or more) BTU’s is required for cooling.

Water Removal System – Most of the air conditioners comes with a self-evaporating system in which the water condensation is recycled back into the air. Generally, the water collects in a tank and has to be pumped outside through a hose. Or else you have to drain it out manually.

Operating Modes and Noise Levels – Different models comes with different operating modes. So, check all the models and select the smart one that suits as per your requirement. Also, check the noise levels of this AC while purchasing.

There are other vital factors which you have to check before buying the perfect portable air conditioner that suits for your requirement. So, we are providing you with Comprehensive Buying Guide along with the best portable air conditioners. Have a look on them before purchasing.

Top Portable Air Conditioner in India:

Portable Air ConditionerNoise LevelCapacity & Area CoveredWarrantyBuy Now
Super General Portable Air Conditioner45 dB1.5 Ton & 120 to 180 sq. ft.1 year on product & 5 years on compressorCheck On Amazon
Blue Star Portable Air Conditioner52 dB1 ton & up to 100 sq. ft.1 year on product and condenser & 5 years on compressorCheck On Amazon
Eurgeen Portable Air Conditioner55 dB1 ton & up to 100 sq. ft.1 year on product & 2 years on compressorCheck On Amazon

Best Portable Air Conditioner in India:

Have a look on the top selling best portable air conditioner in Indian online market (as per the rating and reviews). Just go through them and buy the best portable AC in this 2021.

1. Super General Portable Air Conditioner

Super General Portable AC

The Super General is a UAE based home appliances and electronics company that works consistently by providing the best products to their customers. With this Super General portable AC you can beat the heat by cooling your room quickly. The 1.5 ton capacity of this portable air conditioner makes it suitable to use for medium sized rooms that comes with 120 to 180 sq. ft.

Some Notable Features:

Constant Air Flow The vertical structure of this AC will provide a steady and powerful airflow, which in turn, provides a constant temperature in your room.

Easy to Move You can move this portable air conditioner easily from one room to another without any difficulty but be careful about its installations (or fixing).

3 in 1 Air Conditioner This AC comes with 3 in 1 technology i.e. air conditioner, fan and a dehumidifier. So, it effectively cools, dehumidify and ensures the optimum cooling.

High Tank Capacity It comes with 2 litre tank capacity that helps to keep your room cool & cosy for a long time. So, that you can beat the summer heat effectively.

LED Display and Timer The display of LED lights will help you to control the AC easily even at night time. While coming to the timer option, which allows you to set a certain time limit in such a way it get shut off automatically. This will avoid over cooling and also conserves power.

Anti-bacterial Air Filter This filter will prevent the microbes, dust, dirt and hair from entering into the AC and thereby to the room. So, it reduces the impurities in the air and thus provides a clean and healthy air. Also, you can easily clean the filter by running it under a faucet.

Product Information:

  • Capacity – 1.5 Ton
  • Color – White
  • Warranty – 1 year on product & 5 years on compressor
  • Water Tank Capacity – 2 litres
  • Installation Type – Window
  • Power Consumption – 5.23 KWH
  • Condenser Coil – Copper
  • Noise Level – 45 dB

What we liked:

  • It is portable, lightweight and easy to carry from one place to another, as it don’t has an outdoor unit.
  • It won’t require any separate phase and we can run this AC with 16 Amp plug point.
  • It comes with features like 3 in 1 technology (air conditioner, dehumidifier and fan), no drip technology & antibacterial air filter, and 2 litres water tank capacity.
  • Easy to install, use and clean this air conditioner.

What we didn’t liked:

  • Although, it cools the room effectively but it consumes more power and the user’s electricity bill may increase slightly.
  • A little bit over priced when compared with other products.

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2. Blue Star Portable Air Conditioner

Blue Star 1 Ton Portable AC

This Blue Star Portable AC will move with you when you move your home without any mounting or remounting. You can simply enjoy the comfortable cooling with this portable AC wherever you want in your home. Suitable to use for small area (room) that covers up to 100 sq. ft.

Some Notable Features:                                                                                                    

High Efficiency Rotary Compressor The built-in accumulator in the compressor will deliver maximum cooling with less power consumption.

Hydrophilic Golden Evaporator Fins This feature don’t accumulate the water condensate and also minimizes the accumulation of microbes, dust, dirt, and other particles. This in turn enhances the performance of your AC.

Anti – Freeze Thermostat It protects your AC by preventing frost formation on the heat exchanger. So, it acts as a safety feature on the evaporator coil.

Dry Mode During monsoon, the room generally feels clammy or humid. This feature helps to remove (or dry) the moisture from the room effectively to make it dry.

Tank Full Alarm Whenever the tank gets filled with condensate water then alarm sounds to remind you to drain out manually.

ECO Friendly Refrigerant The R-410A is an environment friendly refrigerant with zero depletion of ozone and polyester (POE) oil which comes with heat transfer characteristics, oil return properties, wax free and has lubrication ability.

Self-Diagnosis You can quickly and easily diagnosis the trouble shoot or error code which is displayed on the AC. So, that you can protect your air conditioner from any damages.

Auto Restart and Timer It gets resets to original settings even after the power resumes. You can also set the timer without getting any interruption in cooling and works as per your desired time limit.

Feather Touch Electronic Panel You can operate and give the input to your portable air conditioner by touching the electronic panel to set as per your desire.

Anti-Bacterial & Dust Silver Coating The bactericide in the filter will collect the dust, microbes and prevents the growth of bacteria. This feature will help to reduce the transmission of any disease through air by sterilizing it.

Sleep Mode This feature will ensure you to have a cosy good night sleep by setting a particular temperature all the night. It also saves your electricity and thereby you see reduction in your power bills.

Product Information:

  • Capacity – 1 ton
  • Color – White
  • Noise Level – 52 dB
  • Voltage – 230V
  • Material – Plastic
  • Annual Energy Consumption – 2.56 KWH
  • Warranty – 1 year on product and condenser & 5 years on compressor
  • Input Power – 1404 W
  • Cooling EER (W/W) – 2.56
  • Condenser Coil – Copper
  • Dimensions – 467 X 397 X 765 mm
  • Installation Type – Portable

What we liked:

  • It comes with various features like anti-freeze thermostat, night glow function on remote controller, self – diagnosis, tank full alarm, auto restart and timer, etc.
  • You can easily move this air conditioner from one room to another with its caster wheels
  • The environment friendly refrigerant (R-410A) will won’t cause any damage to the ozone layer and gives clear and healthy air to the user.
  • You can either operate this portable AC with remote controller or by touching this electronic panel.

What we didn’t like:

  • The installation, quality & cooling of this portable AC is not up to the mark.
  • Need to have an exhaust outlet with 9 inch pipe which needs a window outlet and also runs at too much noise.
  • The electricity bill might increase while using this portable air conditioner.

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3. Eurgeen Portable (4 in 1 for All Seasons) Air Conditioner

Eurgeen Portable 4 in 1 for All Seasons

This Eurgeen portable air conditioner comes with 4 in 1 technology that works as air conditioner, dehumidifier, heater and fan. Suitable for area (or room) that covers up to 100 sq. ft. With the use of exhaust pipe, the drained water will get automatically evaporated. It is provided with sliding window ventilation kit that helps you in easy installation. For any queries, you can contact to customer care on 8448449398.

Some Notable Features:

Easy to Move – You can easily move this portable AC from one room to another with its smooth roller wheels.

Electronic Control – You can easily control and operate this portable AC either with remote control or touching the electronic panel (intelligent display screen with infrared indicator lamp).

Auto Evaporation Technology with Flexible Single Hose Exhaust System – The drained water will be evaporated automatically through the exhaust pipe.

Sleep Function & Timer Mode – Simply set a particular temperature along with your desired time to run this portable AC to get a cool and cosy sleep all the night.

4 in 1 technology – You can use this portable machine as air conditioner, dehumidifier, heater and fan, as per your preference and requirement. Simply you can use it for all seasons.

Product Information:

  • Capacity – 1 ton
  • Cooling Capacity – 10000 BTU
  • Heating Capacity – 9000 BTU
  • Refrigerant – R-410A
  • Voltage – 220 to 240V
  • Frequency – 50 Hz
  • Noise Pressure – 55 dB
  • Dimensions – 320 X 320 X 740 mm
  • Warranty – 1 year on product and 2 years on compressor
  • Weight – 26 kg
  • Operating Temperature – 5⁰C to 38⁰C
  • Diameter of Exhaust Pipe – 5 inches
  • Remote Control Distance – 7m
  • Installation Type – Window

What we liked:

  • It comes with various features like sleek design with digital display, adjustable thermostat control, full function of remote control, flexible single hose exhaust system, 24 hr on/off timer, sleep function, etc. that allows you to have a cool day and night.
  • The sliding window ventilation kit is provided along with this AC which makes it easy for installation.
  • It works on using less power (works on 5 amps plug) and easy to move with its smooth roller wheels.
  • You can cool or heat the room faster by setting the specified temperature.
  • The R-410A refrigerant will won’t deplete the ozone layer, as it is an environmental friendly refrigerant and makes you to enjoy a cool and comfortable life.

What we didn’t like:

  • A little bit pricey product when compared with other related products.

Buy Now From Amazon

Buying Guide for Portable Air Conditioner – How to Choose the Best One:

A portable air conditioner is more flexible and compactable that usually comes with 2 – 3 inches tall. You can easily move this portable AC, as they comes with wheels. The hot air needs to vent outside and for this a hose of 3 – 5 inch in diameter will be attached to this AC. This vents through a window, wall, ceiling or a sliding door and then you enjoy a cool air.

Things to Consider while Purchasing Portable AC:

Considering the below mentioned factors before purchasing will definitely help you to buy the best and most suited one, as per your requirement.

1. Room Size

The size of the area the portable air conditioner cools will be taken into consideration while purchasing this AC. So, the manufacturers use BTU (British Thermal Units – the power consumed for cooling the room) to measure how efficiently their unit cools the room (including its area). Simply, the higher the BTU number then then bigger will be the room it keeps cool. The manufacturer will specify the size of the room their AC cools but to get a general idea, we are providing you with a chart that based on different room sizes.

Room Size (SQ. FT.)Required BTU’s

Also, the doors or walls will definitely affect the travel of cool air. The factor in fluctuations of the ambient heat the room receives, like the bedroom which gets hit with sunlight or kitchen area where the oven or cookers used, will also be taken into consideration. These may raise the heat level and in that case, you have to choose a higher BTU’s while purchasing this portable AC.

2. Single Hose Vs. Dual Hose:

In general, the portable AC has 2 common hose configurations that includes single and dual hose for ventilation of this AC.

Single Hose AC Units It is designed in such a way the both the intake and exhaust of air is done with same single hose. This works hard to cool your room why because both intake and exhaust done with a single hose. Not that much efficient as the dual hose configuration.

Dual Hose AC Units It is designed with an intake hose and exhaust hose separately for its operation. This makes the AC to work with more energy efficient and thereby cools your area 40% quickly than single hose.

Note: Although, both these hose configurations will cool the room but most of the experts recommend to use dual hose portable AC units due to their energy efficiency and cools the room (larger area) quickly.

3. Ventilation:

We came to know that these portable AC cool the room by venting out the hot air through windows. Most of these AC come with a window venting kit and some clear instructions on how to set this AC to vent properly. The venting kit is simple to set up and can be easy to move from one room to another.

4. Window Kit & Louvres:

The window venting kit comes with the filler panels that help you to close the gap in open window along with removing direct hot air to outside through an exhaust hose. So, choose the kit that allows you to have flexibility on where you place this AC. Coming to louvres, manual unit has fixed louvres while the automatic one has oscillating louvres to enable the cool air widely throughout the room rather than in one fixed direction.

5. Water Removal System:

Although, most of the air conditioners are having a self-evaporating system in which the water condensation is recycled back into the air. Generally, the water collects in a tank and has to be pumped outside through a hose. In case of self-evaporating system, you may need to empty the water tank or bucket under certain conditions like when the water can’t recycle quickly back into the air (or) in case if the compressor get shut off and an indicator light alerting you to empty the water tank.

In some AC units, the water which collected in the tank has to be manually drained for every 2 – 6 hours by depending on the tank’s size and humidity in air.

6. Power Cord:

The experts or manufacturers won’t recommend using an extension cord for your portable AC and it is mentioned in the manual that you can’t claim the warranty if done like this. The reason is that the portable AC is power hungry and if it runs on extension cord then it is pose either overheating or fire risk. So, always prefer to run your portable AC in relation to the power socket.

7. Operating Modes:

We generally, various operating modes like cool, dry, heat (reverse cycle models), fan, automatic start, timer, etc. in the portable AC. So, choose the smart model that comes with all the operating modes, as per your requirement.

8. Noise Levels:

Generally, these portable AC run with quite loud and distracting background noise, especially if you are either watching TV or listening to music. So, choose the one which runs on low noise.

9. Price / Budget:

The price of this portable air conditioner will start from 20,000/- and increases along with the modern features it comes with. So, you can choose the best one by considering the energy efficiency, its performance and warranty period.

10. Other Features:

Ease to Use – Look for the portable AC in which you can move it from one room to another with its easy to access handles and good clearance without any noise.

Wi-Fi – For the latest models, this Wi-Fi option is included to make you get control over the appliance (AC) through the app or smart speaker. Although, the standard remote control will do all these operations but for people those who want to follow the latest technology, can choose those models.

Installation – Generally, the installation of these portable AC won’t give much trouble, as they are easy to install but the only thing you have to consider is hooking up the window kit for ventilation. Although, a clear step by step instruction manual is provided along with this unit.

Aesthetic – A few customers are concerned about the style and aesthetics of their space, which pulls off both form and function. So, choose from a variety of colors and styles that perfectly suits to the looks of their room.

Condensate Type – The condensate type will directly relate to the ease of use. We find three types of condensate type for this portable AC. Drip AC (condensate to internal bucket that needs to dump regularly), Partial Drip (condensate through exhaust hose but deposit some water into drip pan. Need to dump it after long period) and NO-Drip AC (release all the condensate into air without any worry about emptying it).

Programmable Thermostat – This feature helps the user to set the AC at a desired precise temperature and thereby it gets turned off when it gets cooled without any manual turn it on or off.

Remote Control – It will give a power control over the AC from a certain distance to turn it on or off without touching it.

Heat /AC Combo – It will perform both cooling and heating of the room that saves you from buying a room heater separately. You can use this type of AC throughout the year.

Dehumidifier – With this feature, the AC will remove the dampness (moisture) from the air. So, controlling the humidity levels in the air will allow you have comfortable breathing and thereby stays cool and comfortable.

Benefits of Portable Air Conditioner:

A portable air conditioner will keep your room cool whenever there is a raise in temperature. Other than that, you can grab various benefits which are listed below.

  • It is portable that occupies less space and also lowers your energy costs.
  • It lowers the humidity with environmental friendly refrigerant gas.
  • You can connect it easily by plugging the AC into standard outlet.
  • This portable AC will give you mobility to grab the cool air by moving it easily from one room to another without any strain, as comes with caster wheels.
  • You can use it with ease only when the flexible hose is extended from the indoor unit to the outside for proper venting purpose. These portable AC will utilize standard electrical outlets.
  • It performs versatility functions like air purifiers, dehumidifier, fans, spot cooling, & heaters which will definitely enhance your comfort levels in a variety of environments and interior spaces.
  • It helps to prevent the insects invading into the house, as we generally close the window while using this portable air conditioner.
  • It helps to set the timer and constant temperature to enhance your good night sleep by providing clear and healthy air through its air filter.

How these Portable Air Conditioners Work?

The portable AC works just like normal air conditioner by sucking in humid and warm air, cool and dehumidify it and blow it back into the room. The single duct models where this duct connected to window to remove the heat from the room are more effective in cooling the room. They draw the air from room and vent some to outside for proper and quick cooling.

So, venting the hot air outside through this single duct will result in drawing warm air into the room, which makes the ac to get struggle continuously to cool the room. These portable units are noisier than most split ac’s but they are cheaper and convenient to use than the split ACs.

The hot air is vented through air duct which we install in an open window. The conditioner condenses the water from the air while cooling the room and this gets collected in a tank or drained away. Most models use this water to aid cooling in the room along with enhancing the overall performance and thereby reduces the need to drain or empty the water.

A venting kit is generally provided with this portable ACs in which you have to seal the gap around the duct to prevent the escape of cool air. Also, these portable ACs are noisy (above 60 dB) while running on high power when compared with normal air conditioners.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is the difference between a residential portable air conditioner and commercial portable AC?

The commercial portable AC are designed in such a way to run for long hours (16 to 20 hours a day), as they are used in computer/office/server rooms which need cooling for a longer time. So, they ideally have high BTUs that range between 6000 and 60000. While residential portable AC runs for about 10 – 12 hours a day and has 6000 to 14000 BTU.

2. How to install the portable air conditioner?

Almost all the portable AC requires ventilation, as they have to vent the hot air outside of the room while cooling inside the room. Now a days, the portable AC comes with installation kids for the window or sliding door in which you can install or remove it easily. In case, you choose to vent the ac through a ceiling or wall then you have to make a hole for the hose to vent to hot air to outdoors.

3. How the water is drained from portable air conditioner?

In general, there are 3 ways the water gets drained from the portable AC. Self-Evaporating, Condensate Pump and Manual. Let’s get into its details.
Self-Evaporating – With this self-evaporating system, the water gets dispersed back into the air and no drainage is required in this system. But under extremely humid cases like compressor shut off automatically and indicator light alerts you to empty the tank. Then you have to empty it manually.
Condensate Pump – The excess water gets pumped out of the tank through a hose to outside through this condensate pump. Here, you need an additional proper installation.
Manual – Some of the old models require to empty the water collection tank manually. It needs to be done for every 2 – 6 hours by depending on the humid levels in your room.

4. Why the portable AC’s don’t have energy star labels?

Although, these portable AC are not displaying an energy star rating but from financial year 2020, you can choose the energy efficient portable air conditioner easily to meet minimum energy performance standards (MEPS) which displays a new zoned energy rating label.  Then this will show the energy efficiency as per your location. So that you will get an idea on how much energy they are consuming overtime while running.


Although, all the above mentioned 3 products are best but as per our market research, Super General Portable Air Conditioner (SGPI182) is excellent portable AC among them. The reason is that it is lightweight, comes with various features like 3 in 1 technology (air conditioner, dehumidifier and fan), no drip technology & antibacterial air filter, and 2 litres water tank capacity. It is easy to install, use and carry it. Also, the 1.5-ton capacity will make it suitable to use for medium sized rooms that comes with 120 to 180 sq. ft.

Hope the buying guide will help you in choosing the right portable air conditioner. Which portable air conditioner you’re going to pick in this 2021. Or still having any queries about air conditioners? Then feel free to share it with us in the below comments box.

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