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Best Placemats for Dining Table

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Placemats protect your dining table from cracks and stains while being a splendid addition to the table decor. Table placemats come in a variety of designs, colours and materials. Some of the variants even absorb the liquids that drip on your table. With many options in the market, it is often tiring to choose the best one. Here, we help you make a choice by bringing some of the best placemats that suit any dining decor.

1. HOKIPO PVC Vinyl Heat Resistant Dinner Table Mats

Tagline: A heat-resistant placemat that gives a stylish accent to your dining table with its cross weave pattern.

Hokipo’s set of 6 placemats and tea coasters are made of PVC and polyester that makes them heat resistant. The cross weaving pattern all along makes the placemats soft and subtle to look. This set can also be a perfect gift option for your friends. The fabric makes the cleaning process of the mats very easy. You can simply wash them under the tap water. The placemats are reversible and can be used on either side. 

2. PRAKARTIK BY INDUARTS Dining Table Placemats

Tagline: Environment-friendly cotton placemats that add a splash of colours to your dining table. 

These tablemats from Prakartik are digitally printed and each one is multicoloured to bring life to your dining table. The placemats are stylish and go well with white dining tables. These are great for daily use and can be a perfect gift option for different occasions. They can be scrubbed directly under water for cleaning. The placemats come as a set of 4 and are made of cotton to ensure durability. 

3. Walls and Murals Designer Placemat for Dinning Table

Tagline: Set of 6 floral-printed placemats that are waterproof and easily washable. 

With an elegant floral design and beautiful combination of colours, these placemats from Walls and Murals are waterproof and assure long life. To make them spill proof, the placemats are coated with a special layer. This additional layer of polyester makes the placemats stain-free. The 12×18 inch size is perfect for any dining table. 

4. Khooti Jute /Placemats Heat Resistant Dining Table Place Mats

Tagline: Linen placemats that can even absorb liquids yet very easy to clean. 

Khooti’s set of six placemats add beauty to your dining table with its elegant colours. These placemats go well with wooden, white and even glass dining tables. The high-quality jute fabric makes them durable and easily washable. The shining outer layer of the tablemats goes well with any table decor. They are heat resistant and also waterproof.

Things to consider before buying a placemat:

1. Size

Placemats are available in various sizes. However, the ideal size for a dining table is 12 inches. Considering this size, you can choose any shape of the placemat, square, oval or round. 

2. Material

The placemats made of natural materials like linen and cotton are chemical-free and easy to wash. Both of these materials are best for everyday use. Meanwhile, the placemats made of polyester and vinyl are affordable and durable. 

3. Style

In addition to a wide range of colours, placemats also come in varied designs. You need to pick a design that contrasts the table design. Make sure the design also matches the room decor. 

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