Best Pillow Protectors

How would you feel if your newly-purchased pillow looked ugly with stains and spills? It hurts you a lot. Am I right! So, it’s time to look for a waterproof pillow protector. The pillow cover cases protect your lovely pillows from such tough stains and keep them fresh and new. Keeping a pillow germ-free is a must to avoid the development of harmful allergens or bacteria on its surface. Here, we have picked the best four waterproof and dustproof pillow covers for you.  

1. AVI Pillow Protectors

Award: Best waterproof

Tagline: A pair of waterproof covers that keep your pillow away from dust and moisture.

AVI pillow protectors are made of machine washable soft cotton fabric. They are lightweight and easy to maintain. The pillow cover cases ensure peaceful sleep and comfort with their super breathable fabric. Further, they have a sturdy zipper on the side that helps you fully enclose the pillow and make it durable. Moreover, these pillowcase covers are water-proof. Thus, the covers prevent moisture build-up and keep the pillow dry all the time.

2. Uppercut Pillow Protector

Award:  Best affordable 

Tagline: Water resistant pillow protectors that prolong the life of your pillows. 

Uppercut pillow protectors in 18 X 28 inches size can easily accommodate large size pillows. Its top layer made of terry cotton ensures a soft and cozy feeling on use. The set comes with a pack of 2 pillow covers. Each cover case has a zippered facility that protects your pillow from bugs or insects. Further, its water resistant surface quickly absorbs sweat without leaving any odor. 

3. Healing Crystals India Pillow Protector

Award: Easy to maintain

Tagline: Pillow Cover cases with a zip to protect pillows against bugs and dust.

Healing Crystals India’s thick and superfine pillow protectors keep your pillows bright and ever new. These cotton-made pillow cases protect your pillow from tears and give it the ultimate lifespan. A part of its premium material, these pillow covers in beige color adds a rich look to your bed/sofa. Further, they are hand and machine washable, making the maintenance simple. It comes with an easy to use zip.

4. Trance Home Linen Pillow Protector

Award: Premium Quality

Tagline: Protect your pillows from stains & dust and also offer a comfortable sleep.

These pillow cover cases are available in different colors to match your schemes. You will get a pack of 2 pillow covers in a single package. These waterproof cover cases are a perfect choice for winter use. The breathable fabric of covers ensures airflow and prevents unpleasant odor. It keeps your pillow dust-free and durable. 

Things to consider before buying a guide to pillow protectors

1. Fabric Quality

High quality and thick fabric provides comfort as well as ensures long-lasting protection to pillows. Thick pillow covers prevent liquid from entering the pillows. So, choosing pillow covers with high liquid absorbency fabric is the best option. 

Mostly, the pillow protectors are made from cotton-blend or pure cotton fabric. But, buying 100% pure cotton-made cover cases are best to experience comfortable use and durability. 

2. Easy to maintain

Whatever the fabric is, the pillow covers might become dirty with hair oil and sweat on daily use. So, keeping them fresh and clean is a must. So, always choose pillow covers that are washable with all detergent types.