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Best Pillow Covers

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Cushion covers mixes well with every kind of interior arrangement. Whether it’s subtle or embroidered, silk or cotton, monochromatic or colourful – the multiple shades have some collection for every setup. Pillow covers allow you to enhance the beauty of a particular decoration. Whether it’s your living room or study room or balcony garden, a set of vibrant pillow covers can easily brighten up the entire look. We have listed out some of the best pillow covers that are ideal for any setup or any parties.

1. Aerohaven Decorative Throw Pillow Cover

Tagline: A set of bright pillow covers to decorate your house.

These pillow covers are made of premium quality poly matty and are of 16×16 inches. This set of 5 pcs of pillow covers are perfect for the living room or bedroom. Cool machine wash is preferred for these pillow covers. The multicolour tone and the floral motif in the design make these covers absolutely bright and charming. These covers have invisible zip and the solid white coloured satin fabricated back makes it more classic.

2. The Minimal Co. Mulberry Silk Pillow Cover

Tagline: A perfect rose gold pillow cover for classic contemporary setup.

This rose gold pillow cover is made of 100% pure silk. If you have any monochromatic bed sheet then this will add an extra charm to that. Even this pillow cover will go well with any bright coloured bed sheet too. The benefits of using a silk pillow cover are it prevents hair fall, acne and also keeps your hair moisturised. Because of the 22 momme pure mulberry silk, it looks very glossy and lavish.

3. Yellow Weaves Cotton Canvas Pillow Cover

Tagline: A multicoloured cushion cover set for your living room.

These multicoloured cushion covers can be a perfect choice for any colour sofa or lowercase arrangements. These are of 16×16 inches and are made of cotton. These are all machine washable and have a well-concealed zipper closure. You can use them to decorate your sofa set, bedroom or even couches and chairs too. And the best thing about these cushions is they are available in different colours and sizes. Like if you want matching pillow covers with your curtains instead of multicoloured covers then also you will get options here.

4. Generic Jute Fabric Printed Decorative Pillow Cover

Tagline: Floral printed pillow covers to charm up your interior decoration.

These multicoloured floral printed pillow covers can be a perfect match for your home garden or living room or even for your bedroom. The pink, red, green and blue created an amazingly bright contrast in this cover. All these five pieces are of 16×16 inches and are made of jute. Different sizes are also available for these covers. And the solid red coloured back makes it more vibrant. These covers have zip closure and can match well with any wall colours.

Things to consider before buying pillow covers:

  • Colour and Design: If you have a contemporary interior setup then you will need some bold and vibrant looking pillow covers to create a beautiful eye-catching contrast. But if your house already has an elegant vibe then to enhance that you will need some pastel shade or rose gold shade cover. Again for a typically modern setup, you can buy bright embroidered pillow covers but if you have a simple and sober arrangement then monochromatic or floral prints will be a better match for you.
  • Size: Considering the size is a very important thing because if your pillow covers come in bigger sizes than your pillow then it looks very asymmetric and vice versa. So always try to buy the covers that are of perfect size.
  • Fabric: The next most important thing is the fabric. Because the concept of comfort is a completely personal choice. Like if you don’t like the smooth and slippery texture then you should opt for cotton fabric but if you have acne problems or if you love that glossy effect then you should go for silk or satin.

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