Best Piano Keyboards in India: 2020 Reviews & Buying Guide

Invented in Italy in early 1700, a piano is the most popular and preferred musical instrument. But with technology at its peak, we have been introduced to digital piano keyboards.

It is named as a keyboard because it is styled like a computer keyboard. These keyboards are half the size of a normal piano but produce the exact piano sounds when played properly. They are powered with batteries or from AC output and have in-built speakers that can produce sound. Some of them even produce sounds of various instruments as well like guitar, flute, saxophone etc.

On top of that, as it is purely electronic, it also comes with several features like octave changers; sustain options, metronome, in-built voices, styles, phone connectivity, recording options and what not! So, it is an ideal choice for beginners and even for professional musicians who want a piano but without its bulky size.

An advanced piano has 88 keys but for a basic piano keyboard, that is a piano for beginners may have 49, 32, 61, 72 and 81 keys. And there are many options out there with a plethora of features at different price ranges.

So, to help you out, in finding the best, yet budget-friendly piano keyboard for you, here is a “Perfect Guide” for the beginners as well as for the professionals. We have included 7 best keyboard pianos as well that you can buy online in India.

Best Piano Keyboards in India 2020

KeyboardsKeysPowerWarrantyBuy Now
Alesis USB MIDI Keyboard Controller49 KEYSUSB Port1 yearCHECK ON AMAZON
Casio Piano Keyboard61 KEYSBoth battery and AC power3 yearsCHECK ON AMAZON
Yamaha Piano Keyboard61 KEYSBoth battery and AC power3 yearsCHECK ON AMAZON
Nektar Piano Keyboard49 KEYSUSB Port1 yearCHECK ON AMAZON
RockJam Piano Keyboard61 KEYSBoth battery and AC power1 yearCHECK ON AMAZON
M-Audio Piano Keyboard32 KEYSUSB Port1 yearCHECK ON AMAZON

Best Piano Keyboards Reviews in India

1. Alesis V49-Key USB MIDI Keyboard Controller

Alesis V49-Key USB MIDI Keyboard Controller

The Alesis has gained immense popularity among customers with maximum ratings and became the #1 bestseller from the Amazon. The keyboard controller is the centrepiece of attraction with its advanced technologies. It includes the Pro Tools such as the first Alesis Edition Live Lite 9 and Eleven Lite with other various virtual software by Air Music Tech.

The USB-Midi is compatible with the MAC versions and PC versions of Windows 7 and 8.

The keyboard controller is similar to the Nektar piano with the same number of keypads. Nektar is cost-effective than Alesis.

Best Suited for: – Beginners

Voices/ Styles/ Sounds

It has eight velocities and pressure-sensitive backlit for better beat production and clip launching. It also has four assignable knobs and buttons for experiencing the advanced visual showcase.

You can adjust your keyboard with V49 Editor software for controlling it through the computer.

Get access to the full keyboard range with octaves up and down buttons. Also, you can modulate sounds through modulation wheels for pitch control and enhancement of sound.

Best Features

  • 49 full-sized keys and 8-velocity pads for easy setup
  • Compatible with powerful software for the concert experience
  • Octave up and down buttons for viewing the full range of the keyboard
  • Pitch control via wheel modulation
  • With variations of the keyboard types from 28, 49, and 61 keys of similar model


  • Great backlight feature
  • The touchpad works smoothly
  • Pitch bend and modulation buttons are sensitive and effective
  • Portable Keyboard 
  • Convenient plug and steady performance through velocity settings


  • Drum pads are sensitive
  • You require a stand or a set to keep and play the keyboard.

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2. Casio Piano Keyboard

Casio Piano KeyboardCasio is a well-known brand in the musical instrument world and it has made its name by providing useful features and excellent build quality at a decent price. This particular model, CTK-2550 is extremely versatile. It has 61 piano key styles and comes with the support of an exclusive Chordana play app with which you can connect your mobile or tablet and play any song while practising. Rightfully takes the first place because of its huge range of features and voices, app support, competitive pricing and build quality.

Best Suited for:- Beginners

Voices/ Styles/ Sounds

This portable keyboard comes with 61 piano styled keys with 48 polyphony note. It is also equipped with 400 life-like instrument tones. You can start your jam whenever you want with 100 exclusive rhythms along with auto-accompaniments. There are around 60 songs built-in which are actually lessons accompanied by a metronome. It can actually help you play phrase by phrase. You can combine phrases and add effects to make it sound better. All these are instructed by the keyboard itself in a simulated human voice.

Best Features

  • Big LCD Display offers a clear and crisp vision. Comes with music notation and hand position indicator.
  • 30 User Song Banks for easy playing
  • Comes with a mobile app “Chordana Play” for quick learning and guide.
  • Comes with 400 Tones and 100 Rhythms. Also comes equipped with 13 Indian Tones and 12 Indian Rhythms
  • 2W+2W speakers offer fair sound output.
  • Comes with a free LAD-6 adapter.
  • Can be operated both with batteries and plugged-in.

Warranty:- 3 years of comprehensive warranty


  • Very well priced and the best value for money option for beginners.
  • Comes in-built with various melodies, tones and rhythms for easy playing.
  • Good build quality and responsive keys.
  • Superior sound quality
  • Easy to use and portable
  • App support


  • Recording can be a problem

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3. Yamaha Piano Keyboard

Yamaha Piano KeyboardWhen it comes to high quality and feature-rich musical instruments, Yamaha has always been one of the top contenders. This Yamaha PSRF51 keyboard is another gem of a product. It is quite similar to our top contender Casio as this one also has 61 keys and very versatile with a good range of voices, rhythms and style options. The reason it is placed second is the fact that it is down on polyphony notes, and overall sounds and voices but comes at a higher price than the Casio.

Best Suited for:- Beginners

Voices/ Styles/ Sounds

The Yamaha PSRF51 portable keyboard comes with a similar set of 61 keys like the Casio above. The look and feel of the keynotes are also quite similar. But the number of polyphony notes on this one is 32 as opposed to 48 on the Casio. It comes with AWM Stereo Sampling and 120 voices along with 114 preset styles. You can also add effects like reverb, guitar, harmonium etc and play with 30 songs in the background if you want to start right away.

Best Features

  • Intuitive LED display and colour-coded
  • Comes with 120 voices and 114 styles for getting started.
  • Built-in metronome for improving rhythm sense
  • 5 W + 2.5 W amplifiers for a quality surround sound.
  • Comes with a notation copyholder just above the screen to hold music sheets while playing.
  • Can be operated with batteries as well as with an AC adaptor.

Warranty:- 3 years of warranty


  • Brand value.
  • Well built and perfect for beginners.
  • Metronome and duo mode for realistic output.
  • Very user-friendly! 3 steps and you can play it with ease.
  • Keys have good feel and feedback.


  • Not as feature-rich like its direct competitor Casio.
  • No recording option.

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4. Nektar Piano Keyboard

Nektar Piano KeyboardNektar is famous for its plug-in instruments and this synth-action keyboard is another potent product in their line-up. This one is a 49-key keyboard purely run on USB. It doesn’t require a driver to be installed as well. Just plug in the keyboard to your computer and that’s it! So, it is compliant with Windows, Mac, Linux, DAW Integration like Bitwig Studio, Digital Performer, GarageBand, Nuendo, Studio One and many more etc.

Best Suited for:- Intermediate

Voices/ Styles/ Sounds

There is a Bitwig 8-Track included with the package. This gives you access to 50 instruments (software) and effects for close to 8 audio project tracks. There is also a handpicked selection of versatile loops, samples and clips. Apart from that, there is 4 velocity curves plus 3 fixed. Also, there are in-built Octave shift buttons and Transpose shift buttons.

Best Features

  • Physical Transpose buttons. You can shift from +/- 12 semitones.
  • Physical Octave buttons to control -3/+4 octaves
  • Fader modulation to control any MIDI parameter
  • Comes with the option of pitch bend and modulation wheel
  • Available with Footswitch (sustain) 1/4 in. jack input

Warranty:- 1 year of manufacturer warranty.


  • USB port for power as well as for communication with computer.
  • DAW Integration and all types of system connectivity options. iPad connectivity also available!
  • Physical Octave and Transpose changing wheel right on the front fascia of the keyboard.
  • LED display for notifications and status.
  • Well built and responsive keys.


  • Keys make a clicking sound while fully applied.
  • Only USB compliant! Can’t be played without computer/laptop or iPad.

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5. RockJam Piano Keyboard

RockJam Piano KeyboardThe best thing about RockJAM RJ561 is it is an all-in-one keyboard. By that, it means it comes with a superkit. There is nothing out there that can beat this in terms of the accessories offered. You will get an adjustable stand for placing the keyboard. Also, you will get a thick padded and adjustable stool for sitting while playing. The package also comes with an exclusive headphone if you want to play your keyboard without disturbing others.

Best Suited for:- Beginners

Voices/ Styles/ Sounds

With record and playback functionality, this 61-key keyboard boasts 100 keyboard sounds. It comes with 100 rhythms and 50 exclusive demo songs so that you can play along with ease. There are 30 free Piano Maestro songs that can be downloaded on your iPad/iPhone. This can help in practising rhythm, technique and much more.

Best Features

  • Comes with a superkit which includes 30 free songs on iPad/iPhone.
  • Package includes everything that will help you to start playing the keyboard right away. Like: keyboard stand, sitting stool, headphones etc. The stand and the stool are adjustable!
  • Clear LED screen for notifications and instructions.
  • Built-in speakers

Warranty:- 1-year warranty from the manufacturer.


  • All-in-one package with adjustable table and stool.
  • Value for money in terms of features and equipment on offer.
  • Quite a good range of songs and voices.
  • Big and crisp LED display.
  • Comes bundled with a quality headphone.
  • Can work both on battery and on power.


  • Speaker output sometimes has noises.
  • The build quality could have been better

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6. M-Audio Piano Keyboard

M-Audio Piano KeyboardThe M-audio Keystation Mini Keyboard is for everyone whether you are a pro or just have put your hands on piano. This USB MIDI supported keyboard is loved for being compact and super lightweight. This one is a mini keyboard that features 32 keys but has a couple of control buttons to polish your creativity.

Best Suited For:- Professionals and Beginners

Voice/ Styles/ Sounds

No inbuilt voices or sounds on this one. But this particular model is perfect for unrestricted computer-based music creation. Comes with 32 velocity-sensitive keys! Also, there is a physical sustain and octave changing button on the left side. You can literally make music anywhere as it is USB powered and also supports iOS connectivity. There is also a premium software suite included in the package for immediate and easy for any production needs.

Best Features

  • Pitch bend and modulation controls for professional use
  • USB powered
  • Connects to iPad or computers
  • Octave up/down buttons expand the keyboard range
  • Sustain button for piano sustain and volume up/down buttons
  • Comes with a Premium Software Suite

Warranty:- The device has 1-year warranty on it.


  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Pitch bend and modulation control
  • Octave up and down button
  • Sustain button
  • Affordable professional keyboard
  • Best for home recordings


  • Average built quality
  • Not suitable for studio recording

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Piano Keyboards Buying Guide

A piano is widely used as a stress buster and enhancing the motor skills of a person. Whether it a conventional piano or piano keyboard, it gives you peace and joy. It is also known for regulating the body organs and cheering up the mood. If you are in the lookout for a keyboard to start off your musical journey or want to change your existing set with a good one, we are here to help you.

To aid you in the process of buying a suitable piano for you, here is a proper buying guide for all piano lovers and interested people out there.

1. Electronic Piano vs. Digital Piano – Which is the Best

  • Digital Piano:-

Digital Piano is the Digital Replica of Acoustic Pianos. They are designed and furnished in such a way that it gives the player a feel of the piano.

Digital piano may have furniture upright model, cabinet or maybe just a piano but it will have 88 keys that are fully weighted.

  • Electronic Piano:-

These are also referred to as Keyboards and are designed and framed in such with a focus to offer the player portability. They are very light-weighted and often come with 61 or 76 keys. There are even mini keyboards available that have only 32 or 49 keys. These are ultra-portable and come with USB and Bluetooth connectivity options.

Along with this, electronic piano or Keyboards are played by using keyboard style, where it gives the musician an option of playing it with rhythms style and accompaniments.

You can even play a Drum’s sound from the keyboard keys. This means that the musician can play both notes and melody from a single instrument. It gives great ease and comfort to a musician. Keyboards come with hundreds of tones that contains ample of technical options. These options allow in customising the sounds with great ease.

Bottom Line: For beginners especially, a keyboard piano is a great option. It is budget-friendly and offers varied options. By keyboard, we usually mean, Electronic Piano. These pianos are portable, have multiple sound notes and offer great pleasure and fun in playing.

2. Do Check the Sound Quality

A piano with great and melodious sound quality is always preferred and opted. Also, the sound quality is a subjective matter, as it differs from person to person. It is always preferred to play the piano once, before buying it. This will help the buyer know about the sound quality of the instrument.

Many prefer a much brighter tone than a mellower one. It all depends on the choice! In general terms, the good piano is one which sounds full and round. It is always a great option to take the opinion of a professional before buying a piano. A professional can be a registered teacher as well.

Also, the consistency of the sound plays a major role. The more the consistent the voice is, the more ideal it is. Along with that the notes also plays a major role. The piano should be capable of playing all the notes with similar strength. There should not be any deviation in the loudness. This will affect the sound or melody of the instrument.

Bottom Line: A piano with a consistent note and sound should always be preferred. The new keyboards in the market are all made by famous brands and they are quite good. As the sound quality is digital, you can expect a consistent output across similar keyboards on offer.

3. Inspect smoothness and feel of the keys

Keys play a major role in determining the type of piano. Keys are the primary components in the piano. A smooth surface which is crack free is always preferred. Also, there must be adequate resistance that enables to play the piano properly and comfortably. If the player has to put a lot of pressure in pressing the keys then it implies that it does not have enough resistance.

Cushioning of the keys also plays an important role in selecting a suitable piano keyboard. This enables the proper playing of the instrument and also saves the finger from the sudden shock on the joints.

Bottom Line: While selecting a keyboard always pay attention to the keys of the Piano. Well-cushioned, resistant and smooth keys enable the musician to comfortably play the piano.

4. Consider the Number of Keys

The number of keys in a keyboard ranges from as low as 25 and goes to as high as 88. Obviously, if you want versatility, it would be better to go for a higher number of keys. As keyboards are kind of a one-time investment, it is advisable to go for something that will be future proof.

This is because in case you are a beginner and you buy a 32 key keyboard and later after learning you might crave for a 61 key or 88 key. Mainly due to the fact that a higher number of keys will bring more playing options and notes for that matter.

Bottom Line: Our suggestion is, if you are a beginner, ideally you should go for something with 61 keys. It will help you to learn it better. On the flip side, for experienced musicians going for 88 keys will be the best bet. As for a child, a smaller sized keyboard with 25-32 keys will be more comfortable.

5. Look for Voices and Rhythms

If you want to create music and explore your creativity, there is nothing more suitable than in-built voice and sound keyboard. These keyboards are all-in-one! You will feel like you are the band as it will have all types of sounds, tones and voices.

There will be separate rhythms that can help you play different music styles like Indian, Ethnic etc. Basically, the keyboard is capable of playing the sound of the other instruments as well. These sounds are added in the piano in the form of keynotes.

Bottom Line: The diversity in these types are huge and thus while you purchase you should look for a higher number of tones, voices and rhythms etc.  So, before buying, voice and rhythm capabilities of the piano should be checked. Also, they should be in the form of a built-in metronome to hone your skills.

6. Proper Placement of the Piano

If there is not enough space to place a piano then a keyboard is always given preference. Because it requires less space as compared to a traditional piano. This is where keyboards are desirable. You can place it anywhere and play according to your own comfort. But there are big keyboards as well with 61-88 keys, speakers and with a huge surface area. Workstations, arranger keyboards are quite big and are rarely portable.

Bottom Line: Keyboards are space-saving. Before opting for any type of piano always make sure to check the dimensions of both the piano and space, to ensure that the instrument is properly placed.

7. Fix your budget before buying a Piano

A prime factor that determines the selection process is the budget. A predetermine budget should always be made before buying a piano. There are so many good quality options that are well priced. These options are equipped with a lot of features yet priced really competitively.

Bottom Line: The key role in buying a piano is the budget. It acts as a constraint and the major factor for decision making. The trick here is to assess your own requirements and needs and then going for the purchase. Usually, piano keyboards are budget-friendly and worth every penny.

8. Does your Piano come with a Warranty

So, this factor too plays an important and essential role in the decision-making process of the piano. For any digital device, a warranty plays an essential role.

It is so because; the warranty is ultimately linked with the working life of the instrument. Therefore, before buying an instrument, always check the warranty period and the damages included in it. It provides a major return over the amount spent.

Bottom Line: If you are in search of a durable piano then go for an instrument that provides a comprehensive warranty period. There should be at least 1- 2 years of warranty on a keyboard. Well known brands like Casio, Yamaha provides 3 years of warranty!

9. Choose the Brand wisely

The brand too plays an essential role in the decision making of the piano. A brand is always known for producing a reliable and quality piano. The reputation earned and recognition gained by various topmost brands ensures to provide the quality piano in less amount. It provides worth to every penny spent.

Bottom Line: While buying a piano, always prefer brands like Casio, Yamaha, AKAI, etc. If you want a quality product along with a lifetime guarantee then always prefer a brand for buying a piano.

10. Does your Piano have Polyphony notes

Polyphony applies to various kinds and type of sound a piano can produce. It implies that a 32 note polyphony can produce up to 32 note at once.

If you are playing an 88 key piano then ensure that the piano is capable of producing enough of polyphony. It is suggested that an 88 keys piano plays 128 note of polyphony.

Bottom Line: Polyphony enables to play various sounds on the piano while working. Always check polyphony while buying a piano.

11. Other Features

There are many small yet important functions which matters while purchasing a keyboard. One of them is recording and playing. This can actually help in the learning process. A USB port can help in this regard. Also, many keyboards nowadays have a MIDI controller that helps to connect phones for communication.

Secondly, the keyboard needs to work with batteries as well.  As keyboards are portable instruments it should have the option of working without adapters or electric power. Some keyboards only work on USB connectivity and it is a downside for sure.

Thirdly, there should be a proper display over the instrument. Ideally, it should show all the related information for easy understanding and access.

Bottom Line: Always double-check the features list for with/without battery function, clear display and USB/MIDI options.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which piano is highly portable and is also within the budget?

Keyboard pianos are not just inexpensive but also provide high portability to its users. They are light weighted and can easily be carried from one place to another.

2. How many keys does an Acoustic piano have?

An acoustic piano has 88 keys and all of these keys are properly cushioned and smooth. They provide an efficient surface for the purpose of playing.

3. How to maintain a piano?

Merely purchasing a piano is not enough. A piano if not maintained properly may not be able to play effectively. Also, the money spent on such a case is a complete waste. Always clean the keyboard from time to time. If you are a heavy user, a timely service can also help matters.

4. Is there any difference between smaller and big-sized pianos?

Yes, it is surely different. There are various major differences between a big and smaller piano. And this is because of the fact that it has many new keys while smaller does not have many keys.

5. What does Touch Sensitivity of the Keys refer to?

Touch sensitivity refers to the responsiveness and the strength of the keys. Also, it enables to know the velocity by which a person can play a particular piano. The touch sensitivity enables the musician to successfully play the piano without any issues. It makes playing easy and convenient!

6. Can I use normal batteries instead of rechargeable ones on my keyboard?

It is highly advised not to use non-rechargeable/normal AAA batteries on your keyboard. This is because it doesn’t have the required power to make the keyboard work. Even if you use and it works, it will be surely turned off in some minutes or so. So don’t waste your batteries and always use rechargeable batteries.

7. Can I record my music on my keyboard?

Yes! Many keyboards give you the option to record and play. These keyboards give you the option to connect your mobile phones or computer as well. So, while buying check for USB port/Bluetooth connectivity.


With this, we are at the end of our guide. As you can see there so many factors that need to be assessed while buying a sophisticated musical instrument like a keyboard piano.

More so as it is a completely digital product, the complications are there indeed!  But if you have the general know-how of how things work and what might actually help you while playing, choosing your suitable keyboard piano won’t be difficult.

Our recommendation for an all-in-one keyword is the Casio Piano Keyboard This one is a gem! Priced the lowest out of all the listed products here, it comes with the highest number of voices and rhythms. Being a 61 key keyboard, this one is by far the best value for money option that you can go for right now. You won’t be disappointed for sure!

We sincerely hope that this guide whelp you find the best keyboard. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

  • Avatar SANDEEP S BHADKE says:

    I want a casio piano . am from Nanded mh. i want purchse from Mumbai or Hyderabad . where can best.

    • Hi Sandeep,

      There is no need for you to choose any specific city because all of casio’s products come of the same quality irrespective of the city you buy it from. Also, it is best you buy them from Amazon as you would also be having free returns in case you do not like or have some problems with the product.
      The last time we checked, Amazon delivers casio products to your city, Nanded. Here is a link for the casio products to help you further. Best Casio Piano

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