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Best Photo Albums

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A photo album is the best way to capture all the memories with family and friends. It can be a valuable gift option for anniversaries, birthdays, valentine’s day and other special occasions. Photo albums these days are coming in various designs and themes to suit varied purposes.

To help you create and store your memories, we have compiled a list of the best photo albums that are not only attractive to look but can last long.

1. Sehaz Artworks HappyEveryday Scrapbook Photo Albums

Tagline: Beautiful DIY scrapbook album with adjustable buckles to add or remove photos.

Shaz artworks scrapbook photo album comes with a thick, non-foldable wooden cover which makes it last a lifetime. The album has 30 black sheets which allow you to paste photos. There’s a butter paper between each sheet to ensure the pages do not stick. It has three binding rings made of nickel plating that prevents rusting. These binding rings are removable so you can add or remove pages.

2. Natraj Memo Screw Type Album

Tagline: A 300-page photo album with a caption space to write about every photo you store.

 Natraj photo album comes with 300 pages made of plastic. Each page can store three photos on either side. There’s a space provided after each photograph to write about the memory captured. The sheets and the outer cover of the photo album consist of plastic which makes it durable.

3. YAHVI Personalized Magazine Style Photo Book Album

Tagline: Beautifully designed magazine-style photo album with a customizable front cover.

The YAHVI photo album comes with 16 pages where you can store up to 32 photos. After placing the order, you need to send your preferred photographs to the contact details mentioned in the product-images section. The seller communicates with you regarding the layout and design selection. YAHVI’s photo album is the best one to gift your loved ones as it’s customizable.

4. PAPER PLANE DESIGN DIY Travel Scrapbook Photo Album Diary

Tagline: A scrapbook photo album that can preserve your vacation memories the best way.

This photo album holds 30 matte black pages that look trendy and suit all photos with any background. The spiral rings allow an easy transition from page to page. The hard outer cover and thick pages make the album travel-friendly and durable. Moreover, this scrapbook album comes in multiple colours and themes.

Things to consider before buying a photo album:

1. Durability

Not every photo album consists of fine materials. So, you need to carefully check the materials of album sheets and the outer cover. The pages of a photo album consisting of paper or any delicate material tend to tear while inserting or pasting a photo. Choose an album made of plastic or thick paper sheets.

2. Acid-free

Lignin is a type of compound that makes the paper stronger. After some time, this compound breaks down and releases acids which makes the paper yellow. Moreover, it can damage the photographs you’ve stuck to the album sheets. So, make sure you go for a lignin-free photo album.

3. Features

The most important thing to look for while buying a photo album is the features that it has. Look for the number of sheets, size of the photos each sheet can hold and if it has a memo space. Moreover, see if the pages are detachable.


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