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Best PC Speakers

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Whether you have a complete high-end gaming system or casual desktop, you would have to have the best pc speakers to make the most of your setup. PC speakers are a great way to improve audio quality while streaming content online, taking calls, or catching up on lectures. But with so many options available, it can be difficult to choose the best ones for your needs. That is why we have put together the best pc speakers models below after careful consideration, review analysis, and testing.

1. Creative Pebble Plus 2.1 Desktop Speakers


Award – Highly Rated

Tagline – Angled drivers

These pc speakers have angled or elevated drivers which ensures that the audio will reach you accurately.

Creative Pebble Plus desktop speakers are the right choice for people who are looking for options in economical range. The 2.1 channel sound system delivers powerful and clear audio, with a dedicated subwoofer for deep bass. The volume and power control knobs are located on the right satellite speaker, allowing you to easily adjust the sound as you need. The stylish design of the speakers will complement any modern workspace, making them not only functional but also a great aesthetic addition to your setup.

2. Logitech Z120 0.6W USB Wired Speaker


Award – Popular Pick

Tagline – Compatibility

These wired PC speakers are compatible with Windows and Mac computers. In addition to that, you can also connect them to smartphones, tablets, and USB-enabled devices.

The Logitech Z120 0.6W USB Wired Speaker is a simple yet powerful audio device that is perfect for streaming music or listening to podcasts from a laptop or other digital device. It features a low-profile design and an easy to connect USB interface for plug-and-play operation. It also has an adjustable volume control knob so you can adjust the sound to your preference. The speaker has an output power of 0.6 watts, meaning it is not overly loud but provides clear and crisp sound. The compact and lightweight design of the speakers makes it easy to place them on your desk, saving space and reducing clutter.

3. Zebronics Zeb-Warrior 2.0 Multimedia Speaker


Award – Modern Design

Tagline – LED lights

This multimedia pc speaker comes with in-built RGB lights that are a perfect option for a gaming setup or to add custom elements to your space.

The Zebronics Zeb-Warrior 2.0 Multimedia Speaker is a powerful and versatile audio system. It has a total RMS of 40 Watts with two full-range satellites that have 15 Watts RMS each and a wooden subwoofer of 10 Watts RMS. It is designed with a premium plastic body and an ergonomic design. It has a wide range of connectivity options including Aux, USB, and Bluetooth. You can also connect two phones simultaneously for a multi-device experience. The speakers also come with an in-built FM radio that can be listened to without any cords. They also have dual-knob control for easy volume control and music selection. It has a remote control for quick access to all the features.

4. Creative Pebble V2 – Minimalistic 2.0 Desktop Speakers


Award – Stylish Design

Tagline – Gain switch

These pc speakers come with an in-built gain switch which assures two times more powerful audio delivery and experience.

The Creative Pebble V2 makes for an excellent addition to any office or home workspace. With a small footprint and an eye-catching design, it adds a touch of style to any setup. It comes with a five-foot cable, making it capable of connecting to both laptops and desktops. The speakers are compatible with most laptops and computers that have a USB-C port, as well as most smartphones and tablets with a USB-C audio adapter. The 2.0 channel sound system delivers powerful and clear audio, making it suitable for music, movies, and games. The volume control knob is located on the side of the right speaker, allowing you to easily adjust the sound as you need.

5. iBall Decor 9-2.0 USB Powered Computer Multimedia Speakers


Award – Portable

Tagline – Sleek Look

The sleek wooden design with a glossy finish adds a touch of sophistication to any atmosphere, including home or office setup.

The iBall Decor 9-2.0 Multimedia Speakers are a perfect option to level up your regular pc without spending much. It is equipped with a 2.0 configuration which offers a balanced surround sound with deep bass and crisp highs. The 3-inch full-range driver and 0.5-inch tweeter ensures optimal sound clarity, while the 6W RMS power output ensures loud and clear sound. The remote control lets you adjust the volume and switch between inputs. It also has an LED indicator light so you can easily check the current sound settings. These speakers are compatible with any device with a 3.5mm audio input, making it suitable for PC, Mac, smartphones, tablets, and other audio players.

6. Redragon GS550 Orpheus PC Gaming Speakers


Award – Also Consider

Tagline – Bass quality

These gaming PC speakers offer outstanding bass quality which ensures clear audio delivery even at high notes.

The Redragon GS550 Orpheus PC Gaming Speakers offer superior sound quality and deep bass for dynamic gaming audio. The two satellite speakers are equipped with a 5.25” neodymium driver and the subwoofer is outfitted with a powerful 4” driver. This combination of drivers provides clear highs, detailed mids, and punchy lows. This speaker also comes with an LED power indicator and a headphone jack, so you can enjoy private gaming sessions without disturbing anyone else. With its impressive hardware design, top-notch sound technology, and convenient features, these speakers will help you get the most out of your gaming sessions.

Factors to Consider While Looking for the Best PC Speaker

Sound Quality

The sound quality of the speakers is one of the most important factors to consider. Look for speakers that deliver clear, balanced, and powerful audio.

Channel System

A 2.0 channel system is the most common type of speaker setup for PC users, but if you want a more immersive audio experience, you may want to consider a 2.1 or 5.1 channel system.

Power Source

Some speakers are powered by USB or AC, while others are powered by batteries. Consider the power source and make sure it is compatible with your computer setup.


Check that the speakers you choose are compatible with your computer, including the operating system and any audio ports you have available.

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