Best Nursing/Feeding Pillows in India 2018

Did you know that a newborn baby generally needs to be fed by her mother up to 8-12 times in a single day? This can be really tiring for the mother since she needs to support the baby in the correct position each time she feeds, that can last upto 30-45 minutes at one go. Without proper support, breastfeeding mothers can suffer from aches and pains in the shoulders, neck and back.

This is why a nursing pillow becomes important for a breastfeeding mother. It helps to reduce the strain on a mother’s neck, back and waist by holding up the baby’s weight at the right places. It is also suitable to support the baby at different angles and change nursing positions from time to time.

However, choosing the right nursing pillow is not an easy task. It should be of the correct height so that the baby can comfortably reach up to the mother’s breast; it should neither be too soft nor too hard; also, the baby must be placed on an adequately padded cushion and should not roll off while feeding.

To make it simple for you to choose the correct nursing pillow, we’ve compiled a list of the best nursing/feeding pillows here that should definitely help. In addition to it, the do’s and don’ts to be kept in mind while buying a feeding pillow are also listed below.

Things to Look For When Choosing a Nursing/Feeding Pillow

There is a wide range of nursing pillows available in stores today, depending on shape, size and the nature of their fillers.It can be difficult in choosing just the right fit for you and your baby. Here are some things you need to look for while purchasing a feeding pillow.

1. Types of Nursing/Feeding Pillows

Nursing pillows could either be belted or without a belt. They are also available in a variety of shapes – ‘c’, ‘o’ or crescent. Depending on the type of fillers, nursing pillows can be broadly divided into the following types.

  • Foam Rubber/Sintepon: A type of non-woven fabric that is used as a synthetic filler, sintepon and foam rubber fillers are the cheapest but do not naturally compress and spring, making the pillow uncomfortable.
  • Buckwheat Husk: Natural, safe and moulds to the shape of head and neck. But not washable and creates an unpleasant noise which may disturb the baby.
  • Hollofayber: Light, warm and breathable, this synthetic polyester filler is quite economical but loses its form and elasticity easily.
  • Feather/Wool: Were used in the earliest pillows but may cause unwanted allergies in the baby. Also, not washable hence not very suitable for long-term usage.
  • Polystyrene Balls: Soft, light, airy, elastic and comfortable. Contours according to the shape of the baby’s body and has orthopaedic properties that provide extra comfort.

2. The Right Fit

Wherever you are nursing your baby, you need to sit upright and position your baby’s head and body at the correct height reaching up to your breast. Depending on the size of your torso along with your waist size, you need to opt for a pillow which gives you just the right fit and stays in place. For this, it is advisable to try on different pillows at a store before ordering the one you find comfortable online. Ideally, the pillow should not feel too tight or too wobbly around your waist while sitting.

3. Frequency of Nursing

This varies from individual to individual, depending on how many months old the baby is. It also changes as the baby grows from a newborn to older, sprouts teeth and the like. If you’re planning to gradually transition your baby to solid foods, the durability of the pillow might not matter much. However, for newborns, it is recommended to opt for a relatively good albeit expensive pillow if it offers you better comfort with longer durations of use.

4. The Correct Mix of Firmness & Softness

Though most of the nursing pillows available in the market today are adequately padded, it is important to ensure the one you choose contains the right mix of firmness as well as softness for your baby. A newborn feeds best when she lies with her neck straight on a firm yet padded pillow. If the pillow is too soft, the cushioning may make your baby sink lower, which can make it difficult for her to latch on to the breast. Similarly, a pillow that is too hard may not provide the required comfort to your baby.

5. Adjustable Belt/Strap with Support Padding

If you have a newborn, it is likely that you may be feeding her almost a dozen times a day. Hence, it is essential to buy a nursing pillow which has an adjustable belt or strap with a buckle, for ease of use. Also, certain feeding pillows come equipped with a silent release feature that is noiseless and does not wake the baby up while unlatching. In addition to this, support padding for armrests and a comfortable back rest prevents aches and pains to the breastfeeding mother even with prolonged usage.

6. Washability

A good number of nursing pillows today come with a removable and machine washable fabric cover. This makes it very convenient for the purpose of cleaning. An extra pillow cover provided could be an added bonus.

Top 7 Nursing/Feeding Pillows in India 2018

Nursing PillowsItem WeightProduct DimensionsBuy Now
MomToBe Cotton Fabric Feeding/Nursing Pillow0.8 kg25 x 25 x 17.5 cm Check the Price
Nina Twins Feeding Pillow0.8 kg58.5 x 53 x 15.2 cm Check the Price
KidiCat Alphabet Print Feeding Pillow ~ 1 kg45 x 35 x 9 cm Check the Price
Original Coozly 5-in-1 Baby Feeding Pillow with Cotton Zippered Cover ~ 1.5 kg63.5 x 58.4 x 15.24 cm Check the Price
Get It Feeding Nursing Pillow 798 g53.3 x 40.6 x 10 cm Check the Price
Nina Feeding Pillow 531 g55 x 38 x 15 cm Check the Price
Baby Bucket Mother Pillow Feeding and Nursing 699 g45 x 38 x 15 cm Check the Price

1. MomToBe Cotton Fabric Feeding/Nursing Pillow (HD Foam, Red, Teddy Print) 

The first product in our list is the Cotton Fabric Feeding Pillow by MomToBe, a brand that aims to provide quality maternity products for expecting and new mothers. This pillow is available in more than 10 different bright colours and prints – from red teddy prints to blue animal prints and pink love prints.

Made with ultra-soft and HD foam and 100% cotton fabric, this pillow ensures a firm yet comfortable support for the baby during feeding. The silent-release strap is adjustable and helps to unlatch your baby noiselessly while asleep. A secure Velcro around the waist helps to maintain the right posture while nursing your baby.

The pillow has a gently undulating surface to lightly massage your baby’s back, promoting healthy blood circulation. A conveniently positioned pocket helps to keep essential accessories within easy reach. The pillow has a removable, zippered slipcover that is machine washable. The pillow itself is washable too, though it needs to be washed by hand.

The ergonomic encircling or wraparound design of this MomToBe feeding pillow is comfortably padded to make sure the mother experiences no tension in muscles of the shoulders, arms or back. It can also be rotated at different angles depending on what nursing position suits you and your baby best.

Padded arm rests, elbow rests and a cushioned back support are additional features that could make this long-lasting pillow a good purchase.


  • Made with ultra-soft & HD foam, 100% cotton fabric
  • Silent-release adjustable strap & secure Velcro around waist
  • Machine washable removable zippered slipcover
  • Undulating pillow surface to promote baby’s blood circulation
  • Additional pocket for necessary accessories while nursing
  • Ergonomic wraparound cushioned design
  • Available in more than 10 bright colours


  • Pillow washable but only hand wash

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2. Nina Twins Feeding Pillow (Orange)

This feeding pillow meant for twins belongs to Nina, known to be the pioneer of the now popular ‘back support and belt’ feeding pillow design.

Ideal for twin babies or even a single baby or mother who is larger in size than usual, this Nina feeding pillowcould be a more comfortable option than a regular size feeding pillow. Its firm and large surface takes the weight off the nursing mother’s arms to prevent any aches and pains.

The high built-in double back support and adjustable buckle strap with a Velcro is designed to fit most body sizes comfortably. It is quite light in weight too, making it easy to carry around as well as suitable for C-section mothers that have tender tummies.

The silent-release buckle ensures the baby is not disturbed when you unlatch her after feeding. The cover of the pillow is removable and machine washable, made of pure cotton that dries easily too. This Nina feeding pillow also comes with a completely detachable back rest and has two small pockets to carry essential items.


  • Ideal for twin babies or a single larger baby/mother
  • Firm & large surface takes baby’s weight off mother’s arms
  • High built-in double back support for long nursing hours
  • Adjustable silent-release buckle strap with Velcro to suit most body sizes
  • Light in weight; recommended for C-section mothers
  • Machine washable, removable, pure cotton cover
  • Detachable back rest & two additional pockets


  • No spare set of covers provided with product
  • Back support could have been better
  • Relatively expensive

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3. KidiCat Alphabet Print Feeding Pillow (Pink)

If you are looking out for an economical yet comfortable feeding pillow for your baby, this KidiCat Feeding Pillow could be value for your money. It is available in 15 different colours and prints – from pink alphabet prints to off-white bear prints or red car prints.

Made of 100% pure cotton and high density foam, this baby feeding pillow is durable and long-lasting. It is specially designed to suit the rounded spine posture of feeding moms and prevents the resulting back pain.

It keeps the mother and baby comfortably close while feeding, positioning the baby in such a way so as to help her latch on correctly. The ergonomic design of this feeding pillowensures your baby’s swallowing and gastric reflux issues are reduced while feeding.

The pillow helps to bear most of the baby’s weight while nursing. This reduces the burden on the breastfeeding mother. This pillow also comes with a removable cover that can be either hand washed or machine washed.


  • Relatively economical
  • Made of 100% pure cotton & high density foam
  • Durable & long-lasting
  • Ergonomic design to suit mother’s rounded spine posture
  • Ensures reduction of baby’s swallowing & gastric reflux issues
  • Machine washable removable cover
  • Available in 15 different colours & prints


  • No additional side pockets

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4. Original Coozly 5-in-1 Baby Feeding Pillow with Cotton Zippered Cover (Navy)

The Coozly brand is known for its soft and fine fibres and 100% cotton fabrics that breathe. This Original Coozly 5-in-1 Baby Feeding Pillow is available in 3 different colours –navy, cyan and maroon.

Best used as a feeding pillow for a newborn to a 2 year old baby, this Coozly product has other uses as well. For a growing baby that starts turning on its back, this pillow is a good option to strap the baby securely in with comfortable back support.

Also, the baby can be placed on the stomach after feeding on the pillow itself for some much-needed tummy time before she falls asleep. A useful baby hoop belt provided with the pillow can be used to strap in your infant with adequate bottom support. This helps in making babies burp or simply play in, usually at around 9 months of age.

A big advantage of this hypoallergenic pillow made of medium reflexive ‘terra firma fibres’ is that it can be used from 0 to 4 year old to even older babies to play around in or simply as an armrest cushion. It doesn’t even need a belt around the waist and is self-adjusting. It comes with an additional cover.


  • Suitable for 0-4 year old babies
  • 5-in-1 uses – feeding, strapping, tummy time, burping, playing
  • Useful baby hoop belt with bottom support
  • Hypoallergenic & made of medium reflexive ‘terra firma fibres’
  • Self-adjusting, no waist belt required
  • Additional pillow cover included with the product


  • Relatively bulky

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5. Get It Feeding Nursing Pillow (Medium Red)

This Nursing Pillow from the Get It brand offers a comfortable nursing time for breastfeeding babies and their mothers. Its simple yet ergonomic wraparound design makes it a good option for those looking to buy feeding pillows.

The comfortable back rest helps to keep the posture of mothers upright while feeding their babies, preventing back and shoulder pain with longer durations of use. A firm and padded cushion also keeps the baby secure and comfortable while nursing and prevents the baby from rolling away.

The adjustable buckle strap has a Velcro to suit most body types. It comes equipped with a silent release one-handed adjustment option making it convenient for the mother to remove the pillow after nursing without waking up the baby.

The arm and elbow rests of this Get It Nursing Pillow help to get rid of any shoulder or neck stress while feeding your baby. It also has a useful pocket at the side to store any extra nursing accessories and comes with a baby soft deluxe plush cover.


  • Ergonomic wraparound design
  • Comfortable back rest to prevent back & shoulder pains
  • Firm & padded cushioning for baby
  • Adjustable silent-release buckle strap with Velcro
  • Arm & elbow rests for extra comfort
  • Useful pocket for accessories
  • Baby soft plush washable cover


  • Pillow cover is not water-resistant

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6. Nina Feeding Pillow (Orange)

For those who are looking to buy a soft and comfortable feeding pillow that can support different nursing positions, this Nina Feeding Pillow could prove to be a good choice.

Its wrap around design snugly fits the waist of the breastfeeding mother and the pillow can be rotated depending on what nursing position suits mother and baby best. A silent release clasp helps in not waking up the baby after feeding. The strap is secure and adjustable, suited to fit most body types.

The arm, elbow and back rests are conveniently positioned to ensure maximum support for the mother during feeding. This prevents the occurrence of a sore back and neck and helps keep the baby comfortably latched on.

Specially recommended for mothers with back aches or C-sections, this feeding pillow comes with a removable and washable cloth cover for hassle-free cleaning. The pillow offers such good support that the baby need not be held during feeding.


  • Snug wrap around design
  • Pillow can be rotated for different nursing positions
  • Silent release clasp
  • Secure & adjustable strap
  • Convenient arm, elbow & back rests for support
  • Removable & washable cloth cover
  • Specially recommended for C-section mothers


  • Foam quality could be better
  • No Velcro lock

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7. Baby Bucket Mother Pillow Feeding and Nursing

This Baby Bucket Mother Pillow meant for Feeding and Nursing is made of extra soft, baby-friendly material. It is well suited for those mothers who use different feeding positions for their babies.

Equipped with an easy rotation feature, the pillow comes with an adjustable fitting with a convenient Velcro option. It is close-fitting on the mother’s waist and provides a secure support for the baby while nursing.

Designed to support the mother’s rounded spine and sitting posture while breastfeeding, this pillow’s back rest helps to prevent any shoulder or back aches and pains with prolonged usage. Its support also reduces swallowing and gastric reflux problems in your baby.

It can be adjusted to an adequate height on the waist as per the mother’s requirements. This Baby Bucket Nursing Pillow also reduces the baby’s weight from coming entirely on to the mother’s arms. It has a washable cover and is comfortable to wear.


  • Easy rotation feature for different nursing positions
  • Close-fitting on waist with adjustable Velcro
  • Supports mother’s rounded spine posture to prevent pains
  • Reduces baby’s swallowing & gastric reflux problems
  • Easily washable cover for hassle-free cleaning
  • Made of baby-soft fabric


  • No silent release clasp; Velcro is noisy &may startle the baby

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The MomToBe Cotton Fabric Feeding/Nursing Pillow is our top pick from this list of best nursing/feeding pillows in India because of its ultra-soft HD foam and ergonomic wrap around cushioned design that promotes a baby’s blood circulation. It silent-release adjustable Velcro strap along with an additional useful pocket are very convenient during feeding. Available in more than 10 bright colours, this nursing pillow could make breastfeeding times comfortable for new mothers and their babies.

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