Best Microscopes

Microscopes play an incredible role in your child’s education by helping them inspect insects, birds and plants. They can also be a worthy gift option for teenagers to make them get curious about science. There are many microscopes in the market with varied prices, sizes and features. Through this article, we’ll help you pick the best microscope according to your need.

1. G Lab Student Microscope With LED

Award: Best in design.

Tagline: With a monocular vertical head and 25 to 675x magnification features, it is great for educational purposes. 

G Lab offers an affordable microscope containing high-quality iron body to ensure durability. Within the package you get a cover, dusting cloth, coverslips, two prepared slides, a mirror and two eyepiece lenses. The microscope is sturdy with its parts being easily replaceable. The two sample slides allow your kid to start using the microscope immediately. With impressive 10x, 15x eyepieces and 25x, 45x lenses, you get good quality presentations. The LED lights on the device help you carry on with your research in dark environments.  

2. Esaw Compound Microscope 

Award: Best magnification.

Tagline: With up to 1500x magnification, this microscope is perfect for extensive lab research.

Esaw (The Engineering Science Apparatus Workshop) offers a durable microscope best for academic and research purposes. With 50 prepared slides in the package, you can start using the device as soon as you unbox. The slides contain a variety of species relating to class 12 syllabus. With up to 1500x magnification, you can use it to study bacteria and blood samples. The dust cover and the cleaning cloth in the package prevent dust formation. The high-quality 10x, 15x wide fields enhance the resolution of the images. 

3. Lukzer Beginner Microscope Kit

Award: Best for beginners.

Tagline: A child-friendly plastic microscope with up to 1200x magnification creates interest in children to study nature. 

Lukzer offers a children microscope with LED light for ease of operation. You can adjust the light to observe specimens from various perspectives. With 100x, 400x and 1200x magnification powers, you children can receive all the educational insights with clarity. In the box, you get two collection bottles, forceps and a blank label. The monocular viewing head encourages fun exploration of objects. The plastic outer body makes the microscope lightweight and perfect for children. 

4. Esaw SM-02 Student Biological Microscope

Award: Best in Quality.

Tagline: With 25 prepared slides, this microscope is suitable for intense observations.

Esaw offers a premium quality microscope with 2 objective lenses, 2 eyepieces, 50 blank slides and coverslips. The versatile device has LED substage to allow a clear picture of blood samples and bacteria. The 50 blank slides let the students create their specimen. The motion knob on the microscope body ensures ease of use. With 15x eyepieces, the clarity of the observations is clear. You also get a wooden slide box to store the microscopic slides. 

Things to consider before buying a microscope:

Magnification capacity

The magnification capacity of the modern microscopes ranges from 10x to 10,000x. You need to choose the right magnification depending on the purpose. If it’s for students, up to 1200x magnification would suffice. 

Light transmission

Many microscopes these days are coming with in-built LED to enhance the brightness and clarity of the observations. Some of them even come with a mirror reflection. 


Some brands of microscopes offer additional accessories like a dust cover, cleaning cloth and prepared slides. These options are beneficial in keeping your microscope spick and span. The prepared slides allow your children to learn how to use the microscope.