The 7 Best Meditation Chair in India 2021 Reviews & Buying guide

Are you a meditator and searching for the best chairs to meditate peacefully? Then here is the best solution for you, nothing but meditation chairs. Meditation is best for mind, health and body, as it calm down yourself by relieving your stress and strain along with soothing your body. Meditating regularly will help to keep a perfect interaction between mind and body and thereby you can achieve a healthy body.

Although, there are many ways (like sitting on the floor or chair) of performing this meditation. But the meditation chair are specially designed for this purpose. So, to get the best meditation chairs, you have to question yourself with the following questions.

  • Does it give proper back support?
  • Whether the chair should be organic and eco-friendly or not?
  • What kind of material is needed for making it?
  • How much space do I need for this meditation chair? / is it comfortable for me to practice?
  • Does it need to carry or to be fixed in one room for meditation?
  • Is the footrests and backrest are sturdy and make me comfortable?

Want to know what are the factors to be considered before purchasing. Then here we are providing you with the Comprehensive Buying Guide along with some best meditation chairs. Just scroll down to know all about Meditation Chair.

Top Meditation Chairs 2021

Meditation ChairDimensionsWeightColorBuy Now
TipTop Meditation Chairs19 X 17 X 3 inches1.5 kgMaroonCHECK ON AMAZON
BTH Company Vipassana and Meditation Chair17.7 X 24.4 X 24 inches4.5 kgGreyCHECK ON AMAZON
Friends of Meditation and Yoga Chair22 X 24 X 28.5 inches5.2 kgBlackCHECK ON AMAZON
Halonix Steel Framing Meditation Chairs29 X 16 X 22 inches1.4 kgMaroonCHECK ON AMAZON
Orion 7 Medi-Buddy Meditation Floor Chair20 X 23 X 20 inches4.2 kgNavy BlueCHECK ON AMAZON

Best Meditation Chairs: Reviews

Picking the right meditation chair is not an easy task. So, to minimize your shopping research, we are providing you with the top selling best meditation chairs in Indian online market (as per the market reviews & ratings). Just go through these products and select the best one, as per your requirement.

1. TipTop Meditation Chair 

TipTop Meditation Chair 

TipTop’s meditation chairs are another best option if you need an affordable meditation chair. Though it does not come from a reputed brand, it has good adequate features that fulfill the meditation needs of anyone. 

Its wide space, EPE back support, specific design, and comfortable material serve you better in your peaceful meditation time.


This meditation chair is made of wrought iron in a foldable design so that you can close and store it even in small spaces. However, it comes in a preassembled state. 

Besides, its seat cover uses the best quality foam cotton fabric to ensure comfort and avoid back pain. It is not only hypoallergenic but also durable and easy to maintain. 

Fits for:

The EPE back support of the Tip Top meditation chair is neither too soft nor too hard, and so you feel good and comfortable for the lower back in Sukhasana posture. As it satisfies the meditation-requisite supports, it has been used in Brahmakumaris International Organization for 40 years.

It is the best suitable meditation chair for adults, the elderly, kids, and students. Apart from meditation, you can use it for watching TV, painting, gaming on computers, or reading books for extra comfort. 


With its standard material and perfect design, you can sit comfortably without any pain. Moreover, it is helpful for beginners who cannot sit in a better posture sitting on the floor. 

With adequate support from this meditation seat, you can even sit in any asana and concentrate well as you avoid the undesired discomfort. It is beneficial for aged persons, beginners, and people with joint pains who often complain of the physical complaints. 


It is a folding chair with 19*17*3 inches size and 40 density feather foam. So, you can have a flexible and soft seating arrangement. The seat depth is about 40cm and provides sufficient comfort support to sit for a long time. 

Weight of the chair- It weighs just 1.5kg, and so you can carry it wherever you like. 

Available Colors- It is available in different colors of white, brown, and maroon. So you can choose based on your room decor and usage for your home, gym, meditation hall, or yoga studio. 

What we liked:

  • With the best back support, you won’t feel back pain. 
  • The seat design makes you more comfortable. 
  • You can sit in any asana. 
  • It is foldable. 
  • It is suitable in meditation centers, yoga studios, and homes. 
  • Available in different colors
  • People can also use it to make your work from home choice peaceful. 
  • No need of assembly
  • 5 years warranty

What we didn’t like:

  • It does not come in a bag. You will only have a handle to carry easily. 
  • The back-rest erection could have been better. 

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2. BTH Company Vipassana and Meditation Chair

BTH Company Vipassana and Meditation Chair

This BTH company will develop products as per the International specifications and quality parameters. It allows you to sit in a comfortable place and practice meditation peacefully. It is ideal to perform vajrasana (kneeling position) and cross leg posture. This chair comes with an extra cushion that elevate your hips while performing meditation.


It is made from zahu and zabuton cushions that provide excellent back support to meditate comfortably. It is ideal to perform vajrasana and cross leg posture. The vajrasana will stabilize your mind and body along with strengthening up your nerves and leg muscles. Cross leg posture increases the attentiveness and awareness along with stimulating the pelvis, spine, bladder and abdomen.

The 2 inch foam will provide comfort to legs and an extra cushion will support the body on the backrest. The cushion covering material is 100% cotton suede which is attached to a steel frame of high quality.

Fit For:

The back support vipassana meditation chair with extra cushion is fit for those who are practicing meditation poses like cross leg posture and vajrasana poses. Also, suits best for satsang and meditation camp. The chair reduces the numbness of your legs which may happen when the legs and hips are not at the same level.


This Vipassana meditation chair comes with an excellent back support that help to keep the body up-straight (vertical position) and thereby increases the sitting capability. The extra cushion of this chair will help to elevate the hips to align directly to the spine whenever you are sitting for a longer time. This seat can be easily folded and also, it takes less space for its storage. You can carry this chair to anywhere you preferred to perform yoga and meditation.


The dimensions of the product are 17.7 X 24.4 X 24 inches

What we liked:

  • The cushion back support will help you to sit straight and focus while meditating.
  • The 2-inch extra cushion will create up and down level along with helping you to stretch the legs properly after doing meditation.
  • This BTH company meditation chair is easily foldable and can carry to anywhere due to its lightweight.
  • It requires less space for storage and strong to sit continuously for a couple of hours.
  • Ideal for beginners and those who are participating in Satsang and meditation camp.

What we didn’t like:

  • The breadth should be 2 – 3 inches more to make the user sit and perform meditation comfortably.

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3. Friends of Meditation Extra Large Relaxing Buddha Meditation and Yoga Chair

Friends of Meditation

The Friends of Meditation Buddha meditation and yoga chair is specially designed by its founder, Certified Osho Meditation Facilitator and Registered Yoga Teacher Swami Dhyan Unmesh. The Friends of Meditation are providing various range of products that facilities the user to have ease in practicing yoga and meditation for both beginners and advanced learners.


This chair is well crafted to give longevity and excellent comfort of the product. Made from rich velvet quality fabric that won’t deflate easily with pressure. The cushion is adjustable and won’t lose its volume even with the heavy weight.

This meditation chair is fully foldable with perfect back support. The 3 inch high density foam zafu to elevate the hips and thereby prevents leg numbness. While the lumber support (L-4) is an adjustable curved back support will give excellent support for the lower back.

Fits For:

This meditation chair will fits for everyone who are 6 feet 2 inches height to practice meditation peacefully. It increases the capacity of the user and allows them to sit for a longer time on the floor. It is best to use by people who are suffering with back problems or with less flexibility or aged people for their proper back support. It is suitable for beginners and cross legged posture who want to meditate with prolonged sitting.


This meditation chair can be used by everyone who are below 6 feet 2 inches height. The detachable curved back support will help to keep the spine in a perfect alignment. The detachable 3 inch Zafu is used to raise the hips to prevent numbness of legs while meditating for a longer hours. The complimentary black colored water resistant bag will help you to carry this meditation chair to everywhere, even while traveling.


The dimensions of this chair are 24 X 22 X 28.5 inches. Cushion – 4 inches thick 40d foam (it comes with 7 years warranty), Size of the back support/backrest – 16.5 X 22.5 inches, Size of the Zafu – 18.5 X 4 X 11.5 inches.

Weight – 5.20 kg

Available Colors – Black, Brown, Navy Blue, & Maroon.

What we liked:

  • It is designed to reduce stress and promote proper posture by providing the lower back support with its curved wide backrest.
  • It is ideal for practicing meditation at home to make the meditation session relax and comfortable. Especially, for those who have back pain, aged old people and beginners.
  • Detachable seat cushions and adjustable backrests.
  • It is foldable and easy to carry with its convenient carrying bag.

What we didn’t like:

  • A little bit pricey product.
  • Need to work on the quality of the fabric.

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4. Halonix Steel Framing Meditation Chairs

Halonix STEEEL FRAMING Meditation Chairs

The Halonix meditation chairs/relaxing chair/yoga chairs with cushion back support is specially designed to practice meditation for a prolonged time, especially for those who attend for Satsang & meditation camps. This chair comes with 1 year warranty and also it is delivered in a pre-assembled state and won’t require no assembly required.

The Brahmakumaris International Organization are using this meditation chair / dhyan chair since from last 40 years. It can fulfill various purpose like the user can sit comfortably for a longer time to meditate, read books, play indoor games, painting, practicing rajyoga or simply watch TV.


It is made with a sturdy inner steel frame along with removable outer cover. Simply,  it is designed in such a way that 90% outer cover is of heavy cotton duck that encloses a solid steel frame to provide you an excellent backrest and thereby corrects the sitting posture. The seat of this meditation chair is stuffed with a dense foam to provide another layer of comfort. This chair has 3 inch, 40 density feather foam that comes with 7 year guarantee.

Fits For:

This meditation chair/dhyan chair/yoga chair will fit for beginners who want to meditate comfortable by sitting for a long time. Also, used by most of the students for studying, painting, watching TV, reading books, doing raj-yoga meditation, etc.


This chair can be folded easily and it requires less space for storage. You can use this chair for multipurpose and outdoors as well. The high quality steel frame is strong and durable which allows you to sit for a longer time. It is light weight which makes you to carry this chair from one place to another.


The dimensions of this product are 29 (L) X 16 (W) X 22 (H) inches, Seat Size – 18 X 16 X 3 inches, cushion for half folded chair – 5.2 cm thick, 40 density feather foam.

Available Colors – Maroon & White

Weight – 1.4 kg

What we liked:

  • It is a multipurpose chair that is suitable for camping trips, meditation, reading, watching TV or performing yoga possess.
  • The sturdy steel frame will definitely support the back and the cushion will make you sit comfortably with correct posture for longer time.
  • Its lightweight construction will allow you to carry this chair easily from one place to another, even for traveling.

What we didn’t like:

  • Need to work on cushion back support why because the user may feel the steel frame while leaning on it.
  • A overpriced product when compared with other products in the market.

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5. Orion 7 Medi-Buddy Meditation Floor Chair

Orion 7 MediBuddy Meditation Floor Chair

If you’re searching for an excellent back support and willing to invest on the good meditation chair then consider this Orion 7 Medi-Buddy meditation floor chair. It is a new meditation chair that comes with a bigger seat size that allows you to sit comfortably for a longer time.


Its construction include the metal frame (coated with mild steel) inside the molded foam that covered with soft cushion with imported 40 density foam to provide comfort with its cotton fabric for the user to sit for a longer time.

Fits For:

It fits for everyone (either beginners, advanced learners, experts, age old people) to practice meditation and yoga due to its great back support. Also, used for outdoor activities, satsangs, meditation sessions, etc. So, finally it becomes your best buddy while meditating on it.


This chair is portable and fully foldable in which you can put this chair in a convenient carrying bag and carry it to anywhere easily. It can also be used for outdoor purposes and comes with multipurpose usage.


The dimensions of the chair is 68.6 X 51.8 X 16.7 cm, Seat Size is 23 X 20 inches, Cushion/Seat Thickness is 3 inches, Dimensions of backrest is 14 X 17 inches.

Weight of the Chair – 5.3 kg

Available Colors – Navy Blue

What we liked:

  • It has simple and sturdy construction which is used to those people who practice meditation for a longer time.
  • Comes with a carry bag that allows you to fold & pack this portable chair and carry it easily from one to another place.
  • It comes with a comfortable 40 density imported foam which provides an excellent back support while sitting for a longer hours on floor.
  • Ideal for cross legged and yoga postures and also acts as a quick stress reliever.

What we didn’t like:

  • Although, the product is fine but it is too big (large or heavy) to carry it around.
  • A little bit overpriced product.

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Buying Guide for Meditation Chairs – How to Choose the Best One:

The meditation chair will help to improve the posture and redistribute your weight along with reducing your stress and relax your body. It gives optimum support and comfort while doing meditation and yoga. So, simply get a meditation chair to grab these benefits.

Here we are providing you with a guide that help you in selecting the best chair for your daily practice of yoga and meditation. Have a look on it before purchasing the chair.

Types of Meditation Chairs:

One should know the types of meditation chairs before they purchase them. In general, it comes in 3 main types – Folding, Cushion & Kneeling / Bench.

Folding Chair – These are most common type ad meant for floor use which allows you to sit in a upright position on the floor. It gives the flexibility to sit either in a cross legged, straight legged, curled up or resting position. They are portable and come in a carrying case for easy storage and also carry it while traveling.

Cushion – This is a traditional chair that are ortho-friendly which helps you to give proper support to your spinal and muscular needs. This cushion type won’t have a back support but designed to support the spine. It is strong and supportive that makes you sit right comfortably.

Kneeling/Bench – It allows the user to kneel instead of sitting, which relieves the pressure from the back and lower spine of the user. It is specially designed to those who are suffering from severe back and neck pains.

Things to Consider before Buying the Meditation Chair:

Here we are discussing about what are the factors we have to check or consider before purchasing this meditation chair.

1. Material:

In market, we can see the meditation chairs which are made with wood, bamboo, cotton, velvet or any organic materials. You have to check whether the material used for its design will give comfort and proper support while meditating without getting any back pack.

Always remember that investing in a good quality material will definitely extend the longevity of the product with its high standards. So, purchase the chair by checking the material used for its manufacturing. For instance, if you like to meditate on the floor then choose a chair which is made with material that won’t get flatten upon its regular usage even for months.

2. Back Support:

In general, we see these meditation chairs either backed or backless. So, you need to know their difference, comfort, and ease of using both these chairs before purchasing. The meditation chair should provide the essential comfort and support to perform meditation without any distraction. So, it’s up to your choice whether to buy a backed meditation chair or backless meditation chairs.

The backed meditation chair gives a perfect back support to the people who sits on it. So, select the chair which is ergonomically designed to hold the proper posture for a longer time with adequate back support.

3. Comfort:

Comfort is essential while practicing meditation why because it is inter connected to mind and thereby disturbs your meditation. So, simply find a chair that properly support your posture and makes you comfortable to sit without any disturbance in the meditation sessions.

4. Meditation Position:

However, most of these meditating chairs are designed to perform cross-legged postures or position. While some other are deigned to perform kneeling to meditation. In case, if you prefer the kneeling then either bench or cushion will be best alternative. So, choose this meditation chair wisely.

5. Durability:

The quality of the material will decide the durability of the chair. Also, the user should not do rigorous activities on the chair. The chair should be strong enough otherwise, in case if the chair gets broke during practicing meditation then it won’t disturb your peace but also hurt the back of your body.

6. Height of the Chair:

Most of the meditation chairs are designed in such a way that sit directly on the floor. In case, if you find yourself hard to sit down on the floor then prefer to choose a chair with some height that suits best for you. Some chairs comes with height adjustments, which allows the user to have a comfortable sit at desired height (up to some extent).

7. Storage Space:

We usually find the meditation chairs comes in different styles such as stools, benches, cushions, etc. and also they vary in different sizes. Keep in consideration about the place to store this meditation chair at the time of its purchase.

8. Portability:

Light and portable meditation chairs are ideal for traveling (like to take it for gyms or outside places). If you’re intended to use this meditation chairs in your home then you can select the heavy one to perform meditation peacefully at home. Also, some meditation chairs will come with carry bags which allows you to carry it comfortable to any place.

9. Ergonomic Design:

To reduce your stress, tension and strain from the body, back and legs, we prefer to have a relaxed chair. So, select this meditation chair that comes with ergonomic design that creates safety and physical health to the people who are using it.

Also, the location where you want to meditate will be taken into consideration, why because it may decides what type of meditation chairs to be purchased. Whether it should be for indoor usage or outdoor or for both types. Whether it is portable and easy to carry or fixed at one place.

10. Lifestyle:

Your lifestyle will also resemble before buying this meditation chair. So, check whether you meditate at work or at home or travel a lot? So, select the chair which is light, foldable and compatible if you are a person meditating at work or traveling. In case, if you prefer to meditate in a permanent space in the home then get a robust and elevated chair. Finally, select the chair as per your lifestyle.

11. Cost:

Prefer to purchase this meditation chair that is comfortable and cost-effective. Although, check whether the chair meets your required variety of posture and meditation comfortably. In general, these meditation chairs will start from Rs. 3000 and above, as per the features, support, and comfort.

Advantages / Benefits of Meditation Chairs:

This chair allows you to practice meditation anytime and anywhere. Other than this, there are numerous benefits which we can grab by using the meditation chairs. Have a look on those benefits.

  • It helps you to meditate comfortable in a relaxed place. Meditating on floor will hurt your legs and butt and thereby makes you unable to focus on meditation. So, this chair with perfect cushion will make you meditate properly with out any distraction.
  • It is ideal to have a room for practicing yoga & meditation in a comfortable and distraction free place. So, create yourself a meditation space by using this meditation chair.
  • It helps to maintain a proper alignment or good posture. You have to sit for a longer time to straighten the spine or else it results in distracting pains or injuries.
  • This meditation chair gives your proper support to your legs (avoid numbness), butt, back, and spine with its ergonomic design to meditate with ease and comfort.
  • The usage of meditation chairs will definitely help to improve the comfort and support, especially to the beginners (also for daily practicing people). So, with this chair, you can improve the time spent without much physical strain.
  • Other benefits include improves your focus on mediating rather than posture, prevents limbs from falling asleep, relieves pressure from joints, provides comfort to support your weight & straighten up your spine.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is the difference between a meditation chair and meditation cushion?

The main difference is the back support provided by the chair. Meditation chairs comes with partial or full sections at back that makes your sit back and rest against the chair. When it comes to meditation cushions then it is designed to sit on the top and raise the hips and thereby keep the back supported by sitting straight.
So, the meditation chairs are perfect and well suitable for those who has extra back support rather than meditation cushions.

2. Shall we use this chair as outdoor or indoor furniture?

Most of these meditation chairs are not used as indoor or outdoor furniture why because they don’t have any weather resistant fabric. If you want to use this meditation chairs as outdoor then you have to design it specifically.

3. When and How this meditation chair is essential?

The meditation chair is essential to maintain/sustain a perfect body posture while sitting for a longer time on the floor without causing any strain on the back or any of your body part. It provides stability that won’t incur any distractions while meditating and straightens the body by giving proper back support.

4. Why we need a meditation chair but not sitting with back against a wall?

The usage of meditation chairs will help you to maintain correct body posture without placing much pressure on the lumbar region of the body. This apparatus is designed specially to maintain body posture which we won’t grab by just leaning on the wall for support.

5. What is the proper meditation posture?

The excellent posture for meditation is just sitting with the back and neck straight and unsupported. Also, keep your legs in any position that makes you feel comfortable and stable. Some common postures are full lotus, cross-legged, half lotus, kneeling position or simply sir on a small bench or plain wooden chair with back straight.

Final Words:

Friends of Meditation Buddha Meditation & Yoga Chair is our top pick from the above mentioned list of best meditation chairs. The reason is that it is designed by the Osho Meditation Facilitator and Registered Yoga Teacher Swami Dhyan Unmesh. The rich velvet quality fabric that won’t deflate with pressure. The cushion is adjustable and won’t lose its volume even with the heavy weight. It is foldable and increases the sitting capacity of the user on the floor. Suits best for everyone.

Which one you’re going to pick in this 2020? Do you think anything we missed about meditation chair in this article? Or Still having any queries? Then feel free to share it with us in the below comments section.