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5 Best Marble Cutters in India:2021 Reviews & Buying Guide

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Though named as a marble cutter, it is used not just to cut through marbles but also wood, steel and granite stones too. While the device used is essentially the same, it is the blade used to cut that is different. 

Also, the type of blade you use would require your marble cutter to have little different specifications. For instance, you would need to have at least 12000 RPM powered device with a minimum of Tungsten Carbide blade to cut through marble or granite. For cutting through wood, you may not be needing such heavy RPM rates and could do with a simpler blade too. 

Before zeroing down on the perfect Marble Cutter, consider the following 3 important factors.

  • The device must have a minimum of 10000 RPM
  • The blade that you pick should be compatible with the RPM and also to your usage
  • Cordless or Corded nature of the device (again depending on the nature of work and power availability of your workplace)

Apart from these major three, there are a few other factors that help you decide on picking the right Marble Cutter and they are mentioned in the Buying Guide that is attached at the end of the article. Do check that out as well. For now, let us jump right into reviewing the best marble cutters available in India

5 Best Marble Cutters in India

ProductsMotor Power (Watt)WeightBlade DiameterWarrantyBuy Now
Bosch GDC 121 Marble Cutter12003.4 kgs1256 MonthsCHECK ON AMAZON
IBELL Marble Cutter / Multi-Purpose Cutter10503.4 kgs1106 MonthsCHECK ON AMAZON
JOSCH Marble cutter13002.7 kgs1101 YearCHECK ON AMAZON
Akshar Marble Cutter10502.8 kgs1003 MonthsCHECK ON AMAZON
Stanely Marble Cutter 13201 kg1251 YearCHECK ON AMAZON

Best Marble Cutters Reviews in India 2021

1. Bosch GDC 121 Marble Cutter

Bosch GDC 121 Marble CutterA compact diamond tile cutter from Bosch. It comes with an optimized dust insulation and air flow cooling design which ensures efficient motor performance for longer lifetimes. The ergonomically designed handle enables a smooth and fatigue free performance. It is specially designed for vertical cutting. Its wide base plate provides a stable and smooth operation and the machine is water proof.

Technical Features

  • Motor Power – 1200 Watt
  • No-Load Speed – 12000 rpm
  • Weight – 2.5 kgs
  • Cutting blade – 5 inch
  • Maximum cutting length – 125mm
  • Maximum Cutting depth – 50mm
  • Cutting depth (at 90) – 40 mm
  • Suitable for – Marble, Tile, Steel, Wood and Metal
  • Replaceable blade – Yes
  • Adjustable height – Yes
  • Vertical cutting – Yes
  • Dimensions (Height * Width * Base Width) – 230mm * 250mm * 190mm
  • Corded


  • High working efficiency as the machine is powered with 1250 W motor
  • Lock-on button features to ensure continuous drilling safely
  • Standard wing bolt provides easy cutting and depth adjustment
  • Comes with optimized dust insulation and air flow cooling system which enables Longer lifetime
  • Has a wider base plate thus, providing stability which operation
  • Perfectly apt for vertical cutting and can be used for slot cutting of wall bricks
  • Completely water proof and dust proof


  • A bit high on price when compared to others on this list

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2. IBELL Marble Cutter / Multi-Purpose Cutter

IBELL Marble Cutter / Multi-Purpose CutteriBELL multi-purpose cutting tool is equipped with a wider blade diameter and ensures precise cuts as per your requirements. Its small and sturdy structure provides a perfect balance while performing the job and is less prone to fatigue. With its perfect combination of rotary motor and pulsating action this cutter provides a smooth operation with outmost reliability. Due to its compact and portable design for easy movement using this tool becomes really comfortable.

Technical Features

  • Motor Power – 1050 Watt
  • Rated Amperage – 1.5A
  • Maximum Cutting depth – 30 mm
  • No-Load Speed – 13000 rpm
  • Weight – 3.4 kgs
  • Wheel diameter – 110 mm
  • Dimensions (Height * Width * Base Width) – 280mm * 240mm * 200mm
  • Suitable for – Marble, Tile, Steel, Wood and Metal
  • Blade Material – Marble
  • Replaceable Blade – Yes
  • Corded


  • The tool is really compact in size (H*W – 28×24 cm) in size is extremely lightweight, sturdy and portable
  • Good base width gives a perfect stability to the tool making it fatigue-free when in use
  • Good build quality makes it durable and reliable for infinite challenges with minimal maintenance
  • Compact design for easy movement and suitable for metal cutting as well
  • A perfect combination of power and reliability, it is quit robust and efficient


  • Does not have variable speed control setting

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3. Josch Plastic JC 4B Tile Cutter

Josch Plastic JC 4B Tile Cutter

For three decades, the Josch Group has been serving Indian consumers with power tools at the best possible prices. This heavy-duty tile cutter, which is primarily used for vertical cutting, has a wide base plate that gives better stability. 

With an adjustable knob, you can change the angle and dimensions of this plate to vary the depth of the cutting blade and so you can have a customized cutting. This compact handheld device is easy to use with a simple switch ON or OFF and a lock-on button for hassle-free longer use. 

Technical Features

  • Motor Power – 1300 Watt
  • No-load Speed – 11000 rpm
  • Weight – 2.7 kg
  • Cutting blade –  4 inch
  • Wheel blade diameter – 110 mm
  • Suitable for ceramic tiles, brick walls, porcelain, marble, wood, and other stones. 
  • Adjustable height – Yes
  • Vertical cutting – Yes
  • Dimensions – 26.4*22.4*18.4 cm


  • You can use it easily with a D-handle comfortably. 
  • High working efficiency with 1300 Watt motor power
  • The lock-on button reduces fatigue.
  • Adjustable depth gauge for precise cuttings
  • Less vibration and noise
  • Dust insulation
  • A wider base plate for stability
  • Longer life span
  • It comes with a marble cutter without a blade and 2 wrenches.
  • 6-months warranty on manufacturing defects from the purchase date


  • It does not come with a blade.

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4. Akshar Marble Cutter

Akshar Marble CutterA marble cutter from Akshar Industries, the company based in India, this tool is reasonably priced, maintains supreme quality and is manufactured as per the industry laid standards. Akshar marble cutter provides a precise cut and is suitable for both marble/ stone and wood cutting.

Technical Features

  • Motor Power – 1050 Watt
  • No-Load Speed – 12000 rpm
  • Weight – 2.8 kgs
  • Wheel diameter – 100 mm
  • Suitable for – Marble and Wood


  • 100% copper winding enables long life of machine
  • CRNO (Cold rolled non-oriented) grade of electrical stamping
  • Properly insulated and dual coated copper wirings are used
  • 30% Glass nylon is used to build the body which provides great strength


  • Does not suit metal cutting
  • Does not have speed control settings

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5. Stanely Marble Cutter

Stanely Marble CutterA perfectly designed portable, powerful tool which can be used for both tile and wood cutting. Built with a motor of power 1320 watts this tool can cut through various kinds of materials such as granite, marble, tile and wood with outmost finish and ease. This tool also features a comfortable grip with a good stability and low noise.

Technical Features

  • Motor Power – 1320 Watt
  • Rated Amperage – 1.3A
  • Maximum Cutting depth – 41 mm
  • No-Load Speed – 13500 rpm
  • Weight – 1 kgs
  • Wheel diameter – 125 mm
  • Dimensions (Height * Width) – 180mm * 150mm
  • Suitable for – Marble, Ceramic, tile and Wood
  • Replaceable Blade – Yes
  • Height Adjustment – Yes
  • Corded


  • It is really light in weight (1Kg in weight) providing the user with utmost comfort while working
  • Perfect apt if you are looking for a machine to perform both wood and tile cutting
  • The machine produces a very less vibration and noise
  • Good build quality – Material and finishing is made of stainless steel


  • Does not suit metal cutting
  • Not suitable for bevel angle of 45

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Marble Cutter Buying Guide

A marble cutter is a sturdy handheld power tool designed to cut the flat stones, concrete and marbles into desired sizes and shapes with a greater precision and in least time.

What are the basic components of marble cutter?

The basic components of any marble cutter comprise of a main body, cutting blade, motor, handle and a base plate. The body of a marble cutter is made of either heavy duty metal or plastic which houses a motor and is provided with a fixed handle on top which makes it easy to hold and work with. A cutting blade is spindle mounted on the axis, which enables the user to change the blade when needed. It is equipped with a base plate at the bottom which acts a support and stabilizes the device while work is in progress.

How does it work?

A marble cutter is designed to work for both wet and dry cutting. The cutter is housed with a circular disc like cutting blade with/ without ridges which is mounted on an axis and is power by a motor. The basic principle is similar to that of a circular saw used for wooden cutting. The main advantage these cutters provide is that they are compact and portable thus making them mobile and easy to operate not only professionally but at home as well.

Factors to Considered While Purchasing a Marble Cutter

With various kinds of brands we have a wide range of marble cutters to opt from and to go for a right choice we need to understand few aspects as below;

Type of Application

  • Cutting various types of flat stones, tiles and marbles
  • Interior decoration, DIY projects, road construction, building decoration
  • Sawing and scribing concrete or stone.

Techinal Aspects

1. Motor Power/ Power input (Watts)

The amount of power supply the machine needs to run is termed as motor power/ power input, greater the value the more powerful is the machine. Marble cutters with power ranging from 750W to 1600W are available in Indian market and our best suggestion is to opt a cutter with a power input of at least 1050W

2. No-load speed

The number of complete revolutions of the cutting blade each minute when it is not cutting anything is termed as No-load speed and the value usually decreases when it is actually performing the cutting job. Thus, the efficiency of the tool is directly dependent on no-load speed and we suggest to consider the marble cutters with a no-load speed of at least 12000 RPM and above.

3. Selection of Blade

when choosing the blade for your machine it’s important to consider the below

  • Blade diameter
  • Blade bore diameter

a). Type of blade

Blade diameter – larger the blade diameter, deeper and faster will be the cut. Look for a blade diameter of 4 inches (100mm) and above. Our best pick would be a blade diameter of 5 inches (125mm).

Blade bore diameter – the hole in the middle of the blade is called bore and the diameter of bore varies from one blade to another and can be 16mm, 20mm or 30mm (mostly we can find bore size of 20mm). It is really important to choose the correct size blades for your machine, verify with the bore diameter of the machine from manufacturer’s details before purchase.

Type of Blade – depending on the type of usage, we need to opt the type of blade. A diamond blade, diamonds fixed on the edge of the blade enables it to cut through hard materials with a greater precision. These blades are the most durable and are meant for materials like stone, marble, concrete, fiber cement and so on. The diamond blade can be used for both wet and dry cutting, but are not meant for wood cutting as they do not provide a smoother cut. Carbide tipped blades are meant for wooden cutting and are similar to diamond blades, these are designed to provide a clean and easy cut for wood.

Also, when selecting a marble cutter we need to remember that the diameter of a diamond blade and the maximum no-load speed of the machine are inversely proportional, i.e., larger the blade diameter lower should be the recommended speed.  Our best suggestion would be a diamond blade of diameter 5 inches (125mm) with maximum no-load speed of 12000 RPM.

4. Weight of the equipment

Marble cutters being handheld power tools, their weight becomes really critical when performing a job. It should be light in weight, but at the same time should be robust, the ideal weight we suggest would be from 2.5kgs to 3.5kgs.

Other Features to be Considered

Build quality and finish – These cutters are available for both wet and dry usages depending upon which we need to ensure that the body material is both dustproof and water proof

  • Look for blade change option for quick and easy blade change as required
  • Variable speed control settings – to improve the adaptability of the tool most of the marble cutter now-a-days have this added feature where one can adjust the speed of the machine as per the requirement
  • Maximum Cutting Capacity/ Cutting depth – it is the recommended thickness of the material the tool can cut. Our suggestion is to opt the tool with cutting depth of minimum 30mm and above
  • Cordless or corded – if opting for a corded cutter ensure to check the length provided by the manufacturer and if going for a cordless check for the batter capacity


  • The marble cutters are handy, mobile and easy to operate
  • They are robust and sturdy in structure, making them relatively safe in operation
  • They help reduce the particle dust and produces a clean and smooth hassle free cut
  • The marble cutters are cost effective and do not need a regular maintenance
  • A simple jet of water running parallel to the cutter disc will help reduce the wear and tear of the tool and increases the longevity of the blades
  • The dust particles trapped inside the housing of the tool can be easily cleaned
  • Manufacturers have been providing additional features such as the cordless option which makes them mobile and does not restrict their usage to a shorter distance
  • Blade changing option is also provided as an additional feature which enables the user to change the blades as per the requirement
  • The marble cutters also reduce the manual effort involved in producing a finished product and save a lot of labour time
  • They are waterproof and dustproof
  • They work perfectly with different kinds of materials such as wood, metal, stone, concrete and marble
  • They are equipped with well lubricated ball bearing which reduces the friction
  • The small gearheads on the cutter disc help us reach intricate spaces as well
  • Executes most delicate cuts with greater precision and without any strain
  • One can work long hours with it without feeling exhausted
  • A yearly maintenance will be needed

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What kind of materials can be cut, is it suitable for metal cutting as well?

Most of the marble cutters are capable of cutting various types of materials such as concrete, stone, fiber cement and marble. These cutters are not specifically designed to cut metals and wood, but with right blade selection the tool can be used to cut metals and wood as well. We suggest to check the manufacturers guidelines, for its intended usage before using it for metals.

2. Does it have an option to change the blades?

Yes, most of the marble cutters have a switch and lock system which provides the user with an option to change the blades as per the requirements. This additional feature varies from manufacturer to manufacturer.

3. Does it come with an accessory box and what all come in it?

Many manufacturers provide an accessory kit which might include pinch cock, flexible hose, and rubber connector, tap lever assembly, splash guard, wrench and box wrench, etc. But, we would suggest to check with the manufacturer about any additional accessories or attachments.

4. Is the cutter blade provided by default?

No, not all manufacturers provide the cutter blade. One needs to check for the details before purchase.

5. What is the manufacturer’s warranty duration?

Marble cutters come with an average manufacturing warranty of 6 months.

6. Can it cut 45angle?

Latest marble cutters come with a bevel angle range of 0to 45, need to check the technical specification while purchasing the cutter.

7. Is regular maintenance required?

No, the marble cutters do not need frequent maintenance and can be carried out once in a year.


Marble cutters are considered as one of the important power tools in the construction industry, but they find their usage at household level for various DIY projects. It is always best to understand all possible technical factors depending on the intended use and then choose the right cutter at a right price. For instance, if you are looking for multi-purpose and a cutter with vertical cutting option then we suggest you to opt for Bosch GDC 121 Marble Cutter. Similarly, if you are looking for something really light in weight with both wood and marble cutting option, then we have Stanely Marble Cutter and if you want something in the budget with a decent performance go for Akshar Marble Cutter.

Before you invest on a marble cutter we suggest you to decide the purpose it would serve, the price you are willing to pay and refer our buying guide to understand all the technical aspects and better options available in Indian market.

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