The 3 Best Mainline Voltage Stabilizer In India Reviews and Buying Guide

Selecting the right mainline voltage stabilizer immunes life of your electrical appliances. If you are living at a place where voltage fluctuation is usual, then you must not give pressure to your electrical buddies.

Voltage fluctuations can harm your devices and damage the life of it. The mainline voltage stabilizer helps you to connect multiple electronic appliances at one for all of your devices at your home, such as Television, Refrigerator, Washing machine or tube light, and fans.

Out of many mainline stabilizers in the market, we have selected three best ones for you. The below list is the top stabilizer in the market.

Below the product description, we have a ‘Buying Guide’ that will help you to select the best stabilizer for you.

3 Best Mainline Voltage Stabilizer In India 

Mainline voltage stabilizerVoltage Capacity(V)WarrantyBuy Now
Spartan Microtek Voltage Stabilizer90 - 3002-yearCHECK ON AMAZON
Aulten Voltage Stabilizer90 - 3001-yearCHECK ON AMAZON
V-Guard Voltage Stabilizer110 – 2901-yearCHECK ON AMAZON

3 Best Mainline Voltage Stabilizer In India Reviews

1. Spartan Microtek Eml3090+ Voltage Stabilizer


Spartan Microtek is India’s brand that recognizes as the most awarded and most preferred brands in the market. The company manufactures energy-efficient equipment such as the voltage stabilizer. The Microtek stabilizer is one of its kind because it has the power to save technology that improves performance during voltage fluctuations

The voltage stabilizer handles the voltage level from 90 to 300 V. It has Intelli Microchip design that includes multiprocessors along with memory chips, digital chips, and integrated circuits.

The stabilizer has silicon made transistors that help to amplify electrical signals. In this way you save electricity. These stabilizers use for various electrical appliances like AC, television, refrigerator, etc.

Intelli Thermal Management manages the low and high-power cut protectionto the electronic devices at your home.

After you install the one stabilizer, it works with all of your electrical appliances, and you do not have to get separately for each one. The stabilizer has an MCB as well. MCB means a miniature circuit breaker that switches off the power supply automatically when there is an overload.

Warranty: The company gives you a 2-year warranty.


  • Saves electricity
  • Manages high voltage in between the range to 170 V to 270 V
  • Protection to your electrical appliances
  • Allows electrical devices to perform better
  • Easy to install
  • 2-year warranty


  • Only better for places having rare voltage fluctuations

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2. Aulten 5 KVA  Voltage Stabilizer


Aulten company provides a voltage stabilizer for high electricity fluctuation. It handles the voltage between 90 – 300 V. The stabilizer handles full protection over the high-voltage, under-voltage, short circuit, and protect your electronic devices.

Why Aulten Stabilizer?

If you want to have brighter tube light, faster-moving fans, and the new energy in your electrical appliances then, it is recommended to use Aulten Stabilizer for your devices to manage the required voltage to them.

You can even charge your UPS or Inverted using this stabilizer for dealing with any power sudden power outages.

The microcontroller provides full automation to the real-time monitoring of the device. Installing one stabilizer is enough to look after multiple appliances at home.

The design is elegant as it has an LCD screen that displays input and output voltage using the LED indicators. Whenever there is a voltage fluctuation, the stabilizer automatically cuts off the power supply.

The stabilizer has a strong built with a compact design that is reliable and made of metal cabinet.

It is easy to install with its wall-mounted feature, you can set up at the corner of the house, and the stabilizer has Zero Cross Switching Technology that makes the device highly efficient.

Warranty: The company provides you a 1-year warranty.


  • Easy to install
  • Heavily built design
  • Manages heavy voltage fluctuation
  • Improve in working of electrical appliances at home
  • Automatic adjust required power from day to night
  • 1-year warranty


  • —-

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3. V-Guard Voltage Stabilizer

v guard

V Guard company is the leading manufacturer of electrical appliances in India. The company owns a great business in the homeland and overseas. The Vguard Voltage Stabilizer is the savior of your home appliances when you have to deal with fluctuating power voltages.

The stabilizer handles the voltage capacity of 110 V – 290 V. It is always on alert whether your voltage is high or low and provides protection to all your appliances.

At the initial power, voltage fluctuation protects the compressor from re-staring the appliances. It gives you a wide performance range that makes your device work efficiently with its elegant design model. The sleek design adds value to beautify the interior.

Warranty: It provides a 1-year warranty from the manufacturer.


  • Highly durable
  • Good design
  • Provides the best performance


  • Some users find their fridge was not equipped with the stabilizer and showed power voltage fluctuation.

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Buying Guide For Mainline Voltage Stabilizer?

After getting through the products, let us understand the term Voltage Stabilizer.

What is Mainline Voltage Stabilizer?

The mainline voltage stabilizer acts as replace for individual specialized stabilizers at home that connect to the main power line.

In India, voltage fluctuation is very common, and not only in a rural area, but the urban area is also part of it. The Voltage fluctuations may harm the home electrical appliances and can lead to damage to the products.

For buying a Mainline Voltage Stabilizer, you have to check the maximum load of all the appliances of your home that fulfill your requirement.

For this problem, a stabilizer controls the voltage fluctuations to save from any damage.

What Is The Importance Of Mainline Voltage Stabilizer?

As earlier discussed, the stabilizer is the equipment that stabilizes the output current coming from direct supply and balances it. The stabilizer function is to make the voltage flow appropriate while increasing efficiency.

The mainline stabilizer connects with the main power supply of the home appliances.

How Does The Mainline Stabilizer Work?

When the input voltage that is coming from the mainline is higher for your appliances to handle, then the stabilizer reduces it at a controllable level. And, if the voltage is low, the stabilizer amplifies it.

Thus, the mainline voltage stabilizer provides the constant supply of current electricity which, prevents any damages due to fluctuations.

How To Begin Your Selection?

Note down the voltage.

Firstly, you have to note down the voltage, current, and power rating of the appliances. You must have a star sticker that informs you about the power rating.

Now, note down the watts of all the electronic devices of your home. Then, the total the watts that will give you the required stabilizer voltage. The stabilizer sizes are VA and KVA. The VA has more watt value by 20%.

For explanation, if you have 1000 watts connecting to the stabilizer, then you require a 1200 VA or 1.2 Kva. The 20 % rules work for home appliances but not sure for the factories.

Voltage stabilizer working depends on the voltage fluctuation at your locality. If there is a fluctuation of voltage occurs, then you require a higher range of stabilizers.

Feature To Look

1. The Installation

The perfect place for installing the voltage stabilizer matters a lot because you have to keep this out of the range of children. Hence, mounted stabilizers are the best choice.

2. Indicators show

It indicates the working of the stabilizer with fluctuating voltage to check how much the stabilizer handles the power.

3. Time Delay

When there is a power cut, it provides your electrical appliances compressors to balance the sufficient current flow for that time.

4. Overload Protection

The stabilizer gets turn off when there is a flow of excessive current from the circuit.

5. Digitize with Adaptability

The function of the stabilizer is to provide protection. Also, the new features of voltage stabilizers adapt to the various appliances use.

6. Winding Material

The stabilizers experience voltage fluctuation, which controls by using copper or aluminum material. As they are good conductors of electricity that helps to improve the power factor. The best mainline stabilizers are chosen.

Do the refrigerators and air conditioners come with an in-built Voltage Stabilizer?

The modern types of appliances have a wide range of Voltage operation between 200 – 240 V to 170 – 290 V. The new modern equipment has an inbuilt high or low voltage cut off but does not have a voltage stabilizer.

Benefits Of Voltage Stabilizer

  • Voltage stabilizer increases the life of electronic equipment
  • Minimizes the disfunction of electrical appliance
  • Protects against the over-voltage and under-voltage
  • Controls the overheating and overloading of voltage
  • Have alarm to give alerts

Drawbacks Of Voltage Stabilizer

  • They are not suitable for high voltage area such as an organization that has multiple electronic appliances
  • Requires maintenance time to time

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Does the stabilizer provide the same voltage output?

No, the stabilizer output does not remain constant. For safety purposes, it keeps on changing to create a safe voltage range.

2.How stabilizer protects the electrical equipment?

The stabilizer gives a stabilized current flow to the electronic devices even if the input voltage is low or high.

3.Explain Time delay?

The Time Delay ensures the compressor to have a proper balancing time when there is a power cut. It guards the compressor against re-starting and assures the safety of connected equipment.

4.Why voltage cut off are necessary?

The electrical devices are sensitive to high voltages. If the power does not cut off, high voltages can damage the appliances, and low voltages can crate malfunctioning.

5.Can one stabilizer use for multiple devices?

You can use the stabilizer for multiple devices, but when it comes to the voltage handling capacity that differs for every appliance. For those who have multiple electricity appliances, then it uses the one phase. You can use the mainline stabilizer for Air Conditioners, Washing Machine, etc.
If you want, you can use the mainline stabilizer for the second phase that will make your fan, tube lights, televisions to work.

6.What is the difference between the mainline stabilizer and the specialized stabilizer?

Talking about the mainline voltage stabilizer, it directly connects to the power line and operates with all the electronic devices at your house. It takes care of all the small electronic devices 24 x 7. It is a one-time solution for voltage fluctuation.
The specialized voltage stabilizers connect to the plug point and the electronic devices. It only works for the device, that connects with the stabilizer. You require individual stabilizers for every electronic appliance.


You must have understood the usage of Voltage Stabilizer at your home. It is safe to use voltage stabilizer, also enhances the life of your devices. As per our recommendation, we prefer choosing Spartan Microtek EML3090+, because it has features such as silicon made transistors and Intelli Thermal Management.

Other products are also satisfying the same function. We have explained all in and out of the voltage stabilizer. Hence, it will make your task easier in selecting a stabilizer for you.