The 6 Best LED Strip Lights In Inida Reviews and Buying Guide

LED strip lights are quite popular and this is a creative way to experiment with light patterns. This helps to enhance the decor with indirect lighting. This advanced technology is quite energy efficient and is able to produce vibrant light.

These advanced technologies have various features that can be programmed and controlled. However before you invest there are few things that must look into.

  • Strip length : The length of the strip will affect its usage. This can vary from 1m – 10m and you can choose as per your requirement.
  • Number of colour modes: These are pre set colour modes that you can choose from and decorate the outdoors or indoors.
  • Number of LEDs on strip: More LEDs placed per meter the brighter the light produced. In case the LEDs are placed too far it will produce spoty lights.

To get a more clean idea refer to our Buying Guide to help you decide your suitable product.

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6 Best LED Strip Lights In Inida

LED strip lightsLength of stripLighting modesLED's per meterWarrantyBuy Now
Homemate LED Strip Lights10 m2060 LEDs/m1 yearCHECK ON AMAZON
Citra LED Strip Light 5m20--CHECK ON AMAZON
Okayji LED Strip Light1m20--CHECK ON AMAZON
Mufasa LED Strip Light5m20150 LEDs/m-CHECK ON AMAZON
Murphy LED Strip Light5m-65 LEDs/m1 yearCHECK ON AMAZON
Fizzytech LED Strip Light1m20--CHECK ON AMAZON

6 Best LED Strip Lights In Inida Reviews

1. Homemate LED Strip Lights

homemate light

Homemate manufactures lighting solutions that are perfect for your room. A colour palette of over 16 million colours. And each color is dimmable. So you can personalize to suit your needs.

Top features

  • Timer mode- you can schedule the LED strip to turn on and off at a specific time.
  • Voice Control- this is compatible with Amazon Echo or Echo Dot and Google Home Assistant. Through these devices you can voice control to turn the lights off and on.
  • Sunrise sunset feature-  when you set this feature the light turns on on sensing the sun rays and turns off gradually at night.
  • You can pre program the color modes to save your time and start your party.
  • You can control the lights from anywhere in the world.

Product specifications

  • Length of strip– 10m
  • Control– IR controller
  • Number of LEDs per meter–  60 LEDs
  • Lumens– 1000
  • Colour modes– 20
  • Warranty– one year warranty on controller


  • Low power consumption
  • Potable adhesive backing
  • Includes accessories for installation


  • Sticker can too adhesive

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2. Citra LED Strip Light 

CITRA light

Citra is a tech based company that integrates and implements lighting solutions. They promise maximum energy savings while illuminating as per your need.

Top features

  • This LED Strip Lights has 300pcs SMD5050 RGB LEDs
  • 5m long and can be cut between every 3 LEDs
  • Can be connected through Wifi and can be controlled via smartphone
  • 16 million colour options and lights are dimmable
  • Built in timer to set off an on time
  • Lights can also be synchronized with the music
  • compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google assistant and IFTTT.

Product specifications

  • Length of strip– 5m
  • Control– IR controller
  • Colour mode-20


  • Built in timer
  • 16 million colour options
  • 20 built in colour modes


  • Does not have any warranty

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3. Okayji LED Strip Light 

okayji light

This flexible multi color light strip is a perfect choice to illuminate your desktop. This has 8 colour options to choose from.

Top features

  • 20 inbuilt flashing modes
  • 1m adhesive cover on the back
  • Waterproof and flexible LED strip
  • RGB colors
  • Can be plugged in to your USB port of TV
  • Phone charger(5v)can be also used for power supply

Product specifications

  • Length of strip– 1m
  • Colour modes– 20


  • Easy installation
  • High intensity
  • Comes with 1 USB and 1M led strip


  • Adhesive is of not good quality

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4. Mufasa LED Strip Light

mufasa light

Mufasa is a well known brand when it comes to your lighting solutions. They promise to give a high quality product and the product uses a low voltage to produce bright lights.

Top features

  • Requires low voltage to produce high quality light
  • Needs a plug in of 220 V
  • Inbuilt 8 colour pattern- Quick / Slow / Auto / Flash / 7 colour fade change / 3 colour fade change / 7 colour jumpy change / 3 colour jumpy change.
  • Has a lifespan for over 50,000 hours
  • This strip is waterproof
  • Its optimal temperature is 25- 50

Product specifications

  • Length of strip– 5m
  • Control– IR controller
  • Number of LEDs per meter–  150 LED/M or 30 LED/M
  • Color pattern– 20


  • Low power consumption
  • Potable adhesive backing
  • Includes accessories for installation


  • Comes at a higher range of product

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5. Murphy LED Strip Light

murphy light led

This is a trusted brand which has been in the market since 1973. The four colour options are of cool temperature. This LED strip measures to be 5m and can be used both outdoors and indoors.

Top features

  • Emits cool white light temperature
  • Can be easily installed
  • Non dimmable light
  • Flexible LED strips

Product specifications

  • Length of strip– 5m
  • Number of LEDs per meter–  60 LEDs
  • Warranty– one year product service


  • Easy installation
  • Trusted brand since 1972
  • 1 year warranty


  • Does not have multi colour option

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6. Fizzytech LED Strip Light 


Our sixth product is quite flexible and easy to install. You can use this to light up your house, stairways, window and many more.

Top features

  • Can be powered by any 5v devices
  • This can be connected with USB cable
  • They have 20 static colour options
  • This can be powered by any device with 5V
  • Easy installation and comes with adhesive back and double sided adhesive tape.

Product specifications

  • Length of strip– 1m
  • Control– IR controller
  • Number of LEDs per meter–  60 LEDs
  • Lumens– 1000
  • Warranty– one year warranty on controller


  • Low power consumption
  • Potable adhesive backing
  • Includes accessories for installation


  • Adhesive is not very proper

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Things To Consider While Buying LED Strip Light

This section has all curated information that will help you in buying a suitable product for yourself.

1. Number of colour modes

An LED strip light can be used outdoors and indoors. The number of colour modes are pre set and you can choose from them to be used for outdoor parties or indoor decoration.

2. Number of LEDs on strip

It is important to consider the LED placed on the strips. For more bright light it is better if more lights are placed per foot. In case the lights are placed too far it might produce spoty lights.

3. Material

It is important to check the material before buying. This can give you a  clear idea on how long the device can work. Some of these are made with double sided cooper material which can withstand extreme conditions and in turn the performance is enhanced. Some strip lights are also made with plastic material which doesn’t make the product much durable.

4. LED Strip Brightness

Strip light brightness is determined by lumen. Different LED strips come with different luminous flux that determines their efficiency. The brightness is measured by lumens per foot.

A high quality strip light will produce 450 lumen per foot.

Mainly the brightness depends on 3 factors

  • Numbers of LED per foot
  • Power consumption per foot
  • Output per LED emitter

5. LED Strip Colors

Strip lights come in a wide range of colours. These are usually in single colors or multiple colors( RGB). though single colors are most commonly used. We usually refer to these colours as

6. Color Temperature

With colour temperature you can differentiate the various white lights that LED produces. The temperature is usually termed as warm and cool. This is measured in kevin and the higher temperature is cool and appears in bluish hue and the lower temperature gives a yellowish hue.

  • 5000K– Cool temperature
  • 4000K– Neutral hue
  • 3000K– Warm hue

7. Power supply

You must consider the amount of power supply required to run the strip lights. In case if you induce more power there is a chance it would work due to energy saving technology.

8. Density

These trips have two kinds of density standard- density strips (30 LED/M) and the brighter upgrade High-Density strips (double LED count, 60 LED/M). Those who want bright light should opt for high density strips.

Standard density strips are not as intense as high density strips and they can be ideally used for indirect lightening or tight spaces.

The high density strips use high quality diodes and thus are able to produce bright light.

9. Strip Dimension

Strip lights can range from 4-58mm. This wide range can fit all kinds of lightning applications.

  • 4- 8mm: cabinet or cover lightning
  • 10-12mm: for domestic or commercial purpose
  • 15-58mm: this has high lumen and is suitable for task lightning.

10. Controller or Dimmer or Sensor

These are various operating options that can control strip light. Dimmers can adjust light brightness. And controllers adjust colors, speed, modes and brightness of the strip lights with wireless remotes. Whereas motion sensors can automatically control the strips from a certain distance.

11. Amplifiers

Amplifiers help you withstand voltage drop. It prevents power loss by amplifying the power from the ending point of one strip to the starting point of the next strip. This will help the power to extend the maximum run of LED strips. With many options available in the market the most common ones are single color LED light amplifiers, tunable white amplifiers, and RGB/RGBW amplifiers.

12. Thermal Management

Most LED strip lights have thermal management and heat dissipation. In case if the strips do not have thermal management then the life span is reduced from 50000 hours to 20000 hours or 10000 hours. To get a longer life span the product has to be designed in that why and this can be achieved with thermal management.

13. Water and weather resistance

LED strips have inbuilt water proof technology. Though it is suggested to avoid experiments where you put the light in water. More over the LED strips also are weather resistant that protects the light from unpleasant conditions. This increases the performance and lifespan of LED strips.

14. Shock-Resistant Nature

Shock resistant feature is a proof that the electronic device is 100% shock proof and completely safe to use. Some LED strips do not have this features due to some technical issues. Though some popular brand incorporate this feature.

15. Smart App Connectivity

With the advance technology now you can control the light with just a click. These can be connected with bluetooth or wifi and it just makes the job easy. It sets a stronger communication and you can monitor the lights effortlessly from any distance.

16. Accessories

Accessories might be helpful for installation. Like for joining strip connections interconnect jumpers or pigtail connectors can be helpful. CPS adapters can be helpful to connect strips to the power supply. Apart from these you would also require foam pads, mounting clips, heat shrink tubing, etc.

17. Price and Warranty Details

If you want to stick to the budget check the price before you invest. Some products also come with a warranty that ensures the durability of the product.

Types of LED Strips

LED srips can be based on how they are used. This can be categorised with various types of LEDs.

  • DC LED Flex Strips – Driven from 12V DC, these are lightweight lights that come with an adhesive backing for fast mounting. This is waterproof and cuttable every two inches. This strip cn come with 30 LED/M – standard density (or) 60 LED/M
  • AC LED Flex Strips – These strips can run directly from the outlet and just a plug in would be required to illuminate the area.
  • High Output LED Strips – The high power LEDs can be mounted within the board circuitry and drivers.
  • LED Rope Light – The enclosed one directional LED is placed on the standard rope.

Types of LED

There are many kinds of LEDs available in the market

  • 3528 MD – This is suitable for small areas like- stairs, ceiling coves, under cabinets etc.
  • 3014 LED – This is smaller and more efficient as compared to 3528. This can fit properly on the PCB strip and provide uniform lighting.
  • 5050 MD – This emits bright light and is suitable for domestic and commercial use. This can be used for high ceilings, wall washes and outdoor lighting. This also changes colour – RGBW/RGB LED strips.
  • 2835 MD – This is smaller and thinner as compared to 5050MD. This produces 20% more light and with the same power consumption.
  • 2216 MD – Smaller and thinner compared to 3528MD. This can produce even lighting.
  • 5630 MD – This has a wider angle that emits brighter light.

How to Determine the Quality of LED Strip?

It might be tricky to understand the performance and durability of strip lights. So here are some factors that will help you to understand that.

  • Quality and Composition of Circuit Board: It is important to consider the specification and quality of any underlying circuit board for high-power LED strip lights. This is because high amounts of electrical current will pass through each segment with adequate copper content.
  • LED Quality & Quantity: The intensity, reliability and efficiency of the output light are calculated by the LED emitter. So select LED strips that have stringent controls on LED emitters. Also look at high power LED strips that low LED count.
  • Surface of LED Strip: LED strips come with white coating to increase the efficiency of light output. The low quality LED strip will avoid the white coating and reveal the copper layer.

Advantages and Disadvantages of LED Strip Lighting

Now that you know all the components of LED strips. Let us look at its advantages and disadvantages.

  • Easy Installation –This is very flexible and convenient to use. So this can be easily handled by any novice user. After installation you just have to plug them in a power outlet.
  • Aesthetically Pleasing – These elegant glowing LED strips will also add on the aesthetics.
  • Affordable – With being efficient these are also quite affordable and easy to maintain.


  • Replacement – Incase any one bulb goes out of order then you can’t just replace that single bulb but you have to replace the whole series.
  • Less Brightness –  Some manufacturers use solid substances to make LED which results in dull lighting.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long would the LED strip last?

On average these lights can work for 50,000 hours. This implies that you can use this for about 6 years.

2. Do LED lights affect eyes?

Not at all. However any kind of light emitted be it from LED or any other source also emits radiation which can have an impact on health. So controlled usage is suggested.

3. Is it important to place these lights close to a power source?

For most LED strips the power point can be at a distance of 50ft. But in case they produce less light it is suggested to have a short wire length.

4. Does LED strip light consume more energy?

These lights are more energy efficient as compared to fluorescent or incandescent lamps. So you can use this without worrying about increased bil rates.


These lights add up to the decor of your house. The pre set programme helps you choose a colour mode as per mood. We hope this curated article served your purpose.

Among the above mentioned top products we have a favorite pick.  HomeMate LED Strip Lights, 10 Meter, Compatible with Alexa, Google home and IFTTT. This has many interesting features like timer mode and voice control that makes it able to handle this device. It also has sunrise and sunset features and the light can automatically switch on and switch off along with sunrise and sunset. This is 10m in length and has 60 LEDs per meter.