The 5 Best LED Panel Lights In India Reviews and Buying Guide

LED lights can be a smart approach towards lighting up your room. In terms of interior design to its efficient performance this is an answer to all our lighting solutions.

This is thin structured, saves energy and does not have LED glare. The increasing demand of LED panel lights has led to the surge of these products in the market.

But before you go out to invest in this look out for the shape and shade.

These are mostly available in round and square shape and you can choose the one as per your requirement.

Shade: There are three kinds of shade emitted

  • Warm white, soft white (standard colour for incandescent bulbs)
  • Cool white, natural, beige white (good for office schools and retail places)
  • natural or daylight ( good for reading and mostly used in basements and garages)

For more detailed factors refer to our Buying Guide where we have curated all the necessary information that you would need before investing.

Now that you know what to look for you can go through our top listed products that are available online.

5 Best LED Panel Lights In India

LED panel lightsShapeWattsShadeBuy Now
Signature Enterprise LED Panel LightRound6 wattBlueCHECK ON AMAZON
Murphy LED Cablite Surface LightRound3 wattWarm whiteCHECK ON AMAZON
Galaxy LED Panel Light Round12 wattBlue and whiteCHECK ON AMAZON
Citra LED Panel LightRound12wattWarm whiteCHECK ON AMAZON
Philips LED Panel LightSquare15 wattWarm lightCHECK ON AMAZON

5 Best LED Panel Lights In India Reviews

1. Signature Enterprise LED Panel Light 

Signature Enterprise

First up in our list is Signature Enterprise Double Color LED Panel. This panel light is very colourful and decorative and can instantly lift up the aesthetics of your room.

Its unique colour effect is very easy to use. With the first switch the colour turns white and with the second switch the color turns blue and with the third switch you get both colors- white and blue.

Along with the easy usage it also gets easily fixed on the POP ceiling.

This comes in a pack of four and 1 year warranty.

Product specifications

  • Product dimension: 4” x 4”inch
  • Cutting Size: 2.5” x 2.5”inch
  • Shape: round
  • Shade: blue and white
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Pack of 4


  • 1 year warranty
  • Colour switches
  • Slim design


  • Electrician is must to fix this product

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2. Murphy LED Cablite Surface Light

murphy light

Our second product belongs to Murphy. This is a slim surface mount panel light with edge lit LEDs. This emits soft energy light that can radiate your room.

This is quite energy efficient and can save up to 80% of energy. It is built with less mercury level and serves a long service life- 40000 hours.

This can be comfortably used for cabinet lights restaurants, showrooms and dining spaces in homes.

You get five colour options and also plus a 2 year warranty.

Product specifications

  • Product dimension: 66mm & Height: 13mm
  • Wattage: 3 Watt
  • Luminous Flux: 300
  • Available Color: CW/WW/R/G/B
  • Nominal Voltage Range: 140V – 285V
  • Shape: Round
  • Shade: warm white
  • Warranty: 2 year
  • Pack of 6


  • 2 year warranty
  • Energy efficient
  • Long shell life


  • Electrician is must to fix this product

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3. Galaxy LED Panel Light 

Galaxy led

This slimlight has a double colour 3D effect. The centre part is white while the outer part is blue. Its unique colour effect is very easy to use. The three step colour changing process changes from only blue, only white and blue and white.

These decorative lights produce bright and energy efficient light.

Along with the easy usage it also gets easily fixed on the POP ceiling.

This comes in a pack of four and 1 year replacement warranty.

Product specifications

  • Product dimension: 5 Inches
  • Cut out Size: 4 Inches
  • Wattage: 12 Watt
  • Nominal Voltage Range: 140V – 285V
  • Shape: Round
  • Shade: blue and white
  • Warranty: 1 year replacement warranty
  • Pack of 2


  • 1 year warranty
  • 70% Energy efficient
  • 3 colour options


  • Needs assistance to install

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4. Citra LED Panel Light

citra led

This surface mounted LED light panel is round in shape and can be easily fitted on the wall or ceiling mount.

It can be comfortably used indoors and outdoors. This edge lit technology works on 660 lumen and can work for 35000 hours.

The manufactures have also provided pictorial guides for installation and this can be done without any assistance. The warm light produced can light up the room as per required.

Product specifications

  • Product dimension: 66mm & Height: 13mm
  • Wattage: 18 Watt
  • Luminous Flux: 3000K
  • Shape: Round
  • Shade: warm white


  • 2 year warranty
  • Energy efficient
  • Long shell life


  • 1 in a pack

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5. Philips LED Panel Light 

philips led light

Our fifth product is a bit different in terms of the shape. This comes in a square shape and made up of premium material.

This efficient light can manage heat emission and keeps a low temperature for a better and long lasting performance.

It is made with a high quality PC diffuser with UV resistance. The high quality diffuser emits a low glare light.

The CRI LED light measures upto 80 which implies the colour emitted is close to natural light.

Product specifications

  • Product dimension: 16 cm x 16 cm x 2.2 cm
  • Cutting size: 140mm
  • Operating Voltage: 360 volts
  • Wattage: 15 Watt
  • Nominal Voltage Range: 140V – 285V
  • Shape: square
  • Shade: warm white
  • Includes 1 LED batten


  • 80% energy efficient
  • surge protection min 2kV
  • over voltage protection up to 360V


  • Not very durable

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Things To Consider Before Buying LED Panel Light

Refer to the below-mentioned points and get an insight into what to look for while you invest in a product.

1. Shape

LED panel lights are slim and easy to fit. These mostly come in round and square shape and you can choose as per your need.

2. Size of light

These lights come in various sizes Your decision can depend on the span of the current roof matrix.

3. Shade of LED panels

The shading will depend on the inclinations and where you want to utilize the light.The most common colours are cool and warm white hue.

Cool shade would be perfect for school, office or retail. And the warm white shade would be optimal for regions like nursing homes.

4. Emergency versions

For most installations it is important to consider a wide range of panels. In case of power fluctuations this emergency LED will supply power for a minimum three hours.

5. Lumen per watt

The amount of light produced by tube light is measured in lumen. Higher the lumen, higher the light output. Lumen is divided by watt to give the efficiency measure of LED panel light’s efficiency. Higher the lumen per watt higher is the efficiency.

So make sure to check the lumen per watt before buying.

6. The angle of delivery light

The angle of light delivery is the angle of the beam produced by the light source. Though LED is the source point, it is the lens and luminary which makes it ideal for spotlight, floodlight, wide floodlight and very wide floodlight.

7. Colour rendering index

This factor measures how close is light illuminated to real light. It is measured between 0-100. If CRI quality is high then the light is high and if CRI quality is low then the light is low.

8. Colour temperature

This is measured in Kevin from a scale of 1000 to 10,000. For commercial and residential lightning the colour temperature lies between 2000K to 6500K.

  • 2700K-3000K: Warm white, soft white (standard colour for incandescent bulbs)
  • 3500K-4100K: cool white, natural, beige white (good for office schools and retail places)
  • 5000K-6500K: natural or daylight ( good for reading and mostly used in basements and garages)

9. Installation

Installation of LEDs is not at all difficult. Anybody can do this with the provided manufacturer’s guide. And moreover, along with the lights, you also get battens, clamps and screws that make the installation much easier.

10. Warranty

Some LED companies provide a warranty on their product. This makes the product more reliable and ensures the customer has the manufacturer’s back.

11. Price

You must check the price if you want your purchase to be under budget.

12. Power consumption of LED panel

40% of light is lost in the fitting itself. Integral LED panels produce a wide beam angle with low power consumption as compared to conventional fluorescent fittings.

13. Upgrade

Take the advantage of better lights by replacing the existing panels with one for one without any changes to the ceiling.

14. Optimize

You can get brighter lights even by using a few LED light panels. For example if in a room there is a requirement of 5 LED fitting, there you can use 3 LED panels.

15. Saving

Upgrade and optimize leads to cost savings to the best possible extension.

Components of LED Panel Light

There are seven components of LED panel light

  • Light reflector: light reflectors are used in panel light to improve the quality of light.This increases the light efficiency.
  • Light guide panel: one of the key components of light panels and it helps to determine the high lumen output, anti-discoloration and LGP. It also ensures high uniformity.
  • LED light source: this helps to power the entire light. This is considered to be the heart of panel light
  • Diffuser: as the name suggests this helps to diffuse the light in order to smoothen the output light.
  • Frame: this is the last component of panel light. It helps to support the light into the ceiling.

LED panel light advantages

Now that you know the seven components of panel light let us look at the advantages.

  • Longer life span: LEDs do not come with a filament that can break and stop producing light. This ensures longevity and energy efficiency. The modern LEDs are much more durable than age-old bulbs. On an average if a tube is used for 8 hours every day then it may last for 17 years.
  • Wide colour range: LEDs deliver a broad variety of colours and temperatures without the use of gels or filters. In reality, it is the individual diode (or its phosphorous coating) that is modified to vary the light colour emitted.
  • Reliable: LED lights can operate seamlessly in low temperature. This can withstand power fluctuations than any other light. This is possible as it does not have filaments or any other fragile part.
  • Instant luminous: LED lights do not make you wait even for a few seconds to illuminate the room. This does not flicker and glows to the maximum brightness.
  • Energy efficiency: These can save a lot of money on your electrical bills. This is because 95% of energy is utilised to produce light and only 5% of electricity is wasted. So this can save upto 75% on your electricity bills.
  • Ultra slim design: This ultra slim design adds up to the aesthetics and also has a better heat dissipation system.
  • High CRI: The CRI indexof LED panel lights is quite high (more than 80). This implies that the colours emitted are 80% accurate compared to daylight.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How are LED lights better than other lights?

LED lights emit 80% more energy as compared to fluorescent lights. This is because only 5%energy is emitted and 95% energy is converted into light.These are also better for the environment as it does not emit any toxins.

2. Are LED lights bright enough?

Yes, they are quite bright. They produce more brightness in less amount of wattage. They do not flicker and provide wide brightness.

3. Does the LED emit blue light?

Yes, they emit blue. But this blue is no more harmful as compared to CFL. In fact, the latest LED emits different lights that reduce the strain on eyes.


LED panel light can be a great choice to light up the room. This adds to the aesthetics of the room and is also very efficient. Among the top featured products our best pick would be Signature Enterprise LED Panel Light.  This can produce 3D light effects with blue and white and can instantly light up your room. The switching of light is hassle free and it also gets installed very easily. Plus this product has a year of warranty.