Best Lawn Mowers in India: 2020 Reviews & Buying Guide

Everyone desires to have a beautiful garden area with an eye catching grass lawn but to get control over the size of the grass growth and to maintain it properly will turn to be a big task. The lawn mowers will definitely help you in this situation of trimming the grass in your garden area. 

With lawn mowers, you can cut the grass evenly and remove it by simple push of the mower. There are different types of lawn mowers available in the market. So, choose the best one that suits your requirements. Before going into the topic, you need to keep these 3 things for purchasing the best lawn mower.

Cutting Width – The wider the cutting blades, the more quickly you can cover the lawn area and thereby the fewer rounds needed to cut the grass.

Lawn Size – Based on its size, you have to decide what kind of mower you have to buy and how much its capacity should be. 

  • For small lawns (up to 100 sq.m), you can use electric or manual mowers. 
  • For medium lawns (100 – 250 sq.m), use electric or battery power lawn mowers.
  • For large lawns (above 250 sq.m), petrol power lawn mowers work best. 

Starting Technology – This starting technology depends on the type of the mower you’re using for mowing your yard. In general, petrol lawn mowers are a bit difficult to start rather than electric mowers.

Don’t get confused in choosing the best lawn mowers. Here we are providing you with a Buying Guide along with some best lawn mowers (which we pick up with some research on the market) available in the market. All you need is to go through the buying guide and pick the one that suits best for you in mowing your lawn.

Best Lawn Mowers in India

Lawn MowersCutting HeightCutting WidthWeightWarrantyHeight Adjustment LevelsBuy Now
Makita Lawn Mower20 – 55 mm37 cm14.2 kg6 months3 levels
Black + Decker Lawn Mower20 – 70 mm
34 cm13.5 Kg2 years6 levels
Sharpex Lawn Mower20 – 80 mm
-------25 Kg180 days
Off-site warranty
Sharpex Classic Lawn Mower15 – 35 mm
-------12.8 Kg6 months5 levelsCHECK ON AMAZON
Falcon Lawn Mower12 – 30 mm
380 mm12 kg6 months3 levelsCHECK ON AMAZON

5 Best Electric Lawn Mower Reviews in India

To reduce your confusion on purchasing the lawn mowers, here we are presenting you some best electric lawn mowers that are widely used in India. Go through these products and choose the best one which suits your requirements.

1. Makita Japan 1400 W Electric Lawn Mower

Makita is a prevalent brand in the power tools market in which they manufacture several tools and equipment like drilling machines, lawn mowers, chainsaw and other quality products.

Makita electric lawn mower works on push style mechanism with a foldable frame for easier storage. It works best for mowing the office lawns and normal sized yards that has 500 m2 area. It is lightweight and easy to use lawn mower built with a strong UV resistant plastic body. 

Product Information: Dimensions – 65 X 49 X 35 cm, Weight – 14.2 kg, Cutting width – 37 cm, Power – 1400 W, Noise level – 83 dB (A), Cutting height adjustment – 3 levels of 20 – 55 mm, Brine tank – 35 l, Warranty – 6 months, Electric Motor – 1.8 HP

It has 35l storage space for the grass to collect into the bag and it covers the entire lawn quickly with its cutting width. All you need is to adjust the cutting height at three levels as per your need to get the perfect trim of grass and to make your lawn look beautiful.


  • Suited for normal sized gardens (500 m2 area)
  • Cutting height can be adjusted in 3 levels
  • Easy to assemble, use and store this lawn mower
  • Body build with a strong grade plastic with 18/10 steel (chromium/nickel) to enhance the shine, durability and resistant to rust. 


  • The manufacturer (Makita) is not providing you with any power cable. So, you have to buy the cable as per your desired length from outside. 
  • Some users say that you have to sharpen the blades after repeated usage and not suitable for mowing your large lawns or thick grass.

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2. Black + Decker Electric 1400 W Lawn Mower

The Black + Decker electric lawn mower (1400 W) will come with bike handle for easy handling (or easy steering) and good looking which works well in keeping your lawns or garden look beautiful. It is ideal to use for small to medium sized yards (up to 400 square meters). It uses EdgeMax technology that makes it easy to cut right up to the edges using the full width of the blade. So, there is no need to go backwards and forwards to tidy up as you go.

It is equipped with 1400 W motor and a 13 inch winged blade (80% better collection) that allows for improved cutting and collection of grass. It is made of strong plastic with red and grey color. It can be accessing hard to reach areas where under garden furniture, shrubs and bushes with low profile nose design.

It has a high performance cutting system that maintains a quality stall free cut, even in long or damp grass. Its large sturdy rear wheels cope easily with bumps and rough terrain and improve maneuverability. 

Product Information: Dimensions – 75.2 X 38.2 X 41.4 cm, Weight – 13.5 kg, Power – 1400 W, Warranty – 2 years from the date of invoice, Grass collecting box – 40 l, Cutting width – 34 cm, Blade size – 13 inch

It has 6 adjustable height settings (front and back axle height adjust lever 20 – 70 cm) that make it perfect for cutting your grass and it also has a 40l grass box capacity which lasts multiple lawn mowing sessions. It comes with an indicator that alerts the operator whenever the grass collection box needs emptying. 


  • The on board cable storage facility keeps the long and practical cable tidy and tangle free.
  • Cutting heights of 6 level height adjustment (20 mm, 30 mm, 40 mm, 50 mm, 60 mm & 70 mm) are available in one simple movement by using a simple one touch adjustment lever. 
  • Consumes 1400 W power to tackle overgrowth
  • Suitable for medium sized up to 400 square meters. 
  • It comes with 10 meters of extension cord. 
  • Made of sturdy plastic and the machine is lightweight which can be moved easily


  • Longer grass (or thicker grass) cannot be cut in a single go.
  • Not suitable for large lawns
  • It is a walk behind lawn mower in which you have to push and walking with this lawn for proper mowing. 

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3. Sharpex 16-inch Blade 1800 W Electric Lawn Mower

Sharpex products has engineered and innovated a large range of products, including gardening and agriculture. It is mostly connected with urban and home gardening market with their appearance, shape and features.

Product Information: Dimensions – 88.89X58.39X61.02 cm, Weight – 25 kg, Grass collecting box – 55 l, Power – 1800 W to 2800 RPM, Blade size – 16 inches (cut up to 20 – 75 mm at a time), Material – Steel, Color – multicolor

It uses a powerful 1800 W electric motor for quick and efficient mowing of the lawn (sucks dry leaves, germs, etc.). Another feature in this mower is that it comes with 100 feet clearly visible fluorescent cable which help you to mow your lawn without any additional power cable set up.

It has the capacity to cut 20 mm to 80 mm height grass with its 6 level height adjustment option. Front wheel 6 inches and rear wheels 6 inches. It also has 55 Ltr grass box (hard top grass catcher) detaches easily for convenient disposal in which it comes with full metal body for repeated usages. 

It is a fully Indian made single phase that uses 220 Volt 2 hp electric motor (resemble induction type with copper winding). 


  • Free accessories that include 30 meters’ visible fluorescent orange cable, one extra blade, tool kit and cleaning brush are available with this product.
  • Offers a 6 level height adjustment cutting to catch all the excess grass
  • The 16 – inch blade of this mower will get the job done quickly.
  • It saves a lot of time and labor owing to the inbuilt grass catcher.
  • Easy to assemble, use and store this lawn mower. 
  • Suitable for medium to large sized lawns.


  • The metal used for making the body of this mower has increased its weight, which makes you unable to pick it easily.

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4. Sharpex Classic Push Manual Lawn Mower

This is another product from the Sharpex company. This is a manual grass mower in which the blades spin vertically to cut the grass by using a scissoring action. Your physical action of moving this mower will help to cut the grass to an even height with revolving blades. This mower not only cut the grass but also helps to maintain the garden area neat and clean with its grass catcher bag (as accessories). 

It is light weight and easy to operate with no maintenance that is most suited for small and medium sized lawns. You have to add ample of force to push it and blades spin around to cut the grass. The blades are made of abrasion – resistant, high carbon, nickel alloy steel which makes it resistant to bear and break. 

Product Information: Weight – 12.8 kg, Blade size – 16 inch, Material – steel, Color – multicolor, Warranty – 6 months, Cutting height – 15 to 35 mm, Height adjustment level – 5 stages

This mower and catcher is of sturdy construction with perfect combination of durable wheels with metal gear rim inside. These blades will perform an excellent cutting actions by not leaving any trimmed residue behind and thereby keep your lawn highly well-organized every time. 

Regular look over will definitely improve the lawn mowers performance and thereby extend its life. So, store the mower in an area that protects the machinery from changing weather conditions. 


  • Easy to operate and maintenance free
  • Detachable grass box
  • Light weight and easy to assemble
  • Requires no fuel or power source 


  • Not suitable for rough terrain, thick and large lawns
  • Some users say that it is somewhat a bit difficult to assemble the machine and suggest to have a user manual along with this product.

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5. Falcon Easy 38 Hand Lawn Mower

This Falcon easy 38 high carbon steel 15-inch hand lawn mower is used to produce the finest cutting of grass due to light weight cylinder mower. It has high impact plastic wheels with rubber tyres. The 2 parted power coated pipe handles will allow you to push it properly without any strain and it is sturdy and rust free.

There is a grass collector which is made of quality plastic virgin along with this mower to make you strain free in collecting the grass. Make sure to clear the grass collecting bag after your mowing your land. 

Product information: Cutting width – 380 mm, Number of cuts per meter – 40, Cutting height – 12 to 30 mm, Weight – 12 kg, Dimensions – 64 X 45.7 X 30.5 cm, Model number – Easy-38, Warranty – 6 months, Color – multicolor

It has powder coating paint and cylindrical suspension ball bearing which allows you to trim the grass with 3 cutting heights adjustments (12 – 21 – 30). It is easy to assemble, operate and store.


  • No electricity or gas required for its working. So, it is ready to use lawn mower.
  • A 3 cutting height adjustments with 40 number of cuts per meter.
  • Powder coated paint to prevent it from corrosion
  • Easy to handle, operate and store.
  • Works well for small lawn areas that trim the grass perfectly.


  • Difficult to mow on thick grass, carpet lawn or large grass lawns with its single blade.
  • Not suitable for medium to large sized yards.

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Best Lawn Mowers in India – Buying Guide:

Whether you’re a first time investing in lawn tools or an experience one but looking to upgrade your lawn tool equipment (like lawn mower), you need the best quality lawn mower to cut the grass in less time with more accuracy and thereby to maintain your lawn look beautiful. Just go through the buying guide in which we provide all the information essential to buy a lawn mower before purchasing it. 

What is a lawn mower?

A lawn mower (or Grass Cutter) is a simple device used to cut grasses and thereby help to maintain the lawn beautiful with even grass height. These are straightforward machines with wheels which allows you to navigate around the yard. 

Things to Consider while Buying a Lawn Mower:

Here are a few important things to keep in your mind for buying the best product in less time, as per your requirements.

Let’s get into those factors…

1.Lawn Size

The first and most important thing to consider before buying is your lawn size. Based on its size, you have to decide what kind of mower you have to buy and how much its capacity should be. As a general rule of thumb, if you have lawn area of about 1/2 acre or less, then you can choose push lawn mowers or self-propelled mower. If you have more than 1/2 acre of yard, then its best to use a riding mower.

2. Types of Lawn Mowers

Although, you will find a number of different lawn mowers that are designed efficiently to cut the grass. To make your choice of a mower easier, we have divided them into three main types, based on their working mechanism.

  • Walk Behind Mowers (Most commonly used in India)
  • Riding Mowers
  • Tow Behind Mowers

Let’s get in to them in detail….

a) Walk Behind Mowers:

This type of mowers are traditional lawn mowers that are ideal for small to medium sized lawns. These are mostly budget friendly and environmentally geared lawn mowers. They are easy to assemble, operate and store due to their small size and light weight mechanism. This walk behind mowers comes in a variety of styles.

  • Reel Mowers – Works ideal for small yards less than 1/4 acres for clean cut of grass. Some physical effort is required (to push) for its operation. 
  • Corded Electric Mowers – Works ideal for small to medium sized gardens and uses some electric power source (extension cords) for its operation.
  • Cordless or Battery Powered Electric Mowers – Works ideal for medium lawns and be either petrol powered (offer a high performance engine and self-propelled) or battery powered (growing popularity for performance improvements and low cost). 
  • Gas Powered Mowers – Works ideal for small to large, flat or uneven yards under 1/2 an acre. It delivers more power and its tank can last till the entire yard mow. Can be self – propelled or push models.
  • Rotary Lawn Mowers – Act as a versatile type of mower, as it cope up with different types of lawn like rougher areas of grass or slopping banks. It uses blades that rotate horizontally to cut the grass (for long grass or large yards) by using either electric or petrol powered.
  • Cylinder Lawn Mowers – It uses a series of blades at the front of the machine to rotate against a fixed bottom blade. It is perfect for level lawns and fine, short cuts and available in hand pushed, petrol and electric powered models.
  • Hover Lawn Mowers – It works the same as rotary mowers that float on a cushion of air and works ideal for garden features curved edges, borders or flower beds. Extremely lightweight to push and easy manoeuvrability. 

b) Riding Mowers

To avoid working long periods of walking and standing for mowing your land or having a large lawn, then it comes the usage of riding mowers. These riding mowers as the name suggest ride on the lawn with cutting widths ranging from 26 – 66 inches that allow to cut a lot of grass in very less time. It appears like a small vehicle in which it requires maintenance throughout the year. This riding mowers comes in a variety of models.

  • Rear Engine Riders – These are smaller in size with compared with other riding lawn mowers and works ideal for medium sized yards and also best for people lacking budget and storage space.
  • Tractors – The most popular form of lawn mowers and are chosen by a lot of people due to its overall benefits. It works ideal for large lawn in which the lawn looks neat after the work due to powerful motor and dual blades that helps to mow the lawn properly.  
  • Zero Turn Lawn Mowers – The zero turn lawn mowers has a turning radius of zero and have engine placed at the back. It has twin engines that handle well the rear wheels individually and thereby help to mow the lawn effectively. It works best in an unsettled terrain or obstacles area of your lawn.

c) Tow Behind Mowers

It is most suited for mowing the commercial landscapers, professional users who have larger lawn area, or taming the wild brambles of an overgrowth field. They don’t propel themselves and need to be connected to any riding mower (It is a perfect companion to your tractor or ATV) or other vehicles. 

However, the one who has large swaths of tall grass or even small saplings will be cleared easily with the usage of tow behind mower. There are various models available like gang reel mowers, trail mowers, trail cutters, etc. but they are not that much popular in the Indian market till now. 

d) Robot Lawn Mowers

It is an advanced invention, costly device but it makes mowing hassle free. All you need is to set the program and once installed, it will mow the lawn – cutting, mulching clippings back into the lawn. The best alternative to a ride on or petrol lawn mowers. The lawn area to be mowed depend up on the capability of the robotic models. 

3. Terrain

Consider terrain of your lawn as a factor before buying this lawn mower, whether the lawn is flat and clear or hills and obstacles? In general, small flat lawns use a standard push mower or a reel mower whereas the hills to navigate uses a self-propelled mower, which uses its engine to power the wheels for proper functioning. If you have rocks, fountains, flower beds or any other lawn decorations to mow around then consider a zero turn radius mower which is steered around the obstacles easier than any standard ride on.

4. Starting Technology

The starting mechanism is very essential to check before purchasing a lawn mower to experience a trouble – free lawn mowing. This starting technology depends on the type of the mower you’re using for mowing your yard. In general, petrol lawn mowers are a bit difficult to start rather than electric mowers.

  • Some lawn mowers have the electric starting systems which eradicates the pull starts and simply prime up the engine and rotate the key to get faster, trustworthy starts deprived of any preservation necessary.
  • Some have automatic choke starting systems that are built for all set operation. For this, you have to engage the security handle and jerk the starter rope for a stress free start which helps to eradicate choking
  • The primer starting system will work by pumping the precise quantity of gas inside the carburetor for faster and effortless one pull ignition.
  • The unique ready start from the Briggs & Stratton will assist in eradicating the tension and the annoyance of starting the lawn mower. 

5. Clippings

The clippings are another important factor to consider while talking about lawn mowers. In general, most of the manual reel lawn mower will discharge the grass clippings onto the lawn. So, here bagging and mulching mowers will play an essential role.

  • Bagging is a process used to gather the cut grass which is accessible as both side and rear bagging lawn mowers. This type will provide advanced maneuverability about the trees and landscaping all over the garden with ease. It helps in getting a renewed looking lawn on every single occasion you mow the grass.
  • The mulching mowers will shred the grass into thin pieces with its mulching blades and return them back to the garden in which it turns into a natural fertilizer to enhance the soil fertility. Both bagging and mulching helps to cut the grass and clean the yard but the mulching eradicates the time you spent in discharging the grass out of a bagging lawn mower.

6. Cutting Width

The wider the cutting blades, the more quickly you can cover the lawn area and thereby the fewer rounds needed to cut the grass. Choose a mower with the right cutting width for the size of your lawn. For example, too small a cutting width on a large area will take much longer time to cut all the grass and vice versa.

  • For small lawn – choose a mower with a cutting width between 30 cm and 34 cm (less than 50 square meters)
  • For medium lawn – look for a mower with cutting width between 35 cm and – 40 cm (in between 50 – 150 square meters).
  • For a large lawn – buy a mower with cutting width bigger than 40 cm (more than 150 square meters).

7. Lawn Edges

A few mowers will mow close to the lawn edges and around the obstacles, which helps to reduce the time spent afterwards for trimming the missed grass by using a grass trimmer or shears. So, choose the one that has features like grass combs for perfect mowing of your lawn.

8. Adjustable Height

Adjusting the height of your blades is also important why because it cut the grass up to the mark you want. Be ensure that it is easy to change the height by simply moving a level or change the height of each individual wheel or add spacers under the cutting blades (or remove it) to adjust the height. So, check the size and type of your yard before buying the suitable mower. 

Some lawn mowers come with a fixed length handle while other will help you to adjust it between a range of heights to make it convenient and comfortable to use. So, check the mower handle height before purchasing it. Some can be easily hung up or stored vertically to reduce the space to occupy. 

9. Leaf Managing Ability

Although, there are numerous advanced lawn mowers are coming into the market with this innovative feature. This ability will enhance the lawn mower to siphon off, tatter and thereby grab the leaves with a screen that moves in the middle of ejection chute and cutting blade. Also, check that the mowers will deliver a pristine cut, mowing grass and weeds at an even height.

10. Reliability and Warranty

This is another important thing to consider before buying a lawn mower. Some best brands are giving at least a 2-year warranty on the mower and some are including a lifetime warranty for polymer decks. Most manufacturers offer warranty only on the defects in the material or workmanship under normal use and its maintenance.

11. Durability

Make sure to check for the engine features and advanced technologies like maxi-clean filters or the overhead value technology (OHV) that help to turn the lawn mower engine last for a long time. 

12. Deck Size

The deck size will also play an important role as it indicates how wide the mower blades, simply bigger deck means bigger blades. Generally, the decks range from around 20 – 70 inches but most of the users chose the decks with a width between 30 and 60 inches.

The wider decks will cut larger paths on each pass which means less time to cut the lawn but the only thing is that it is hard to navigate around the obstacles like flower beds and bushes. Here comes the usage of smaller decks which are easy to maneuver but require more passes.

13. Attachments

Everyone want to have product that’s compatible with various attachments or accessories which helps to increase the utility of the machine. Some of those attachments may include rakes, lawn aerator, dump carts, lawn rollers, grass clipping, utility carts for transporting tools and materials, snow blowers, fertilizer spreaders, etc. 

14. Cost

Before buying anything, we need to check with the price, as we operate on a budget. Buying a lawn mower is an investment that has to last with you for a long time. So, always consider cost along with the value (that includes operating, maintaining and running cost of the mower). So, choose the best that suits in your budget. 

15. Sounds

Some mowers (old ones) produce an excessive sound while operating, which causes some irritation. A few lawn mower brands offer a specially intended mufflers to diminish (works with inbuilt technology) to the sounds of the lawn mower throughout the operation without disturbing others.

16. Brand

Most of us will check this parameter before buying any product (especially an electronic device) in which we get the assurance of quality and goodwill along with the brand. Always keep in mind that for any brand, you should read the reviews attached to know what the end consumer thinks about the product and whether it reaches your expectations. 

Expert Advice

Everyone need an expert advice to overcome a difficult situation or buying any product. Here for you, our experts (researched the market well) are giving the best advice for you before buying this lawn mower.

Sharpex 16-inch Blade 1800 W Electric Lawn Mower (or) Black + Decker Electric 1400 W Lawn Mower which is suitable most for Indian lands.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many years does a lawn mower last?

It depends on how carefully you’re maintaining the lawn mower. If you maintained properly then it lasts between 7 – 9 years or else, it may last for about 4 to 5 years. 

2. Which one is better electric or gas lawn mower?

Both electric and gas lawn mowers work better for maintaining your lawn but the only thing is that electric mowers are won’t make the outflow of ozone depleting substance along with less expensive than a gas mower. 
*Gas mower has more power and can lasts duration of your mowing session but maintenance is bit difficult and these machines often start with a pull cord that may tough for some people to use. Electric mowers are clean and easy to start but won’t run for longer time without proper charging. 
*Electric lawn mowers are the best fit for small to medium sized lawn area whereas the gasoline is best for large plots.

3. How loud are these electric lawn mowers?

It produces nearly 75 decibels which is about the noise of normal clothes washer whereas the gas mower produces roughly 95 decibels which sounds the noise of motorcycle.

4. How much should I need to pay for a good lawn mower?

The price will definitely depend up on what type of mower you’re purchasing. The price may range from $89 to $ 2289. So, choose the best product by depending on your budget for mowing your lawn.

5. Difference between a rotary mower and a cylinder mower?

Most of the lawn mowers have a rotary blade that spins around on a central point under the mower to cut the grass as it turns. The rotary mowers will work with this mechanism whereas the cylinder mower cut the grass like scissors to give a nice finish and makes it ideal for manicured show lawns. The cylinder mowers don’t cope well with long grass as rotary mowers do.

6. What is a self-propelled lawn mower?

Self – propelled lawn mowers generally work on a drive system that requires the operator to squeeze a bar on the handle to engage the mower. After that the mower moves forward on its own without pushing to mow your lawn properly. 

7. How to get a striped finish on the lawn?

Although, most lawn mowers won’t leave a striped finish. If you want to get this finish, you have to look for a mower that has a roller to flatten the grass as you mow. Remember heavier mowers tend to leave the best stripes on the lawn. 

8. Who should buy a lawn mower?

The simple thing is that it depends on the size of your lawn area. If it is small, then you can choose a manual work like use a pair of handheld grass shears. If it is medium to large area, then consider getting a lawn mower that suits your requirements.
The lawn mower with heavy duty wheels and user friendly controls (easy steering and pushing) make the mow work faster. So, the large rear wheels will make easier handling over the uneven terrain. 


Choosing a good lawn mower will help to keep the grass green and healthy. Before buying any lawn mower, go through the buying guide and the best products which we provided in the article to get good idea on which you have to purchase the lawn mowers for you mowing your land.