The 10 Best Laundry Basket In India 2020 Reviews and Buying Guide

The one word which mostly horrifies all of us is Laundry. Whether you have to clean it or pile it up always a tough task. Whether Bachelor or a family person, living alone or in a joint family the piling of dirty clothes is common, and more common is the mess they create if kept anywhere in room or living place. The most awkward situation is when any of your relatives, friends, or colleagues visit all of a sudden and your place is not less than in a mess and stinking. Though this problem can be resolved by just cleaning the laundry which is lethargic for many of us on regular basis. So here is the solution to deal a bit with it- LAUNDRY BAGS. Just pile up all your dirty clothes here in one place and you and your place can have a sigh of relief. So, what should we look up to having a laundry bag?

  • Type: There are various types of basket available in the market. In our list, we have a variety of Plastic Baskets and Canvas Baskets. As per your requirement, you can choose the best for you. Also, natural polymers baskets are always better than plastic ones. But in case we all look for durability then, the plastic ones are above in the list.
  • Price:The Price varies under 1000. But this will be a One-time investment for you. Depending on the quality of the material. Firstly, set your budget and choose the basket from our list as all of them provide promising customer service.

Here we are listing the detail of all the products present in our list. It will be easy for you to see your choice directly from here.

For more details, you can go below down the product descriptions to read the Buying Guide which will give you an overview of the basket before you make a final selection.

10 Best Laundry Basket In India 2020

Laundry BasketTypeColorCapacity(Liter)Buy Now
Cello Eliza Laundry BasketPlasticLight Grey50CHECK ON AMAZON
Esquire Rattan Laundry Basket/Bag PlasticRed, Brown,Black50CHECK ON AMAZON
Nayasa Laundry BasketPlasticDark Brown50CHECK ON AMAZON
Nilkamal Laundry BasketPlasticBrown50CHECK ON AMAZON
PrettyKrafts Laundry BasketPlasticBlack75CHECK ON AMAZON
Kuber Industries Laundry BagCanvasBrown, Blue, Orange, Pink-CHECK ON AMAZON
Milton Laundry/Toy BasketPlasticBrown, Grey, Red, Lemon Green35CHECK ON AMAZON
Yellow Weaves™ Laundry Bag/BasketPlasticMulticolored50CHECK ON AMAZON
Quality Home Pots/Storage BasketJuteRandom Color30CHECK ON AMAZON
Kuber Industries Laundry Basket NylonMulticolor-CHECK ON AMAZON

10 Best Laundry Basket In India 2020 Reviews

1. Cello Eliza Plastic Laundry Basket


When it comes to home-utility and household articles, one brand that strikes the mind of every Indian is Cello. Cello is not just a renowned brand in India, but also it is one of the leading exporters of household products in the global market.

The first product on our list is the Cello Eliza Plastic Laundry Basket. A laundry basket, that is very helpful in keeping the clothes organized. There is no need to keep the clothes that are needed to wash here and there when this elegant basket is present at home.

Its strong plastic makes it durable, and a simple attractive design catches the attention of the people. This gets fit anywhere in the house and has air vents for ventilation, thus ensuring odor-free surroundings.

 It comes with a good storage capacity and a variety of color options to choose from. The basket has a lid as well that keeps the clothes safe from dust.

Product Specifications

  • Capacity: 50 Litres
  • Size: 42.5cm x 35.5cm x 60.5cm
  • Colour: Light Grey (different color options also available)


  • Good storage capacity
  • Strong and durable
  • Elegant design
  • Comes with a Lid
  • Has vents for air ventilation
  • Multipurpose utility


  • A bit expensive than similar products

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2. Esquire Rattan Laundry Basket/Laundry Bag


Esquire is an ISO certified Indian brand known for home utility plastic products manufacturing. The main objective of the company is to help Indian homes by manufacturing home improvement products.

The second product on our list is the Esquire Rattan Plastic Laundry Basket is one such known product. With this basket at home, one need not worry about where to keep the clothes to be washed. Also, this basket can be used for multipurpose utility storage like toys, extra groceries, etc.

The basket is made up of strong durable plastic. It looks simple yet attractive. Thus, not just stores but also enhances the appearance of the house. This can be moved anywhere in the house and has air vents for ventilation, thus ensuring odor-free surroundings.

A good amount of clothes can be stored in the basket and covered with the provided lid to avoid dust. The basket comes with 3-color options.

As compared to the cello basket, it has a colorful choice for the basket and it is cost-effective as well.

Product Specifications

  • Capacity: 50 Litres
  • Size: 44cm x 33cm x 57 cm
  • Colors: Red, Brown and Black


  • 3 Months Warranty
  • Good storage capacity
  • Strong and durable
  • Attractive design
  • Comes with a Lid
  • Has vents for air ventilation
  • Reasonable Price


  • Edges of the basket are a bit sharp

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3. Nayasa Rope Multipurpose Plastic Laundry Basket


Nayasa is a home and kitchenware manufacturer company providing the best of its services for years. The best part is everyone can afford their products without compromising quality. Nayasa has emerged as one platform for providing complete housing solutions be it kitchen crockery or housing material.

Laundry Baskets are one of the small contributions of Nayasa for managing our households. The rope laundry basket from Nayasa is perfect for managing your dirty clothes including other stuff to wash.

The material makes it durable and lightweight (310 grams). We can easily carry it to our washing place. It is wide than usual and provides a large holding capacity. So, need to worry if you have piles of cloth somedays. Usually, it is suitable for clothes of 3-4 persons and can provide a bit more space if required on other days.

The color of the basket provides it a decent look and the corner it is kept will never give a dull look. The additional point which makes this laundry basket more compatible is the grip with a sturdy base and lid.

The sturdy base is what is more significant as the weight we will be adding should have a firm holding and the comfortable grip makes it easy for our hands to pick it up easily. The lid helps to cover the dirty and stinky clothes so that if any outsiders visit there might not be any bad impression.

Sometimes, we keep wet clothes in laundry baskets or clothes with some stains and if we keep it in a basket completely insulated then it will create a bad odor from other clothes which have been kept together too. Therefore, this rope basket provides a solution to this problem. It comes with air vents and pores which keep the air crossing through our clothes and prevent the bad odor.

This rope basket is compatible with small families and bachelors as well. It provides us all the features we look for without any worry for short-term investment.

Nayasa does not have any color option and it is high in price as compared to other baskets on the list. But, if you love the elegance and usage of the basket you must go with it.

Product Specifications

  • Color- Dark Brown
  • Size- 33 x 42 x 46 cm
  • Capacity- 50 liters


  • Comfortable grip
  • Sturdy base
  • Good capacity
  • Portable


  • The Lid might get loosened after some time.

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4. Nilkamal Laundry Basket


The next basket from our list is Nilkamal Laundry Basket Nilkamal is one of the leading names when it comes to housing material and office furnishing as well. Whether it comes to furniture for office, bedroom, dining room, or living room from the traditional to modern designs. Nilkamal also provides a great variety of Laundry baskets and here’s one of them.

This laundry basket is nothing less than a great quality product. The plastic material used in the manufacturing of this basket is of fine quality making it durable and the brown color providing it genuine touch. So overall the appearance and the material used are of fine quality. As the finer the material the more is the durability.

This laundry basket comes up with a capacity of 50L and that’s ideal for 4-5 people’s living. So this is the perfect match for the small families and bachelors as well. Though it can hold weight a bit more as its sturdy base helps to hold that one extra weight.

This basket has pores for air venting which is one of the most significant features we look for because no one wants the odor of their dirty clothes to spread around in the entire room or at the place where it is kept. The pores help to circulate air from clothes and prevent odor.

The lid covering the basket is the additional benefit as this is what we all look for – to keep the dirty clothes managed and covered. And the strong grip can help us carrying the basket easily to the washing area.

Product Specifications

  • Color- Brown
  • Size- 11 x 11 x 20 Centimeters
  • Capacity- 50 liters


  • Comes with a lid
  • Good Capacity
  • Pores can help in air ventilation


  • Can be damaged easily

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5. PrettyKrafts Folding Laundry Basket


Another product on our list is PrettyKrafts Folding Baskets. Prettykrafts is one of the renowned names in the field of clothing and providing organizing sets. It always surprises us with quality and the modernized touch it provides to each of its products. The folding laundry basket is one such product we have been given by Prettykrafts.

What if your laundry bag can help you with more than one purpose? What if you can use it to organize your child’s toys as well? Isn’t it great! Of course, it is. So, this laundry bag you can use for various purposes other than holding your laundry. You can just fold it and take wherever you want.

Are you a lethargic person in the matter of washing clothes or you have a joint family- holding piles and piles of clothes and your laundry runs out of the basket every time? So here is a great benefit for you with this basket. It has a large holding capacity you can just add as many as you want without the worry of it running out of space. And here’s your spacious storage.

This laundry basket is nothing less than an organizer for your house and office as well as it can be used for multiple purposes. The elegant style and compatibility of the basket are what we all need at this reasonable price. You can carry it anywhere you want and use it for any purpose you want.

The Huge capacity of the basket is incredible which makes it better than any other product on the list.

Product Specifications

  • Capacity- 75 liters
  • Size- 35.00 cm x 38.00 cm x 55.00 cm
  • Color- Black


  • Large capacity
  • Foldable
  • Durable
  • Can be used for various purpose


  • Because of fabric material, it can be easily be torn if not kept with care

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6. Kuber Industries Metalic Printed Waterproof Canvas Laundry Bag

Kuber Industries

Another product on our list is from Kuber Industries that is well known for producing and supplying a wide range of home products. Their products such as ladies’ garments and accessories, fashionable covers, pouches, and multipurpose box are the most trusted by customers.

This is a multipurpose basket that is always needed at home. There are several things present at home that are required to be kept or stored properly. Mostly, we end up finding no place in the cupboards and shelves. And many times, things are just kept in a clumsy messed-up manner. With this, you can save space and keep things organized.

The metallic printed canvas laundry bag is the solution to all such problems. It is made up of good quality waterproof canvas. Multipurpose utility bag usage is to keep unwashed clothes, kids’ toys, extra rations, etc.

It is a lightweight bag cum basket with a good storage capacity. Thus, you can carry anywhere and it will not take much of your space. This bag can be easily compressed when not in use. Also, the attractive designs on the bag enhance the appearance of home décor.

If you are an environment-friendly person and do not like using plastic baskets then, this bag is the perfect choice to make. Comparing with cello and esquire plastic basket, it is lesser in cost and occupies less space in your room.

Product Specifications

  • Material: Waterproof Canvas
  • Dimensions: 37cm x 37cm x 46cm
  • Colours: Brown, Blue, Orange and Pink
  • Shape: Cylindrical


  • Waterproof Canvas
  • Attractive Colours and Design
  • Durable and Collapsible. Can easily retain its shape
  • Multipurpose Basket


  • No cover or Lid

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7. Milton Hamper Laundry/Toy Organizer Basket


The next product on our list is Milton’s basket. Milton is no doubt the most trusted brand in India for a variety of homeware products for years. Founded in 1972, the brand has never compromised with its quality and has always satisfied the customers with its wide range of products.

An organizer basket is a must requirement at home for storing unwashed clothes, extra groceries, books, toys, and many more such things.

With Milton Hamper Organiser Basket, one need not worry about anything. This organizer basket is a popular choice among customers. Made up of tough durable plastic, this basket has a good capacity to store many items. It has vents so that proper ventilation takes place if unwashed clothes are kept in it. Also, these vents are carved in such a way to make it look attractive.

A lid is provided with the basket and a strong plastic handle makes it easy to carry the basket within or outside the home. The basket is a multipurpose storage product thus can be used to store anything as per requirement like clothes, books, toys, etc. It’s a good product at an affordable price.

The Basket gives multipurpose storage. The lid of the basket needs improvement. As per the cost, adding some more money you can get Esquire which has more storage capacity.

Product Specifications

  • Material: Plastic
  • Dimensions: 42.1cm x 32.7cm x 41.8cm
  • Colour Options: Brown, Grey, Red and Lemon Green
  • Capacity: 35 Litres


  • Lightweight and Durable
  • Recyclable
  • Easy to move
  • Has Lid and Handle


  • The Lid does not fit properly

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8. Yellow Weaves™ Laundry Bag /Basket

Yellow Weaves

Another product on our list is from the Yellow Weavers. Yellow Weaves is a renowned brand in the field of home décor and home utility products. Starting from sofa covers, table cloths, kitchen aprons, appliances’ covers, etc. Yellow Weaves manufactures a wide range of products. It is a popular name among online stores.

Many people like bachelor boys and girls can’t wash clothes daily due to work and they pile them up to wash at the weekends. Also, various clothes are used and get dirty in families with small kids and babies. Thus, they pile up the dirty clothes and wash all of them at a time.

For such kind of people, the Canvas Laundry Bag from Yellow Weaves is the right solution. This bag is made up of good quality canvas fabric and its inner material is completely waterproof. It’s a cylindrical-shaped bag that can be easily folded when not in use.

The bag has 2 handles for easy carrying and transport. It is lightweight and doesn’t add up to the weight of clothes. Its attractive look adds up to the room décor. With a good capacity of 50 Litres, this bag is a great choice for bachelors and hostellers.

The canvas material basket is perfect for your wet clothes to store. Also, if you are a traveler or frequently go out for trips then, this bag is right for you. As compare to the other canvas bag from Kuber it is a little expensive but has great storage.

Product Specifications

  • Material: Canvas
  • Dimensions: 37cm x 37cm x 47cm
  • Capacity: 50 Litres
  • Colour: Multi-coloured
  • Shape: Cylindrical


  • Durable and Strong
  • Attractive Look
  • Waterproof Inner material
  • Lightweight


  • No Cons as such. Overall a good product

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9. Quality Home Jute Planter Pots/Storage Basket

Quality Home

The next product on our list is Quality Home which is a known brand in online stores. The brand manufactures articles made up of jute and natural fibres like bags, carpets, rugs, multipurpose baskets, etc.

A multipurpose basket or an organizer basket is always needed at home. There are several things present at home for which there is no dedicated place. And we end up placing them in already filled clumsy cupboards.

This Multipurpose Jute Bag from Quality Homes is going to solve your problems. Being made up of jute fibres makes it attractive and interesting compared to the conventional plastic boxes. It is a lightweight, yet durable product.

The metal frame inside the basket provides it with the required strength. The jute fibres give it a modern style, yet bring you closer to nature. It comes with handles, again made up of jute that helps to move the bag easily.

It can be used to store books, clothes, extra groceries, etc. Also, for the plant lovers who are looking for some uniqueness, this bag is suitable to be used as planter pots. It is a good product for the ones who want to add a dash of nature to their home décor.

This basket is for those who like Jute products and prefer natural polymers rather than plastics.

Product Specifications

  • Material: Jute
  • Capacity: 30 Litres
  • Dimensions: (10 x 12) inch
  • Colour: Random Colour


  • Natural Material
  • Attractive and Durable
  • Multipurpose usage


  • No Cons as such

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10. Kuber Industries Nylon Mesh Laundry Basket

Kuber Industries

This is the second laundry basket from Kuber Industries and the final product on list. It is a renowned brand known for manufacturing a variety of home products and garments that includes ladies’ dresses and accessories, fashionable covers, pouches, etc. It is a trusted brand among customers.

A laundry basket is a must need at home. Whether you are a bachelor, a family person, or living in a joint family, a laundry basket always proves to be helpful. Usually, there are various laundry baskets available that are made of plastic and have a very typical design.

However, this product from Kuber Industries is different. Made up of nylon mesh, this bag is much more transparent and lightweight. The mesh makes the bag breathable and ensures odourless surroundings.

It is convenient to use and portable laundry bag in which one can take the clothes even outdoors. The best part about owning this bag is that it is easily washable. It doesn’t appear as a regular storage box like the plastic laundry baskets.

If you are parents of infants or toddlers, then this product is an apt choice as small kids easily dirty the clothes and one need not struggle to segregate them from adults’ clothes pile.

This product is low in price for those who did not want to invest much money in a laundry basket.

Product Specifications

  • Material: Nylon
  • Colour: Multicolour
  • Dimensions: 72cm x 40cm x 40cm
  • Hand Washable


  • Portable and Lightweight
  • Washable
  • Convenient to use
  • Breathable bag
  • Budget Friendly


  • Not a multipurpose basket. Specific to laundry usage only

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Buying Guide For Laundry Bags

Here we will discuss all the information regarding the laundry basket that you are going to purchase. In this article, you will get to know the various types of basket also their usage. You will get the necessary points that you must consider before buying the laundry basket.

Types Of Laundry Bag/Basket

For every single thing, we want to buy there is a huge variety in the market depending on the material and other aspects. Similar is the case with laundry baskets. So here are the types of laundry baskets based on the material used

  • Synthetic Cloth Basket: These baskets are made of synthetic clothing materials. These are usually durable, lightweight, and easy to clean. Based on the material of cloth used the price differs.
  • Plastic Laundry Basket: Plastic baskets are available in various sizes- small or big and medium as well. Depending on our needs we can select the size. There is a vast variety of colors available and these baskets can be cleaned easily if stained. Most of the plastic baskets come up with the lid to cover up but the small ones do not.
  • Steel Laundry Basket: These laundry baskets are usually equipped with lids preventing the unpleasant odor and concealing your washing discreetly. They are made of steel materials providing your place a sleek and modern twist as well.
  • Bamboo or Licker Laundry Basket: These baskets are generally made of bamboo material and the plus point they add to our laundry is providing moisture resistance. They are available in various sizes and provides a good capacity to hold great laundry.Apart from types based on the type of material used, laundry bags are also available to the person who is buying a laundry bag. These days laundry bags are also available based on the purpose it is used. For instance, laundry bags are available as required by college students, families, and bachelors. So, you have a great variety to look up for.

Features To Consider While Buying Laundry Bags

So with what features these baskets are available to us that add act as more butter to the slice. We have listed few points for you.

1. Material

Depending on the use of lookup for the material. If bachelors are using they can opt for any sort of material but families should look up for baskets with good material as there will be more laundry and if the material is not suitable then the basket will be damaged easily. Depending on a load of laundry choose the material.

2. Volume

Always go for the one that can hold more volume than we need. It is helpful in the future as sometimes there are uncertain chances of the pile bigger than the usual. Thus, go for the one with maximum capacity than required.

3. Style

Laundry bags are something that can also add to the glory of the place whether kept in a room or the washing area. These days, we look up for the things that match look best for our décor and so is the case with laundry bags too. So, you can just look up laundry baskets accordingly.

4. Portability

Many of us are too lazy to carry our cloth bags to the machine and sometimes it is too heavy to carry. Here’s the solution- there are many baskets available which makes it easy as they come up with wheels and you can easily transfer clothes. To facilitate easy movement, they have handles attached.

5. Compartments

Do you have a problem with sorting your laundry- the white one and a colored one? here’s the solution- there are many baskets available with compartments to keep clothes separately accordingly.

6. Capacity

Usually, the standard ones have a capacity of 50 liters suitable for a three-person household. But with the change in size, the capacity varies. You can select a per your need.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.How are bamboo laundry baskets?

They are durable and good. The only precaution is to keep it away from damp areas.

2.Are the wicker baskets long-lasting?

As wicker baskets are woven with thin material like reed, cane, willow it can deteriorate after a certain period, or clothes will start snagging out.

3.Should we go for completely closed baskets or open lid baskets?

There should be some source of ventilation for clothes as we might keep wet or sweaty clothes which in turn may generate odor. So, lookup for the one with a small source of ventilation.

4.How to maintain laundry baskets?

Don’t load it too much. Pile up clothes according to its capacity and if there is more than that try to take a few clothes out before taking it to the machine otherwise it can damage.


After reading the article, you must have got an idea of how to choose the right laundry basket for you. We have listed all the information regarding various baskets available in the markets. Also, what are the necessary points to consider while making a choice?

After our analysis, we found that Cello Eliza Plastic Laundry Basket is the top product from our list as it provides proper ventilation while you put the clothes aside. Also, it is loved by other customers as well. The other products on the list do a wonderful job as well and you are free to make your choice.

We hope this article helped you to get your desire laundry basket. For more queries, you can contact us or comment down below.