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Best Lassi Makers for that Classy Treat

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Lassi makers can help you prepare this delicious classic drink right at home. These handheld portable devices operate on batteries. So, you can easily carry them along on trips or family picnics.

In addition to making lassi, you can use the device to make milkshakes, improve soup consistency or even beat eggs.

Pick from the list below some of the best lassi makers for that classy treat.

1. NOVEL Lassi Maker

Award: Best in Energy Saving

Tagline heading: Does not need electricity

Tagline: It is a hand-operated machine that is easy to grip for left and right-handers alike.

Product description:

NOVEL offers a stylish lassi maker that is very easy to use. It works with an incredible high-speed rotation at just one press. It has stainless steel wavy wire blades that make sure to eliminate lumps in your drink. You can also use the lassi maker to smoothen soups, dal or baby food. You can beat eggs with it as well.

2. Kruvad Lassi Maker

Award: Best in Features

Tagline heading: Easy on the hands

Tagline: It has a spring mechanism that counter-spins and whisks as you press down.

Product description:

Kruvad brings you a non-electric lassi maker that’s easy for people of all ages to use. It has a rust-proof steel body, giving it durability and strength. It comes in different colour and blade options. This lassi maker is hassle-free to maintain as you can clean it under running tap water and pat dry.

3. LUMONY Lassi Maker

Award: Best in Strength

Tagline heading: Strong build

Tagline: The ABS plastic material is robust and long-lasting. The stainless steel blades whisk your lassi super efficiently.

Product description:

The lassi maker by LUMONY has a comfortable grip handle that helps avoid strain on the hands. It is manually operated and does not need electricity. The gear system is effective and ensures top-notch functioning. It gives you a drink with no curd chunks in it. The stainless steel blades easily for quick cleaning.

4. Medigo Lassi Maker

Award: Also Consider

Tagline heading: It is dishwasher safe

Tagline: You need not manually wash the device. You can detach the base from the top and clean it in the dishwasher.

Product description:

The Medigo lassi maker is lightweight and an ideal choice for most homes. It has a non-slip turning knob that you need to spin to work the machine. The contoured handle offers a very comfortable grip so that you can use the lassi maker for a longer duration. You can use it to make soups, churn milk or smoothen fruit juices as well.

Things to consider before buying a lassi maker


You should check if the lassi maker is a manually operated one or if it runs on electricity. Go through product details carefully and find a type that is less strenuous to use.


The size of the lassi maker should be such that it does not cause inconvenience during use. Ideally, it should be compact enough to operate easily with your hand. Also, smaller lassi makers will be lighter in weight as well.


Most lassi makers are plastic built with stainless steel blades. You should check the purity of these materials before you buy the appliance. Go for lassi makers that give you the option to change blades if you wish to.

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