The 5 Best Laptop For Kids In India Reviews and Buying Guide

A laptop is the best way to learn the basic computer knowledge. Kids love using laptops, but electronic devices are not safe for them. The innovators designed the educational learning laptop for kids, which will help them to learn a lot of activities from a single computer screen. These laptops have several activities that are mostly related to the educational field of learning alphabets, numbers, rhymes, and poems.

What to look when you decide to buy a Laptop for your kid?

  • Purpose: There is a laptop that offers limited purpose or multipurpose. At the time of purchase, you can buy as per your kid age. If your kid is too small then, go for a limited one or buy a multipurpose one that has several activities.
  • Durability: The durability of the laptop has to be at top-notch because you are buying the product for a kid. Usually, kids cannot handle heavy things, and there are chances that it can fall from their hands. The durable material will offer durability.Mostly, plastic is durable, and laptops for kids are made out of that.

There are multiple options available in the market, and we have selected five kids’ laptops for you. Let us have a look at the detail of each product.

SO, for further information, you can refer to our Buying Guide below which would help you to understand how to select the playing slider for kids.

5 Best Laptop For Kids In India

Laptop For KidsNumber Of ActivitiesRecommended Age(years)Buy Now
Toyify Fun Laptop60Above 3CHECK ON AMAZON
Generic Ben 10 English Laptop20Above 2CHECK ON AMAZON
Ichoice™ Educational Learning Laptop10Above 3CHECK ON AMAZON
Super Toy Educational Kids Laptop10+Above 3CHECK ON AMAZON
Negi Battery Operated Educational Notebook10+Above 3CHECK ON AMAZON

5 Best Laptop For Kids In India Reviews

1. Toyify 20 Activities & Games Fun Laptop Notebook Computer Toy


Totify manufactures the kids learning laptops in the market. The laptop is a compact storage of learning techniques with modern technology that will provide fun in learning. So, if you are planning to get a gift for your kid then this laptop is the best choice to make.

How your kid will understand to use?

The laptop has eye-catching features that will attract them. There are studying matters like revising the alphabets, words, numbers, maths, logic, and music, and games to play. You get a functional mouse along with that.

The device is durable and should be taken care of while using it by the kids. Parents must teach their kids about their usage.

Talking about the features, it has 60 activities that include letters, typing letters, the same letters, after and before the game, arranges the letter and letter test. All these activities are followed by numbers as well. Your kid will get clarity in the pronunciation of the letters, words, and numbers that will help them to learn correct things.

The laptop runs with batteries that are not included in the package. You have to buy 3 AA batteries. Also, this laptop is the best one for English Education. It improves the listening and writing abilities of the kid through interactive music and phonic system.

Your child will make this laptop as their companion of learning. On the screen, there are animated characters visible on the LCD screen. The laptop has an inbuilt instructions panel, keypad, and mouse control activities.

The laptop assures you to engage your kid in the learning process. They will always look at some of the other activities in it. It will help them to become imaginative and enhance their mental ability.

Product Information

  • Color: Pink
  • The recommended age is above 3-years
  • Material: Plastic


  • Great for kid learning
  • 60 activities with an overall fun and education coverage
  • Great Display
  • The correct information is shown.
  • Interactive through music and screen display


  • The screen is prone to scratches

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2. Generic Urban Creation 20 Activities Ben 10 English Laptop


Urban creations manufacture the kid’s laptop at a nominal range. The 20 activities laptop contains an overall concise system learning inbuilt features. The recommended age is above 3-years.

The laptop has 20 activities that are spelling speaking, vocabulary building, mathematics solving, and many other things. The kid has to identify the picture of the fruit or vegetable shown on the screen.

It has a mouse and a keypad that gives a real feeling of a laptop. The laptop is made of plastic that is durable and safe for kids. The child practices fun along with education that helps them for their intellectual development.

Young kids generally do not understand the plain book language, and in the place of that, they enjoy learning from the laptop. And the BEN 10 Display will make the kid love the laptop immensely.

Product Information

  • Dimensions: 23 x 7 x 30 cm
  • Weight: 766 g
  • Color: Green
  • Batteries required to run the laptop
  • The recommended age is above 2-years
  • Material: Plastic


  • Great sound quality
  • Volume control buttons
  • Up to 20 Activities
  • Ben 10 style attracts kids
  • Small and durable in size


  • Batteries drain frequently

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3. Ichoice™ Educational Learning Laptop For Kids


iChoice assures the replacement of boring learning into an interesting learning process. With lots of fun and educational demand, it has collaborated both the things together and brought Learning Laptop for Kids.

The Learning laptop is best for toddlers who are new to play with numbers and understand digits. The laptop has three choices to make in a given range

  • Laptop Pink
  • Laptop Yellow

The laptop has auto power-saving mode and LED screen off automated. There is a voice support system along with it so that your kid can listen and learn with proper pronunciation of the words.

The laptop is concise with limited information such as numbers up to 1 – 10, learning letter A – Z, Learning relative words, letters, numbers, and songs. They can play rhymes and enjoy themselves. Your kid will remain to entertain with aptitude learning.

You can gift it to your kid or to someone you know. The screen of the LED is clear to see. Also, the recommended age is above 3-years.

Product Information

  • Color: Yellow
  • The recommended age is above 3-years
  • Batteries are required
  • Material: Plastic


  • Great sound quality
  • Volume control
  • Build design
  • Great LED design
  • Value for money

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4. Super Toy Educational Computer ABC and 123 Learning Kids Laptop

super toy

The Super Toy Store has manufactured the laptop without batteries that are affordable in price. It has got maximum ratings from the customers at an affordable price range. The laptop has two options that are with and without battery.

You can allow your kids to learn the numbers from 1 to 10. Then, the alphabets from A to Z and voice control. The laptop has a clear display that will help the kids to learn the words, listen to rhymes, and melodies to enjoy.

There are volume controls related to animal sounds, story-telling, words, and spelling pronunciation. It is the best toy for kids who can learn and enjoy at the same time.

Product Information

  • Dimension: 21.84 x 19.3 x 3.56 cm
  • Weight: 250 gms
  • The recommended age is above 3-years.
  • Color: Multicolor
  • Material: Plastic


  • Proper LED display
  • Great volume control
  • High sound quality
  • Run with and without batteries


  • Smaller in size

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5. Negi Battery Operated English Learner Educational Notebook


The brand Negi operates the high-quality of the laptop, which will catch the attraction of the kids. The recommended age is above 3-years. It is the best choice for your kids at the learning age.

The educational laptop looks just like a real laptop. It has an LCD screen that measures 5 x 4.25 cm. There are laptops and mouse available for better control.

How does it work?

The laptop is easy to use as the picture of the alphabet is visible on the screen. The system calls out the alphabet when the next key is press, and it also calls out the alphabet for better understanding

The repetition of words lets your kid learn the pronunciation of the alphabet and numbers. There are other buttons for controlling the music and rhyming. The mouse control helps to operate the screen movements. The mouse has a variety of color options such as Blue, yellow, and white.

Product Information

  • Dimension: 30.2 x 22.8 x 6.6 cm
  • Weight: 600 gms
  • The recommended age is 3-years and above.
  • Color: Multicolor
  • Material: Plastic
  • Batteries are required to run.


  • Great LED display
  • Great sound and volume control
  • Buttons are precise to use
  • Best at its price
  • Value for money


  • Sometimes the sound is too loud to hear

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Buying Guide 

Kids love laptop that becomes their tutor because laptops are the innovative and best way of learning at an early stage. If we compare the times, old times did not have the facility to educate kids with the interactive process, and at today’s time, kids are used to gadgets. You cannot provide them expensive phones, tablets, and laptops because it has negative effects such as early age eye problems, unhealthy habits, and game addiction.

You can shift that energy to the positive side of learning. In the learning process let us dive down and find what features you must look when you decide to buy a Kids laptop


1. Number of Activities

The activities define the types of the learning process. There are multiple activities pre-install in the system. You can hear the repetitive alphabets for learning, then the same with the number. Also, there are sound and music control which provides proper pronunciation while learning.

2. LCD Screen

The screen is interactive that will catch kids’ attention. With small pictures, they will learn the figures of the fruits, vegetables, and much more.

3. Keyboard and Mouse

The keyboard will let them type what they want. The mouse will help them to drag their choices on the screen.

4. Batteries

The kids’ laptops will require batteries to run. The 3 AA batteries will make your sound and light system of the laptop to run.

5. Subjects

The learning activities consist of various subjects such as aptitude, English alphabets and rhymes, general knowledge figures, puzzle, and kids’ games

6. Design

The design of the laptop will help your kid to handle it. It has a widescreen with broader boundaries. Other than that, you must look at the color choice as well.

The most attractive thing is the theme of the laptop. If manufacturers have included their favorite cartoons, then kids will love it.

7. Safety Measures

Whenever your kid uses the laptop, it is required to follow the safety measures such as keeping the laptop on a table and checking whether it is stable or not. It might fall or hurt your kid.

Advantages Of Laptop For Kids

  • Your kid will do happy learning
  • Enjoying and studying at the same time
  • Interactive and learn how to speak and pronounce correct word
  • Your kid will make new friends
  • Reduce in phone time screen that is safe for eyes
  • Increase in analytical and aptitude thinking

Disadvantages Of Laptop For Kids

  • Misuse by spending more time there will create a problem

Frequently Asked Questions

1.How to clean the laptop?

You have to treat the laptop similar to the electronic devices. Use liquid cleaner and cotton cloth to clean the laptop so, that it remains hygienic for your kid.

2.How to operate?

As per the manufacture information, there will be one instruction book which will help you to better understand the function of the laptop. Every laptop has different functionalities depending on the brand. But similarity will remain in the common activities of the laptop.

3.What all functionalities or activities it offers?

It offers a variety of activities. It divides the education topics into sub-topics such as alphabets, mathematics contains numbers, rhymes of English poems, and puzzles for analytical improvement.
It can range from 20 to 60 activities on one laptop.


The kid’s laptop is high in demand because of the busy schedule of the parents as they do not get more time to spend with their kids and teach them the basic knowledge part. For working parents, it is a must gift for your kid because they will learn and enjoy at the same time.

As per our recommendation, we have selected a Toyify 20 Activities & Games Fun Laptop Notebook Computer Toy for you because it has 60 activities in it and is best in its range. Other products are also up to the mark that is why they are in our list of selection. Your choice is to give a fun-loving education experience for your kids.

Happy Learning!