Best Kitchen Designs in India

When you walk into an Indian kitchen, you will see they are full of aromas along with delicious foods. It is very tough to find an Indian kitchen empty. But, do you think that while designing the house, kitchens are given the importance that should be given to them?

We believe that a kitchen is a healthy and hearty place. So, the design of a kitchen should be well-organized as well as systematic. But making them systematic, one should not forget that the kitchen should match with the theme of the house.

Nowadays, most of the people prefer to have a modular kitchen. Modular kitchens are great if you want to have a compact kitchen. You can add faucets, drawers, cabinets, and many other things. We don’t believe that modular kitchens can’t have unique designs.

We have gone through several ideas to design modular kitchens. After thoroughly searching for ideas, we have listed the best of the ideas in this article.

After going through this article, we can assure you that you will have a clear idea of how you want to design your kitchen.

Best Kitchen Designs in India

In this next section, we have provided different ideas that will make your kitchen stand out. Let’s start understanding how you can make your kitchen look good.

Add accessories along with a pop of color

Adding a different and bright color to a particular area will completely change the look of your kitchen. A burst of color can completely change the look of the kitchen.

It will make the kitchen stand out in its own way. Apart from adding color, you can also consider adding some accessories like lamps. A lamp with a unique design somewhere close to the place where you have added the burst color makes it look even better.

You can also consider adding some stools in the kitchen if you have enough space. If you add stools, keep a counter clean and use it for breakfast every day.

Open the kitchen

If you want your kitchen to look modern as well as traditional, consider having a semi-open kitchen. A semi-open kitchen means you have an open kitchen and will mean that it will be connected to the entire house but also be separated.

You can achieve this by adding some shelves or adding a sliding door. If you want your family to gather while you are cooking, these kinds of designs are just perfect.

Go sophisticated

If you want your kitchen to look sophisticated, think about adding grey. People have the misconception that grey is often boring and dull. But it makes your kitchen very sophisticated.

Color the walls of the kitchen in a light color. Make all the cabinets present in the kitchen dark grey. This makes your kitchen look nothing less than luxurious. If you add black countertops with the grey cabinets it increases the grandeur of the kitchen.

You can also add a raised panel cabinetry to make it look even better. You can add some herbs or a rug to bring out the grey in the kitchen.

Add farmhouse chic

If you love the designs of kitchens in American farmhouses, you can take inspiration from them. It is quite easy to design your kitchen based on an American farmhouse. You just need some vintage crockeries that you can display in the kitchen.

Pair them with some powder blue-base cabinets to complete the look. Choose wall cabinets that are free of handles and pair them with antique tile on the floors.

Ace the white

Do you wish to make your kitchen stand out among the rest of the room? Be bold and make your kitchen complete white. This is a risky choice that is worth taking. To add some color to the white kitchen you can add eye-catching artwork on a wall and decorate others with classy cabinets, shelves, and sliding doors.

Try to design the kitchen semi-open having a small and neat island in one corner. You can have your breakfasts there every morning.

Polished wood cabinets

Do you love cabinets that have a shiny texture to them? If your answer is yes and you want your cabinets in the kitchen to have shine, consider using polished wood.

Polished wood cabinets look great and add a nice touch to the kitchen. Moreover, polished wood makes the cabinet long-lasting as well as water-resistant. They look very rich traditional and classy at the same time.

Corner cabinets

Often while designing a kitchen, people tend to leave the space around the corners empty. You should try and install cabinets to use the space. In these corners, you can keep items used for small things such as soaps or cleaning equipment.

Angular counter layout

If you wish to have your kitchen situated in one corner, then having an angular layout is just what you need. To have most of the area for preparing, you can cover two major walls.

Tiled back walls

One more way in which you can make your kitchen look beautiful is by adding tiles to the walls of the kitchen. If you decide to put tiles on the back walls of your kitchen, you will get thousands of designs to choose from.

Counters made of natural stone

Some people have the tendency to use only natural materials. If you are one of them, we will advise you to go for natural stones. You can add these stones to the counters as well as the floor. You can choose any stone like marble, granite, and many more. All of these stones are available in different designs and colors.

Maximum storage

If you don’t have much space in your kitchen, you will want to design the kitchen having maximum storage. To achieve that, you must convert vertical space for storing purposes. If you want to cover the complete wall, you can also think of installing a double cabinet.

Breakfast counter

If you are a person who loves to eat inside a kitchen, then you must have a breakfast counter. They make your kitchen look good as well as provide a compact dining space for the family.

Designer kitchen counters

Many people have a fascination to have designer kitchen counters. It is quite easy to achieve that. You just need to add some artistic designs to the counters. They make your kitchen stand out in the crowd.

Bold prints

Are you bored with your kitchen but not want to change much about it? The easiest way you can do this by adding some bold prints. You can add the prints on the doors of the counters or the backsplash. You can also paste the prints on the cabinets.

Central counter

Are you living in a joint family where several people are working in the same place? You can add a central counter and divide the kitchen in two. It gives more space for people to work in the kitchen.

Final Word

These are some of the easy ideas in which you can design your Indian kitchens. There are many other ways in which you can design them.

You should give kitchen designing as much importance you give to any other room. If you have any other ideas for designing your kitchen, let us know in the comments section.