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Best Kitchen Aprons

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Kitchen aprons protect your clothes from oil spills and food stains. They are suitable for both men and women. If most of your day goes in the kitchen, you must wear an apron. Most of the aprons come in one free size that almost everyone can wear. Today, we’ll show you some of the best aprons which you can purchase right away.

1. PIXEL HOME Printed Apron with Centre Pocket

Tagline: An apron with oven mitts and pot holder that helps you stay mess-free in the kitchen.

Pixel Home’s highly durable cotton apron is best for daily use. Along with an apron, you get one oven mitt and pot holder that help you grab anything with ease. The oven mitten has a non-slip grip and is soft to touch due to the sponge inside. The apron is comfortable to wear and comes in different colours. It is machine-washable. Both men and women can use this apron.

2. Yellow Weaves Polyester Waterproof Apron

Tagline: A set of two polyester aprons that are comfortable, durable and easy to wash.

Yellow Weaves’ set of two unisex aprons come in different colours and have a layer of waterproof fabric. The aprons come in one versatile size (22×30 inches) that almost anyone can wear. The high-quality polyester fabric endures daily wear and tear. Being lightweight, you can wear and take off the apron easily using the strings on the back. The aprons are machine-washable and easy to maintain. 

3. Airwill 100% Cotton Yarn-Dyed Designer Weaved Aprons

Tagline: The best designer weaved aprons that have an adjustable buckle on top to ensure comfort.

Made of cotton, the set of two Airwill aprons carefully stitched and come with utmost quality. The aprons have a centre pocket and are stylish to look. The colour doesn’t fade off after the first wash which validates the quality of the aprons. There’s a waterproof coating to the front side of the apron and the adjustable buckle near the neck ensures comfort. 

4. GLUN Waterproof Cotton Kitchen Apron with Front Pocket

Tagline: Set of three aprons with waterproof sheets that are easy to wear, longlasting and stylish.

Glun’s aprons come as a set of three with different colours and designs. The water-resistant fabric prevents wet stains from reaching your clothes. The checkered design on these aprons gives a stylish look. They are comfortable to wear and very easy to clean. You can handwash these aprons too. As the aprons are lightweight, they don’t cause neck pain after wearing for long. The quality is decent and you can use the aprons daily. 

Things to consider before buying an apron:

1. Fabric

The material of the apron plays an important role in its durability. Make sure the apron you buy is of polyester or even the cotton one with a waterproof layer. Cotton aprons tend to last longer and are easy to wash. 

2. Purpose

Determine the purpose of the apron. If you work in a restaurant, you need a strong apron that can resist daily wear and tear. Make sure the apron has adjustable buckles near the neck to free yourself from neck pain when you wear the apron for long. 

3. Washability

Your apron must be easily washable. Heavy aprons are usually difficult to clean. So, go for lightweight aprons. Check whether your apron is machine-washable or not.

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