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Blankets are the must-have accessories to keep your baby at ease while sleeping. The best kid blankets add fun to your kid’s bedtime by coming in attractive colours and patterns with feather-light fabrics. From cotton summer blankets to winter fur quilts, there are a myriad of options to choose from in the market. To help you get the right one, we bring you a comprehensive list of best kid blankets that are lightweight, attractive and comfortable. Take a look!

1. MOM’S HOME Elephant Quilt Blanket

Tagline: A reversible quilt with enticing elephant designs and hand block prints that is soothing to eyes. 

Ideal for 0 to 3-year-old kids, this 100% pure cotton quilt from Mom’s Home keeps your baby warm during winter and in AC rooms. With its multipurpose feature, you can use it as a bedspread, playmat, or a wrap. Having 110 x 120 centimetres dimensions, the blanket is big enough to tuck in or wrap the baby. The eco-friendly colours prevent skin irritations and allergies. It’s lightweight and provides enough warmth while helping your kid breathe with ease. 

2. BRANDONN Wrapper Cum Baby Blanket

Tagline: An impressive pink blanket with double-ply on one side and ultrasoft poly fibre on the other keeps your baby cosy.   

Brandonn offers a soft and fluffy pink blanket that especially suits sensitive skin. As the hooded design easily absorbs water, you can use it as a towel to dry your baby soon. Suitable for 0 to 12-month-old babies, this unisex blanket is large enough to properly wrap your newborn. It’s machine-washable and also hand-washable. Made of durable poly fibre and wool, the blanket enhances its softness after every wash. 

3. Kids Quilt Motu patlu A.C Blanket

Tagline: A 60 x 90-inch all-season lightweight blanket with motu patlu cartoon design makes your kid eager to snuggle it up.

This multicolour blanket from Lali prints contains microfibre fabric which is soft and lightweight. You can use it in all seasons as it’s neither too thick nor too thin. It’s machine-washable eliminating the need for you to put extra effort while washing. The colours and prints never fade away even after multiple washes. With 60 X 90-inch dimensions, the blanket is big enough to fit two kids at a time. 

4. Mee Mee Reversible Soft Baby Blanket

Tagline: A breathable fleece blanket that’s lightweight and suits 0 to 9-month-old babies. 

Mee Mee offers a high-quality fleece blanket that looks and feels new even after multiple washes. It consists of a velvet top layer and another soft layer beneath to provide extra warmth during winter. You can also use it as a stroller cover or a nursing cover due to the flexible size it comes in. The fleece fabric gives a feathery touch on kid’s supple skin and is also safe. This blanket can be a perfect gift option for newborns. 

5. Fareto Babies & Kids Reversible Comforter

Tagline: The supersoft microfibre shell with a polyester filling gives a snug feeling while your baby’s asleep. 

Fareto has come up with a reversible blanket with two vibrant colours on each side that suit your kid’s bedroom decor. The blanket has a proper construction with strong sewing along the edges to ensure durability. With the polyester filling, your baby remains warm all night long and the microfibre outer fabric feels soft against the skin. Being lightweight, your baby never feels oppressed when you tuck in the blanket. It is ideal for 0 to 2-year-old kids and lasts longer due to its sturdy sewing. 

Things to remember before buying a kid blanket:

1. Comfort

Make sure the blankets you purchase are not too harsh or too soft on the skin of your baby. To ensure your baby has a sound sleep, get a comfortable blanket that provides enough warmth.

2. Safety

It is also important to look for breathability while purchasing a blanket. A breathable blanket allows free airflow to ensure your baby breathes happily from inside. 

3. Material

Blankets must consist of materials that are gentle against baby skin. Cotton is the best material to date due to its breathability and comfort. It also keeps your baby warm. 

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