Best Interactive Puzzles For Kids

Interactive puzzles are the best way to teach toddlers new skills while keeping them entertained. The puzzles help in improving essential qualities in the kids from a young age. 

There are various puzzles such as jigsaws, word puzzles, and others that teach kids counting, numbering, and other basics. These also come in vibrant and attractive colours to engage young minds.

To help you pick the perfect puzzle to keep your kid entertained and engaged, we have assembled a list of the best interactive puzzles.

1. Creative Educational Aids P. Ltd. Fun With Words Puzzle

Award: Best overall


This puzzle set helps kids in recognizing the letters of the alphabet and also teaches them spelling.

The Creative Educational Aids P.Ltd puzzle is the perfect way to enhance and improve your kid’s reading skills. The puzzle pieces are from engineered wood and come in multiple colours. There is an activity guide and an activity book to help the kids improve their concentration and observational skills. 

2. Imagimake India Mapology

Award: Best in features


An educational toy that can aid the kids to recognize and name the states and capitals of India.

Imagimake India mapology makes geography both fun and educational. The puzzle includes a foam frame, 24 puzzle pieces, 35 plastic flags, and capital stickers. Kids can fit the 24 state pieces in the map, which have a small slit for the capital flag. They can then paste the capital sticker on the flag to stick it in its respective state. It is a great brain-building exercise and a fun way to learn.

3. Frank Solar System Puzzle

Award: Best in quality


The puzzle introduces kids to the elements that make our solar system. It develops imagination and problem-solving skills in the kids.

Frank solar system puzzles are the best learning tool for 6-10 year olds and helps them develop an intrusive mind. The puzzle comprises 108 pieces that are easy to assemble. The back of the box features a brief description of the solar system to educate them on the basics. 

4. Webby Underwater Animals Jigsaw Puzzle

Award: Also consider


The puzzle comes with a compact wooden tray and holds all the pieces together perfectly.

Webby underwater jigsaw puzzle has lively colours and attractive pictures. These puzzles will distract the kids from gadgets. It is great for improving concentration in 3 to 6-year-old kids. The wooden board has dark lines that are laser cut to assist the kids in assembling the pieces.

Things to look for before buying puzzles for kids:

Engagement: The puzzles have to be interesting, entertaining, and engaging. They should teach some skills to kids as well as provide fun and entertainment. The kids should not quickly get bored with the puzzles.

Safety: Since the puzzles are specifically for toddlers, they need to be safe and harmless. Kids are prone to swallow some items, so it would help if the products contain organic materials.

Skills: The puzzles should not only be fun, but they should also encourage the kids to learn some skills. You can purchase puzzles that teach basic counting, assembling, and problem-solving skills to the kids.