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Best Induction Kitchen Sets

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Premium quality non-stick cookware offers you the best cooking experience. Now, your dosa will not stick to the surface anymore with the stylish non-stick tawa. You can also prepare fluffy pancakes and crispy french fries with less oil using non-stick cookware. We have shortlisted a few non-stick cookware sets that reduce cooking time and help you cook delicious food for your family. Let’s start!

1. Nirlep Induction-Base Non-Stick Cookware Set

Award: Best in budget 

Tagline: A non-stick cookware set that comes with a pan, kadai, and tawa in glossy black color.

Nirlep’s non-stick kitchen set makes your induction cooking easy and quick. This set comes with a frying pan, tawa, and kadai with a lid. The multi-purpose kadai has a bakelite handle that stays cool while you cook and ensure a comfortable grip to hold it. 

Made from premium aluminum, the nirlep’s cookware ensures excellent performance and durability. Further, its non-toxic non-stick finishing is safe and does not allow food to stick to the pan surfaces. This set is dishwasher safe that makes maintenance simple. Further, all items are also ideal for gas top use.

2. Cello Induction Base Non-Stick Aluminium Cookware Set

Award: Best in performance

Tagline: A 2.5mm base thickness, this non-stick set distributes heat evenly and offers fast cooking.

Elegant non-stick cookware set from Cello in cherry color enhances the beauty of your kitchen. It is ideal for both gas top and induction. You can cook tasty and oil-less food recipes in minutes. The set contains 1 dosa tawa, 1 frying pan, and 1 kadai. Further, the 2L kadai comes with an airtight glass lid that retains heat and helps you cook faster. All three cookware items have ergonomically designed bakelite handles that give you grip and make your cooking safe.  

3. Prestige Induction Base Non-Stick Kitchen Set

Tagline: Best in Quality

Award: A cookware that is compatible with both induction and LPG stovetop.

This is another best in value cookware from Prestige. The omega deluxe cookware features three-layers of the non-stick surface. Thus, the set helps you cook non-sticky, healthy, and 95% oil-free food. The set has a kadai with a lid and supporting handlebar. Whether you deep-fry or cook curries, this spacious kadai will meet your cooking needs.  

There is also a frying pan that helps you prepare crispy and crunchy food items quickly. Further, you will also get a dosa tawa that gives you hassle-free performance in cooking dosas and all.  This cookware is made from premium aluminum material with teflon coating, making it resistant to scratches and ensures a longer lifespan. 

4. Pigeon Induction Base Non-Stick Aluminium Cookware Set

Award: Best in durability 

Tagline: Ensures high durability and offers the best cooking experience. 

Pigeon cookware set uses pure coat technology that prevents scratches and ensures durability. On the other hand, its advanced five layers non-stick coating provides you with an excellent cooking experience. The set comes with a frying pan, kadai, and flat tawa, and meets almost all of your cooking requirements. Further, this non-stick cookware comes with bakelite handles to ensure a better grip. This set works with gas and induction cooktops.

Things to consider before buying a non-stick cookware set

 1. Non-Stick Coating Type 

Non-stick cookware uses two types of coating- teflon and ceramic. But, compared to ceramic, teflon coating has gained the most popularity with its non-stickiness and sturdiness. So, choose teflon coating cookware since it prevents food from sticking to the surface. 

2. Material Quality

Generally, aluminum and stainless steel are used to manufacture non-stick cookware. Aluminum cookware is light in weight whereas steel cookware is much heavier. Compared to steel, aluminum heats up fast and is also durable. So, if you are looking for lightweight and quick-cooking non-stick cookware, then choose an aluminum-made kitchen set.


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