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Best Indoor Water Fountain

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While enhancing the beauty of interior decor, the indoor water fountains are also a symbol of luck. Though used as antique showpieces, the indoor water fountains also promote health and wealth. Both vintage and modern water fountains are available in the market. We picked a few types of indoor water fountains that look aesthetic and keep you stress-free.  

1. HoMedics Silver Springs Relaxation Fountain

Award: A tabletop fountain

Tagline: Offers a pleasant drizzling sound of water that makes you stress-free.

HoMedics electric-powered indoor water fountain looks modular in its stylish design. It comes with a noise-free motor that helps in pumping water continuously. Made from hard stone, this three-level indoor waterfall offers long-lasting performance. Further, it is lightweight and can be suitable to place outdoors as well. Moreover, its LED feature adds more beauty to the fountain.

2. Bits And Pieces Indoor Water Fountain

Award: Elegant Look

Tagline: Just plug it and feel the soothing sound of water. 

Bits And Pieces’ water fountain comes in a stunning flower pot design. It has copper-colored metal flowers and green-colored leaves. On the size front, it measures 10 inches in height and 8 inches in diameter. Thus, this tiny fountain occupies less space and can fit any corner in your home. Further, it weighs about 885grams, making it lightweight and easy to carry. 

3. NVR Handicraft Water Fountain

Award: Multi-color LED

Tagline:  An indoor water fountain with a multi-color LED lighting system.

NVR Handicraft indoor water fountain has a completely realistic waterfall look. Made out of high-quality resin, this indoor fountain never compromised in its beauty. Further, The multi-color LED illumination in each tier makes the fountain more attractive. Further, the lights will change their color every 2 seconds. This antique showpiece is also the best choice to present.

4. Global Grabbers Indoor Water Fountain

Award: A creative piece

Tagline: Relaxes your eyes and body with its soothing waterfall sound.

If you are looking for a traditional cum modern water fountain, then Global Grabbers’ fountain is your best choice. With a peaceful buddha statue and the trickling sound of water, it relieves your stress. On the material front, it is made from durable and scratch-free plastic. Further, the motor ensures excellent performance with low-noise. This lighted water fountain is ideal for home and office use.  

Things to consider before buying an indoor water fountain

1.Size and weight 

Size is a crucial factor to consider before you buy a water fountain. A lightweight and tiny indoor water fountain helps you instantly lift and place anywhere in your home. So, choose a water fountain below 1kg in weight and 8-10 inches in diameter.

2. Material Quality

Since the water flows continuously through the fountain, the quality of the build material matters a lot. To make your purchase more beneficial, choose a fountain made out of extremely durable and waterproof material. You can happily choose fountains made out of stone, metal, or plastic. They are strong enough and offer outstanding performance for years. If you want to keep little fountains in balcony or garden areas, make sure that the material is resistant to UV-rays and dust-proof. 

3. Design 

It depends on your choice. Multiple designs are available in the market. They differ in color and design to meet the needs of every individual customer. However, antique pieces are somewhat expensive, but they change the overall look of your living spaces. So, choose the best design of an indoor water fountain based on your interest.

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