Best Indoor Games for Kids

Indoor games nurture the kids mentally and physically while giving endless fun. They improve their thinking abilities and boost self-confidence, all from the cosy comfort of your home.

In this article, we put together a list of the best indoor activities you can choose. These can cheer your kids up and revive their spirits. Take a look.

1. Lego Classic Bricks And Building Blocks

Award: Best in durability

Product Headline: Improves imagination and builds ideas

Tagline: This collection of bright bricks, shapes and pieces helps kids improve their imagination and induce learning. 


LEGO building blocks set includes bricks, gears, eyes, wheels and various other parts. The set allows your kids to create a town, animal house and more by using the building blocks. It creates endless imaginative opportunities for your kids. The game is ideal for kids of all ages. It increases the teamwork and helps them learn throughout the play.

2. FunBlast Click And Catch Ball Game

Award: Best in safety

Headline:  Waterproof click and catch ball game

Tagline:  This lightweight click and pop game is great for indoors and is waterproof.


The click and catch twin ball game includes two cup holders and two plastic balls. It auto reloads and is fast in action. The set consists of non-toxic plastic material and is completely safe to play with. It teaches hand-eye coordination to the children.

3. Two-in-one Basketball Set

Award: Also consider

Headline: Two in one basketball and magnetic dart set

Tagline: The basketball set comes with an adjustable stand to adjust the height according to your need.


The sturdy basketball stand is adjustable to preferred height. The basket board also doubles as a magnetic dartboard. A rubber basketball and three darts come in the set. Fill the base at the bottom with sand or water for increased stability. This set is portable to play indoors and outdoors. It is easy to disassemble and assemble to carry it anywhere.

4. Multicolour Wooden Dominos Set

Award: Value for money

Headline: Vibrant and catchy wooden set

Tagline:  This super fun set comes in various colours and has a lively look.


The dominos set comes in ten colours and is a fun way for children to recognize and identify different colours. The eco-friendly wood is safe for the kids, and all they need to do is arrange the blocks to knock them down. The chain effect that follows will leave the kid amused and spellbound. It cultivates imagination and boosts self-confidence in the kids. 

Children can learn stacking, maths, science and spatial skills from an early age. It encourages the kids to test the limits of their imagination. And what more, parents and siblings can join in on the fun too.

5. Super Toy Indoor Bowling Game

Award: Best overall

Headline:  The ultimate indoor game experience

Tagline:   The bowling game is strictly indoor and can be played by both boys and girls.


Disney offers plastic bowling set with easy-to-insert finger holes on the ball to give a hassle-free gaming experience for your kids. The pins have a proper weight to stand on any floor with ease. They have colourful stickers on them for a fun gaming experience. The game is suitable for 2 to 5-year-old kids.

Qualities To Look For Before Buying Indoor Games Set:

Safety: First and foremost, the game set should be safe for the kids to play. Avoid purchasing game sets that possess pointed edges, slippery surfaces, or toxic paints.

Efficiency: It is not worth buying a game that doesn’t last long. It is better to choose quality products that deliver what they promise. Also, check for the materials the game contains. Make sure they are long-lasting and break-proof. 

Engaging: The whole purpose of the game is to keep the kid immersed and entertained. Pick a game suiting the interests of your kid.